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Popspiracy: When will New Poptropica release?

(This is a guest post by Tall Cactus, who regularly blogs on her own site, Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog. Please note that this post is about a theory, and not to be taken as fact. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Hey Poptropicans, TC here! As you may know, last week a sneak peek for the upcoming New Poptropica was released: an animation of a monster worm. I actually think the worm is for the mysterious Crisis Caverns, which I believe could possibly be on the New Pop, but that isn’t what I want to discuss in this guest post.

Instead, I want to focus on New Pop’s release date. Like, when is it coming out? Surprisingly, there hasn’t been much revealed on the matter. More people are wondering what the content will be, not when it’s actually going to be revealed to the world. That’s why I decided to write about my theories on when the game-changing update will pop into existence…

First things first, it’s definitely coming out before the new year. The Creators have stated many, many times that we will see the New Poptropica “later this year” (2016) There is a slight chance that they won’t be able to finish before then, but I wouldn’t worry about that happening – even if it did, it would most likely just come out a couple months late, hopefully by January or February.

Right now, it’s October, and after that there are only two months left in the year. Meaning Pop 2.0 is right around the corner. At this point, it’s safe to assume it’s going to make its debut sometime in November or December, because it doesn’t look like it’ll be coming out this month. There’s too much Halloween sp00piness going on right now!

So yeah, expect it sometime in the next two months, goodbye and thanks for reading –

Wait just a minute, this needs more details! We can’t just forget about the holidays

Because of the holidays, I doubt the New Pop will come out at the way end of December, as the Creators probably will have some time off of work, to spend time with their families just as we players do. And then there’s (American) Thanksgiving coming up on November 24th – since most of the Creators are based in the States, I’d assume they’d have some time off then, too.

As for the nearer future, I don’t necessarily think it will suddenly release in early November. They’ll probably take more time to work on it, so I doubt it’ll come out of nowhere.

That just leaves one possibility, one perfect opportunity. With the process of elimination, I can say that the New Pop will probably have a release date sometime in early to mid December. The 8th or the 15th perhaps, as Poptropica updates have a tendency to release on Thursdays. However, remember this is not a confirmed fact, so don’t be surprised if I am wrong. Until the Creators actually give out a real date, don’t go marking your (advent) calendars just yet.

Before I end this post, I’d like to say a few more things. Look, don’t worry about the New Pop. It’s not going to be bad. That worm animation was absolutely amazing and fresh, yet it stays true to the 2D Poptropica art style. New Poptropica may have some updated graphics from what we’ve seen, but I do believe it will stay the Poptropica we know and love.

I’d recommend you check out Shaky Skunk’s recent guest post for her theory about classic islands being remade in the New Poptropica, starting with 24 Carrot Island.

And with that marks the real end of this guest post. Thanks for reading – let’s get theorizing in the comments section below!

– Tall Cactus

Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: Round 47

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here.


Let’s get some casual bongos in here and get this party really started! Woo! Welcome to round forty-seven of PMFM (Poptropican Meme Face Mondays)!


The lucky meme-faced Poptropicans this week are 3milyCx, Tallmeloniscool, and Angry Owl! And here are the memes:

Feel free to click on the images to view them in their full glory.😛

Extra meme-ry is going down today, also. I did a little art trade with Purple Claw over on DeviantArt and you can see the beautiful creation below. Feel free to check out his end of the trade here.


Want your own meme face?

Well, it’s simple. Comment on the most recent PMFM post (just choose the top one of the list, here). Be sure to follow the criteria below:

  • Very crucial: Wear the outfit you want to have in the meme face on Poptropica and keep it on for at least a week.
  • As mentioned, find the most recent PMFM post (it will be at the top of this list)
  • Include your Poptropican username in a comment.
  • Include the meme face you would like on your Poptropican in your comment (a link to an image of the meme is very preferred).
  • Post your comment and wait! (PMFM is operated on a first come-first serve basis, so your meme face will come after all of the ones before are released).
  • Just a note: You do not need to re-comment on newer posts if you haven’t gotten yours yet. Once I reply to your comment mentioning “You being added to the list,” then I have seen your comment and added it to my literal list, so yours will be made after each one before is made.

This completes round forty-seven of meme faces. Tune in next Monday for the next Poptropican Meme Face Mondays!

What do you think about this week’s meme faces? Comment below.

Meme King out. 👑

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

My Place in Poptropica: TallMelonIsCool

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of TallMeloniscool, who started out as an average player but then became much more involved. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!

mpip tmic

2010 | An average start

It all started when my mom told me about this website called Funbrain. Well, I really liked Funbrain, though the only place I’d go to on Funbrain was the playground. Every time I finished a game, there was a ad about this game called Poptropica.

At first, I did not really think about that ad. But one day I was curious, and clicked on it to check it out. It was at this point that I clicked on new player and made my first Poptropican.

However, I did not know about saving my account, so I was always making new Poptropicans and just running around, jumping, talking to people, and yeah. I did that for a while, and then something changed when I played Poptropica in the computer lab at school.

At school, one of my classmates saw me playing and told me that you have to try to beat islands in the game, and also told me about making an account. So, when I went home, I made my account! My username is smartajay because my real name is Ajay. I was 6 years old when I made my account. Tall Melon was the first name that came up, so that’s what I went with.

2011 – 2013 | My average Poptropica life

I spent a few years playing Poptropica like a plain average player. I did not know any glitches, did not check out any fan blogs, and did not have any tips and tricks on the games.

Most of the time, I just played the various islands and went inside common rooms. I was always happy when a new island came out. All in all, pretty average of a typical Poptropica player.

2014 | Beyond the simple stuff

The year 2014 was when I started to pick up on more than just the simple side of Poptropica. I did a lot of research and that’s when I discovered exciting things like rare usernames, Nabooti Island’s secret phone numbers, the hidden costume on Early Poptropica, the mystery of Monster Carnival, and more!

Sometimes I’d watch random Poptropica videos on YouTube, and that’s when I discovered PoptropicaPerfectSky‘s Poptropica movies and KeithSammut’s glitches.

2015 | Discovering the Poptropica Community and PHB

As I did my Poptropica research, I realized that the Poptropica Help Blog was the one site with most interesting information and best design out of any I’d seen.

I soon clicked on the “Chat” button on the PHB, and that’s when I really became part of the community. One of the first people I talked to on the Poptropica Help Chat was someone named Pastelia, and the next person I talked to was Red Lizard.

I always had so much fun all thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog. Whether it was chatting on the Poptropica Help Chat (which at the time was still using Xat instead of the current Discord), commenting on blog posts, or Multiversing when someone made a room to join – it was Poptropica heaven.

2016 | Making my Poptropica YouTube channel

If you’ve seen me around, you may know that I have a YouTube channel called SuperTalkCam. I made it earlier this year, and always have fun posting Poptropica videos. For you guys who seem to enjoy it, thank you!

Anyway, I’d like to share about why I made my YouTube channel. You see, when you look up Poptropica videos on YouTube, you want to know what you find 80 percent of the time? Island walkthroughs. And sure, there are some good videos (I really like the ones from Perfect Sky) – but I feel like there could be more. Now, I play other games too – Clash Royale, Minecraft, – but when I check out the YouTube scene for those games, I see some pretty interesting videos. Topics include wanted features, top 5 features, and so on.

I wanted to see something like that for Poptropica videos, too. Things like top 5 updates, top YouTube channels about Poptropica, or top islands. Something other than walkthroughs. So that’s why I made my channel – so I could post these kinds of videos. If that sounds like your thing, check it out at SuperTalkCam!

This wraps up TallMeloniscool’s My Place in Poptropica. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and comment below to let me know your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the Poptropica Help Blog

PHB Special: Pop the Difference – Answers!

Hello, everyone!

It’s Lucky Joker here, announcing the winners of the PHB Special, Pop the Difference!

This past Sunday, I posted 4 pairs of Poptropica-related images, each set with 10 differences. Check out the puzzle here. Lots of Poptropicans made their guesses, but some were faster than others. Below you’ll find the answers to each set of Pop the Difference, as well as the top six winners for each. Enjoy!

Set 1: Poptropican Pursuit


  1. criaha
  2. Scary Speck
  3. FearlessPeanut09
  4. Hyper Gamer
  5. Pop243009
  6. PopPerfect⭐️

Set 2: Skullduggery Scrutiny


  1. criaha
  2. FearlessPeanut09
  3. Hyper Gamer
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Pop243009
  6. toughsky17

Set 3: Eastman Examination


  1. criaha
  2. FearlessPeanut09
  3. Hyper Gamer
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Pop243009
  6. toughsky17

Set 4: Twisted Thicket Trackdown


  1. criaha
  2. FearlessPeanut09
  3. Hyper Gamer
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Pop243009
  6. Scary Speck

Congratulations to all of the winners, especially to criaha, who flawlessly placed first for each pair!

Also, thanks to everyone who participated and I hope you had fun taking part in this challenge! I’ll see you next time, folks. Pop on!

-Lucky Joker  :luckyjoker~1:

Cats & Costumes, Dogs & Dresses

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, sharing with you, some new updates from the Poptropica Creators!

This week has been filled with cool updates and sneak peeks for both, new and current Poptropica! First off, we got a cool look at the making of a monster worm. Then, we got some very creepy puppet costumes in the store, along with a new spooky wheel on Home Island. And now…


We have some awesome new fashion and followers! In the spirit of the season (that is, if you’re living in the northern hemisphere), Poptropica has come up with some more fall attire and Halloween gear!

Woof! Meow! What was that? Oh right! Poptropica now has something we’ve all been wanting for a while. They’ve heard the requests and now have added pet followers to the Poptropica store! How exciting, am I right?

Currently, a Cat Pack and a Dog Pack are available with three variations of each. But who knows what types of followers we will see in the new Poptropica? Perhaps other pets like turtles, rabbits, and more! But for now, I’m so happy these adorable creatures are now available for purchase. Check ’em out:

Poptropica New Halloween Costumes and Fall Fashion.png

The Halloween Accessory Pack (250 credits) contains five different handheld items: a trick-or-treating jack-o-lantern, paper bag with candy, potion cauldron, science test tube, and gravedigger’s shovel.


The Cat Pack has three different cat breeds: a pure black one, a fuzzy gray kitty, and a calico cutie.


The Dog Pack comes with three furry dogs: a brown one, a loyal Labrador, and a happy mutt.


The girls’ versions of the other costumes are also slightly different, as you can see below:


The female Bog Monster (350 credits) has a flower on its head, Sportsball Girl doesn’t come with goggles like the Boy variant (275 credits), Skull Girl’s color is purple while Skull Boy’s is blue (300 credits), and Jill O’Lantern and Wolf Girl are a little different from Jack O’Lantern and Wolf Boy respectively (not to be confused with the Werewolf costume in the store).

Wolf Boy/Girl, Jack/Jill O’Lantern, and the pets (Cat Pack and Dog Pack) are all for members only. Members can also get anything in the store for free for the duration of their membership.

Cool creeptastic costumes (and pets) all around!


Also, the third book of the Poptropica graphic novel series, The Secret Society, is now available for pre-order! The release date is scheduled as April 11, 2017.

The story revolves around a secret society known as the “protectors” of Poptropica trying to do everything they can to preserve the mysterious world. Go and get your copy as soon as possible!

So what about you guys? Are you excited about all of these incredible new items, as well as the release of Poptropica: The Secret Society? I sure am. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

Community Celebrity: Lucky Joker!




Hey everyone, welcome to Community Celebrities!

It’s been two months since we’ve welcomed our newest author, Lucky Joker! Right before he officially made his first post, I had the chance to interview him for the Poptropica community!

You may have read Lucky Joker’s My Place in Poptropica story, or known him as the MVP of the Tribal Tournament, or even as the face of the Fall 2016 POPCORN issue, but here’s another chance to learn more about our newest author!

Hi LJ! Can you introduce yourself to everyone?

Hello, everyone! I’m Lucky Joker and my username is julian0608.

Out of all the islands, which do you think is the best? The worst?

Wow! There are so many good ones to choose from. Well, my favorite island is Mythology, simply because of the history, the soundtrack, the characters and the story. I’ve actually gained quite an interest for Greek Mythology since playing the island.

The worst, in my opinion, would have to be Lunar Colony. It isn’t very memorable for me. It’s not bad, from what I remember. It’s just that I haven’t played it in so long, and I don’t know much of it. I actually nominated it for the ‘Okayest Island’ in this year’s Poppies.

In your opinion, what would be the best feature of Poptropica?

Poptropica is great as it is, but I would definitely suggest more options for interaction in common rooms/multiverse rooms. I would love to type and say what I’d want in further detail. Of course, all in complete safety.😉

How long have you been around the PHB?

I’ve been reading for three years now, but have recently started commenting upon making my WordPress account. It’s helped me become more involved in the Poptropica community! And now as the newest author, it’s become an even bigger part of my life!

How many islands have you finished?

I have all 58 medallions, but I’ve only completed 47 islands out of the 48. I missed out on the Beta-Carrotene due to inactivity(just a guess), but thanks to a little handy dandy program known as iPop, I was able to obtain the medallion.

What’s the best thing about the Poptropica community?

Of course, this one goes to its members. There are so many great people here, who all have their own unique style and personalities.

What do you think of the New Poptropica?

I was a little apprehensive when it was first announced, but as I’m hearing more and more about it, I’m becoming eager and a bit excited to see what sneak peek the creators will show us next! Like I always say- You plan for the worst and hope for the best!😛

Do you have any hobbies?

Blogging is my absolute favorite thing to do. Along with that, I also dabble in the arts and enjoy a good book every so often. I also enjoy running (when I’m not feeling lazy).

Do you have anything to say to the Poptropica community?

You guys are all super awesome, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys! Play Poptropica and Pop on! Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to my best Poptropican friend, White Ice!😉

Thanks to Lucky Joker for taking the time to do this interview, and sorry for the delay making in this post! If you’re interested in participating in a Community Celebrity post, message me on the PHC/Discord – more details below. Stay awesome, Poptropicans.😀




PHB Double Special: Make Fact Monster Great Again!

Hey Poptropicans! This PHB Double Special midweek post comes to you in two small parts – the former is a cool little glitch, and the latter involves two new costumes for everyone. Enjooooy!

Part 1: Bring back the Fact Monster buttons!

(This first part is a guest post by Small Carrot, a Poptropican in our community. UPDATE: Credit for this glitch goes to Keith Sammut’s website.)

Hello Poptropicans, I’m Small Carrot, a common Poptropican you can find on the PHC. I am here to present a fun glitch, and Tall Melon helped me with it. By the way, if you want to add me on Pop, my usernames are rahin6666 and thefreetinycarrot.

Anyway, here’s how you perform this glitch:

  1. Go to Time Tangled Island and obtain the Time Device from the people inside Pendulum’s Lab.
  2. Then, go into the common room on Main Street (the Party Time Tower).
  3. Use the time device in the bottom-left corner and go wherever you want.
  4. Walk around, and you’ll see Fact Monster buttons! If you press on them, they give you some interesting facts.

This is the old version of Time Tangled Island – before it was made into a SUI (sound updated island), there were Fact Monster buttons all over the island to drop some cool educational knowledge about the historical facets of the island. Not sure why Poptropica did away with them in the update, but now you know where to find them again! I hope you liked the glitch! :carrot:


Part 2: U.S. Poptropidential Election 2016!

This next part could probably use a little more Fact Monster, as our two honorary guests aren’t so keen on checking their facts.😉 Please welcome, in honor of the upcoming U.S. presidential election of 2016 and tonight’s final debate, the (not so) beloved candidates…

Donald Trump (user: DonaldTrumpPHB) and Hillary Clinton (user: HillaryClintonPHB)!


…Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, their costumes are customizable. Just friend the usernames above! (I know, they aren’t the only options – but they’re the most iconic.)

Also, check out Perfect Sky’s renditions of these characters:

We are of course still taking entries for our Halloween/Fall Costume Contest – and we’re enjoying the spoopiness so far! Be sure to enter (as many times as you’d like!) for your chance to win a Poptropica membership, courtesy of Poptropica!

But hey, who needs these two candidates when we’ve got #MemeKingForPresident? 👑 Now there’s a viable choice – who else would make our Mondays better with a weekly dosage of Poptropica memery?

Share your thoughts in the comments below – just don’t break out into a political fight.😉

Creepy Puppet and other Halloween updates!

Hi Gs,

Another update? With actual content?! This is insane.

Skinny Moon updated us yet again today, this time regarding a new costume. The “Creepy Puppet” costume is now available in the store for 400 credits (pricey!). The costume itself has two versions, one for each gender. I can’t decide which one I like better.


Strangely enough, the costumes actually aren’t the same as the ones in the promo image; instead, they have white skin and in classic they don’t have eye shadow/mascara. You will need to adjust your own character’s skin color to pure white so it matches the jaw of the puppet.

In other news, the Ship Wheel on Home Island has been updated with a Halloween aesthetic — and a new portal to the Haunted House mini quest has been opened next to the Arcade. Nothing new in the quest, however.

I’m excited to see what is unveiled next for Halloween this year (as she promises there’s more at the end of her post). Fingers crossed, substantial updates on New Poptropica. 

See you next time, Poptropicans.