Nabooti Island Sneak Peek 10: Video

The Poptropica Creators’ Blog has posted a video sneak peek of the upcoming Nabooti Island (Choose Your Own Adventure Island)! Check it out below:

If it doesn’t work, you can click this link to try it:

Fending yourself against goats? Sounds cool; just don’t let these furry animals get on your nerves. 😛



  1. The island after big nate is reality tv show island

  2. Why did the goat hit her?

  3. @Zippy Fish

    Because it’s the wild? o_o Or maybe it’s supposed to attack her to prevent her from getting to something!

    Yay, I got my wish! On the Nabooti Island Sneak Peek 9 post, I commented that we could expect wild animals. A goat is a wild animal, right?

    Also, I’d really like to see some monkeys. Eating bananas. 😀

  4. serious spider says:

    That might be a rumor Mat88…

  5. Matt888 is right! The next island is reality tv!

  6. Im not lying it said so on the blog

  7. Scary Tomato says:

    Yeah, it’s true about the TV island, but the name of the island is not yet known. (TV Island? Reality TV Show Island? There are so many possibilities.)

  8. good names scary tomato

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, but we still don’t know what this TV island is going to be named…

  9. i cant wait when the next island comes out!

    Scary Tomato: Well, it’s coming this fall, so that’s not too long to wait…

  10. when the goat hit her it was funny

  11. Very funny, Smokers! coment 3

  12. does anbody know how to complete nabooti island now that it has come out?

    Scary Tomato: We’ve got a guide for it here: 😉

  13. nabooti island is now online! dont you know anything?

    Scary Tomato: We posted this sneak peek a long time ago, way before Nabooti was released. 😉

  14. its out. i crash into the goat all the time but my mum used to be bad but 1 day she said this is the last time i am doing this but she did it! i was so happy! ok im done now. P.S i finished nabooti.

  15. Wow there were a lot of nabooti sneak peeks back then

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