Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide

Walkthrough and pictures by Samwow5 (Tough Icicle)
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Fuzzy-B

The Golden Ticket

First, when you get to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, talk to Charlie next to the blimp. He says he will do anything for money, then walks away. Follow him all the way to the left, enter into the next area, and go all the way to the left to the payphones. Click on the one on the far left.

You get some money, then same guy who asked for money earlier comes out of Charlie’s house. Follow him, and enter the Corner Shop. When you get in there, he is right next to the counter.

Give him the coin so he can buy a Wonka Bar. He asks you to open it for him. Like the polite person you are, you open the candy bar, and you have the Golden Ticket! You tell Charlie to run and you push the people away. People will chase after Charlie. Follow them out the door, then there’s a game you have to protect Charlie from the townspeople!

The game’s pretty easy. Just click on the crates, trash cans, and piles of snow so Charlie doesn’t become dead meat!

The next morning, the townspeople are looking for Charlie when a golden ticket flies out of the sky! The townspeople chase after it, and it goes into Charlie’s area, where his home is! Run to the area. Follow the ticket all the way up here.

Finally, after all that chasing, you get the Golden Ticket! Gosh, those townspeople must be mad. :D

Go back to Main Street, and run to the right, all the way to the Chocolate Factory. Wow, the townspeople are not even mad. Something fishy is going on here. Anyway, the gates to the factory open for you.

You go inside the gates, and all the people who got a Golden Ticket are there. The factory owner, Willy Wonka, asks for all the tickets, and you’ll go inside the factory.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

When you go inside, all the kids except you and Charlie act up and run away. Willy Wonka wants to find them, and asks you to get him his cane.

When you get the cane, run all the way to the right. You enter this place with has a room selector. Click on Chocolate first.

There’s a hand above that points which way to go. Follow where the hand tells you to go. After a while the hand leads you to the Chocolate Room, which looks like this (epic picture below by Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle):

The Chocolate Room

Augustus Gloop has gone nuts and jumps into the river…. and now he’s stuck in the chocolate tube.

Augustus… No!!

When you notice that Augustus is stuck, click on the wheel next to you. It pushes Augustus up the tube.

Now Augustus is still stuck at least halfway up.

Why are you so fat, Augustus! Why?

Now, you have to use another wheel, located above Augustus and to the right a little. Click on it, and it should shoot him up a little more. Now you have to use the third wheel, located to the far left of Augustus. Click on it.

Then a bunch of Oompa-Loompas will come in and sing “Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, the Big and Greedy Nincompoop.” They take Augustus’s mom to the Fudge Room to look for her son. Follow them there.

The Fudge Room

You’ll see Augustus stuck in a tank. Click on the wheel beside him.

He falls down onto the conveyor belt covered with chocolate. Jump all the way to the left onto a platform and click the green button.

Now, he can pass without getting chopped into pieces. He falls down to the next level, when he gets near the Wonka-Oven. Click on the button with blue fire.

When you press the button, the oven should look like this.

Quick! Now, jump onto the platform to the right and click this red button.

Now, when you press the button, the oven should look like this.

He’s going to go down to the last level. Click this orange button when he gets to the Bigger Wonka-Oven.

Now when Augustus gets in between the flames, press the next button in line. When you finish, he comes out and leaves. You leave the room too, and come back where you choose a room to go to. Click on the Television Room, and follow the hands until you reach the room.

The Television Room

When you get to the TV room, you’ll find Willy Wonka teleporting his biggest candy bar through television. Then Mike Teavee decides that he wants to be the first person to be teleported through television. He gets zapped and finds himself in the television across the room.

There’s an Oompa-Loompa next to the television. He says he was watching his show but it went on the fritz, so he asks you to adjust the antenna.

The antenna should be like this when you’re done.

After you fix it, you’ll be able to see Mike clearly. An Oompa-Loompa comes onto the screen and leaves with Mike. Go into the Bubblegum Room.

The Bubblegum Room

When you get to the bubblegum room, you’ll see Mike hung up. The Oompa-Loompa tells you to go to the monitor to try to save Mike. It couldn’t hurt anything, right?

Just keep adjusting him until it reaches the Poptropican size on the screen. Go back to the halls and click on the Inventing Room. Follow the hands until you reach the room.

The Inventing Room

Violet Beauregarde is right next to the Gumball Machine. Step on the yellow button in the middle.

Some Yellow Bubblegum will come out. Violet will chew on it and turn into a Big Blueberry. They take her to the Juicing Room which is to your right.

The Juicing Room

Now you’ll have to save Violet. Adjust all the fruits into the right position (follow the picture below):

It should look like this when you finish.

Now Violet is squeezed back to normal size! Next, head to the Nut Room.

The Nut Room

Veruca Salt is there, begging her dad for a squirrel. Walk over, and when you pass the squirrels, you’ll get a Walnut. Then Veruca jumps up and trys to grab a squirrel. Some squirrels jump on her and push her down a hole. You jump in after her.

When you get in the Incinerator, jump up to the right and pull the chain. A Giant Gumball comes out. Push it right to the fan.

Pull the chain again, and push the Giant Gumball right until it falls into the doorway.

Jump over the Giant Gumball, then run right and pull the generator switch.

Jump down to the bottom left, where there’s another generator and a trash can. Push it back left until it is in front of the doorway. Then pull the second generator switch.

You think you’re done? Nope, another generator has started up again. Jump up and to the right, you’ll see a squirrel turning a wheel. Use the Walnut. The squirrel will stop, and you’ll save Veruca Salt and her dad! But before you leave, get the Whipped Cream and Fizzy Lifting Drink. To get out of the room, use the Fizzy Lifting Drink.

Hi, my name is Wonka Charlie, and I work in a chocolate factory…

When you go back to the hallway, you will notice that the “Chocolate” on the room selector is blinking. Click that, and follow the hands so you know where to go.

When you arrive, Willy Wonka is there with Charlie Bucket, deciding to give the keys to the factory. Suddenly, the land Charlie was standing on breaks off! Talk to Willy Wonka and say you want to save him. This will start a minigame.

In the game to save Charlie, you need to to make your way across the river. You can use the Whipped Cream to help you make temporary platforms for you to hop on. The orange logs are safe for you to jump on for any amount of time. Make your way around to the right and save Charlie with Wonka’s cane.

After you save Charlie, Willy Wonka gives the keys to Charlie, and you get a lifetime supply of chocolate and visiting rights to the factory whenever you want. And, of course, the island medallion, in all its red-and-white-striped glory. Congratulations! :D

Bonus Quest Walkthrough

Wonka’s three biggest rivals have infiltrated the factory and absconded with his most important recipes! It’s your job to take to the skies and bring those recipes back!

In the glass elevator, you fly around the skies. Pick up the floating candy to re-fuel your elevator. Once it is full, click to release the candy to gum up the enemy planes’ engines. Do this three times and you’ll get the Heli-Gum item!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! :)


  1. Thanks to Samwow5 (Tough Icicle) for writing this very sweet, very helpful walkthrough for how to beat Poptropica’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island! :D

  2. Thanks Fishy!!!! Oh, I might be asking to much but can u link my name at the top of the page to my guide?

  3. Awww, Tough Icicle you did so good at the guide thank you. ;-)

    P.S. It’s my birthday today.

  4. Speedy Whale says:

    Thanks Samwow5! THAT REALLY HELPED MOI!

  5. FlameSeer138 says:

    The gum won’t clog up the exhaust fan! :(
    Awesome walkthrough! Really helped!

  6. Has this happened to anyone else? Whenever I peel down the top part of the wrapper, it just freezes at the gray part. WHAT IS GOING ON????? Please help me!

  7. Cant get through whiped cream thingy ):- | need help.

    • Blue Peanut says:

      Just squirt a line whenever u need to get on to something.
      PS DO NOT try to jump on the big brown rocks, i tried it, they r NOT stand-on-able.
      PPS Ya’know, a lot of poptropica things that look stand-able arent. sometimes it is annoying.
      PPPS i know this is kindof random, but i totally love the ” weather outside is frightfull, but poptropica is delightful” thing and the new set up.
      PPPPS I really need to stop PSing, oh well, TOODLE-OODLES!!!!!!!!!

  8. Did it, YAY :).

  9. tall spider says:

    ATTENTION I’M BACK I h aven’t even been playing poptropica im soo busy I read this to have a peek.

  10. Really helped! :)

  11. whats your favourite island? mine’s definetely chocolate factory

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  14. thanks samwow5 for making this page of how to beat charlie and the choclate factory,you must been working so long on this atricle,plus i,ve been confused how to beat the game for once so i seached how to beat charlie and the choclate factory poptropica,so thank u for making this

  15. This whole new system is new! I love all your guides- thanks alot!

  16. on the nut room when you are going down the chute, it says you are a good nut!

  17. postopialucy says:

    so, of course I want to help Charlie! But what happens if I say that I want the keys? Do I still help Charlie? hmm…

  18. very good :) Helped a lot (omg)

  19. Very cool. How did you solve it? 8)

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  21. Thanks for the help but I can past out of the chocolate room

  22. what happens if you accidentally go to the nut room first, and you cant get out?

  23. please help! i am stuck down here in the nut room!! what do i do?

  24. hey, friend me? anyway, good work with this one.

  25. Silver Feather (SF) says:

    Thanks so much for this guide, it rocks!!

  26. When I go through the gates, Willy isn’t there?

  27. At last im better than my sister ’cause ur guide helped me but im not a member. :[ .

  28. Wow, you guys used my Bonus Quest Walkthrough and credited me, this is officially awesome!

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  33. Erickaster says:

    Urgh! Even though I click the green button, he still dies -.- I need a VERY detailed walkthrough for the saving Augustus part.

    • Fearless Eagle(aka Crys) says:

      U click on the wheel beside the tank that Augustus is in, he will fall onto a conveyer belt in a big wad of fudge. Then u go left and jump past the big peanut onto a platform with a computer looking thing on it. To the left of the computer is a green button. click it. Then jump off the platform down to the lower part of the conveyer belt. run to the right until u come to a sign that has a picture of blue fire. click the sign. Then run to the right of the big oven (or just run right, pretty much) and there’s another computer. To the right of the computer is a red button. Click it, and the flames will get really small. Be careful. If u don’t click on the button, or u think u clicked it and u didn’t (sometimes that happens, it did it with me.) Whatever u do, DO NOT click it more than once!!! If u thought u clicked it and didn’t, BE SURE u didn’t click it before u click it again!! Very important! This IS a place that he can die. If u don’t do it right he WILL die. Now go down again to the conveyer belt underneath the one u were just on. When u get down there, there will be another computer with an orange button to the right of it. Click on it. Now run to the left and there will be another orange button. When Augustus gets right in front of the flame,( wait until he’s a split second away from touching it, and I don’t mean the boy, I mean the fudge. wait until the FUDGE is a split second away from touching the fire) then click on the orange button. Then run to the left and there will be another orange button. this is the last button, and u’ll probably have to click it a couple of times. But do the same thing u did with the last button. If u do all of this right, Augustus will come out covered in chocolate, but otherwise perfectly fine. This might take u a couple of tries but u’ll get it. It took me about 10 tries, but then I didn’t completely understand Samwow5’s walkthrough. I really hope this helps u Erikaster!

    • yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I tried it for about

    • you have to wait a little bit.(by the way agustus does not die,he gets saved by the oompalopas before he gets crushed)

  34. Orange Sky says:

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    • Are you in the right place? Augustus Gloop (the fat boy) should be stuck in a tube after you enter the Chocolate Room. If he isn’t, it may be a glitch and you could try contacting Poptropica via the “Contact” link on the Poptropica homepage.

  37. popular runner says:

    Finally finished it! It actually wasn’t that hard! Some islands are way harder. Anyway thx 4 ur help!!!!!

  38. when i do agustas, it keeps saying u didnt get it in time, but i cant see it cuz its too high. what is it that i have to fix?

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  40. For some reason, whenever I first get to the gates everyone else is there but Willy Wonka never shows up. Please help me!!! :/

  41. When I get to the gates of the factory after I get my ticket and go inside the gates, everybody is there. The parents and the kids. EXCEPT- Mr. Wonka isn’t there :'( How the crap am I supposed to get him there? I did everything right!

    Slanted Fish: Contact Poptropica about the problem or try restarting the island.

  42. What happens when you tell him to give you the keys?

    • When you click that,this scenario happens:

      (Two Oompa-Loompas appear)

      Willy Wonka (WW):I could never entrust my factory to a selfish person like you!To the salt mines with you!( :mrgreen: ) :-x
      (You run to the salt mines)

      Then,you’re back in the chocolate room.Go talk to WW and you will have to make the choice again. :lol:

  43. ELIZABETH says:

    im getting stuck on the fat boy were the big oven is i pushed the buttons correctly, but at the last flame it said i failed to save him it time…………………….is that a glitch?

    Slanted Fish: Make sure you activate the flames at the right time!

    • Cuddly Knuckle says:

      I tried to save Augustus, but it wouldn’t work, so I tried again and again and finally! I’m done.

  44. getting to the chocolate room takes forever but thanks anyways

  45. Alison Walker says:

    Where is Charlie?


  47. y isnt willy wonka there???

    Slanted Fish: He is there… he’s the factory owner, and later he gives the factory to Charlie.

  48. pinkiepie says:

    the Augustus Gloop part is really hard! It took me sooooo long for me to get him passed the fire!

    • It’s because a person who makes a blog can edit the comments and has to approve your comment (for example, if it’s appropriate or not) and once it’s approved, everyone can see it publicly.

  49. MysteryGirl21324 says:

    What happens if you say you want the keys?

    Slanted Fish: Wonka won’t give you the factory and you’ll have to answer the question again. :P

  50. Red Ice says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if we could just eat our way through the island? LOL :smile:

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  53. Help! When I go to the factory nothing happens. Willy Wonka didn’t come out!

  54. nothing is happening i went into the factory part but willy wonka wont come out! help?

    • That is a common glitch. You should report it to the Poptropica Creators. ;)
      It didn’t happen to me though, so I don’t know how to fix it. If you’re really desperate, restart the island. :(

  55. Jolie B says:

    The room selector is not blinking at all?? What happened?

  56. Cheerful Bird says:

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  57. bpshark1006 says:

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    I’m stuck stretching Mike TV, I skipped it and did the rest first and now I have to finish it to complete how do I stretch him to the right size?? I have tried so many times!

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  69. the island was hard but all of the stress that it gave me melted away and releafe replaced it when i got my island meatal! so worth it!!

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    I don’t know if anyone can help with this but, I have just finished doing the island. I’m at the end where you get the medal and it glitches. When my character tries to get out of the river, she can’t jump out. And I can’t move the person because it’s in one of those automatic things. Help! – Incredible Shell or tardisswift

  78. when I saved Charlie from the chocolate river ,willie wonka never gave Charlie the keys and it doesn’t say that I passed the island. what should I do???

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  80. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I didn’t choose the “get the keys to factory” option, but I read somewhere that if you don’t choose to save him Willy Wonka gets the Oompa-Loompas to chase you into the salt mines. I wonder how that looks and if you get the option to talk to Willy Wonka again and save Charlie or something else. :D

  81. I saved Veruca Salt and her dad but Willy isn’t handing Charlie the keys! I tried going back to the Nut Room and redoing the saving part, but Veruca and her dad don’t show up! :( Someone please help.

  82. I need help again. Okay, so I’ve figured out that I probably didn’t do the Violet part right. However, I followed all the instructions and did the exact same thing but it makes my character say, “That’s not right. I should try again.”

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  93. It’s probably just a glitch. Here are some things you can do:
    1.Reset the island.
    2.Try it again.
    3.Contact the creators.
    Hope that helped! XD

  94. koalaberry511 says:

    What an awful glitch!


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