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After years of silence, Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory is re-opening, and you’ve got a Golden Ticket. But when a group of misbehaving kids threaten to destroy Wonka’s candy creations, he needs you to save the day. Prepare to untangle a confectionary conundrum that’s full of sweet treats and sticky situations!

CatCF Island


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Cast of Characters

These are some of the characters you’ll meet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island characters

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island characters


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island is Poptropica’s 31st island. The countdown started on November 14, 2012, and the island was released the next day on November 15 for members with a demo for non-members. The homepage had Oompa Loompas running across the screen followed by a dancing Willy Wonka. CatCF Island opened to all on December 6, 2012.
  • This island is based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story. You can read a preview of it, as well as some other Roald Dahl exclusive content, in the Wonka Factory Outlet on Main Street.
  • Some details of the plot and characters remain the same, but in order to incorporate you (the player) into the storyline, some elements are different – for example, there is a 6th golden ticket.
  • Common room: Post Office
  • Bonus quest for members only: Three of Wonka’s rivals have stolen his most secret recipes! Take to the skies in the Great Glass Elevator and bring these villains down to earth. The prize is the Heli-Gum item.
  • Members get an additional Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gear pack, which includes Oompa-Loompa costume, Oompa-Loompa power, and Everlasting Gobstopper item. The Oompa-Loompa costume is ONLY available during Early Access!

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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  1. After years of silence, Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory is re-opening, and you’ve got a Golden Ticket. But when a group of misbehaving kids threaten to destroy Wonka’s candy creations, he needs you to save the day. Prepare to untangle a confectionary conundrum that’s full of sweet treats and sticky situations!

    Discuss Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island here.

  2. Are you guys looking forward to this island? Better get ready.

  3. Lazy Moon says:

    Sounds great! I loved the book as a classic.

  4. I wonder if the Veruca down the trash part is going to be funny. :D I can’t wait!!!!

  5. lazy scorpion says:

    when is it gonna be out

  6. lazy scorpion says:

    hope its gonna be out soon

  7. If you haven’t seen the movie (spoiler for movie and book and orig movie) theres 5 kids and they are all different 1 is a boy gamer (I don’t remember his name like all of them) theres a rich girl and theres a fat boy and a gymnastist and finaly Charlie Brown (I think kind of like from Great Pumpkin) and they get gold tickets to … wait for it ……. WILLY WONKAS chocolate factory. Kinda like the lollies LOL!!!!. And they all get into ome kind of trouble what happens first in the original and new (I remember original more than new) that the fat kid gets inside the lolly land with every1 else but HE FALLS IN THE CHOCOLATE LAKE! Ha ha ha ha ha… No offense chubby! LOL!x -1000 Sorry can’t take a joke! and he gets sucked into a tube and gets stuck and the Oompahloompas come out and help out and SING A song WHICH I HATE! Then they go into a boat and down a tunnel (btw he goes home and Charlie is a poor person) WITH CHOCOLATE WATER (as in the chocolate lake also goes down a tunnel) and then they go to THE ULTIMATE BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER Appetizer Main Course AND DESERT! HA and the gymnastist tries and but WONKA warns her theres side effects and guess what HER BEAUTIFUL body changes into a BLUE BERRY?! and they have to squeeze her (im not sure she was always a gymnastist) and she becomes FLEXIBLE can bend her spine and has Violet skin which reminds me Her name is… Violet LOL! Great one Dahl. Then its the rich girl they go into a nut cracking place where nut crackers crack nuts Geddit? and she wants 1 and her father asks if he can take one for lots of money (spoilt little brat!) he says no they are to dangerous (dramatic music plays) but she climbs down a ladder and gets one anyways BUT IT WILL BE A SMELLY DAY. Hint: -smelly- there were good nuts and bad nuts the good ones go into chocolate and the bad ones are thrown down the …… DUMP! Ha! then they grab her hair and start bitting her and seeing if shes a good nut her Father comes to the RESCUE but he falls into there trap too and then THROWN into the trash. Bye bye brat!. And then oompahs (short for oompaloompas) try to get them out but its was too late! Then next is (I think its the last one) is the gamer boy they went into the commercial studio I think and they have a machine that can put people INTO A TV! (Love music plays with the kid showing and the tv turning from kid to tv kid tv kid tv and then ERRRECH) He asks to go inside Wonka says alright but he WILL BE STUCK IN THERE FOR A LONG TIME! When he goes into the tv hes all exited but carnt come out! Another song from oompahs go and they try to reverse it. THATS all of em wait what about the uneducated poor happy boy? I know in the new one they go into an elevator (his pap which I haven’t mentioned with Willy) and they go into out the roof and fly then later they move their house into the sugar snow area which was made for them! and they lived happily ever after!

    WOW such a long post I didn’t put time and effort but atleast you know the origin! :) bye!

    • His name was actually Charlie Bucket, different from the Charlie Brown character like from Great Pumpkin. Interesting description though! You wrote a lot haha. :P

    • LOL… have u seen the new movie with Johnny Depp? i love the part when he had the elaborate entrance set up and it burst into flames… hahaha so hilarious!!! ^_^ the old one is cool too. lame, yes, but still good. :) My least favorite part is when charlie and grampa joe burp their way down when they were bad people and drank the floaty bubble soda and almost killed themselves. =^( some people are so dumb.

  8. tall spider says:

    AW I thought this would show all the island. I just usually look before I beat it ll

  9. speedy bear says:

    i wonder if candy is an item

  10. I have a membership and I have no idea how to get into the invention room

  11. Hey fans its me SmartTheCar Maroon Fire(Cool Bite) we are going to tell you one by one of the guide


    Take the blimp to Charlie and the Chocolate factory island and you will appear in a snowing cold weather first, you will see a boy with a messy hair and talk to him but he is unhappy because he has no money so keep going left until you see an old wooden house. Go knock on it until you see old people neither they may not want you in but on your left you will see three phone’s, click on the phone’s and you will receive a silver coin. Now go back to the house once again but the boy opens the door and says “Cabbage water for dinner again… yuck”. Now go to the corner shop and inside click on the boy again and he says that he loves on chocolate bar. Now give him the coin and he will ask for a candy bar but he can’t look at it so you have to open it and soon when you open the bar, you get the Golden ticket!

    Someone finish the rest please. :-P

    • AnimeOtaku says:

      You have go to the factory the next day. Mr. Wonka takes you in and the children start misbehaving. He asks you to go find his cane. After you get it, he will disappear. After that you go down the hole and there will be a lever. click the room you want to go in (it doesn’t matter wich order you go in. I went in the Nut Room first.). If you o in the Nut room, it will give you a video of “DADDY! I WANT ONE OF THOSE SQUIRRELS!” Bru-ha-ha type thing. After that, you have to do this minigame that says you have to save Veruca and her father from the incenerator. Whenever you get in th disposal room, you have to jump whenever you get to the right to dispose gum onto the floor. You push it all the way to the right. Once it gets in the hole you need to pull the lever on the generator up. Go all the way down and you will find a garbage can. Push it to the left. Pull the leever to the generator up. There will be a back-up generator. You should have picked up a walnut on the way. Place the Walnut on the platform that’s on the left of the cage. Pick up the Whipped Cream and Fizzy Pop. Use the Fizzy Pop to exit. Go to your next room. I chose the TV Room. Mike will get under the TV Transporter (thinger-majig) and you must save him from the TV. Ask the Oompa Loompa “What can I do to help?” He will say adjust the antenna to the TV until he’s clear. His mother will see if he is okay. Enter the Bubblegum Room. Since he is tiny, he must be stretched out. Ask the Oompa Loompa “What can I do to help?” He will say to go to the moniter and try. pet the setting to middle on both vertical and horizontal. You have saved him. Go to the Hallway for it will take you back. Go to your next room. Mine was the Inventing Room. This is where you save Violet. She will eat the gum prototype and swell up. The Oompa Loompas take her to the juicing room. Press go. You have to match it in the correct order.Make sure it’s by the holes. Not in them. Last the Chocolate Room. Augustus falls in and you have to turn all the valves. Go to the Fudge Room. Turn the valve AFTER you press the buttons down and up. Cross quickly to the left and press the green button on the computer to stop the smasher. As he heads back to the right, wait at the oven and press the blue flame control to tighten the flame. Then press the flame-reducer red button on the computer control (at right) to let him safely pass. As he goes left again through the main ovens, press any of the flame alternator buttons to switch the flames from the one he’s under to the ones he’s not under, until he exits at the left side.

  12. Could you make a walkthrough soon?

    Slanted Fish: Yes, our walkthrough is up on our blog. (Click here!)

  13. ive been waityng all day but its still not here blah

    • Hi my name is grace and I just love the world charlie and the chocolate factory I wish i lived their!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

      • can u all send me ur login names so I can friend u all u all sound really nice and im new to this and i only have 3 friends so far if u want to friend me mine is literush!!!!! cant wait to be ur friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:p

      • You can find new people to add on the PHB’s Friend Finder page! Add PHB staff, get great costumes, and check the comments for other readers’ usernames! :)

  14. Awesome<3 :P ;P

  15. Shifty Walker says:

    that happend 2 my friend. she just kept clicking anywhere and it should have u stand on the floor.
    Hope this helps!
    – Shifty:)

  16. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Hey guys I’m going to redo this island for the 3rd time but Willy W. is not coming out of his factory!
    Augustus Gloop
    1.He loves choclate then he got what he deserved,stuck in a tube!Then 2 tiny people appears and say “Augustus Gloop Augustus Gloop,that great big greedy nincompoop”which I totally agree!Yeah when he sees someone with it,he’s gonna be like “OOOOOH CHOCLATE”then go buy about 100000000000 choclates..
    2.Violet Buaregarde
    1.Loves gum,she’s a gymnast,but loves gum…then she got what she deserved…turn into a violet-looking BLUEBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!that,s how she got her name,it’s like…when she sees gum,she’s like “OOOOOOOOH GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”then take ‘em all.
    Veruca Salt
    1.Loves squirrels…but her dad said no then she didn’t care then…SHE FELL IN GARBAGE…EEWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEN HER FATHER HAHA!!!!!!!MAKE SURE NOT TO SELL SQUIRRELS OR SHE’S GONNA THEIF ALL OF ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*HIDES SQUIRELLS*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Again,a special congratulations to:
    1.Dizzy Leopard
    2.Zippy Leopard
    3.Little Owl
    4.Angry Claw
    5.Smart Eagle
    6.Green Seal
    7.Trusty Grape
    8.Young Clown
    9.Perfect Cactus
    10.Invisible Axe

    Those are the first 10 finishers of the island :)

  18. I’ve finished this island 4 times and now,i’m pretty bored playing this,I even know what they even say :/

  19. this is tots fun!!!
    this game is challenging yet fun in sooooo many different ways! Its great and i would give it rating of 10 out of 10

    love it,
    zany leaf


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