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Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. It’s time to announce some more news!

I’m sure you all know of the Poptropica Wiki and you’ve probably also heard of the Popcorn fan magazine. Well, now we have the best of both worlds in the new Poptropica Fanon Wiki!

Poptropica Fanon Wiki Logo

With the Poptropica Wiki you can learn and help teach others about Poptropica facts, but with the Poptropica Fanon Wiki you get to create your own islands, your own characters, and any more fanon – and share them with everyone to read. You can also check out other people’s ideas and show off your fan art, stories, etc. with everyone.

Along with the new Fanon Wiki, we’d also suggest you check out the We-Love-Poptropica DeviantArt page. Feel free to submit any sort of Poptropica fan art there, and send me a note with a link to it if you’d like it in an upcoming Popcorn fan magazine issue!

Let’s finish this post off with this awesome new logo from HP for the Poptropica Help Chat:

Poptropica Help ChatWhat do you guys think of all this? Feel free to comment your thoughts!

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

The Official Poptropica Wiki?!

Hi Gs,

We got an idea a while back, here in Poptropica Help offices – if we could get the Poptropica Wiki an official title (the Official Poptropica Wiki, think the Official Terraria Wiki), it would boost the visitor count, and therefore we would have more helpers and better content. Things like character names and graphic assets would be easily attainable.

And, let’s be honest: I can’t write a wiki by myself. Out of the hundreds of characters, items, and scenes, we’re going to need help. While we have a pretty large community, it’s going to take a whole lot more in order for this to happen.

So, basically, we asked Poptropica on Twitter if this could be a possibility – we also sent a proposal letter that basically stated the benefits. They’ve responded, but still no definitive answer.

Now, we’re asking you, the PHN community, to help us out. Tweet at @Poptropica the #OfficializePoptropicaWiki hashtag! Let’s convince the official game that we are worth an official title! :D

make pop wiki official

We’re also thinking about merging with Gamepedia, and if you want to voice your opinion about that, you can check out the forum post. :)



Daily Pop Peeks: Here comes Timmy Failure!

Hey Poptropicans! News has been a bit sparse lately in the Poptropica world, so now seems a good a time as any for another peek into the Daily Pop sneak peeks. This month’s peeks (and a few from last month) thus far have all been pointing to the previously confimed Timmy Failure Island:

It looks like this sponsored island will be drawn in a more flat, cartoony style unlike the typical Poptropica graphics (think Big Nate Island or Galactic Hot Dogs Island).

Personally I much prefer Poptropica’s usual style – even sponsored islands like Red Dragon or Nabooti are often forgotten to not be completely Poptropica-original quests because their art style fits the rest of the islands, and they tend not to be remembered as “just another [mediocre] sponsored island quest.” Let me know in the comments what you think: is the idea of Timmy Failure Island a failure, especially for those not well-acquainted with the franchise?

Meanwhile, the underground cave island we were hoping for this year seems to have been placed on the back burner as TF Island takes its place, according to this tweet:

In the rest of the Poptropica illustration world, we get a peek at a loose concept art painting (calling Poptropica “the Spirit of Adventure”) stated to be “new and not for any specific purpose”. Popstorm #27 has also been published, with the caption “Meet the frog family”.

Poptropica also casually mentioned this fun little protip for the next time you’re playing around on Realms: pressing the F key causes an avalanche!

Interested in asking official Poptropica Twitter-er and CEO Jess Brallier some questions? Check out the PHB post below, where we’re collecting interview questions for a Q&A!

Stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Ask a Poptropica Creator!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert with some really awesome news!

I’ve been talking with Jess Brallier, aka Zeus, who heads the Poptropica Twitter. I brought up the question of maybe doing a Q and A with him and he said yes!

Q&A with the CEO

I felt it best that it not only be us authors to ask questions, but also the community! Do you have a question that you want to ask a Poptropica creator? Put them in the comments of this post. The other PHB authors and I will pick the best ones and send them to Jess for him to answer. :D

Looking forward to seeing all of your questions!

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

The Mysterious Map, Bye Pearson, and … (of course) Butt Kites

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here! Lots of news is out and I am here to give it to you.

Mystery of the Map Island official announcement and tour page


First of all, the highlight of the post (unless you’re into Butt Kites): Mystery of the Map Island has been officially announced on the Creators’ Blog! It is to be released for members on Thursday, May 21.

There’s also a non-members clothing item released for the island, so head down to the Poptropica Store and get yourself a Viking Shield. Also, if you’re a member, you can pick up the “Island Wildlife – Pig” and “Island Wildlife – Dodo” costumes. (Note: There’s currently a glitch that prevents them from showing in the inventory!) (Update: They should be accessible now!)

Along with the Creators’ post, the Mystery of the Map Island tour page is up as well! There’s a new trailer for the island:

The official Tour page offers the following synopsis:

A lost Viking settlement… an island unstuck in time… a magical map with power beyond understanding… and a devious plot that could unravel the very fabric of Poptropica! Join Mya, Oliver, and Jorge for a thrilling new adventure that lifts the veil from the greatest secret of all: the origin of Poptropica!

Along with that, there are plenty of scenery sneak peeks, as well as the wallpaper:

A whole lot of new MOTM Island stuff! I’m quite interested to hear how the island will be and how it will differentiate from the comics. Hopefully it’ll be a great island and I’m looking forward to how it goes! Check out the PHB’s Mystery of the Map Island page for trivia and discussion. :)

Poptropica is no longer owned by Pearson

Next in today’s news comes from the Poptropica official Twitter, on which it was revealed that Poptropica isn’t owned by Pearson Education anymore.

Under further questioning from our very own HPuterpop, the following was said:

Slippery Raptor also asked concerning the reasoning behind said action:

It’s somewhat said to see Pearson is no longer involved considering they were likely Poptropica’s main funding. But, I’m glad that Poptropica now has the freedom to take liberties for whatever they’d like. Hopefully, this change will be for the good, bringing forth many new islands! :D

Popstorm #26

There’s a new Popstorm released as well!


Remarkable Realms: Cool Boa’s panic room

This new Remarkable Realms was released on the Creators’ Blog recently! This one is a cabin-like house with a secret panic room.

New Poptropica Realms button in the SUI menu

Just wanted to throw in this post that there is a new button in the SUI menu.


As you can see the left button is one for Poptropica Realms. Like the Blimp button, which brings you to the map, the new Realms button, brings you to Poptropica Realms.


It simply takes this prompt and brings you directly to Realms. A fairly helpful tool for us to use!

Butt Kites and Alligators

Now to finish this post off on an extremely weird note (or a high note, if you’re into this kind of thing). New ad items have shown up on Poptropican for a book called The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry. Items include the Butt Kite and Alligator Tag-Along. You can see them below:

Really kind of strange to me that these are on Poptropica, but I digress.

What do you think of all of this? Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

Mega-After-Map Costumes!

Hi Gs,

Lots of stuff to go over, let’s get right to it;

First of all, to celebrate the newly released Galactic Hot Dogs book, the Creators put in a new promo code for a crazy looking Mega Dog Costume, along with a Jupiter Jolt sauce gun! The code is GHDBOOK, so run fast liek sanic over to the store to redeem the card.

megaDog2 copy

Next, there are a handful of new cards that you can obtain by logging in for the Whatever After book series. While I shudder at the thought of the books, I must admit that the cards are pretty cool – one is a Prince (boys) or Beauty (girls) to Beast costume, and the other is a Magic Mirror.

The prince/beast (or beauty/beast) costume is pretty simple – when you put it on, you turn into a prince (or princess) – but when you press space bar, you turn into a beast! Cool costumes, me like. :)


The magic mirror is a bit simpler – equip it and press spacebar to say some quotes from… somewhere. Honestly, this item is pretty peculiar.

Next, the first installment of the Mystery of the Map graphic novel is going to be over tomorrow, and I have a feeling that’s when they’re going to be announcing the upcoming island. If you didn’t know already, you can go ahead and read tomorrow’s page today with our Comics archive. :D

Lastly, there are a few new items in the store, pertaining to Mystery of the Map. They’re technically not able to be bought yet, as they won’t appear in your inventory, but they’re still pretty cool. (Psst! There’s a glitch going on right now where nonmembers can buy a ton of Member’s Only cards! Run fast liek sanic!!)

So, are you going to be reading the new GHD book? And are you excited for MotM Island? Tell me in the comments.



Daily Pop Peeks: camels and canines and bears, oh my!

Hey Poptropicans! The month of April brought along some noteworthy sneak peeks over on the Daily Pop, some of which we’ll take a look at here. For the complete collection of pictures and captions, check out our sneak peek archive page, updated monthly!

First up, we’ve been seeing a few more peeks for the upcoming Mystery of the Map Island. (For even more, check out some of last month’s peeks, and of course the archive itself as well.)

Meanwhile, development for Arabian Nights: Ep. 3 is still in motion, and a look at the official Tour page now reveals the title (“Careful What You Wish For”) and description for the final episode:

The genie is out of the bottle, and now everyone wants a chance to make their wishes come true. But whether you’re a greedy merchant, a lovelorn palace guard, or a Sultan with a long-buried secret, heed this advice: be careful what you wish for!

Hmm… and what’s up with that overly-friendly camel?

And finally, here are some other miscellaneous sneak peeks from the past month. Could all these animals be linked to something? We do know the K9 dogs were just some test ideas the Creators sketched out (more on that in SD’s post below), and perhaps the description of the home picture is alluding to the previously-confirmed Timmy Failure Island.

Anyway, let us know in the comments what you think of these sneak peeks, and be sure to check out all the rest over on our DP archive page. Stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

Release dates, mysterious islands, and BTS images

Hey guys! Lots of stuff on Twitter, as usual. I asked the Creators about release dates for islands, and they weren’t too specific, but we now have a general idea of when new islands are coming out! Knowing the Poptropica Creators though, the dates below could change.

At least it’s something, right? :P Just to recap: Mystery of the Map Island is planned for May for members, and June for everyone. Arabian Nights Ep. 3 comes out around July.

Now, the islands in the tweets above aren’t the only ones in our future. The Creators want your opinion on some mysterious new designs for a mysterious new island. Remember, nothing is official yet, so the island might not even come out!

Seems like their idea somehow relates to jail, judging by the police officers, inmates, and canines (“K9″, heh) above. Hopefully we will have more info on the island soon!

Moving on to different islands, we also have two other behind the scenes images from Twitter.

The first image shows a, uh, man-baby of sorts… *cough* and the other shows on old fort on a tropical island. These pictures are most likely for Arabian Nights Island and Mystery of the Map Island respectively. Post any ideas you have about how the man-baby relates to the island below! :)

Last, but not least, we have PopStorms 24 & 25! #24 is basically the creativity of a Poptropica Creator, and #25 was posted with the caption: “This character has Poptropica eyes and loves ding dongs.” :P

That’s all for now!



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