Big Nate: Island and Guide ONLINE!

Big Nate Island has been released! Time to help Nate and his buddies out – visit Poptropica now and play on the newest island!

Big Nate Island

Need a few hints for the quest? Comment on this post and help each other out!

Looking lost? Don’t worry, we have finished the guide for Big Nate Island! So if you need help click here:
Enjoy, and comment on the guide page if you need further help!🙂

 Or you can go to the Island Help page by clicking on the link up at the top and then scrolling down to the icon that says ‘Big Nate’.

The Big Nate Island map is now available here:
Have fun!



  1. Quick Flame says:

    wow well i beaat it but then the next time i logged on my medal wasn’t there and i lost most of the items fro mBig Nate and now i can’t beat it on that guy….

    Scary Tomato: Try clearing your cache (see #14 on the FAQ page).😉

  2. hey! new heading. Cool!! Yeah i finished Big Nate too. it was fun, colorful ,fun!!!

  3. Just beat the island, it was so easy

  4. I have a thing to point out…
    Did any of you go down the ladder?
    ( The ladder is located in the file cabinet. )
    You guys are really good at playing it!
    I live in TX.
    I finished at 5:00… after my school got out. ( My time I get out is at 3:30PM. )
    Finished 1 day after Big Nate was released.

  5. grey flame says:

    the save button showed up! now it says save and quit. does that mean that now it doesn’t save automatically anymore?

    Codien: I think so.

  6. Shiney Snowball says:

    where is the light house? I cant find it!

  7. me neither!!😮😕😡

  8. Shiny Leaf – Thanks!

    Colette Elizabeth – It’s a special Valentine’s Day edition.😛

    Grey Flame – That’s probably the new logout button that got added!😀

    Shiney Snowball and Lina – The lighthouse is at Puffin Point. If you need more help with Big Nate Island, check out the guide (mentioned in this post)!😉

  9. hahaha I found this site on the homepage of WordPress! Your site must be really popular!

    Codien: Wow! That is so cool. Thank-You for informing us.

  10. grey flame says:

    it kind of stinks that there are no people to customize on in Big Nate😦 really cool island, though!

  11. how do i get the bird to fly away?it pushes me off before i can put the lobster down

    Scary Tomato: No, you go to the top of Puffin Point’s lighthouse and stand next to the light. Then you use your lobster to turn the light around, getting the bird to fly away.😉

  12. Now the save and quit button isn’t there anymore!!

  13. I finished Big Nate yesterday! I loved it!!!

  14. when i try to play poptropica the thing logs me off and the thing says oops this link is broken

    Codien: That’s happening to me too. Must be just to many people on Poptropica.

  15. i finsihed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yay! the best part of the items is the gum!!! everytime i chew it i make a pink bubble!!!!!!

  16. I finished Big Nate Island in less than an hour!! It was so easy doing it!!!!!

  17. I like the gum too Fiorilla!!! I love pink! I think the gum is the best of all items!!!

  18. it sucks that nate gets the fame and not us who worked all over for it, huh..still, knowing you were able to surpass it was better!

  19. how do you get the seals off the rock?

    Scary Tomato: You don’t. Just push them to the right, and grab the map under the tilting rock.😉

  20. if ur poptropican blows a gum bubble in a multi. room, will the other poptropicans see u do that? please right back!

  21. what do you do when u have the bell thing. where do u use it

    Scary Tomato: Make sure the bird is gone, and go up to the top of the school. Use the bell clapper and click on the big bell to ring it.😉

  22. UH how do you get the lost dog to follow you back to the owner, i got the peanut butter crackers but i cannot get it to follow me =[

    Scary Tomato: The dog doesn’t follow you no matter what you do. Don’t bother yourself about it.😉

  23. I got passed the football game, as I have beat the level, and I saw in the book you get for winning, and I saw that there was a joke with a frog. THEN I saw a frog outside. Could you pull a prank on that girl in the book USING the frog ? If so, HOW ?

    Scary Tomato: Sorry, the frog is just there for fun. You can click on it to make it hop, but that’s all.😉

  24. i beat big nate quick,but i can be big nate?plz right back

    Scary Tomato: Nobody can be/play as Big Nate himself…😉

  25. Quick Flame says:

    hey Scary Tomato, my things are still gone, and i can’t beat it and the delete browser history doesn’t work ,what am i going to do? i can’t make another guy, is it because i play poptropica on like 3 different computers?

    Scary Tomato: Try re-doing parts of the quest to earn your items back.😉

  26. it was really easy

  27. I finshed it in 10 min.! I got the stink bomb on my forst try!

  28. lkasdffsdg says:

    big nate island is hard to play espiecially the jet skiing

  29. I FINISHED IT IN 3 DAYS! Hooray!

  30. when i try to get the dog to dig up the time capsule My person says I need a map. what map? please help!!!!

    Scary Tomato: Read the guide mentioned above, please. You need the map to the capsule, which is at Sealsaw Rock, the place you go to when you play jet skis with Nate.😉


  32. oh i like bignate island

  33. Quick Flame says:

    I also know a cheat for the jet skis, if you just put the pointer all the way to the right you’ll just go through everything at top speed and beat Nate so easily.

  34. Wow really……………

  35. um well whenevr i try to use the stink bomb in the school it doesnt work. where do i use it?

    Scary Tomato: Inside the detention room. You can check out our guide (the link is given above) for more details.😉

  36. I beat it in 2 days! yah meeeeeee! I rock! La la la la la!!!!

    X0 =) =D

  37. cool ty ty ty ty

  38. wow

  39. This was the easiest island ever! Well,for me anyway… P.S. Awesome Header!

  40. Its been a while since i played Poptropica….hehe…thx 4 the walkthrough I needed it!

  41. bashful plug says:

    I beat it n two days!!

  42. i beat the game in 1 day!!!

  43. im gonna beat it in 2 hours


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    Happy Valentine’s Day from Poptropica Help Blog!😀

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