Night Watch Island Guide

Walkthrough written & screenshots taken by Samwow5
Special thanks to: Skyboy303Slanted Fish, & Fuzzy-B

Welcome to Twin Palms Mall, where you’ll be put on night watch duty and be responsible for escaped animals, creeping cat burglars, and more crazy exciting scenarios! Are you ready for a mall cop adventure? Time to check out Night Watch Island!


When you get to the island, go all the way right and to the parking lot area. Keep going right and talk to the guy with the NY hat. He says the mall needs a security guard and you should apply for the job. Now, go back left to the security office. When you get there, you’ll be asked if you’re here for the Security Guard job. You say, “I guess so,” and go inside.

This is the Security Guard Office.

When you get inside, she tells you that before you’re hired, she wants to know if you’re the guy she wants to give the night watchman job to. She’ll lead you to the next room.

I Spy… Twin Palms Mall

When you get inside the mall, she will test you on spotting the five differences in a picture: Dr. Hare shirt (folded into a square) becomes Medicine Man shirt, turquoise belt becomes orange belt, red shirt with yellow star (hanging on the rack) loses its star, jeans on the floor face a different direction, disco ball becomes a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.


When you finish it, she’ll move on to some real life situations. She then gives you a Segway (scooter) to patrol the mall for trouble. Now, get on the scooter. You can click on all the people you see around the mall – they’re all training robots/dummies.

Learning how to be a Mall Cop

When you get on the scooter, go right and tell the boy and girl “No loitering!” Wait for them to leave, then go all the way to the right side of the mall. You will see a kid running on the escalator. Click on him, and he will… be shredded.

Get off the scooter and go up to the top floor. A thief will suddenly come and steal the granny’s purse. Now, get on your Segway and head left, chasing after the guy. You hit him with the Segway, but the robber turns out to be a training dummy too! The security office lady will give you your Security Guard Badge.


After you get your Security Guard’s Badge, go left and head inside the Security Office.

Security Office

When you get inside the Security Office, the screen says there’s a disturbance at MacGuffin’s!


In the top right corner of the room, there is a blueprint of the mall. Click on it, and you’ll notice MacGuffin’s is located in the top-right corner. Here’s the layout map of the entire Twin Palms Shopping Center, which you can click to enlarge (thanks Fuzzy-B!).

Map of Twin Palms Mall

MacGuffin’s Gadget Store

Go back into the mall area and towards the right. Go up both escalators and then turn left and head into MacGuffin’s.


When you get inside, sit on the vibrating quake chair. After a couple of seconds, a Smart Phone will fall out. Pick it up.


The person who was calling was the last security guard, Gus. He says he lost his phone in the last shift. You ask if he wants it back, and he says no because you’re the new security guard and you will need it. He’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the phone. Here is how you use it:

  • Security Camera: It shows the mall’s camera feeds of all the stores. Using this, you can zoom in and view a bunch of different rooms by pressing the buttons. This is a very helpful.
  • Contacts List: It lists all the people you call for your job.
  • Notes: It’s where you need to write notes for something that happens in the mall.
  • Planet Slug Game: It’s like Angry Birds in outer space and is just for your amusement.
  • Power Button: Return the phone to your inventory.

After looking though all the features, leave MacGuffin’s.

Security Camera Shenanigans

You’ll get a call about a disturbance at Slugger’s (the store is right below MacGuffin’s). Accept the call, and you get to see the store from the surveillance camera. Look around the room, and focus on some boxes and helmets on the ground.


The manager tells you to call the owner of Slugger’s and tell him about the damage (he’s in the contacts list). He asks if there’s been a break-in, then he says to go check behind the statue in Slugger’s and see if someone stole the most valuable baseball card in the world. He says the combination is 6723.

Slugger’s Athletic Keepsakes

One you get inside Slugger’s, which is a floor below MacGuffin’s, go right and click on the baseball statue. There is a safe with a combination lock on it. Enter the code 6723.


When it opens, grab the Honus Wagner Baseball Card, which has not been stolen.

The owner calls and says you can put the card back and close up everything. After you do that, check the security cameras. View the camera feed for Giuseppe’s Toys and zoom in. You will notice a robot toy on the ground. That’s where we’re going next.

Giuseppe’s Toys

Giuseppe’s Toys is all the way on the left side of the mall on the third floor. Now leave Slugger’s and head into Giuseppe’s Toys.


Once you’re inside Giuseppe’s Toys, pick up a Toy Bird from the rack labeled Lil’ Peepers.


Walk right to the Toy Robot on the ground and pick that up as well.


Leave Giuseppe’s Toys, and when you walk outside your phone will ring, telling you there has been a disturbance at Sizzle Tanning Salon. Look around with the cameras and you will notice a tanning bed is still on.

Sizzle Tanning Salon

The Sizzle Tanning Salon is located on the right side on the bottom level.


Once you get inside, go to the far left tanning bed (the Sunomatic 3000)and click on it. When you open it, there’s an old woman inside – and her skin’s orange! Time to go, lady!


Once you leave the Tanning Salon, your phone rings and tells you there has been a disturbance at the Good Deals Electronics Shop. Look at the camera, and you’ll see nothing wrong until the signal is lost! The other security guard says there’s someone in the mall! He wants you to go check it out. Good Deals Electronics Shop is on the top floor.


Good Deals Electronics Shop

Once you get inside, go to the TV screens, and you will see a robber walking away with it! Then suddenly the other security guard calls and says he swears he saw someone there but now he’s gone!

Crawl Mart

When you leave the Good Deals Electronics Shop, your phone will ring and tell you there has been a disturbance at Crawl Mart. You look around with the camera and notice the snake is missing! You have to call the owner immediately. The owner says he might be hiding behind his favorite rock. Crawl Mart is on the left side ion the bottom level.


Once you get inside, go all the way to the right where the snake is – but he isn’t there! Then the owner calls and asks if he’s there, and you tell him no. He says to find one of his favorite snacks so he will come. Now you can leave the pet store.

Chasing Eddie the Coral Snake

When you step outside, the snake is right there. Chase after the snake, following him all the way to the right side of the mall on the top floor. Go inside MacGuffin’s store.

MacGuffin’s, part 2


Once you get inside, go to the middle of the store, where there’s a shaking port-a-potty. Click on the port-a-potty, and all of a sudden the snake shoots out like a bullet!


Run outside and follow it! Once outside, go down to the bottom level. You will see the snake inside the Tanning Salon!

Sizzle Tanning Salon, part 2

Once you get inside, go to the first tanning booth. The snake will be inside, but he escapes again!


Leave the Sizzle Tanning Salon and follow him. When you get outside, he’s right there! Keep up with the pace of the chase!

Chinese Food Stand

This time you will have to chase him to the left and you’ll find him at the Chinese food booth in the middle (mall atrium). (By the way, the characters on the sign say “shí wù” in Mandarin Chinese, which just means food.)


Use that Toy Bird you got earlier from Giuseppe’s Toys to lure him out of the food stand! He’ll come out and eat it, then runs away again.


Suddenly, the Crawl Mart pet store owner calls, saying the snake is probably now looking for a place to sleep and that he’s going to get him tomorrow. Your phone rings again, and this time it’s from the Carnival Costumes store. When you check the camera, the signal will be lost.


Now, leave the mall atrium, and go to the right area. When you reach the right area, go to the top floor, and enter Carnival Costumes.


Carnival Costumes

Once you get inside, go all the way left. The burglar is there! He jumps out and runs over you, knocking you down!


Catching the Crook

Gus (the other security guard) calls you to say that maybe the burglar is going to rob MacGuffin’s because there is a new gadget called the Quickcharger that hasn’t been released to the public yet. He tells you to go to the store and wait until the robber comes. Leave the Carnival Costumes store and run left, over to MacGuffin’s, and enter.

MacGuffin’s, part 3

Once you are inside, hide in a corner and wait until the lights go out. The robber will run out of the store and drop a Back Room Key, which you should pick up.

Exit the store and head right, where you’ll find the Good Deal Electronics Shop.

Good Deals Electronics Shop, part 2

Once you get inside the Good Deals Electronics Shop, use the Robot Toy you found earlier to keep the lights on. Go all the way to the left until you reach the Employees Only sign. Use the key and enter it.


Back Room

When you get in the room, go all the way right. Take the piece of paper next to the TV.


It’s an application form for a new store! On the application, it says the person who applied for it was Preston Wilhelm, the current owner of PrintFax Printshop, which is also in Twin Palms Mall.


Now the other guard calls you and he wants you to go look for a clue at PrintFax. Leave and go to the other side of the mall. When you reach the top floor, the robber will fly out of nowhere and hit you with the security cart he’s riding!


The other guard calls you again and says to go get the Segway in the mall manager’s office. He can’t remember the password to the closet holding the Segway, so he sends you a list of possible passwords to the Notes app.

Mall Manager’s Office

Head on over to the Mall Manager’s Office. It’s located in the mall atrium (middle area), top floor, right side. When you get inside, go to the middle of the room. There’s a keypad and door. Click on the keypad.


You can test all the codes, but the correct one is FROST.


When the code is granted, the door will open. The Segway is right outside the door now, but before you start, you need to go back to MacGuffin’s and get the Quickcharger.


When you get back from MacGuffin’s, use the Quickcharger to charge the Segway.


Now let’s segue to the part with the Segway

When you get outside, wait at the right escalator until the robber rides up it. Then, ride the Segway to the left and hit the golf cart the robber is riding. The robber will fly out, but it turns out the robber was a decoy robot!


Suddenly, the snake comes out and hijacks the Segway!


And now there’s a disturbance over at PrintFax! The robber is doing something with the printer! PrintFax is located on the far left room, top-level, left corner.



When you get inside PrintFax, click on the printer. Now, click on the menu button, then click Reprint Last Scan, then click Print, and you will see it’s a scan of the baseball card!


Gus (the other guard) calls, wondering how much the card is worth and where the original is. You need to go back to Slugger’s and check and see if the original was stolen. Slugger’s is located on the far right side of the mall, second floor, left corner.

Slugger’s, part 2

When you get inside, move the statue, and you will notice the safe and card are missing! It looks like they fell to the store below.


You need a blowtorch to break the lock on the building below. The blowtorch is behind the Employee of the Month Picture in the Manager’s office.

Mall Manager’s Office, part 2

When you get inside, click on the Employee of the Month Picture, which will open to reveal a Blowtorch. Take it.

Run right to the Coming Soon store. Use the blowtorch to cut through the lock on the door.

Coming Soon Store

When you get inside, walk right, and you will find the burglar trying to switch the cards.


Chase him into the air ducts and use the blowtorch to cut through any of the metal bars blocking your way.


After you blowtorch those two doors, hop on the ladder onto the platform above, then jump right, over a metal fan to a metal bar. Hop down and run right. Another metal bar is there, and you need to use the blowtorch on it. Hop up the ladders until you reach the robber.


After confronting the robber, he will run off, and you need to use the blowtorch to cut through the metal bars above your head. Use the blowtorch on the second metal door from the right and the one on the far left.

Follow the tunnel again and drop down onto the right side, next to the burglar. After the burglar knocks you off the platform, go back up the right side where the two ladders are located.


Then go up the first ladder and use the blowtorch on the metal bar to your left side and climb through the tunnel until you get to the power box which you need to burn up to cut off the power.


As soon as you cut off the power, the thief runs and hides again. After climbing back down you need to go back through the tunnels just like you did before. Now the robber will be on a floating surface, so use the fan to float up and then use the blowtorch to cut down the bars on the left side.


Hop down and blowtorch the next power box, marked A/C.


Blowtorch the left metal door, run left to the next metal door, and blowtorch it. Climb up two ladders and blowtorch the last door to the right.


Finally when you get to the top, the burglar will fall down and drop the baseball card.


He pushes you out of a window, but you both will fall into the fountain and the police will be there waiting to arrest him. The robber is just about to run away again when the snake comes out of nowhere with the Segway and hits the bad guy, which of course is the PrintFax owner. The police will apprehend him and award you the Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Store!


Congratulations, you’ve survived a night at the mall and completed Night Watch Island!

Bonus Quest (members only)

For the members-only bonus quest, a robot has stolen a rare 1960s baseball card set from Slugger’s. They want you to find all 9 cards scattered all over the mall. Here’s where they’re located:

Mall Left Area

  • Jolly Gifts – Click on the second can next to the cash register and the card will pop out.
  • Crawl Mart – The card is inside the piranha tank.
  • ITN (In the Now) – It’s in the large speaker next to the mannequins.
  • No Pain, No Gain Fitness – Pick up a baseball bat then turn on the pink ball machine by clicking on it.  Run back over to the plate and stand in front of it. Press the space bar, and you will hit the baseball, which knocks the card down from the shelf. (Make sure you’re not wearing anything that has a special action when you press the space bar, or it may override the batting action you want.)

Mall Atrium (Middle)

  • On Saturn’s ring (technically, rings).
  • Space Time Pizza – It’s in the dough.

Mall Right Area

  • Slumbertown Mattresses – Jump on the purple mattress right above the door (which is in the right area, 2nd floor, far right). Pick up the card that falls out from it.
  • Sizzle Tanning Salon – First tanning bed, click on the temperature meter until the setting is pointed to yellow.

Outside the Mall

  • Exit through the security office door to go back to Main Street. Jump onto the window ledges on the mall. Once you reach the top, you will see the card on top of the glass dome roof.

Once you finish getting all the cards, go back to Slugger’s and give the guy his cards back. He thanks you and gives you this awesome costume prize – an Old-Time Baseball Uniform! Well done!


Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! :)


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    Go to my multiverse the code is blg34 and my usernaem is veryirked plz add me

  71. i like game show island

  72. This reminds me of Night at the Museum. The old night guard’s name was Gus, for crying out loud! (Not that I’m complaining…) Who else love Night at the Museum more than anything?

  73. MaroonSinger says:

    The kid on the escalator is not there. What do I do???
    From Maroon Singer

  74. MaroonSinger says:

    AUGHH it wont call me so that i can go to Sizzles and keep going! HELP ME

  75. *looks at title* Did they make an FNAF themed island?
    *looks at screenshots on guide* Huh. Guess not.

  76. So i was using the Hat Genie stand because of curiosity, and now i can’t take it off, unless i get a new hair. Why, Poptropica, why?

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