Counting Down!

It seems like years ago when the PHB first hit the 10,000 mark.

It felt like months ago when the PHB hit their 100,000 mark.

But never did Scary Tomato, a kid from Hong Kong, ever believe that a simple passion for helping people on Poptropica, would become what it is today.

So today we are celebrating. The PHB’s biggest moment (besides their first year aniversary😛 ).


1,000,000 Hits!1000000!

 And as of today, we have exactly 10,700 comments in the whole blog!

Help us count down to the huge milestone in the comments below.

Because it is you, the viewers, that made the hits.

The PHB Team

Scary Tomato |  Smockers

Codien  | Grumpy Wolf


  1. SERIOUS FOX says:

    AstroKnights is going to come out soon!

  2. Shiny Mosquito says:

    Let’s give some cookies to the soldiers too.

  3. Shiny Mosquito says:

    Scary Tomato, this could be a celebration next year.

    • Shiny Mosquito says:

      I mean it could be like an anniversery, don’t you think Scary Tomato?

    • Shiny Mosquito – Cool idea! May 25, 2009 shall always be remembered to the Poptropica Help Blog as the day of our first million hits. Hopefully, we’ll have another million by next year to celebrate!🙂

  4. Orange Tummy says:

    This is great guys! Wish for the best!😀😀😀

  5. Green Seal says:

    Wow, a million hits! Nice picture, too!😀

  6. Wow! 1,000,000 hits.

    • Hyper Star says:

      Yes!!!! now time for a song from the show Hannah Montana, the party song!

      Jackson=”It’s time to party!”
      Miley=”With my friend Marty!”
      Jackson=”You don’t know a Marty!”
      Miley=”But it rhymes with party!”
      Jackson*pauses for a second*”That’s very smart-y!”

      LOL 1,000,000 Hits! That must hurt your teeth, I mean that many cookies!!
      Peace Out!

    • I really don’t like her either at all. No ofence.

  7. Theres a new post on the creators blog.I guess I’m excited for the suprise.Sorry for sounding so gloomy it’s just that I have a horrible cough on a great day like this.

  8. Wow-cool-awesome-wow! I missed the countdown, but I’m so happy to see the PHB with 1,018,701 hits and counting!

    Congratulations!! Keep up the superb stuff, ST, Smockers, Codien, and Grumpy Wolf!:mrgreen:


  9. Are we celebrating by having a party on Club Penguin?

  10. Chatty Parrot says:

    The competion is AWESOME!!


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  2. […] May 31st, 2009) marks the date of our special surprise for all you readers in honor of our recent one million hits! Check the PHB tomorrow to more about this totally RARE oppurtunity. Be […]

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