Shark Tooth Island Guide

Walkthrough written by Slanted Fish; pictures by Purplering

First, go to Shark Tooth Island (if you are not already on it). You should be on Main Street. Move to the right and talk to the person wearing white and blue. He will give you a Shark Fin. You can go to your inventory and wear the fin, but note that this is optional – you do not have to wear the fin.

Now keep moving right until you come across another man, this one wearing a pink flower necklace and a ukelele. Talk to him, and he will give you Carbonated Coconut Milk.

Keep moving right until you see a sign that says “Ancient Ruins.” Click on the sign to come to a grass road, move right again and you should be at the Ancient Ruins. (Remember that if you’re not sure where you are, you can always check your Map!)

Professor Hammerhead’s Journal Page

At the Ancient Ruins, move all the way to the right until you see a square-shaped rock. This rock is movable. Push it until you see a tree trunk next to you and the rock. Beware of the bouncing coconuts, as they will knock you over if bumped into!

Now jump onto the square rock, then climb all the way up the dangling vine above. Land on the first wooden platform, and from there, hop onto the second wooden platform (the one above the first). On the second platform, jump to the left with all your might, and you should land on the roof of the temple. If you don’t, just try again until you do.

Once on the temple’s roof, move around until you see a piece of paper lying on the surface. Walk over to it to pick it up. You should have acquired the Translation KeyThis is the translation key from Professor Hammerhead’s journal.

In the Temple

Temple Entrance

Now jump off the roof and go inside the temple. You should now be on a small gray platform. Below you should be several other platforms like the one you are standing on. Jump down to the last platform at the bottom and click on the bottom of the gamescreen to go deeper into the temple. You should be standing on a small gray platform again.

On the left, there should be a gray platform that swings. Wait for the swinging platform to come by, then jump on it. At the end of the ride there should be another small gray platform. Jump on that. Now jump down from that platform and you should land on another platform.

On the platform you are currently on, move left and jump down to go onto another small platform, and from there, move right and jump down to the water. Swim left until you reach a stone block that you can’t go past. Beware of the tiny purple bats, because they will knock you over if you bump into them! Nearby should be a wooden log floating in the water. Jump on that and then jump onto the stone block.

Now jump into the water on the other side. Swim all the way to the left until you can’t go any further. There should be a wooden log floating nearby. Jump on that and you should see a gray platform above you. Jump to that platform, and there should be a moving platform on the right. Wait for it to come by, and then hop onto it. In the middle of the ride, you should see a platform above you. Quickly jump on to that platform.

Now you should see a swinging platform above you. When it comes by, quickly hop onto it. When it swings to the most left, jump off to land on a stone surface with a green thing on the wall. Now click on the green thing, and a code keypad will pop up.

Use the translation key to help you figure out the code. The code is the word “OPEN,” but with the symbols shown on the translation key. Once you enter the code, click on the triangle above, in between the circles. If the code you entered was wrong, the lights will flash red and you can try again. If the code you entered was correct, the lights will flash green and you can pass to the left.

Temple Dungeon

Now go left. You will appear in a tunnel. Go left again and you should appear in the Temple Dungeon. Jump onto the vine on the left. Climb all the way down the vine and plonk into the water. Swim all the way to the left, where you should find a statue with a huge caterpillar crawling around it.

Climb up the statue until you reach the top of the statue. Beware of the caterpillar, which will knock you over if bumped into! There should be a swinging platform above; wait for it to come by and then hop on to it. When it swings to the left, you should see a platform there. Jump onto it, then jump onto the platform left of that. Jump down left of the spiky wall, and if there’s still a hole to jump through, jump down that. If there isn’t, that means you’ve jumped all the way down.

Anyway, once you’re all the way down, keep moving left until you obtain an Old Bone – by walking over to the bone in the skeleton.

Now go back to the right side, where you should jump onto the nearest wooden log in the water. Above you there should be a long brown platform, jump on that.

On the long platform, move all the way to the right, and jump on the statue again. Again, beware of the huge caterpillar! Now go back to the top of the statue and hop on to the swinging platform. Go back to the spiky wall, but this time, stay there. Wait for a moving platform to come by, and quickly hop onto it.

Wait for the moving platform to go all the way to the left, where you should see another spiky wall. Hop onto the top of the spiky wall, and go left.

Temple Treasure Room

You will appear in a tunnel. Go left again and you should appear in the Temple Treasure Room.  Jump onto the vine on the left. Climb all the way down the vine and land at the bottom. Run all the way to the left until you see a brown pot with some green stuff inside, on a stand. Leap over to it and grab the Key Ingredient!

Now climb up the vine on your left and when you reach the top of the vine, land on the surface on the left. Now go up. Jump up the 3 platforms and go up. You should now be back on Main Street.

The Medicine Man

Go back to the Ancient Ruins. Once there, move all the way to the right until you see a sign that reads, “Booga Bay.” Click on the sign to come to a grass road, move right again and you should be at Booga Bay. At Booga Bay you should see a man with brown hair and a spotty mustache. Talk to him, and he will give you a Grass Skirt. Go to your inventory and wear the grass skirt.

Now go back to the Ancient Ruins. Push the movable square rock next to the tree trunk again. Now jump onto the square rock, then climb all the way up the dangling vine above. Land on the first wooden platform, and from there, hop onto the second wooden platform (the one above the first). Now climb up the vine to your right. Climb up the long vine again and jump onto the lower wooden platform with glass jugs on your left.

From there, jump onto the wooden platform above the one you’re currently standing on (which also has glass jugs), then climb up the vine to your left. Now hop on to the platform on the right of the vine (which has glass jugs on it also) and climb up the vine on your right and jump onto the last platform, the one with Medicine Man on it.

Talk to him, and he will make a Calming Potion for you to feed the shark with. Now go back down to Booga Bay.

Feeding the Shark

Once you arrive on Booga Bay, go all the way to the right until you see a cannon. Click on the wheel on the left of the cannon, and the things on the gamescreen will look smaller, but you can now see the water and the cannon. Now click anywhere above the water. The Calming Potion will shoot out of the cannon and splash into the water.

Wait and watch the shark consume the calming potion. Now you will be back in the normal view. The shark will be asleep forever and it is now safe to swim in the water.

The Reward

Now go to the right, and swim through the water (which is now safe because the shark is asleep). After a bit of swimming you should have arrived on some land with 2 coconut trees and a box marked “Fragile.” Go right and you should be on Castaway Island. Run to the right and talk to the man wearing yellowish-brown clothes and a huge gray beard. Now run right again and talk to the boy in the white shirt. Now click on the boy again, and he and the man will follow you.

Slowly guide them back to Booga Bay, past the waters and the cannon. You should see a woman wearing purple waiting at Booga Bay. Talk to her, and she will thank you for saving her son (the boy). Then the man with the huge beard will give you your reward, the “Island Medallion.” You can wear it by going to your inventory, selecting the Island Medallion card, and clicking on “Put On.” You’ll also be awarded credits to spend at the Poptropica Store. Congratulations!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! :)


  1. Bendy Hero says:

    WOW…this is the best guide ive ever seen so far…but maybe you can add some pictures….if u like

    Slanted Fish: Pictures have now been added! :)

  2. Beat the island thax Scary Tomato!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D:D :D :D :D :D :D

  3. okay but whatever you do don’t add a picture of the caterpillar it is scary because of how long and the the face and you did it too bendy hero?

  4. cool i finished it before , but i think i used this site for it don’t remember


    Scary Tomato: The trophy is no longer available.

  6. Tough Claw says:

    You can get more carbonated milk when your done.

  7. is the trophey still in your hand?

    Scary Tomato: Not anymore. It was removed when the bonus item trophy left. ;)

  8. best guide ever and ive looked at alot thanks tomato =)

  9. Mr. Scary Tomatoe did you Create poptropica?
    – White Plug LOL :)

    Scary Tomato: Read the About page, I said I didn’t create Poptropica. :-|

  10. Bronze Comet says:

    When i played Shark Tooth i won the first time but when i logged out then logged in the lady was crying and told me her son is been kidnapped by the shark and my medallion is gone!

    Scary Tomato: This is probably a glitch where the game didn’t save. To get your medallion back, you’ll have to do that part (rescuing the son) again. If it’s gone AGAIN the next time you log in, no matter how many times you redo this, you may have to make a new account. (Hopefully that won’t happen.) :P I’m sorry that it happened to you.

  11. sillyrunner97 says:

    awesome island!!!!

  12. hi i beat the island you 3 have such a good idea with helping us kids figure out the parts that we dont understand that is so nice of all 3 of you i have deafeted all of the islands but time tangled i am headded there now well see you guys in the guide for time tangled!:) :) :) POPTROPICA 4EVER

    :) Kelly (kdkd112)

  13. Thanks, Scary Tomato for the help and to Smockers and Codien, too! This is a great help! I just started two hours ago and just completed Early Poptropica. Thanks, really! POPTROPICA 4 LIFE!

    -:> Sam (SMDS37)

  14. Thanks! These help blogs have let me get through Poptrop, ty!

  15. Thanks Scary Tomato
    I love these blogs that help so many people
    Once again thank you!!!!

  16. Gracie49016 says:

    thanks for the tutorial! now i finally figured it all out!!!

  17. Magic Storm says:

    Ur guides so cool, it’s da bomb!!!!!

  18. Hey! thanks but um where is the grass skirt?

    Scary Tomato: It’s at Booga Bay. ;)

  19. Neat Whale says:

    u can also spell NOPE at the enter code thingy. at the place where u have to type in open to get threw the door. it works. :D

  20. pokebuddy4 says:

    THX!!!!! i was stuck on that for a while. PS i think your site rules!

  21. i didnt get anything from the medicine man wen i talked to him

    Scary Tomato: Make sure you are wearing your Grass Skirt (from Booga Bay), otherwise the Medicine Man will not respond the right way. ;)

  22. i was wering the grass skirt i made sure but it still didnt work

    Scary Tomato: Check that you have all the ingredients, put on the grass skirt, and talk to the medicine man. Re-read the guide again to make sure you haven’t missed anything! ;)

  23. Yuck! those catapillers are soo wird! thay make me shake!
    lol :P
    P.S sorry about the realy bad spelling!!!!!

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    hope this helps! :)

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    Scary Tomato: Thanks for the feedback. ;)

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    Wow this island was really easy compared to Nabooti and Spy! (24 carrot was short and easy too)

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    I think shark tooth island is really easy but really boring! But the guide is really good but if I don’t get something i search on youtube for it as it has pictures

  33. Wild Singer says:

    this guide was great! i finally beat the island! i was trying to finish the island and i couldn’t finish it, no matter how hard i tried. the place were i kept on messing up was when i had to to back to main street and meet the medicine man. thanks scary tomato!

  34. stella14895 says:

    the best guide ever! u have done sooo well with this!

    You Helped Me A Lot And I Finished The Island

  36. Lilly5869 says:

    This is the best walk-through ever!

  37. Cool Bean says:

    This is the BEST guide ever! All the other ones I went to, made no sense at all, or left something important out. I would of never known to spell OPEN in the code.

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  43. Poptropicastory-chapter 1 Blizzard of Jaws part1.As soon as I got there I fell down a hole.Hello?Anyone gonna help me?I said,until I realized I was on one of many platforms.I fell down again!This time I was standing up.I saw a vine,I went down it.Then I saw some wierd carvings.I continued down the weird place.Then,I saw another vine.I went up it.part2.I went down the alley.When I came out I discovered that I came into the dungeon of a ancient temple.I went onto a moving platform.I rode it to the other side.I jumped onto a platform.Then I saw a swinging platform.I jumped off.I landed on a platform with a batguy.Then I saw a vine,I jumped to it.Then I climbed up it.Then I jumped off it.I jumped up the wall.I landed on top of it.I went down the alley.I continued my walk.I went up the hole.I found myself standing infront of the Ancient Ruins!part3.I went to Booga Bay,were I found damage of the Great Booga.I swam across a small lake.I was on a island.I swam across where the Great Booga dwells.I was on another island.part4.I went farther.I explored around for a bit.The End.hey ST Im having a poptropica party tomarow!You dont have to come if you dont want to.If you come Ill let you costumiize my mask!

    • Opps!I forgot to tell you that a new chapter is coming next Thursday!Ok,here are ten facts about sharks.1.Did you know that the biggest shark and fish is the Whale Shark?2.The Great White Shark is the deadliest preditor in the seas today.3.Sharks have outlived Dinosaurs!4.The Greenland shark eats all kinds of dead creatures.5.The MegaMouth Shark was recantley discicovered near the coast of Hawaii in 1976.6.The Lantern Shark glows in the dark.7.The Goblin Shark has a long snout.8.The Frilled Shark is eel-like.9.The Tiger Shark eats all kinds of junk.10.Some sharks are rare.

      • The whale shark is not a shark, so it’s not correct when you said that it’s the ‘biggest shark and fish’ (fact #1). It is, however, the biggest fish. So, you were half-right.

      • It is.I have a whole book about sharks and it said exactly what RI said.

      • Well then I don’t mean to be rude but your book is wrong. The whale shark is most definitely a fish and every single good source I checked said that it is a fish. Most people do think it’s a shark but really it’s not.

      • the guide rocked i got through in less than a half hour! owe and whale sharks are in the skark catigory even though they are considered fish… like house cats and tigers same family differ creature so yeah. umm.. bye

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    • Bendy Bug says:

      You need a WordPress account. Go to and make an account, then go to prefences or sumthin like that and change your avatar ;)

  56. This guide rocks! Completing islands are now more easier though I only go here if I’m completly stumped which is most of the times, lol.

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  58. Poptropica fan says:

    Errr…..The guide is pretty neat but the medicine man wouldn’t make me the potion. WhatshouldIdo?

    Hijuyo: You need to be wearing the grass skirt so the medicine man is willing to help you. ;)

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  60. You Should also add that whan u get to the medicine man, on the wooden platforms, the glass thingies kept(the bigger ones) can be pushed the same way as the rock. I pushed 2 and they landed on a platform below and they were broken.

  61. Neat turtle says:

    You have great guides!I wrote a little something after I completed almost EVERY island!(Thanks too you guys.) Hope you like this little Story I wrote!

    The Hero Of Poptropica

    Neat Turtle has arrived. The remember her- They’re hero. The girl who saved Blue Skull’s son. She was amazing- she tricked the Shark into eating the coconut with the potion-She had returned too Shark Tooth Island. Everyone greeted her, and the man selling coconut juice gave her another glass of coconut milk .Everyone chanted her name, shaking her hand screaming ,”We all heard about you helped almost hear every island! Is this true ?How’s you do it?” “Well, if you really want to know…I used the PHB Poptropica Island help guides. If you want too be a Poptropican hero, there website gives tips, walkthroughs, and boredrom busters if your waiting for the next Island too come out!” she replied. She left the island, happy as could be.

    Hope you liked my little story based on giving credit too you guys for helping me through almost every island!Thank you sooo much!I love your blog!Bye!
    ;) Neat Turtle ;)

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    Chew Pop Gum while standing in front of the Shark Tooth Island sign at the beginning. Now ask yourself this question: What happened to the sign?

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  80. Hairy Eyeball says:


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  83. spotted drummer says:

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  84. Did you know that the there’s a volleyball with a face drawn on it on the island that Prof Hammerhead and the boy was stuck on? That is as reference to a movie called Castaway. In the movie a man gets stranded on an island and comes across a volleyball and names it Wilson.

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    • IKR SERIOUSLY HOW WOULD A WARRIOR GET FROM ONE ISLAND TO ANOTHER? ITS LIKE HE HAS HIS OWN BLIMP OR SOMETHING….. ~puts head down and twiddles thumbs….sips coke~ Maybe I should start a post about it. Oh wait. I cant.

  89. Shaky Dragon says:

    I already completed this island by myself. :-) I also found out the code by myself. I just looked at the letters in code sideways, and I just clicked on the coded letters that looked like the letters O, P, E, and N. :-) :-)

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  91. emogirl191933 says:

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    Slanted Fish: You need to put on your Grass Skirt so he’ll think you’re a native islander. :P

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  100. Lol I play the games CP (club penguin, AJ (animal jam), and MM (mosh monsters). CP user: buckabooboo
    AJ user: puppielovetime
    MM user: buckabooboo3

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    slantedfish: Are you wearing the grass skirt, and do you have everything you need?

  110. He won’t make the potion because, according to the carving, there’s a third ingredient I can’t find.


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