Announcing the Poptropica Help Wiki!

Hi Gs,

This announcement is big. I’ve been working on this enormous undertaking for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to announce it. Only a few people have known in the past, but now, you get to contribute.

We have the Poptropica Help Blog… We have the Poptropica Help Chat…We have the Poptropica Help Videos, tweets, and Steam group… And today, I come to bring you…

Poptropica Help Wiki

What is the Poptropica Help Wiki, you might ask? It’s basically the ultimate documentation of Poptropica info compiled and maintained by Poptropica players. Eventually we’ll fill up the site with character, island, and item pages. Those pages will have tons of facts and storylines stuffed inside them.

And guess what? You can contribute! This is a community run project, so it’s your job to help out with the content!

We want this wiki to be the best it can be, so please refrain from spam and irrelevant comments.

I’m going to be setting goals for the wiki, so for now, let’s continue making and finishing Character pages (those that would go in the Characters category). You can make other pages, but as a community I feel like we should do this orderly and in portions. At the moment, we have no guidelines, but please don’t plagiarize the site. If you need an idea of what a Character page should look like, take a look at this skeleton.

The URL is easy to remember –

Also, If anyone is advanced at Wikia code and wants to contribute, please contact me at



Hey look! PHB poll series begins!

Happy Friday 13th, if it’s still Friday in your time zone.

To celebrate the occasion, how about your first weekly PHB poll?


This is so exciting!!!

Are you ready?

This will help me figure out what types of polls you guys are most interested in (but please note that I don’t intend to do polls that aren’t somehow related to Poptropica and/or the PHB anytime soon, if ever).

This poll closes a week from now, and shortly after that I’ll have a post up with the results of this one, and the next poll!

Please comment away if you have any questions, comments, concerns, additions to your responses, or whatever! Thank you so much for voting! <3

~ Cheerful Singer ~

Reign of Curls, Comics, Tweets and Zomberries!

Hello Poptropicans! Slippery here.

First of all, Poptropica has announced over Twitter that the concluding episode of PoptropiCon—Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon—will be released on March 19th for members and on April 9th for all. Just keep in mind that these dates are only tentative and may change. If you want more news about the final episode, check out the island page here on the PHB.

PopCon3-ScreensaverNext, Poptropica tweeted Popstorm #17! It’s all about curly hairs. Pretty awesome.

PopStorm 17Poptropica has also uploaded weeks 29 to 32 of the Poptropica Comics series (not to be confused with Mystery of the Map, which you can read in its entirety on the PHB’s Comics page!) and you can check them out on Funbrain! Oliver and Jorge will continue their adventures with the Veggiestein and the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Thanks to Fairy Tale for the tip!

popcomics2932Also, Poptropica revealed their plans for the app for this year. It includes multiplayer games, common rooms, and more items on the store.  And in case you haven’t heard yet, we can use our own accounts by the end of the year! Sounds exciting for me. Check out these tweets:

They also tweeted a couple of interesting Realms:

Last but not the least, Poptropica uploaded a brand new video and it features the Zomberries from Zomberry Island. They also tweeted that Poptropica Realms will receive an update with Zomberries in it! Hmm, very puzzling. Anyway, enjoy the video of these zomberries grooving on the funky beat of DJ Saturday Nite at the karaoke bar! Very funny.

That’s all of the updates! Hope y’all had fun. Any thoughts? :)


Read all of Mystery of the Map!

Hi Gs,

This is a quick post to let you know that if you visit the comics page we have here on the PHB, you’ll be able to read 100% of the new graphic novel by Poptropica, Mystery of the Map. This content is never before seen, and you’ll want to check it out!

Read Poptropica Volume 1: Mystery of the Map here!

mystery of the map



Weird Theory of the Day: Early Villains!

Yo ‘tropicans. Are you in the mood for a totally weird and pointless Poptropica theory that nobody asked for? Well I’ve got one! Please note: This post contains a major spoiler for Spy Island & minor spoilers for Early Poptropica.

If you follow me on Twitter (which I know for a fact most of you don’t because I have like three followers), you’ll see that recently I’ve basically been live-tweeting a replay of Early Poptropica. And as I was playing, something occurred to me.


Look at this logic:


Actually though… it kinda works

Sure, it was something Twitter-worthy I’d noticed, but I wouldn’t have gone as far as to call it a “theory” at that point. But then I spotted a young Black Widow.


I got a little emotional at this discovery

If someone told you “I saw a female NPC in Poptropica with short black hair, pale skin, and a dark outfit, and she hung out in a creepy place with a lot of spiders” you’d be like “yeah, that’s Black Widow” WOULDN’T YOU? I mean, yeah, she’s a little different. But Early Poptropica was released a while before Black Widow’s first appearance (as Black Widow) and people change. Even when those people happen to be Poptropica villains.

ALSO, the official Poptropica account retweeted my Director D post! That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re confirming it (they didn’t make any comment on it) but it means they at least acknowledge the possibility… or they just acknowledge how silly it sounds. I’ll keep playing and keep an eye out for new possibilities. In the meantime, let me know in the comments if you have anything to add!

~ Cheerful Singer ~

Ads: Lego Mixels & Cinderella

Two new ads have been popping up around Poptropica lately, one for boys and one for girls. Thanks to Prickly Monster for the tip!


Let’s start with the ad for the boys. This advertisement is for Lego Mixels, and all you have to do is click on the ad to receive the Boogly Dash, which gives you a handheld green-and-blue Lego object and makes a creature across the screen when you press space bar.

boogly dashNext up is the ad for girls. This one is for the upcoming movie, Cinderella. Again, all you have to do is watch a short video and you will earn a Cinderella costume: an Enchanted Royal Gown!

ad 2


Who’s this!? (Cheerful Singer!)

Oh hello.

If you’ve been reading the PHB since August, you may remember Slanted Fish put out a survey to gauge what sort of people you all are. Well, there’s more where that came from…

I’m Cheerful Singer, your newest PHB staff member! I’m joining the blog in a new role that hasn’t existed before: a PHB statistician of sorts. I’ll be posting weekly polls about various Poptropica-related things. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to vote in these. I really love collecting and organizing data, but it won’t mean much if not many people vote. And I’m not just doing it for my own entertainment, of course! Every week I’ll post a short analysis of last week’s results, so everyone can have a better understanding of the PHB community. I also hope people will use the comment section to discuss the weekly topic!

A A A A H    T H I S    I S    S O    E X C I T I N G !

You see, I started off as just a humble PHB reader. I didn’t even have a WordPress account until, like, yesterday.


I started off as just a humble PHB reader…

But look at me now! I get to learn all your deepest, darkest secrets stuff about you as a community through my own polls! I guess this just goes to show… chase your dreams, ladies and gentlemen, and you’ll go far.

But enough of that. You can expect to see your first regular PHB poll sometime this weekend! GET EXCITED BECAUSE I’M SUPER EXCITED AND IT WOULD BE KINDA AWKWARD IF NO ONE ELSE WAS.

In the meantime, ask me any questions in the comments here or tweet them to me @cheerfulsinger9, and I’ll be happy to answer them (unless it’s questions like “what’s your address?” I’m not gonna answer that, obviously).

You can also add me on Poptropica (my username is cheerfulsinger9). Sometimes I wear cool hats.

~ Cheerful Singer ~

MotM p. 22-25, wolf club Realms, & more

Hey Poptropicans! Slippery here.

First up, here are the latest Mystery of the Map pages (p. 22-25)! Check them out below, or read from the start on the graphic novel page!

The gang has discovered a Viking ship – what could happen next? It looks like Octavian has lost the map. Maybe it’s with Mya and the gang!

On another note, the first episode of PoptropiCon (Line Forms Here) is now free on the Poptropica iOS app! Need any help in entering the con? Check out the PHB’s PoptropiCon Island Guide!

con1 carouselSpeaking of the app, I noticed something about the description of the update. Here’s what it says:

New mini-game! Escape from Monkey Island featuring the characters Jorge and Oliver from the beloved Poptropica Comic Strip.

However, when I updated the app, there was no Monkey Island mini-game, just the GHD Jack Chase mini-game (which isn’t new). Maybe they’re related to the comic-island sneak peeks in the Daily Pop?

Moving along, there are a couple of new Poptropica Realms videos in the Creators’ Inside Poptropica playlist. Here, a well-dressed wolf shows us how to build wolf-inspired home bases. It’s really cool and pretty amazing. Check it out!

Also, Poptropica tweeted another rejected concept art for the princess in the third episode of Arabian Nights. Curious about why the princess is so sad? Check out BT’s theory about that here!

arab3princessLast but not least, you may notice something new when you visit at the bottom of the homepage, there’s a KidSafe seal from COPPA certifying Poptropica as a kid-friendly program! I think many players knew that already, but it’s great to see Poptropica getting recognized. :)


That’s all of the recent updates over at Poptropica for now. Tell us what you think in the comments!



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