Hi Gs,

I made a discovery yesterday – something that may change everything. Actually, so much stuff has been going on lately that I’m sorta worried – school is starting soon!

I was searching through Amazon for ‘poptropica books’, as I do every once and a while. I’m super hopeful for the Mystery of the Map graphic novel! But instead, I found more of the ‘Poptropica English’ books – if you’re not aware of the first, it was called ‘Future Island‘ – I discovered it back in 2014.


Digging further, I zoomed in on one of the backs of the books, and went to the site it directed to – pearsonelt.com/ourdiscoveryisland. This redirects to an intro to ‘Our Discovery Island: Powered by Poptropica’. Once in the site, I was shocked – this was what Pearson was up to? Apparently, ‘Poptropica English’ was a part of an educational class made by Pearson!


But there’s more. Going to ourdiscoveryisland.com, I was shocked – orange Poptropica! Trying to create a new player, it seemed you need an access code to get in.


So, I went to Chris Barney, a dev of Poptropica who I am in contact with. He told me that Poptropica contributed (not sold) its engine to Pearson, and that more of these “Poptropica clones” may be showing up soon.

The wording on the site made it seem like that they had created actual islands based on the books. Watching a few videos (FROM 2011?!), it showed these islands (they look like real islands, too!). Here’s the thing, though: these characters had actual audio voice acting!

In addition to that gameplay video, there are also animations for Our Discovery Island on YouTube – likely related to the “Poptropica animations” we’ve heard about before.

I wasn’t completely convinced, until my friend Pixel got into an account! They do have voice acting – and it isn’t half bad! And let me remind you that this is pre-SUI (still unsure about my cash-cow theory?).


There are a number of these islands, based on the books (so yes, one for Future Island too), each following the simplistic plot of the books.

Again, Chris said that there are more of these to come! I wonder what troubles this could cause…

Our Discovery Island is not easily accessible, and I’m probably going to have to buy the books to get in. However, it has the Poptropica name plastered all over it, and so it technically is official content. The Poptropica Wiki has got some work to do.

Also, it’s run by Pearson – could this be why Poptropica left?



Thoughts on Hub Island, new features & more vents!

Yellow! Slip here!

We’ll have a short review of the recent release of Tutorial / Hub / Home Island. :)


First of all, I’m really surprised with the update. The Creators never had any sneak peek or tweet about it and out of the blue, *poof* Hub/Tutorial/Home Island is now released online! :P

Second, this island is really great for beginners. The last time I remember logging in to Poptropica for the first time, I was lost; not knowing what to do. But if you’re a new player, you get to learn the basic steps of Poptropica through the Tutorial Island. The pilot even asks you if you’re a first-timer or an old pro! More to that, you’ll get to learn more about Poptropica— Poptropica Realms, multiverses and more. As what old people would say, “The kids today are so lucky! Not like us back in the days.” And there starts a long, boring flashback story.

Also, I’m really sorry for the people who just bought the Colorizer item card, which is now useless thanks to the new update (although people have reported that the new Colorizer’s effects wear off, so perhaps not). On the bright side, you can collect your 150 credits by completing Tutorial, Hub, Home, or whatever the island’s name is! (The official name is Hub Island, according to a Creator, Chris Barney, when asked by HPuterpop. But it says Tutorial on the medallion and Home on the map!)

Last but not the least, my only concern is the Arcade and the Shop in which I understand since Poptropica would take some time to make it like the one in the Poptropica app. The Arcade would look like a real arcade if it doesn’t redirect to the Pathfinders’ tribe room and the Shop would be better like the one in the app instead of redirecting to the Poptropica Store.

Overall, it’s a really great update I never expected. Kudos to the Poptropica Creators!


Next update, you may have noticed some new features on SUIs while going from scene to scene. Poptropica has been changing the text on some of the pointers when you’re entering places, moving from scenes and riding the blimp. For example, instead of “go left” or “go right”, it says “exit”; instead of “travel”, it says “map”, and so on. (Thanks to R, The Black Bird for the tip and the picture!)



Last but not the least, there has been a couple of Daily Pop Sneak Peeks with a common denominator and it’s a Poptropica cliche — vents. They seem to be for the Pelican Rock / Prison Island but we never know, maybe these sneak peeks are for Timmy Failure Island.

By the way, we recently added two brand new pages here on the PHB — the Hub Island Guide and the Fortune Cookie Quotes page!

And that’s all of the updates! Have you received your Total Costume already?

Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

-Slip :mrgreen:


Brand New Tutorial Island!

Update: For our official walkthrough page for this island, see our Hub Island Guide!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with the details of a new island!

If you checked out today’s Timmy Failure code post, you may have read about a mysterious blank medallion entitled “Hub Island” spotted by our very own Slanted Fish. A little while after the post released, I decided to go check the medallion list again and saw an updated medallion!

HubIslandTutorialI immediately went to the map and spotted this new island…


As it turns out, it’s almost exactly like the Tutorial Island on the Poptropica mobile app, and now it’s here on the online version! I dropped into the island to find myself with this explorer:


I soon went exploring around the island to find multiple different buildings. The first building shown here is the Shop. If you decided to enter in, it brings you to the Poptropica Store.

The second building shown here is the Arcade. Entering it brings you to the Pathfinders tribe common room, no matter which tribe you’re in.

The final building shown is the New You building. Inside, you can alter your appearance!

You can pull the lever (shown in the picture on the right) and the curtain on the top will drop down to allow you to customize with endless costumes. If you click the curtain (shown in the picture on the left) you can use a Colorizer, which allows you to change your skin and hair colors.

If you exit the New You building and go to the left, you visit the tutorial portion of the island. You will first see the platform below:


With a little exploring you will come upon this woman missing her lucky wrench.


Simply look up on a nearby tree to find the Wrench and give it to her.


She then offers to show you how to customize (because it is a tutorial island). If you continue left into a new room, and then all the way to the left of that room, you’ll see the explorer once again. He’ll mention that he wants to give you something but he can’t seem to find it.

This, of course, is the medallion. You can then go around the two areas in search for each of the parts. There are eight in total and they’re pretty easy to spot – they’re the glowing yellow chunks lying around.

Once you find all of these pieces, return back to the original location of the explorer, and he’ll award you with the Tutorial Island Medallion (and 150 credits!).

So, that’s an overview of the new Tutorial Island! Since you get 150 credits for completing this island, be sure to complete the island for a little more change to spend in the Poptropica Store. Plus, I feel like if I was a new player, this island would be quite helpful. :D

So, what do you think about this tutorial island? Comment below!

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

Total-ly New Timmy Failure Prize & Hub Island?

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with this week’s Timmy Failure promo prize. Simply go onto Timmy Failure Island, walk to the left and talk with Timmy and he’ll give you a Total Costume! (Total is the name of Timmy’s polar bear sidekick in the series ;) ) Check it out:

Glad Poptropica is releasing a costume themed for the island instead of the credits! Pretty cool costume, as well. Plus, like how they’re slowly coloring in the island (it was pretty black-and-white last week!).

And of course, be sure to tune in next Thursday for the next Timmy Failure Island prize!

Now for some really interesting news. If you go onto Poptropica Friends and look in your Medallion list, you will see this below:


Props to Slanted Fish for noticing this first. ;) I’m very curious as to what this mysterious island is. Slip suggested to me that it could be something like the Tutorial Island on the Poptropica App, which could be the case considering the name. The medallion is oddly placed between Survival Island (Episode 1) and Mythology Island in the list and I’m not completely sure why.

Being as curious as I am I tweeted out to the Creators. Haven’t had any reply yet, but I’ll be sure to update the post if they do.

UPDATE: Hub (Tutorial) Island has been released! Read all about it in my other post.

So, do you like this new Total costume? What do you think “Hub Island” is? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

BTS Overview & Theory: Timmy Failure Island

BTS - Timmy Failure

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our BTS Overview & Theory series! This time, we’ll be covering Timmy Failure Island, written by the PHB team and organized by myself, SD. Be sure to check out our previous BTS posts, our most recent being for Arabian Nights Episode 3.

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

Overview of evidence

As always, we will start out with the basics and lead up to the scenes, dialog, etc. Be sure to visit the Timmy Failure Island Tour for more info!

When danger lurks, and criminals hide around every corner, you need the best detective money can buy. That detective is not Timmy Failure — but don’t try to tell him that. You’re about to come face to face with the craziest cast of characters ever to appear on a Poptropica Island. Trying to solve this mystery is only the beginning!

Remember that there is also a printable poster for the island!

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks

Judging from the art style and subjects of the following sneak peeks, we know that they are for Timmy Failure. :)


Below is a compilation of all the major events that will take place during the Timmy Failure quest.

bts timmy failure events


These are all the items that will be used during the quest:


Now we can get into the detailed stuff! Below are the image layers for each location on the island.

Main Street:

Timmy’s Street:

Timmy’s House:







Be sure to read the captions to find out what scene each set of dialog is from!

Final Theory

Before diving into our theory on how the quest will play out, we first need to know our characters… Timmy Failure is a young child that believes that he is a world class detective. He has a pet “business partner” polar bear named Total that somehow followed the scent of Timmy’s cat food back to his apartment. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mom, who dates a “Bowling Turkey”. His best friend, who he claims to be an idiot, is named Rollo Tookus and is actually an over achieving student. Molly Moskins is a girl in Timmy’s class who has a crush on him and smells of tangerines. She also owns a cat named Senior Burrito. Finally, Corrina Corrina is Timmy’s arch nemesis (at least in his opinion).

Looking at the dialog, Senior Burrito (the cat) has stolen Timmy’s pants and is hiding in a vending machine. To get them out, you’ll need some loose change to activate the machine. The Bowling Turkey challenges you to a match of bowling, and when you win, he’ll give you the keys to his car. From there, we couldn’t really follow much more of the plot using the dialogue, but it looks to be quite a lengthy island.

Remember, Timmy Failure Island is going to be out for members on September 17th, so until then, share your theories in the comments below! :D

~The PHB Team

HPuterpop Fan Art Contest!

Hi Gs!

So my Wikia profile on the Poptropica Wiki is my pride and joy – it tells my whole story organized beautifully and I just love it – but there’s a ‘fan art’ section there that’s pretty lacking. No, not my own fan art – artists’ fan art of me. And so for the next couple weeks, I’m going to have a little contest! Details are below.


  • messySinkerIt must contain yours truly in the costume to the right – it can contain anything or anyone else you choose.
  • It must be a square ratio – the winner gets their art as my profile picture!

Send in your art to andrewwilesinfo@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of August, so you’ve got plenty of time to perfect your craft!

The winner and two runner ups will get a special profile picture drawn by me! The winner’s drawing will be my profile picture for a good amount of time as well. :D

Let the doodles begin!



Poptropica Mystery: Where did the native islanders go?

Hi Gs,


This mystery goes all the way back to the very 2nd Island – Shark Tooth Island. On it, you learn a few things about it’s history:

  • Professor Hammerhead discovered the island and it’s ruins years ago. This island was abandoned some time before it was re-inhabited.
  • The native islanders there found how to calm the shark using a special concoction.
  • The Medicine Man will only talk to Native Islanders.

This said, we have some things to consider – primarily about the Medicine Man. Is he a native islander? He wears a grass skirt and will only talk to native islanders, which leads to the presumption that he is… but if he still is there, then where are the rest of the native islanders? Read the rest of the post over on Slippery Raptor’s Blog!

PHB Special: Fiona’s Violin Song

Hey Poptropicans, and welcome to another PHB special.

If you’ve played Ghost Story Island – which recently won the title of Best Storyline in an Island in our Poppies Awards Show – you may recall the hauntingly beautiful tune that was Fiona’s violin song. The music was so moving it even inspired an hour-long challenge of that song in a YouTube video by user Kaydorable1, with thousands of views:

And this was before islands were released with ambient music!

Over on a sheet music website called MuseScore, a user called iwasborninjuly has uploaded sheet music for the popular Poptropica melody, which you can view and listen to at this link.

fiona's songGive this song a try on your musical instrument! Or, if you don’t play one, you can still play this song perfectly on Poptropica by moving the bowstrings of your violin on Ghost Story Island. If you don’t already have it, check out our Ghost Story Island Guide, our written walkthrough with pictures.


To Fiona, the woman in the window.


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