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Poptropica for your Kindle Fire & Plundered Armor for members!

Hi Gs,

I wanted to make a quick post for the Kindle Fire users of the community – I also own a Kindle Fire – to tell them that they can in fact install Poptropica on their Kindle Fire (it’s free, too!). Watch the video below (I apologize for the poor quality of the screen recordings).

The only drawback to this is that you won’t be able to make in app purchases (basically, you won’t be able to install the islands that cost money).

Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial helpful – if you did, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel – I make gaming stuff, art stuff, and Poptropica stuff, so you may want to check it out. ;)

By the way, members can now collect a new free costume – Plundered Armor, available in the Store for Arabian Nights: Ep. 2 (Lair of Thieves), coming out this Thursday for members. Plus, check out the PHB’s Behind the Scenes: Overview & Theory for Arab Ep. 2: Lair of Thieves to get an idea about what’s coming up! We’ll have a guide for the episode as soon as possible. :)





Hi Gs,

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and wrote a formal post. Let’s face it – I’ve been a bit neglectful. The PHB plays a big part in my popularity (while it may not be huge) concerning other facets of my online persona. I’ve met some of my best friends here, influenced tons of people.. and for the past few months I’ve been sort of lazy. Last year, today, I posted my first post on the Poptropica Help Blog. It was entitled “Where the Wild One Is“. Here it is -

Hi Gs (Guys, girls, and gorillas)!

Hopefully, you will read to the end of this post; I want you to be ready for what will soon hit this blog — I am HPuterpop;awesomeness unleashed.

I’ve been playing Poptropica since 2007; that’s the year Poptropica started!  I am a kid who loves to read, write, edit, and anything else involving the word “creative”.  I will try to serve you, the viewer, with lightning fast updates, Poptropica memoirs, and reviews! :D

Why are you here, you ask?  I’m the newest addition to the PHB.  You could call me a Renaissance kid, or a Poptropica fanatic… anyway, whatever you call me, I’m so excited to be a part of the Poptropica Help Blog legend. I used to comment here when I was a (smaller) kid.  I went by the name “Puterpop” and had a big mouth.

Now, a little about me…  I draw all the time, and I do it digitally.  I will create art for anyone who asks, and am always looking for jobs.  I also write a good bit, and not only for blogging.  Mister Monster is my main site, where I post most of my material.  I’ll put links at the bottom of the post for more of HP goodness! And I’ll have to explain my name some other time.

You can friend my main accounts — “puterpop”, “puterpoptropica”, and “partypoppa”

Links: Mister Monster, Foggy and Friends


It’s amazing for me to look back and think that one year ago, that was my very best that I could do. The title alone took days to come up with.


I had a lot of enthusiasm back then, and I said that the posts would never stop.. but they sort of have. The last time I posted was about 20 days ago. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in the community or the lore of Poptropica – it’s the game itself. I love Poptropica, but let’s face the facts – it’s lost a sense of wholeness. Something seems strange. The game development isn’t like it used to be. Poptropica is broken.

I’ve tried to convince myself that it wasn’t true in the past, time and time again Poptropica proves that it’s not going to get any better. It’s been over a year that Poptropica’s new SUI update came out. It was in “beta” then.. but with the quality of things it sure feels like it’s still in beta now. The artwork is still there, the story is still there, but the game development has gone down hill.

And don’t get me started with the social media efforts. I will admit that Poptropica is making great strides in behind the scenes content, but they’re getting too big for their britches. Their game isn’t working. Graphical issues, plain old lazy platforming, and game crashes are all becoming a regular occurrence.

So what do you think? Do you agree about the way Poptropica is heading? Tell me in the comments, and please forgive me for being so neglectful with the community. I’ll see you guys in the next post. I can’t promise anything crazy. :)



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May the hotdog be with you.

Hi Gs,

Things are getting real with the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs Island – the island tour page is now up and the teaser trailer has also been released!

It looks like a really cool island, and a fresh experience from the normal islands -

From the hit graphic novel comes the zaniest Poptropica adventure yet. Hop aboard the Neon Wiener for an intergalactic voyage with Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger!

Also, will this be a full island? Although in the files there’s no indication of GHD, the info page doesn’t have an episode section like the other episodic adventures..


I haven’t read much of the series, but Poptropica has endorsed the comic quite a lot over the past year, so similarly to the Wimpy Kid Islands, I’d say that we’re in for a treat. It looks like that one of the members-only items will be a Galactic Space Suit (remember, however, that the F.R.E.D. Follower will be coming to the Store for all!).

Btw, the teaser trailer’s description reads something a bit different than the island description -

Warp into adventure with the Galactic Hot Dogs on Poptropica! The Galaxy holds many wonders, dangers, and a gigantic Hot Dog as big as a Jeep! Discover an adventure to top it all, and don’t forget the mustard! Coming Soon.

Something about a gigantic hot dog? Is that part of the original comic? Tell me in the comments, and also tell me what you think about this new adventure. :D



Atlantis Ep. 2 free on iOS & looking ahead to 2015!

Hey Poptropicans! For those of you who’ve been holding off on playing Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) on iOS because it cost money, there’s good news: it’s now free! Just update your Poptropica app on iOS and you’re good to go. If you need help, check out our Mission Atlantis Island Guide!


We also have some official intel stating that Arabian Nights: Ep. 1 and PoptropiCon: Ep. 2 will be coming to the Android app this Wednesday (Dec 10), so there’s that for all you Androiders!

Speaking of the Poptropica app, remember that you can customize your character at the New You shop in the Home scene. There’s not a whole lot right now compared to the online version, but the Creators have tweeted that they’ll be adding more in 2015.

In fact, a number of recent tweets hint at what’s to come next year: for one thing, as mentioned earlier, full (albeit fewer) islands will be returning around late January – “full” meaning no episodes!

Here’s a tweet listing some other projects in the works for 2015: Land (for everybody), connecting the Poptropica app with our online accounts (but not until late 2015), a Kindle app, adding common rooms and multi-player functionality to the appTimmy Failure Island (another sponsored island!)…

…and last but not least, the graphic novel based on the Poptropica comics. In fact, the Creators have shamelessly tweeted yet another page of it, which you can see below:

graphic novel pageRegarding The POPCORN magazine, the December issue will be out sometime this week (sorry for the delay!). Now’s your last chance to send something in – see our Magazines page for more details! Due to time constraints, this will be the end of the series (at least for now), but it’s had a good run. :)

Anyway, that’s all the updates (app-dates?) for now – stay popping, Poptropicans. :P

Sound-updated Shrink Ray Island is out to all & GHD sneak peeks!

Hey everyone! Slippery here. Guess what?! The newly-improved and updated Shrink Ray Island is finally out to all! Now, everyone can finally stop the masked guy who shrunk you and return back to our normal lives. To be honest, this is one of my favorite islands on Poptropica. :D

Click the image to play the Shrink Ray SUI on Poptropica!


If you’re having trouble completing the island, check out PHB’s Shrink Ray Island Guide. Also, the Shrink Ray (gun) is still available in the Store for free – grab it before it goes!

Meanwhile on Twitter, Poptropica posted several sneak peeks for the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs (GHD) Island, based on the Funbrain graphic novel series. Here we go!

First, the Creators released this image and along with it is a tweet that says: “Something’s happening.” Unfortunately, the image they uploaded is quite small, but we can still make out what it is.

fred follower

This is an unreleased item card called “F.R.E.D. Follower“. It is related to Galactic Hot Dogs: F.R.E.D. is the flying robot that helps keep Cosmoe’s spaceship, the Neon Wiener, running smoothly (to learn more about the characters, check out the GHD page on Funbrain). From this snapshot, it looks like the card will be free and accessible to everyone since there is no “Members Only” written on the card.

Next, Poptropica also tweetedscene from the island. Awesome, right?

As you can see, there’s the Neon Wiener on the lower right of the image. Along with that, there are strange trees and plants on this planet, monsters floating back and forth, and rock-like platforms that we can jump on to reach the other side.

Lastly, the Creators also tweeted a picture featuring some “alien creatures for (an) upcoming island”, presumably also GHD, but have labeled it as rejected art, meaning they will not appear on the island.

rejected alien designs

With GHD Island on its way next year, it’s possible it may be a full island instead of an episodic one – check out this comment exchange from the Arabian Nights trailer telling us that “full islands will start appearing late January” (plus, check out the new-ish Poptropica App Preview video!) –

full islands coming back

For more GHD sneak peeks and information, check out the recent post by Slanted Fish, PHB’s GHD Island page or check out PHB’s Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive!

That’s all of the updates today! Have anything to share? Just leave a comment below!

-Slippery ❄

PopStorm happy eyes, GHD Mega Dog, Goldfish Fun, & more ads!

Hey Poptropicans! There’s a lot of ads going on in Poptropica right now, but before we get to that, the Creators have tweeted yet another PopStorm doodle – #8, featuring happy eyes!

popstorm happy eyesMaybe the ad updates I’m about to get into below will bring about some of those excited facial expressions above. Hopefully. (Thanks to Scary Plug for the pics & insight into these ads – check out her blog at Poptropica With Scary Plug! :mrgreen: )

On Main Street of most islands, such as Reality TV, you can click on the Galactic Hot Dogs prize stand to get your free Mega Dog Costume with a handheld Jupiter Jolt Sauce tube that shoots a jet of ketchup when spacebar is pressed. (By the way, Galactic Hot Dogs Island is coming soon!)

Next up is an ad game for Goldfish Fun, where you will be given a flashlight to navigate the dark scenery in search of 3 items: the dog food bowl (beside the sleeping dog in the kennel), the dog bone (hidden in a tree), and the dog collar (above the fence).

Be sure to click the top-left corner where the battery icon is to recharge your flashlight every so often, or you’ll have to start over. Once you’ve found the 3 items, you’ll get a Beach Ball Costume.

(By the way, to see the animation process of the dog, check out this PHB post from October!)

For the other prize, you’ll need to spot the red reptile – he’s pretty easy to find. Click on him, and you’ll receive the Monster Follower! (Bonus: To keep the flashlight, follow the steps in this video!)

There are still a couple more ads in the game – upon logging in, you may automatically receive two Night at the Museum 3 cards, each with buttons to external games: ‘Pompeii Escape’ and ‘Knight Flight’. There is also a Captain Toad video ad, but you won’t get a prize for watching the clip – however, you can Costumize the costume of the guy standing beside the ad. And, if you go to the ad space between places, you can grab a printable Holiday Wish List for books by Carl Hiaasen.

Anyway, that’s all for now – to wrap up this post, I’ll leave you with this meme tweeted by Poptropica:

jersey devil memeFor more memes like this one, and to try your hand at creating your own, head on over to the PHB’s Poptropica Problems Meme page, where these memes originated! :P

Shrink Ray SUI: out for all Dec 4th! Ahhhhhhh!

Hey guys! Just a quick post to let everyone know that the sound-updated Shrink Ray Island (SUI) will be out for everyone on December 4, which is this Thursday! If you’re having a little trouble, check out our Shrink Ray Island Guide. Plus, remember that the Shrink Ray (gun) is now free in the Store! :D

In other news, since the release of the Poptropica App on Android, the amount of downloads has been amazing: a rate of nearly 6,000 per day! Now that’s pretty cool.

The Creators have also released yet another piece of Poptropica art on Twitter (click to enlarge):

sneak peek

It’s a bit more difficult to tell what this is for. Along with the image, the Creators tweeted: “Behind-the-scenes at Poptropica. We too get that busy, overwhelmed, confusing feeling.”

That also doesn’t give anything away, at least not for me. However, if this is not a sneak peek, this could just be something they put together for fun to lament the busy times. Then again, they did say “behind the scenes”, and the font used in “AHHHHHHH!” looks like it may be for Galactic Hot Dogs. What do you guys think? Comment below!

Well, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans! :)


Daily Pop Picks: Galactic Hot Dogs!

Hey Poptropicans! If you’ve been checking the Daily Pop lately, you may have seen some sneak peeks that may be of astronomical interest – because pics for the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs Island have surfaced! You can see them below (click to enlarge and read full captions):

From this, we can see that the scenery of the new island will be drawn in the Galactic Hot Dogs style, as opposed to Poptropica’s usual style. As for the characters, there’s still a chance they may have Poptropica eyes, but that’s up to the Creators. :P

Anyway, from the looks of these pictures, we’ll be bouncing on big mushrooms, floating past asteroids, flying through space in Cosmoe’s Neon Wiener, and more on GHD Island, coming soon!

For those who are not familiar with GHD, it’s a graphic novel series published on Poptropica’s sister site, Funbrain, and you can read it for free online. GHD involves the adventures of a boy named Cosmoe who travels through space and runs into all sorts of bizarre problems.

If you enjoyed looking through these sneak peeks, be sure to check out the PHB’s Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive, our complete collection of every Daily Pop image along with their captions. It’s updated every month or so, and a lot of effort went into compiling it together, so enjoy it! :D


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