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Shrink Ray Island Guide

Walkthrough written by Rainbow Dash
Special thanks to: Hungry Fish & Slanted Fish

When you arrive on Shrink Ray Island, go directly to the school and into the room of the science fair. All the other science fair stands are on display except one group’s display. Turns out, the star pupil is missing! Talk to one of CJ’s parents next to the empty stand on the right and ask how you can help. They will say that you could go check in her apartment on Avenue A.


CJ’s Apartment

Now head down right to Avenue A. Go to the house at the far end. A cat will get in the house, and you will have to shoo it out! Chase the cat in the kitchen until it enters an open room. Enter that room in the middle of the house. Enter the bathroom and chase him back out of there. Then the cat will disappear without going through an open door. The door was closed.

Oh no, I’m too short!

Check the house for clues on CJ’s disappearance. Go to CJ’s room to the left and click on the microscope, where CJ has left you a note saying that her invention has been stolen and you will need to think small to find it.


And then a man will come with a gun and shoot you. You will be shrunk down to miniature size!

shrink ray shoot

You will need to travel through the house to the kitchen. Along the way you will see drawers, pieces of fuzz, books, and clothing. You will encounter a computer with a password note stuck to it. When asked for the password, if you type My Hero (which is the password on the note), then it will still be invalid!

You will also encounter a TV remote without batteries as well as a toy car. You’ll be using those later!


Now inside the kitchen, you’ll need to reach a scrap of paper with clues, but keep going right to the edge of the shelf. There will be a bag of cat food. You’ll need to push the bowl of cat food on the ground directly linear/straight to the bag of cat food. Jump on top of it and cat food should fall in.

Next, jump to the right light fixture and then to the top right shelf containing flour and sugar. Tip a can of oil over, and it should be dripping oil.


When the cat food bowl is full, move it towards the bottom of the table, get on top of the food, and jump! You should land on the farthest right table where the note is on! Click on the note. It will say that the paper smells like lemon juice!

Next up, go on over to the left of the room on the counter where you will see a brown rolling thingamajig. Roll it towards the kettle, and the kettle will move! The steam of the kettle should push you onto the place where the oil is at, but you’ve already tipped it over.

Also, go to the left side of the kitchen. Jump on the shelves at the far end of the counter until you hit a screwdriver! You will obtain it! While at the left side of the kitchen, take the toaster’s cord and plug it into the outlet. You will need to get to the remote on top of the fridge, but will not have enough weight.

Go back allll the way to the fruit tablet and get a grape from the place using the cat food jumping technique. Carry the grape back to the toaster. Carrying the grape, jump on the toaster switch so you’ll have enough weight.


Then jump on the toaster. It should send you flying through the air. Do not go to the hot part of the toaster/main part. Go to the switch and push down/release until it flings you up to the top shelf.

Push the salt shaker on the shelf to the far left end. There will be a spatula. Push it so it rests on the bottom of the spatula. Next, jump on the other side of the spatula, and it will fling you to the top of the fridge where the remote is! Take the remote control.

Living Room

Now, go over to the living room floor where there is a toy truck. You must use the screwdriver to unscrew the battery case. Get the battery and clip that into the TV remote battery on the table in the living room. Now go to the remote and press the big green button. It should turn the TV on. Go up to the top of the TV and collect static from the antennas.

Now jump really far to the green balloon! Your static should let you stick (cool!). Now float with the balloon until you reach a group of pictures on the wall. Jump on them until you keep going left and reach the shelf with fish food!

Pour the fish food down into the tank/push it. The fish will be mollified and no longer grouchy. Turn off the tank’s water (aqua) filter, jump into the tank, and grab the key to the diary!


Now jump through the room to the top shelf until you reach her diary. It is on the top shelf. Jump up the book shelf to the plant on top and then to the top shelf to reach it. Unlock the diary! Inside the diary, you will find a page is torn out with specific drawings! One of the drawings contained the lemon paper you obtained!

Trash Can Maze

Go back to the computer room and turn on the switch at the top of the lamp. You’ll need another piece of paper to shine under the light. You’ll need that inside the trash can in then kitchen! Prepare for another maze!

Now, go to the bottom floor of the kitchen and push the sponge so that it is directly under the spray bottle. Jump on the sponge and then on the spray bottle, and then enter the trash can maze! There will be a maze game inside! You will have to click on objects and move them. Careful, one false move could make it so that an entire column collapses on you!

First when you are at the start, move the can of tuna to the right. Then, move the next piece of cheese to the left so the column does not collapse on you. Jump up through the top and keep going! Move the next can of milk to the right. Keep going down. Don’t head to the left path! Head to the right one!

Next, go right and then push the tuna can in the second column/shelf on the wall down. It should make an open space/area for you to stand on. Stand on it and then use it as support so you can pull the next tuna can out! The column should collapse making space for you to walk over the top of it! Go over and get that slip of paper!

Lemon Paper

Exit the trash can. The paper will say “The thief is right out the door! I’ll shrink myself to get the shrink ray and then get him later.” Go back to the diary and match up the torn page you found in the trash can.


There will be a simple formula for the lemon paper: Lemon+paper+light when you match it up. Place the paper under the lamp light. Jump on the lamp a few times so the light is completely showing on the paper!


It will say: look for me at the school coordinates X87, Y16.

CJ’s Bedroom

Go to the telescope at the far end of the room and onto the X/Y switches. On the X switch, run right on top of it so the switch moves. Do this for the X/Y gears until it reads X87, Y16.

For this part, you’ll also need the morse code pamphlet, which you should get from on top of CJ’s bed. You’ll also need the thumb drive from under CJ’s bed. To do that, you’ll need to blow the dust away. Jump onto the fan so it goes lower so you can reach the switch. Hit the switch, and the 3D fan will turn on.

Turn the fan off and then get the thumb drive from under the bed. You will notice that you cannot go back to the telescope since your way is blocked. Go back to the computer room, to the thermostat above the computer. Run on it to turn the heat up to the red spot.

Go to the computer and plug the thumb drive in. The password for the laptop should be m4r13cur13. Go back to the bedroom and tip the trashcan over. It should float up because of the heat of the vent. Go back to the telescope and look through it.

CJ will flash you a message with her flashlight. Translated through morse code, it reads: “Flush the thumbdrive.” A morse code reading game will occur, but if you don’t want to do it, just type in the answer: flush the thumbdrive. She wants you to flush it… literally.

Bathroom Break

Go to the bathroom and enter it. Jump up the half-open drawers. Go right when on the counter and past the sink to two light switches. Jump on the right knob/switch.

Next, go up to the hair dryer on the rack left of the sink. Jump on the red switch to make warm air come out. Then, jump on the right of the hair dryer to make it tilt.

Now, jump directly in front of the dryer. The heat should push you up and to the shower! You will be in it! Go to the water dispenser on the shower and turn the warm knob.

Water should come out! You’ll also need to push a soap bar in from on a fixture in the wall. Keep going over past the bath tub/jump out until you reach the toiler. Use the thumb drive/drop it in. Then jump on the toiler paper and then on the handle. As soon as you flush it, a voice will come from the living room saying “Drat, where did she hide that darned thumb drive?”

Never too young to be driving a toy car

Go back to the bedroom near the telescope. CJ will flash you another signal: Thief is Mr. Silva.


You will see a dark figure pass through the room of the science classroom where CJ is located at flashing you the signals! You have to get back to the school to save her.

Get back to the toy car. Drive it and put the battery back in from the TV remote. Ride to the bed/computer room. There will be a stack of books blocking the way. Climb up to the bookshelf and push a book titled Tess’ Tree down. That will act as a ramp for you to ride over!

Then, a short miniscene will play. You’ll jump across the ramp and break straight through the  window. What a ride. :] Now, you’ll need to play a game. Keep driving the car through the streets, but as it goes watch for things that you should avoid and not hit like sewer drains, leaky fire hydrants, and shoes and skateboards. Make your way to Mr. Silva’s office. At the end you will find CJ talk to her.

Shrinking Silva

CJ will say that Mr. Silva has always been a great teacher, but stole the shrink ray for himself. A minigame will begin. You must run from the evil teacher with the shrink ray. He says he would shrink you so small no one would ever see you! In the minigame, you will need to constantly be on the run.

Tips/strategy for the final showdown: Hide behind any object that will cover you! Books, scraps of paper, chemistry bottles are all examples! Make your way to the far end of the room while hiding.

Then, jump to the table of the far end of the room. Go behind the earth globe. It will shrink when the laser is fired. The globe should roll down. Next, push the globe to the chair in the middle of the room. Jump on it to reach the chair.

Climb up from the chair to the table. Get on the table and behind a stack of books for cover! Your next move will be the winning move! Go over to the mirror. The shrink ray will bounce back when it tries to hit you, and shrink the teacher instead! He will land inside an ant colony container… scary. 0_0

Now, go down and flip the switch on the watch on the shrink ray device. It will maximize you to normal size! She will give you a medallion and credits to spend at the Poptropica Store! Her new science project is titled “The Incredible Shrunken Man,” starring Mr. Silva!


Congratulations, you’ve finished Shrink Ray Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! :)

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  1. Thanks to Elmo Pwns (Rainbow Dash) for writing this excellent walkthrough guide for Shrink Ray Island and Hungry Fish for the pictures! :D

  2. thirsty lizard/ pengawin says:

    hey dudes! Theres an awesome glitch i found out!
    Wear the shrink ray gun from the despicible me ad, and it will look like the shrikray island shrink ray :D
    CREDIT TO THIRSTY LIZARD ( ME ) for the glitch!!!

  3. That was great.

  4. I love the guide, but I’m a non-member :( This island sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great guide, Elmo! Remember when I told you to just relax and finish it when someone else wrote it on the PHC? Well, I was wrong. It’s too bad I wasn’t patient. I could have finished it this morning with your guide, but I have a thing where I MUST finish the island the day it comes out. :)

  6. Shaggy Peanut says:

    I love that shrink ray glitch! It may of been put there on purpose…if it was just a glitch, I saved it onto my magic mirrors anyway, so it dosn’t matter.

  7. complicated island…can’t wait to try it out!

  8. Mr.Silva is a theif.

  9. Tiny Lion says:

    @Shaggy Peanut which glitch?

    • The glitch is if you have the ray from the despicable me ad it will look like the shrink ray gun. Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lewis :)

  10. poptropica guy says:

    loved the guide I finished the island cuse of this
    (i’m a member :) )

  11. ChillyOcean says:

    dissapointed… thought the island came out 2day but then realized it was the 18th, not 28th;)

  12. Invisible Crush says:

    STILL NOT OUT!!! >:l

  13. Invisible Crush says:

    m4ri3cur13 incorrect

  14. HELP!!!!! i accendantly jumped over the fan before starting it!!!!!! and now I can’t turn it on!!!!!! WHAt DO I DO?????

    • AKSupertiger says:

      I started the fan too early and will never be able to beat shrink ray. D:

      • I Am Vampire Werewolf! says:

        Popropicans, just turn the heat on, knock uver the trash, jump on the trash, jump on the bed, run then jump over the bed (make sure the fan is all the way down) onto the fan and click on the RED button. It should turn on. Hoped this helped! :D ;)

      • The Sharper Image says:

        It is fine already said

      • braybray says:

        me 2 i cant finish almost done 2

      • muddy eagle says:

        U can do it, yes U can!!!!! ;)

    • The fan part isn’t to far from the beginning. Just use an island restart! Plus, I do island restart and set up a timer to see if I can finish it REALLY fast! So click on the map, and click the button on the bottom left. It will ask you if you would like to restart. And next time, here’s a tip, BE CAREFUL. Haha. I hope this helped you popropicans!

      • actualy if you do this it will work

        go to the temperature change thing on top of her computer and then turn it to the red,hot part…then go back to the room!!!!

    • jjrox4life says:

      you have to turn the thermometer to red (its over the computer) then you push the trash can over so its on top of the heat vent and the trash will float up. then you jump on the trash to get to the bed

      hope i helped:)

    • i need help… I can’t get in the shower :( please help!!!

      • muddy eagle says:

        Go to the hair dryer and click on the blue and red buttons then jump onto the air currents. If you’re reading this two years after it was posted, I hope maybe we can friend each other? Please;0

  15. Blue Paw, to get the grape, you need to click on it. You can’t always depend on running into it to move it; you must click on it, then your Poptropican will pick it up. You can carry it around from there.

  16. Whooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I Just won!!! It was a fun island and now I beat all 20 islands. :)

  17. Icy Lightning says:

    I can’t get past the toaster ! UGH !

    • SAME

    • jjrox4life says:

      you jump on the cat bowl when its filled and you jump on the table. then you click the grape. then go to the toaster and plug it in. then pick up the grape again and jump on the thing to push it down. wait and it will fling you up. then push the salt onto the spatula handle and jump onto the other side. it will fling you up and you have to put your mouse toward the refridgerator.it might take a few tries

  18. The correct password for the laptop is m4r13cur13. You forgot about the I. I used the guide (slightly, to feel a sense of accomplishment) for the password, and I thought I did something wrong on it. Fix it soon please, so that other kids won’t have the same problem I did using it.

    – Another blogwriter

    Hijuyo: Thanks for pointing it out.

  19. Judy Park says:

    Wow…this is island is cool…I wonder how author made this,,(shrink ray island)

  20. I Can’t Do The Jump On Da Green Balloon Thingy :/

    Hijuyo: Hang onto the TV antannae to collect static on your body, then jump and reach for the green balloon, which will set you adrift.

    • Prickly Dolphin says:

      Currently, there is not another way. Just keep trying or watch a video. (my opinion is shrink ray island is great island)

    • Not telling anyone says:

      I think I can get into thew fish tank, sink down, hit a fish that will boost me up, then jump to the right a little and land on the shelf. Wish me luck!!!!!

    • I had the same problem too! Then I figured out that you are supposed to jump to the balloon from the top of the TV, not the antenna.

    • braybray says:

      get the screwdriver from the drower in the kitchentchen then go unscrew the truck put it in the remote then jump on the green butten go 2 the top of the tv on the antennas then get off the antennas but on the top of the tv and jump 2 the green balloon go on the frame 2 the ledge and dump the fishy food 2 the left then jump 2 the tank and so on.

  21. How did you get to know the password?? I know it’s given in the guide, but I still wanna know! :P

  22. thanks for your helb i really needded it

  23. DizzyDee says:

    If anyone needs help with the “Escape The Evil Science Teacher” game, here’s a tip. When you’re running towards to shelf, don’t hide behind the grape soda. Hide behind something else. It’ll come in handy when rolling the globe.

    • Thanks for telling us,but why not hide behind the grape soda?

      • DizzyDee says:

        When the round part of the globe falls down, you’ll have to push it. You’ll become slower and there’s climbing involved. So you’ll need a place to hide behind when Mr. Silva comes.


    • you have to get the grape from near the fruit bowl (next to the note of clue witch is supposed to smell like lemon juice) then take the end of the black cord (behind the toaster) and plug it in. Then take the grape and then jump on top of the handle. This will heat the toaster and you will be flinged to a shelf. Go back down, pick up the grape and repeat what you did )jumping on top of the handle thingy) untill it flings you on top of the fridge =D

  25. Melanie says:

    How do i get to the other side of the fan when i flush the thumb drive? D: I cant pass the fan cuz its lowered

    • Golden Typhoon says:

      Go back to the computer room, and turn the thermostat all the way to the red part. Then go back to the bedroom, tip over the trash can and jump on the scraps of paper. They should rise up high enough for you to jump on the bed.

  26. Theres barely any fun on the island once you beat it, you cant go to Mr. Silva’s room or CJ’s apartment… :/

  27. Yay! I finnaly finished this island!

  28. ms.cool says:

    yea this is one of my fave islands. p.s. the guide by the toilet talks about making a good password, that might help

  29. ms.cool says:

    this helped a lot :)

  30. watevar says:

    i found a glitch if u buy the shrink ray item then use it on the shrunken professer he grows!!!

  31. I Finally did it (the balloon part) YaY Coz Da Problem Waz That I Couldn’t Jump That Far Which Sucked :I

  32. Rory dosen't care if WordPress chose not to log him in automaticly today. says:

    I’m on the bit where you hide from Mr. Silva. I know what to do, but I just can’t do it. :( It’s like it’s timed!

  33. how to flush the thumbdrive??? i use it and it says “i should back up this data before destroying it!” help!!!!!!

    Hijuyo: You need to ‘back up the data’ by going to the computer and entering the password (m4r13cur13), then use the thumb drive there to upload the contents to the laptop.

  34. Mintbubblr says:

    I can only get to the telescope part, sadly. I click on it and it’s doing nothing..Good guide though..

  35. Yellow Fox says:

    Hi, I just finished the island, beat Mr.Silva, and grew back to normal size. However, I didn’t get the medallion or the 100 credits. In addition, it doesn’t show the island as completed! What do I do?

  36. when I tried plugging in the thumbdrive my character just jumped on the key boards. what shall I do? I tried and tried and tried but it just didn’t work.please help me!

    Hijuyo: You need to type in the password using your actual keyboard. [Spoiler alert: the password is m4r13cur13]

  37. Erickaster says:

    That brown rolling thingamijig is a rolling pin. That’s why there’s dough under it. :D

  38. Erickaster says:

    I’m trying to flush the thumbdrive, but when I click “Use” to drop it in, I keep saying “I should probably back up data before destroying it!” HELP!!

  39. Erickaster says:

    I’m TRYING to push the globe to the chair, but it’s moving SOOOO slow!! I got shrunk. WHA!! How will it go faster?

    Hijuyo: You don’t have to push it that far. As soon as you see it nearing the chair enough to be able help you jump to it, hop on the globe and then up the chair and move quickly.

  40. I love poptropica help blog, it helps lots. Befor i found this blog, i didn’t know any of the islands!

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    fun island:)

  42. YAY TOAST! says:

    its fun to ride the car around

  43. YAY TOAST! says:

    do you ever find out how the cat got out?

    Hijuyo: Nope.. but you can have your own theories about it. :P


  45. I COMPLETED THREE NEW ISLANDS!!! I completed Great Pumpkin Island when it came out for nonmembers and I completed it with no cheats.
    Next, I completed Red Dragon Island all by myself

  46. I’m stuck. I flushed the thumb drive without reading the lemon juice letter and now I can’t get the message saying that Mr.Silva is the thief!

    Do I have to restart the island?

  47. Llama Lover says:

    Hey, just a tip, when you’re trying to get on the fridge to get the car remote, it’s a LOT easier when you just go to the shelve above the toaster, and then if you move the salt shaker to the left of the spatula, then go on the right and jump, it will propel you to the top of the fridge. i just found this was a lot more efficient, so yeah.

  48. Magic Moon says:

    this is a cool cheat i just figured out! :D swim in the fishtank when the fish are eating and then turn the filter on. you’ll be walking on the bottom!!!

  49. i am alomst done with shrink ray but the problem is the grape got stuck near the ceral box plzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Yah, Llamalover is right. I think you’re SUPPOSED to use the spatula as a catapult. I did that cuz I used the guide on Super Thunders blog.

    But to be fair, BT forgot to mention that you ride on the trash. Wait you did too. Ah well, thats why I love ya. :D

  51. Magic Moon says:

    on the computer the sticky note isn’t her password, its telling you that her password is her hero, Marie Curie which I found out by looking on the giant poster by knocking over the trash can and jumping on the trash. on the poster, there was a sticky note very much like the one on her computer that said “my hero” on it. the real password as we all know is m4r13cur13 which has her name in it! M. Cur. <:D

    • Magic Moon says:

      it also looks like her name too….

      • Alex (Icy Catfish) says:

        And the bathroom holds two more clues: a magazine article by the toilet that talks about making passwords be the names of people you admire, but changing some letters into numbers to make it harder to guess.
        And the other clue is a message hidden on the mirror which only appears if it gets fogged up( turn on hot water for steam, turn off the second switch so the fan doesn’t remove it), which says:
        A=4 E=3 I=1

  52. Alex (Icy Catfish) says:

    I’m disappointed that we never get to look at anything else through the telescope even if you can make out the obscured coordinates. Fun island, though.

  53. I Am Vampire Werewolf! says:

    at the school, the time is 2:50, and its sunset! HAHAHAHA!

  54. Erickaster says:

    While you were hiding when Mr. Silva tries to shrink you, you hid behind the first pile of books, and it is titled “RUN”. Ironic?

  55. the island was kind of short…

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  57. I love the island! Mystery Train, here I come! Maybe it will be like Wild West but different

  58. Lazy Fish is my best friend and she said that she didn’t know that her comment was posted. LOVE THE ISLAND!! I EVEN WROTE DOWN ALL THE CLUES FOR REAL!! PRICKLY DOLPHIN OUT!

  59. Vampieeeeeeee says:

    How do i get to the thormostat again?? :\

  60. White Ring says:

    Why did my character say ‘I need to back up this data before destroying it!’ when I tried to flush the thumbdrive down? Now I’m stuck in the bathroom.

    Hijuyo: You need to get out of the bathroom and go over to the computer to upload the data from the thumb drive onto it. There is more information in the guide; please use it.

  61. Can someone help me with the part when we need to flung our selves onto the balloon

    • Not telling anyone says:

      I had the same problum. What you do is climb the anatana, then climb down it. Next you move jump up northwest with your arrow thingy, and then you are on! :)

  62. the password for the computer is m4r13 cur13

  63. you get the screw driver unscrew the battery of the car and put the battery in the tv romote then press the green button and go the tv and the antena will have little white lines so you jump on those then jump toward the balloon

  64. ohhh just did

  65. Its been a long time since I wrote on this guide full of comments. When I said Lazy Fish was my friend, I meant was I am her. Sorry about that. Any ways, I like Cj’s clothes. I can costumize her blue thingy. I completed the island in 45 seconds. I never loss on the escape from the shrink gun game on the island. This island is so easy!

  66. Luckywalker says:

    Wat shud i do i tipped the dustbin before so now it’s not floating up ?? how do i get to the telescope

  67. lemonninja says:

    how do i turn the hairdryer on? it’s plugged in but when i jump on the red button it doesn’t do anything.

  68. The Password doesn’t work

    Hijuyo: Make sure you entered it in correctly – it’s m4r13cur13.

  69. Fierra xD says:

    I can’t get in the shower :( can you help please?

  70. chopping goat says:

    i beat this island in 30 mins.

  71. Help ME!!!!!!! says:

    I got past it now :D.

  72. Prickly Dolphin says:

    the coordinates are X – 87 Y – 16

  73. Not telling anyone says:

    I cant jump on the green balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME THAT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO GET ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, or tell me how to exactly.

    • Prickly Dolphin says:

      Go get the screwdriver, then use it on the truck. Get the battery. Next, jump on the table and click use on the battery and it will get inserted the romote. Then jump on the green button on the remote. Then the TV will turn on. Then jump to the top of the TV. Climb on the atenia or watever you spill it (the thing hat is sparkling). Jump on that and climb that up. Then climb down. Then jump onto the green balloon to the pictures. Hoped I helped!

      • Prickly Dolphin says:

        Go on top of the TV. Get yourself fuzzy. Then climb down. Then jump high and jump to the green balloon and then you land on a picture. Hoped I helped!

      • Not telling anyone says:

        Yeah! I did it because of Prikly Dolphin! Thank you! You see what I was doning was going to teh very top of the antana and trying to jump! Thank you so so so so much!

  74. Prickly Dolphin says:

    I had the same problem too. What you do is you click the refresh button and click cancel. Then jump around so many times. Then click on the door. That is how you do that. Hoped I really helped!

  75. I can’t find the screwdriver! Where is it???

  76. vampire girl says:

    I can’t open the diary I need the key. where is the key?

  77. Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site unintentionally, and I am shocked why this coincidence didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

  78. It is truly a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  79. HELP!!! My fan won’t work (like the vent with the papers) no matter how many times I try, I can’t get to the telescope!! I’ve turned the vent on and off like 1,000 times, anyone no how to fix it?

    • wolfbrotheryeahh says:

      I had this too, until I figured out you’re meant to jump on the little pieces of floating paper. :)

  80. can someone help?!! i tipped over the trash can before i was supposed to!

  81. k this game is really fun but seriously i don’t want to know the whole story on how this works i just want to know what i need ok got that good you know this page is useless and know one wants to read this long on such a boring page like at least make it exciting like come on dothanks alot

    • Yellow Comet says:

      Look, the staff of the PHB try their hardest to make these guides for you. If you aren’t happy, you don’t need to insult them. I love reading through these guides and I’ve been getting my Poptropica Walkthroughs from the PHB since the day Skullduggery Island came out for non-members. (Incidentally, the day I joined Poptropica.) So, as my teacher says: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” There’s no need to verbally assault Slanted Fish and the other people who make the PHB what it is.

  82. Tough Joker says:

    Where`s The Thumb Drive ?

  83. wolfbrotheryeahh says:

    Under her bed. Stand on the fan so it bends down to under-bed level then switch it on.

  84. Dangerous Fire says:

    OMG! how do you get to the fish food! help!!!!!!!! i tried jumping on the pictures, but i can’t get to the… wait… AHA!

  85. Dangerous Fire says:

    now i’m stuck, the way they worded out the diary part is confusing

  86. ineedhelpnoww!!please help please!! says:

    i did everything i needed to (even thought it was in weird order) and now it looks like i never like fed the fish but the diary is still open and i allready read it and read the lemon paper and flushed the jump drive!! also becuase the tv isnt on and i never turned it off even though i fed the fish!! now i cant get the message that mr. silva is the stealer! help pleaassee!

  87. PeetaMellark says:

    Okay so I did everything i needed to do, but somehow i lost the remot to the car so I cant drive the car ot the window!!! HELP ME PLEASEEE!

  88. catnipeverdeen says:

    I can’t get past the part were you have to run from the shrink ray and are you supposed to jump over the chair because I keep tryng but I can’t.

  89. catnipeverdeen says:

    never mind I got it and thank you for the help I finally finished shrink ray.

  90. Grrr where do u get the battery u didn’t tell us I cant get it done! >:(

    Slanted Fish: It IS in the guide. Ctrl+F and search the word “battery.” It’s in the toy truck on the living room floor. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the battery case.

  91. BoredSushi says:

    Oh my frickin gosh! Everytime I try to flush the thumb drive in the toilet, it keeps telling me, “I should back up this data before destroying it!”. What does that even mean?!

    • It means you need to back up the data by going to CJ’s laptop and uploading the contents of the thumb drive. There is more information in the guide, please read it. :)

  92. purple tiger says:

    morse code part is to easy cause i speak it

  93. i can’t get onto the shelf! grrrrr!!! how do i get onto the shelf?

  94. the grape is stuck in front of the kettle :o now what do i do?!

  95. dood give me a code for membership so I can meet you on an island

  96. Thanks a bunch

  97. thanks

  98. Thx for making Shrink ray Island Guide it helped me a lot. :P I fshed it the other day on Oct. 20th or something like that. :)

  99. Icy Speck says:

    Thanks, although i haven’t finished the island yet. But with this guide, its really easy, cause i know what 2 do!

  100. daddysgirl says:

    oh no i know i keep leaving comments but, i cant get back to my blimp! plz help!

    • Depends on where you are in the quest. If you’re in CJ’s apartment, there’s a little blimp in CJ’s bedroom that acts as the regular blimp. If you’re done with the island or haven’t gotten to the apartment yet, the blimp is on Main Street by the swingset.

      • daddysgirl says:

        Thanks. Now i need help with another part……sorry:) But, i used the blow dryer to get on top of the shower curtain and i fell down into the bathtub. I can’t get out of there, and i keep turning the water on, and it dosen’t fill to the top so i can get out, and so i am kind of stuck there. I tried EVERYTHING.

      • If you are stuck anywhere in Poptropica, you can use the PopTransport tool (here) to teleport to another location, then come back.

  101. daddysgirl says:

    Thanks. i didnt use that, but i have a little way if i don’t want to get through all the hard stuff all over again, i just click on home, then click on go to supervillian island. Ta-da!

  102. Fun Is My Middle Name says:

    I don’t think anyone loves the Disco Queen as much as i do!

  103. Fun Is My Middle Name says:

    I like dancing on top of the totem on nabooti island!

  104. Icy Speck says:

    ya know what, im just gonna restart this island:)

  105. Icy Speck says:

    i had to restart this WHOLE island, cause my grape got stuck by the cereal, and i can’t get it~

  106. Icy Speck says:


  107. Icy Speck says:

    i did the grape and toaster part:) YAY!

  108. Icy Speck says:

    With some help i FINALLY finished this island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  109. How do you restart the island??????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Where is the Thumb drive???

  111. how do you reset an island

  112. Where is the telescope in the bedroom?

  113. At the part with the toaster and the grape, I can’t jump onto the toaster! Maybe there’s something I’m not doing right…? HELP!

  114. Perfect Sky says:

    in first when i was at the flushing part my poptropican said i should get the data out first before destroying it i was confused so i look at this guide and it help thanks so much!!!!

  115. I love one direction says:

    i gotta say the fan does look 3d

  116. ugh!! i am always getting shot of the shrink gun after the teacher shots the globe!!!!

  117. Shifty Walker says:

    The password is m4r13 cur13
    Hope this helps!

  118. I cant see the shadow of Mr. Silva? Can anyone tell me what i did wrong?

    Slanted Fish: Why do you need to see his shadow? Which part are you referring to?

  119. Haniya says:

    um…..i accidentally left the grape on the shelf above the toaster and fell down….. now i dont know how to get back on top…. somebody please help me…..

  120. Superb Blog! Thanks a lot!

  121. How do i restart the island??

    • Comical Turtle says:

      Click on the map in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then in the bottom left-hand corner of the map screen is the restart button. Hope that helps! ;-)

  122. When I try to put the battery back into the truck , its telling me that I might be able to use it somewhere else first ? I don’t know where else to use it ? Help ?

    Slanted Fish: Use the battery with the TV remote’s battery on the table and turn the TV on. :)

  123. FunnyG.BigEars says:

    how do you controll the green ballon?

  124. ANd how do catch the ballon

  125. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got
    to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with
    it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  126. Thank you!!!!!

  127. neat popper says:

    where is the toy car???help!

    Slanted Fish: It’s in the living room. The area is called CJ’s Apartment on the Map.

  128. i was trying to put the battery in the remote but nothing happened IT WOULD NOT LET ME WHAT SHOULD I DO!

  129. Angelica-Fresh says:

    I absolutely, positively, consecutively LOVE this island. I don’t think one of those words made sense.

  130. the magic snowball (from poptropica) says:

    i got the shrink ray gun from store, and i shrunk the man who shrunk me! i like shrinking everyone on poptropica.

  131. the magic snowball (from poptropica) says:

    this is is supercalifragalisticexpalidocious

  132. the magic snowball (from poptropica) says:

    easy way to jump to the ballon : collect static, jump of the antenna and jump on the green ballon Easy!

  133. i lost my grape, how to get another one?

  134. purple socks says:

    I accidently dropped the grape at the cereal box, like all the way at the end of the table, and now it won’t let me pick it up again D:

  135. Computer Password:M4r13 cur13

    By:Grey Club (Username:Dr.Salerno)

  136. Erikpeters says:

    frend me who ever on poptropica go to your frend list and if theres a plus sine klick on it and tipe ;Erikpeters15;.

  137. Erikpeters says:

    ya 4 islands done

  138. I’m stuck at the battery part I can’t find the screwdriver pls help.

  139. ZamiceShadowLord says:

    I’m stuck from trying to get from the TV to the green balloon, I can reach the red but u can’t get off it yourself. I need help -_-


  141. yay thanks to this help blog i completed my third island Shrink Ray Island, it was soo awesome to see my character be shrunken down

  142. I couldn’t have done it with out you
    call me a cheater but it was hard

  143. how am I suppose to go to the telescope with a giant fan in the way???????

  144. pleaseee help I can’t flush the toilet when I do it says the flush was a long overdue please help :(((

  145. I’m stuck on the number part: what’s the number the X and Y buttons are supposed to be on?

  146. where is the hard drive

    Slanted Fish: Under CJ’s bed, but you’ll need to blow the dust away. More info in the guide.

  147. I can’t get to the top of the shower. I tried the hair dryer, but I can’t get it to propel me to the top.

  148. (keeps on failing with the toy car mini game) I don’t think ill be getting my toy car driver’s liscense anytime soon… XD

  149. What island do you recomend to do next? But it has to be easy!

  150. So upset because I ‘m stuck on the island!!!!! Can’t get to the telescope!!!! :_ :_ :_ :_

  151. i have a problem in the flushing part. when i use the thumbdrive to flush it it say ” i should backup this data before destroying it.” please help!

  152. it is asesome!!! :)

  153. rapidashrocks524 says:

    I accidently got on the other side of the fan while it was going, so I couldn’t get to the other side or raise the fan. Even after I went to a new area, it was still low, so i had to restart :(

  154. The P.H.B. is awesome

  155. nice job on the island help blog but i had to leave like twothings to hide in it was a hard island

  156. smexymermaid says:

    when I get to CJ’s room, it won’t let me click on the microscope? Is there somewhere in particular you have to click?

  157. what does it mean right light structure

  158. Savannah says:

    in this island what if you cant reach the green balloon?

    • coolpaw99 says:

      Happened with me too. First collect the static. Then slip down for antenna then jump to stick to the balloon.

  159. Savannah says:

    I couldnt reach the green balloon to feed the fish so I had to restart the island :-(

  160. coolpaw99 says:

    I just hate it when I don’t know why but when I need to flush the thumb drive my character says, I should back up this data before destroying it! I hate it!

  161. Uh, how can I push the electric fan back up? I’m stuck under the bed…………

  162. Help! when I put the paper under the lamp, and I jumped enough, nothing showed up! I made sure that I did everything else, and I did everything but nothing is showing.

    • UPDATE: Wait I fixed it, but now it just won’t show the coordinates. It just says this “Look for me in the telescope.” School Coordinates What’s going on? :(

  163. pop love says:

    helps but its hard

  164. You forgot about loading the thumb drive onto the computer. But everything else, GOOD JOB AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!:)

  165. friendly plug says:

    just finished for the 2nd time!!!! ;]

  166. grrr i followed all the rules on this thing and i cant get past the globe part.my poptropican is to slow to push it then i tryed to do it a couple times.then i just started running for my tiny little life.then i left the island.think noodles is cool.how does he do it?

  167. twilight sparkle says:

    i cant see cj on telescope please help!!!

  168. I hate the part where you get shrinked. But at least I completed the island

  169. xxPopgirlxx says:

    Everytime I go on top of the spatula and get the salt on it, when i jump, it doesnt fling me on top of the fridge. why is this?

  170. Why can’t I click on the telescope??? Plz answer!!!

  171. #tocoolforyou says:

    thanks for this website it is awesome! seriously who do they even expect us to do some of the stuff? i mean who here would think of the quordinates 87 and 16? like what even?????


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