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-Leaked Costume Investigation-

For the past week i have been searching for rare and awesome costumes for our new Costume page. But it was only a few days ago i came across some really weird items.

I found them on a fellow Poptropicans website. These weird items were been worn by Legoless. (As seen on the right)

I sent him an email about the items and this is what he replied:

Ok, firstly, these items are all but impossible to get now. There was an ‘item leak’ in the multiplayer buildings. Someone managed to get their hands on unreleased items that somehow happen to be on the servers (I am guessing they came from Monster Island). So, obviously enough, they spread like wildfire.
But when the creators finally got around to fixing it most people lost their items. If you logged on in the following 2 weeks (I don’t actually know the precise amount of time this went on for) they were removed. I hadn’t logged on in that time so, oddly enough, I got to keep the items.

Emailed to me by Legoless

The dragon wings were the same colour as your hair.

So apparently there was some kind of ‘Leak‘ just before the release of Monster Island. Due to the resemblance of the items towards ‘Monsters’, I’m guessing they came from the island too. Maybe this is why Monster Island never came out.

So when did this ‘leak’ happen. Well i have have found on many sites that it happened 2 to 3 months ago.
So what type of items were leaked. Well i went researching and this is what i found.

  • Unicorn horn
  • Scrawny wings
  • Face polka dots
  • Dragon Spikes and tail (One of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragon Wings
  • Bubble brain (Another of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragon wings (for head)
  • Goat Horns (Another of the items Legoless had)
  • Dragonfly wings
  • Body stripes
  • Body dots
  • Devil horns

After writing this it got me thinking. “Was this where the cat ears and whiskers came from?

If you see any of these items in Multiplayer Rooms, take a picture, get the items and send me your user name and Pass of your Poptropican wearing them.

Now this is where you can help in this investigation.

If you have any of these items, or you know a friend who does. Send me the Username and Password to the email given below.

All users sent to us will be only used by us, we will only copy the items onto one of our accounts. After we have done this you can use your account again. We will never tell anyone else your Users password and will be kept confidential. All emails sent to us with User names and Passwords will be deleted after we have used them.

If you have anything e.g Pictures, information. Send them here: poptropicahelpblog@gmail.com

Anything sent to us will be very much appreciated and you will be accredited for your research.


  Legoless – Thank you for telling me about the leak and what you know. Click here for the site.

  Poptropica News / Alejo – I found information on the investigation and the list of items leaked. Click here for the site.

Poptropica Help Blog Team

Scary Tomato


  1. any way good luck with the search!

  2. Maybe about a week or two ago I saw a girl with a unicorn horn. I liked it so I tried to put it on, but I couldn’t.

  3. i saw a girl with a unicorn thing i tried to customize it but it didnt work

  4. wow!!!!!!!

  5. The cat whiskers comes from a glitch in spy island when you could use the costumizer tool to dress up as a cat. But the glitch got fixed.

  6. Cool Wing says:

    Hey ST I have the cat whiskers on both of my characters and I sent them to you and I have a mac so I can’t send you a picture so if you want to take a picture you can. And all of you poptropicans out there I would advise you to visit the multi player rooms a lot so that if you have strange clothing or anything from monster carnival you can spread it out! I do that a lot with my cat whiskers which is why I have two characters with them in case I lose them on a mission and I want the whiskers back!

  7. Fearless Paw says:

    The first leak (Monster Leak)

    The Second Leak (Mechanical Fever)

  8. Orange Tummy says:

    I still have an account with dragonfly wings

    • Hello Orange,

      I can’t believe someone has finnaly said they actually have a rare item (besides cat ears and whiskers).
      Can you please send the account details to ‘poptropicahelpblog@gmail.com’


  9. Sleepy Fox says:

    I saw a person with Vlad the Viking’s beard at the Soda Pop Shop a few days ago. Do you think he was a Poptropica creator or maybe that was a ringmaster’s beard? After all, it was called monster carnival island. He exited the Multiroom a second before I could get a picture😦
    P.S. He didn’t look like a viking, he had on monster carnival stuff

  10. sleepy fox I saw him too!

  11. Uh… on astro knights island there are aliens on pewter moon who have polka dots…

    ST: They could be different polka dots, I’m not sure.

  12. Calm Spinner says:

    Are skull earrings rare, because i have those?

  13. SERIOUS FOX says:

    The poptropicans who have those weird costumes maybye from Monster Carnival Island are and look like once endangered but now extinct animals no offense.

  14. smiles how did you get those awsome costumes

    PHB rocks!!!!

    • i got most from a leak last summer, but the rest i cloned with a glitch that no longer works… at least, not for me.

  15. Calm Spinner says:

    I saw someone with Dragon wings, and they weren’t from the poptropica store! They were yellow wings with blue spikes! I could only get his name: Angry Shell. I actually got a picture with my REAL camera, but the print screen button wouldn’t work! And at the time I got lucky, because the camera didn’t blur anything except the top of the computer, so I even got his head! And he had a weird type of fuzz at the back of him, but I think that was something from the poptropica store. I’m so excited!

  16. wow!

  17. Wow that’s my friend Legoless! I recognized him in the picture, and when you said his name.

  18. We should make a Bring back Monster Carnival petition!

  19. i love this blog a lot.

  20. blueshield says:

    I have the unicorn horn and the wings on one of my accounts.

  21. I wonder if Crptids Island is gonna have a costume leak ……. do you think so ?

  22. ok, im bach says:

    i just did a bunch of research on this island and couldnt find very much info besides a bunch of legoless news, but then i was curious if poptropica help blog had anything on it and sure enough, there is.

  23. Popfan4life says:

    Man! I wish I had a unicorn horn and some body stripes!!! So cool!!!

  24. this is intresting how people get a cat costume and like this thing it like a helmet and its rare its nowhere on island and if you press space bar yellow laser comes out of the hat and plus today i found two strange mouths a talking mouth and when you go into the mulitiperson room and when you do the emotes at the end of the emote it satys like that could you help me on these things its a mystery!

    • Scary Catfish says:

      The laser is from the Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Ad as a prize. You can use an ad teleporter to get it…

      (P.S. to people on PHC.. I have not been able to come on recently because of all the homework I’m getting… *cough* math every day *cough*)

    • Shifty Hopper says:

      Hey, I have one!

  25. and this shirt it said I ATE A SHARK it was funny but weird where did it com3e from

  26. well thank you guys🙂

  27. so what- hey look a cats whiskers “edits’ i am a cat MEOOW SCDRATCHES FACE


  29. (Headbang)

  30. Scary Catfish says:

    The glowing eyes are from the zombie costume..

  31. OMG! I was playing on poptropica and I went to look at this site and when I went back I was a guy and I didn’t have any items. I’m so confused…

  32. i saw someone with a bleeding mouth on poptropica unfortunetly i couldn`t take a photo sorry hijuyo

  33. Massive Pelican says:

    Monster Island was intended to be released in spring 2007, but I believe that it was never released, as one day when I saw the Poptropica World Map, instead of seeing Monster Island, I saw 24 Carrot Island. My theory is that the creators of Poptropica had probably not fully planned out the island, so they replaced it with 24 Carrot Island. By the way, by accredited, do you mean I get bonus credits? I’m very low on credits (75 only)

    Hijuyo: Accredited in this case meant your name would be acknowledged. Poptropica credits did not exist at the time of writing this post.

  34. Slippery Dolphin says:

    Hey guys guess what? One day when I was playing poptropica on Spy Island I went in the glasses shop then I copied the poptropican maniquen`s (or however you spell that) eyes and I didn`t have any! I didn`t save it and I exited the screen because I got really confused and scared sorry Hijuyo. I didn`t know anything about this rare stuff at the time. Are they rare? I really REALLY wish I could have got the unicorn and saved those eyes! Also is there anyone with the mouth that never stops talking I kept seeing it in multiplayer rooms but I never wanted to copy them and now I want to copy them but I can`t find any!!!!!!! I wish I had.😦
    PS: Add me on poptropica my name is Beautiful1794 I have completed all the islands (so far) and have almost all the island photos. Hehe my real name is Rebecca (I`m mexican american).

  35. i found the some girl with the open curve mouth but there was something sticking out of it! (probaly wheat) i copied it then and some girl with a mask and whiskers but i cant copy them -.-

  36. i got i ate a shark shirt and the monster tail!!

  37. I JUST GOT THE CAT WHISKERS! i got it from some guy!

  38. Nice Bean says:

    I want dragon wings. If anyone who still plays has dragon wings, can you meet me in Early Poptropica’s common room. Same name as the post.

    • Nice Bean says:

      I might just have them. I sent an email to the address stated a while back, with a crude picture because I can’t figure out how to crop in KolourPaint.

  39. Nice Bean says:

    I just realized… If you go all the way to the right in the costumes part of the shop, theres a dragon costume with wings. Correct me if i’m wrong, but that could be where we get dragon wings.

  40. i have a complete cat costume saved in my closet.it has the ears nose body and tail. you can find the tail in the werewolf costume in the poptropica store.i have no idea where the costume came from. i just customized it from someone on my friends list. if you want to have it my username is “ginger1540”. go to my closet and take my cat costume.

  41. If you friend me you can costimize my mouth it’s a monster mouth my username is leeskleesk

  42. if you email the creators they might bring the island back so go email them

  43. now just costimize me all over leeskleesk <<< username

  44. Hey guys, remember how there used to be a glitch where you could costumize any one of your friend’s (or friends’) costumes? Well, when that glitch still worked I got smart and made a boy account (I’m a girl) and decided to buy the monster costume with the unicorn horn for boys, and I used that glitch to copy my other boy account’s clothes so now I got the unicorn horn! The costume with the unicorn horn is for the boys only.

  45. Just thinking out loud here… Monster Carnival is like the best Halloween related island!! Might dress up as a monster out of Poptropica for trick or treating!! LOL

  46. SpeedyOwlFlying has a unicorn horn

  47. Shiny Mosquito says:

    Cool! ;D


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