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Dream Home: touring Slanted Fish’s Land!

Update: Thanks to the Poptropica Creators for featuring my Land among their favorite Dream Homes! Here’s what they said about it: “From the one and only Friendly Fish, an abode that lives up to her name.” Indeed. <3

“You’ll shoot me down, but I won’t fall… I am POPTANIUM!”

Wow, that was some rousing musicality there. But anyway… *ahem* Well hello, Poptropicans! Like the new Land-themed PHB header? ;) Just for fun, today we’ll be taking a tour of my Poptropica Land, which is also my attempt at the “Dream Home” Land challenge!

Here’s an overview of my not-so-humble-abode (click to enlarge):

slantedfish landYes, it’s shaped like a slanted fish, and yes, I marked my territory in the water below. Hehe. :mrgreen:

(Helpful hint: you can take a screenshot of your whole Land by pressing the “S” key. For more tips on using Land, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Labs Guide!)

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Poptropica has Tumblr-ed over and can’t get up (plus more!)

Hey guys! The Creators have been checking out micro-blogging site Tumblr recently, taking screenshots of specific posts they liked and re-tweeting them (they even re-tweeted the PHB’s tweet about this post after it was published!). Check them out! (click to enlarge)

Cute! Sadly, there haven’t been any behind the scenes images for any islands recently. However, they did post these random sketches (made by bored Creators in their downtime):

Also, the Creators’ “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist has been updated with another video, in which a “QA tester” has found a bug in the most recent unreleased update to SUIs – not being able to swim in the water on Mythology Island.

Meanwhile with the Land Public Preview Challenge, the Creators have already tweeted a couple of their favorite Dream Homes so far (click to enlarge).

For help with Land, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Labs (Land) Guide, which was recently updated to reflect some new changes: now including a detailed chart of what you unlock at each level (as well as how much Poptanium is needed per level, which is no longer the standard 15 – it now varies)!

They’re also seeking advice for the future of the Land project over on Twitter, and so far suggestions have included changing the health effects of water in different biomes, plus the ability to name your own Land and have it seen by people on the Map. Both sound pretty neat! :D

Heh. Well, good luck in the Land contest, everyone! :)

Lastly, on Night Watch Island for a limited time, there is is a dance party for girls only (sorry guys). It’s an ad for Lalaloopsy Girls, which was covered a bit more in-depth on the PHB last week. You can chat, battle, make friends, and get two costumes and a Dance Party power. Visit it before it’s gone!


Umm… sparkly… :P


The Poptropica Land public preview has dropped!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a post announcing that the public preview of Poptropica Land has dropped! Now non-members can join in the fun of Poptropica Land from now until October 30. The Creators are challenging everyone to submit a Land creation for several themes:

land public previewThis weekend’s theme, from October 16 to 19, is Dream Home, so I’m just gonna link to this little tidbit here. Anyway, for upcoming themes, check out the graphic above! Note: you don’t have to follow any specific theme when you play around with Land. It’s your Land, so do what you want with it! :)

To get started, just visit the map and click on Land, or get the Poptropica Labs gold card from the Store. You can submit your Land to the Creators’ contest through the in-game menu. For a walkthrough on how to use the Land feature, check out our Poptropica Labs (Land) Guide!


Now, here’s a little extra for this post. My friend Captain Spencer had a bit of a theory. Let’s discuss this – here on “Blake Pops a Theory”!


This theory is called the Poptropica Parallel Theory. What if every Island exists in another dimension? This would explain how no matter what you do on other Islands, nobody recognizes you whatsoever on each separate island. Greg Heffley on Wimpy Wonderland doesn’t, Van Buren on Survival doesn’t, and even the PASE crew (the Poptropica version of NASA on Lunar Colony) doesn’t recognize you!

This theory basically states that each Island by itself exists on its own dimensional plane, and the blimp allows you to travel between dimensions (separate, parallel worlds unaware of each other). It’s plausible, except for the fact that somehow, we’re told to travel to Early Poptropica Island during the Counterfeit Island quest.

Also, how/why did we get our blimp for free at the beginning of the game, when a device that lets you go to other dimensions could cost thousands? Well, one guess is that our blimp was a present from our Poptropican’s “parents” or some guardian wanting us to go through the different dimensional planes; someone who wants us to keep saving every Island in crisis.

Poptropicans, the world just got a whole lot more wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. 20 points for Gryffindor if you get that reference.

Well, that’s it for today! Stay popping and multiverse-travelling, Poptropicans.

Concept art, Friendly Fish feature, Land WOWs, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! This mega-post covers recent Poptropica tweets for concept art, Land “WOW”s, another glance at a Poptropica comic graphic-novel-like project, and BT’s fan art, plus my Poptropican getting featured on the Creators’ Blog – if you’re interested, read on! :D

Concept art for Mission Atlantis & Zomberry

Poptropica recently tweeted yet more concept art for Mission Atlantis, Ep. 3this time, the living quarters and lab. For the previous Atlantis Ep. 3 sketches, click here!

That’s not all: they also tweeted this unused art for Zomberry Island, which they used as the style guide for the overall look/mood of the cityscape. Looks like 8-Track Attack and Franny’s Fine Jewelry didn’t make the final cut for vandalized Zomberry storefronts!

unused zomberry artCreators’ Blog feature: Friendly Fish!

As some of you PHB readers commented, my Poptropica character, Friendly Fish, was featured on the Creators’ Blog! It was on a post about how to use the Poptropica Shop to get your character on a shirt, and their screenshots show me in my Halloween costume. Well, Poptropica, I’m honored! :D

If only my bangs showed in the final shirt product – but still, pretty neat. :mrgreen:

Speaking of dressing your Poptropican in haunting fashion, you should totally enter in the PHB’s 6th annual Halloween costume competition, accepting entries from now until Halloween. ;)

More Poptropica comic/graphic novel

Remember when the Creators tweeted a sample page of what appeared to be a graphic novel based on the Poptropica comic series starring Jorge & Oliver (and a new addition named Mya)? They’ve posted more, again stressing that it was very “behind-the-scenes”. (Last time, they mentioned to expect whatever this project was to come in January 2015, but we’ll see!)

Brave Tomato’s fan art

Getting into the Halloween spirit, PHB author Brave Tomato recently tweeted some fan art for the Poptropica characters of Count Bram (Vampire’s Curse) and Dr. Jupiter (Super Villain) – which were then re-tweeted by Poptropica! You can check out more of BT’s awesome art on her deviantArt page.

More Land “WOW”s

Finally, here’s a look at some of the recent Poptropica Land “WOW”s the Creators have tweeted recently. Remember, there’s going to be several Land challenges coming up from tomorrow until the end of the month, in which everyone (even non-members) can participate, so look out for that! :mrgreen:

Anyway, that’s all for now! Keep on popping on, Poptropicans. :)

Themes of the Land competition: revealed!

land previewHey everyone! Just a quick post to bring you some big Poptropica Land news! As you may recall, the Creators will be holding a Land-building competition in which everyone, even nonmembers will be able to compete starting tomorrow.

According to the countdown, the contest starts at 2pm EST/1pm CST/12pm MST/11am PST. Check out the challenge themes:

land competition

As you can see, there are four different themes you can challenge yourself in at certain time periods between October 16 and 30. Plus, the Creators’ Blog will be showcasing their favorites for each theme!

  • Dream Home — October 16-19
  • Village — October 20-23
  • Obstacle Course — October 24-26
  • Haunted — October 27-30

Click here to view the original post. Good luck to all when the time comes for the challenges! :)


BTS Overview & Theory: PoptropiCon, Ep. 2

BTS - Poptropicon 2

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our BTS Overview & Theory series! This time, we’ll be covering PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert, written by myself, Samwow5, and HPuterpop (thanks to Fishy for writing the last BTSO&T). To read our BTSO&T for the first episode of PoptropiCon, click here.

(By the way: PoptropiCon, Ep. 1 is now available on the Poptropica app for 99 cents!)

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)


Overview of evidence

In the last episode of PoptropiCon, we broke into the building by using a catapult (which went along with what we predicted). Sure, this got us in to the building… but what next?

Card Deck

Card Deck (see card images below)

The winner of the PoptropiCon costume contest will earn a one-of-a-kind prize. See if you can put together the ultimate villain outfit, but beware — the action at this convention is about to get real!

From the synopsis of the episode, we can already tell that we will be competing in a costume contest (the recently posted Poptropicon 2 poster also supports this).

Anyway, let’s first take a look at some of the major Spoiler Alert themed Daily Pop sneak peeks. As with all images in this post, please click to enlarge the pictures.

As you may be able to gather yourself, there will also be some sort of card contest. That’s two contests already… could there be any more? Below are what the cards will look like.

Phew, I think we got them all! I also want to mention (from the Daily Pops above) that the last two images hint at us having to avoid surveillance or something to that effect. Now let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes dialog and text:

Well, we seem to have clarified the card game, which is related to the Poptropica-invented franchise “Mighty Action Force”. The dialog also tells us that we will be looking for an Elf Archer costume. Could the card game be related to this? Maybe what we have to accomplish in this episode is just to collect the perfect items for the perfect costume.

We also wanted to mention how this episode will in fact have a common room! If you didn’t know already, episode 1 was updated with a common room (after its release, strangely enough).

In the “Demo Hall” image, you can see the edge of the “Showdown” Daily Pop. In the last image, you can see the edge of the “Galaxy Litigation” (poster) Daily Pop. In multiple images above, you can see posters for the costume contest. Nothing else is really given away, but it gives us a good sense of what we will see.

There isn’t anything else worth showing to determine the plot, so here is our final theory! :)

Final theory

In PoptropiCon – Episode 2: Spoiler Alert, we will put together the best costume possible to win the costume contest. To do this, we go around doing certain tasks, such as winning a Mighty Action Force card game. But before we can win, we have to collect all the best cards.

That may not sound like the deepest theory ever, but hopefully it sparks some ideas! Are you excited for PoptropiCon: Ep. 2? We definitely are! :D

~SD, HP, SW5

PHB’s 6th Annual Halloween Costume Contest – enter if you dare! (CLOSED)

Contest has ended – click here to view the winners!

halloween2014 contest

It’s that time of the year again: Halloween is approaching, and that means it’s time for the PHB’s annual Halloween costume competition! Now for the 6th year in a row, you can enter your best creepy costume and hope to win a spot on the PHB’s Costumes page (plus, they’ll be featured on the PHB’s front page when the winners are announced on Halloween (October 31, when the contest ends).

This year, because of our (upcoming) recently achieved milestone of 14 million blog hits (as of October 16), we’ll be showcasing fourteen of our favorites as winners! Sound awesome yet?

Before you rush out to put together your masterpiece, please keep these rules in mind:

  1. IDEAS: Be original! We like to see that you’ve put effort into creating something spooky yet fashionable for the season, so simply copying (as opposed to mixing and matching) will probably hurt your chances. There are some great costume parts at the ghoul gathering from the end of the Haunted House quest from the Store, as well as the collection of recently-made-free costumes in the Store, but be creative and search in other places too!
  2. DON’T CHANGE: Keep your costume intact until after the winners are announced. If you change your costume back, we may not get to see your spooktacular entry! If you don’t want to keep the costume on your main account, you can create a new one and post that instead.
  3. ENTERING: After you’ve created your costume, here’s how you should post your entry: go to the Avatar Studio, type in your username, click Load, click on the Link to highlight it, right-click and choose Copy, go to the comments section on this post, right-click and choose Paste, type in your comment and submit so we can view your costume by clicking the link! Name your costume and post the username if you want. If you are having problems with the Avatar Studio, just post the username so we can check it. You may submit as many different entries as you like, but you can only win a maximum of one time (out of the 14 winners to be chosen).

(Protip: For inspiration, past winners can be viewed on the Costumes page!)

have your scary face on? good, now enter if you dare…

heh heh

Monster animation & Lalaloopsy Girls ad

Hey Poptropicans! Just a couple of new things worth mentioning: a new “inside Poptropica” video, and an ad for Lalaloopsy Girls! Read on for more details, and be sure to catch up on the posts below!

Monster Carnival Island: duck monster process & a doodle

Poptropica has posted yet another behind-the-scenes video, this time showing the process of animating the monster in the pool of the duck game on Monster Carnival Island! Very cool. :)

Going slightly off-topica, Poptropica also tweeted a doodle made by a Poptropica illustrator (signed “MRCER”) during a lunch break. Click here to see the beauty: it’s a sheep rocking out on a guitar!


Lalaloopsy Girls ad

In addition to the new ads giving out bobblehead headwear, girls who log in may also receive a pink card that says “Like my cute outfit?” If you click on the only button (“Get blue braids!”), it should take you to the Lalaloopsy Girls ad, which is also a common room. (Unless you don’t live in the US, like me, in which case you’ll be brought to an ad-less Main Street. Anyway, I couldn’t access the ad, but Silly Pelican over at Poptropica With Scary Plug (PWSP) could – so SP, thanks for your insights!)


If you’re able to get over all the pink in the atmosphere and step inside, you’ll find some character bios for the Lalaloopsy girls, a music video with the dolls, a jar that “glitters” your screen when you click it, a Dance Party power, and two dummies with cute outfits you can Costumize. Enjoy! ^-^


Boo! As you may have seen, the PHB has a new spooky header – plus, I’ve changed my attire for the Halloween season, which you can see in the header or sidebar.


Plus, stay tuned to the PHB for something even more spooktacular coming soon. :D


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