Ads: Odd Squad & BoxTrolls, plus new pop quizzes

Hey guys! PHB commenter Cuddly Knuckle recently gave us a heads up on two new ads on Poptropica, which can be found on Main Streets such as those on Spy Island and Early Poptropica.

Let’s look at the Odd Squad ad first. All you have to do is watch a quick video to earn your prize! Boys get the Agent Otto costume and girls get the Agent Olive costume.

ad 1

The other ad is for the BoxTrolls, and again, all you have to do is watch a quick video! Afterwards, you will get the BoxTrolls Transformer. When you click “transform”, all the Poptropicans near you will become BoxTrolls!

ad 2

Also, remember those new pop quizzes that HP mentioned? Well, they’re finally popping up! This one here asks if you would ever join the circus, and the other one shown in HP’s sneak peek asks if you like poetry. For a list of all the pop quizzes available, check out the PHB’s Pop Quizzes page!


That’s all for now!


Poptropica portfolio: Chris Goodwin

Nate Greenwall isn’t the only one posting his Poptropica illustrations – I recently stumbled upon the site of Chris Goodwin, an illustrator/designer working for Poptropica, whose online portfolio can be found here. This post comes in three parts. As always, click to enlarge the pics!

Perhaps the most interesting section is character design: designs for E. Vile’s robots from Legendary Swords (as well as some props seen in P-Con: Ep. 2), a huge collection of characters (including several unreleased ones – some possibly for Ep. 3 of PoptropiCon!), unused flying ace designs (the corner suggests they were for the Virus Hunter minigame, Nano-Combat Training), ideas for Max McGullicutty’s look in Survival: Ep. 5, and finally, rough drafts of robots for Game Show Island.

The next section is concept art – ideas for various parts of the game. Here we see color plans for areas inside Joe’s body on Virus Hunter Island, shape ideas for “air creatures” in his lungs, a look at an extravagant (though unused) virus bug, several sketches of dark scenes, racer cars we’ve seen before as a scrapped idea, a Legendary Swords doodle, the Monster Carnival common room, and a sketch from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island.

Lastly, there’s a section devoted to scene illustrations – most of these are already in the game, though the one of the cabin is not (but it seems to belong to the unnamed geological park island).

The rest are: the tutorial island in the Poptropica app, Ephraim University (both exterior and interior) from Mocktropica, Soundstage #1 on Back Lot, the Hemlock Herald newspaper room on Ghost Story, a hallway door and post office common room on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and the bonus quest on Twisted Thicket. Seeing them each as one big scene makes it all the more awesome. <3

Poptropica sure is beautiful, and Chris has made some really creative contributions to the game we know and love. Enjoy the Chris Goodwin collection, and stay popping, Poptropicans! :D

Galactic new Store items & island extras!

Hi Gs,

As of now, you can grab a couple of new Galactic Hot Dogs Island bonus items in the Store. The “F.R.E.D. Follower” is now available, free for everyone. The arm sort of overlaps your character when you’re standing still, but it’s still a cool follower and makes me wonder if you’ll have F.R.E.D. as a follower in the actual island as well, considering he’s a helping robot in the comic.


The second item is a “Galactic Space Suit“, which is for members only. I do like the torso piece – it looks cool with the red theme I’m rocking on my Poptropican at the moment.


Members can also print out a GHD poster with their character alongside Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger by getting the printable poster in the Store.

ghd poster

Finally, everyone can download the free GHD desktop wallpaper from the official Galactic Hot Dogs Island tour page!


Anyway, tell me in the comments what you think about the upcoming GHD Island. And if you want to get caught up on GHD-related stuff, check out the GHD post category here on the PHB.



Coming soon: GHD Island, Realms, & more

Hey guys! There’s a lot of Poptropica news to cover, so let’s get right into it.

First off, the Creators have announced that Galactic Hot Dogs Island will be coming to Poptropica in 15 days. That is January 29, a Thursday. They also mentioned that a Galactic Hot Dogs book will be coming to bookstores in 110 days. That is May 4, a Monday. (Click here for more GHD peeks!)

Second up, check out this awesome “bubble universe” sneak peek for Poptropica Realms!

pop realms

Third up, the Creators tweeted this cool layout of all the train carriages on Mystery Train Island – a glimpse into a planning stage of the past. Pretty interesting! :P

mystery train layout

They also tweeted another PopStorm (#11) – this one is a bunch of little jumping jellybeans. Cute! :3

popstorm 11

Lastly, PoptropiCon: Episode 2 (Spoiler Alert) is now available for iOS, and it’s free! The Creators tweeted this image along with it, which HP posted earlier as an unreleased carousel slide for the redesigned Poptropica layout, so although it’s not on the front page, it looks like it still served some purpose after all.

popconSlideThat’s it for this time around! :D


Quizful Thinking – New Pop Quizzes!

Hi Gs,

I logged in today to find a “problem loading quiz 13366″. Same error occurred when I logged into some of my other accounts. (Thanks to Spotted Dragon for the picture.)


If you’ve checked the Daily Pop today, you’ll understand why this is…


As it seems, new pop quizzes are to come – and they look pretty sweet considering the call-backs to some awesome islands as you can see above.

Anyway, this post is just a quickie, so tell me in the comments what you think about pop quizzes in general. If you are a fan, be sure to check out the PHB’s Pop Quizzes page, listing practically all of the possible questions and answers that currently exist!



More on the new Poptropica layout

Hi Gs,

So, I assume you’ve already seen the new Poptropica homepage. (Check out Blake’s PHB post below for a recap!) I honestly think it’s smexy, but that’s just my opinion. Some people like it, some do not. Either way, I want to go over it with more detail in this post, talking about the little things that they have improved and changed. First of all, they’re definitely going for a more stylized look with the carousel slots – a lot more designing has gone into those, as you can see below.

Second, they seem to be going for a different look entirely with the clouds instead of palm trees and vines – the contrast works great, and I absolutely love the change. They also have finally updated to the new logo with the more bold and “poppy” style. I adore that thing, and if you look closely I put the same style into a lot of my graphics as well.


In the files, the change is labeled as “PopV2″, and contrary to my prior assumption, it’s not just an overlay, it is an actual update. Basically, I thought that they had just stuck all the new stuff over the old stuff. Instead, they have actually woven in the new stuff.

One last thing to say – I found this carousel slide for PoptropiCon: Episode 2. The episode came out quite a while ago, and I can’t imagine why they would release the slide anytime soon (perhaps they’d planned the new layout earlier but didn’t have it ready when P-Con Ep. 2 arrived). However, it’s a cool piece and I’m glad it was uncovered!

popconSlideAnyway, tell me what you think about the changes in the comments! I suggested that the Poptropica logo be animated to float – what do you think that the homepage needs?



A Whole New Layout!

Ah, it’s so nice to get back to Poptropica, where nothing has changed at all in any way– WOAH. What the FUDGESICLES happened here?! Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (or sleeping on a horse, like I’ve been), you’d have noticed that it’s a new year. And with it, comes a surprising change from the Creators: a new site layout! Timmy, drumroll please?


site update layout

A whole new layout… a dazzling place I never knew… but when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear, that now I’m in a whole new layout with you…

…er, I should probably stop with the Aladdin references. BT makes those already.

Anyway… um, guys? Help. Poptropica runs Windows 8 now, I can’t figure out how to work anything. Well, I’m almost certain I, like many others, will learn to maneuver these changes! Now, for a recap of main changes in this the re-design:

  • The main login screen has been replaced by a carousel screen that I suppose will cycle through new islands (and other new features) when they come out (similar to the login homepage banner carousel)
  • There’s now a static image header at the top with the blimp and some clouds.
  • Important links are listed at the top, including the now-yellow Play Now button.
  • The link to the Creators’ Blog is now way larger, and runs through the middle of the page.
  • Islands are now listed in 3 categories: New, Classic, and Popular!

This brings in the New Year in a big way for Poptropica, and I for one support them! I just now figured out how to work the controls as I typed this post, and it actually looks pretty good! Good luck with the new layout, Poptropicans, and stay popping.

PHB Sunday Special: Poptropica vs. the Board of Education

Is your school one that doubts the educational merits of Poptropica? The Twitter-ers among us may have already seen this, but Poptropica recently tweeted a few infographics showing off the scholastic side of their game world in response to all the tweets about schools blocking the site.

If you want Poptropica un-blocked at your school, try showing these to someone in charge, and they might just change their mind. Poptropica may be game, but it’s also a world of learning opportunities! :D


Some of Poptropica’s best stories involve historical figures, real life locations, art history, and more – all with that unique Poptropica twist that makes it engaging, clever, and still accurate.


And with all the branded books and interactive dialogue waiting to be discovered, it’s clear Poptropica encourages reading as well. Still in doubt? Check out the PHB’s Poptropica Game Review!


With all that being said, Poptropica should fit right into any school environment, especially for the target audience of 6- to 15-year-olds – and kids will pick up all sorts of culturally and academically relevant information while being immersed in top-notch storytelling. And that means…

Let kids play Poptropica. :D


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