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The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

Back Lot Island


These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Back Lot Island is Poptropica’s 34th island. The name of the island was leaked early, on March 8, 2013, by a Creators’ Blog post that was quickly replaced, and the leaked post was re-published on March 21. The countdown began on April 3 and the island launched for members on April 4. The login screen featured a director calling “Action!” followed by several Poptropicans (including Kirk Strayer) running across the screen. There was a demo available, and the island opened to non-members on April 25, 2013 at 2pm EST.
  • *Starting from April 2013, a photo booth where you could get a picture with famed Back Lot Island movie star Kirk Strayer appeared on many islands such as Night Watch. Despite the epic preview images, there was only one outcome – your excited Poptropican smiling with a bored Kirk Strayer looking at his phone. This photo is added to your Photo Album.
  • Common room: Celebrity Wax Museum (parody of the Hollywood Wax Museum)
  • The Celebrity Wax Museum has wax statues of Elvis Presley (2nd floor, left), Groucho Marx (2nd floor, right – this statue’s eyes follow your mouse and occasionally winks!), Marilyn Monroe (3rd floor, right), and Audrey Hepburn (3rd floor, left).
  • A backlot is an area behind or adjoining a movie studio, containing permanent exterior buildings for outdoor scenes in filmmaking or television productions, or space for temporary set construction (source: Wikipedia).
  • You can enter Kirk Strayer’s trailer, although this is optional. Inside, you’ll find dummies you can Costumize from (including costumes inspired by Indiana Jones and Elvis Presley), as well as Kirk’s awards (presumably Oscars).
  • You can put makeup on your Poptropican’s face in Soundbooth 3.
  • The golden statuettes in the Celebrity Wax Museum are similar to the Academy Awards (Oscars).
  • The plot about the famous director Carson Willis sneaking into an abandoned lot to make movies was actually based off of one of the most famous filmmakers of all time: Steven Spielberg!
  • The main thoroughfare in Back Lot Island, Sunrise Street, is a parody of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
  • When your Poptropican wakes up after the fall from the earthquake, a gray dog barks and your Poptropican says “I don’t think we’re in Poptropica anymore.” This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy, with her dog Toto, says “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”
  • The movie poster for The Hobo is a parody of the one for The Hobbit.
  • The Chinese-looking theater on Sunrise Street is a depiction of a real life Chinese theater in Los Angeles along the Hollywood Walk of Fame (also depicted here!) — The TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theater).
  • The Chinese theater mentions Cactus Von Garlic 2: Deadly Breath, the sequel of Cactus Von Garlic mentioned on the cinema of Vampire’s Curse Island.
  • Also depicted is a movie poster for George Washington vs. the Space Aliens, a parody of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
  • The guy in front of the Queequeg’s Coffeehouse to the left says he’s got a great script idea: mixing astronauts with medieval knights and robots. You tell him it’s already been done, referring to Astro-Knights Island.
  • The logo for Digital Dreamscapes is a boy and with a laptop sitting on a crescent moon, a reference to the icon of DreamWorks Studios, featuring a boy holding a fishing pole sitting on a crescent moon.
  • The creature portrayed on the monitor in the Digital Dreamscapes movie studio looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The lady at the Digital Dreamscapes movie studio says they’re working on “Lord of the Witches 5: Redemption,” the sequel to “Lord of the Witches 4: Retaliation,” perhaps references to the Lord of the Rings film series.
  • The part in which you dress and act as an ape is reminiscent of the King Kong scene where he fights airplanes atop the Empire State Building.
  • At Soundstage 2, outside of the recording studio, there’s a stage prop of a moon with a rocket in its eye. This is a reference to French director Georges Méliès’s movie A Trip to the Moon, which is one of the earliest movies ever created.
  • After the premiere of The Many-Splendored Zephyr, one of the viewers wishes she had thumbs to give the movie (referring to Poptropicans’ lack of fingers and giving thumbs-ups in approval). However, Carson Willis clearly has ten (albeit stubby) fingers imprinted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Chinese theater.
  • While in the driver’s view at Soundstage 2, you’ll see the rover from Lunar Colony Island “for sale.”
  • One of the movie critics is based on Gene Shalit.
  • The Warren Sisters is a pun on the company Warner Bros.
  • In the One of a Kind Talent Agency, on the wall behind Lacey Williams, you can see pictures of several famous silent movie stars, such as Mary Pickford, Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Kirk Strayer’s name may possibly be a reference to the Homestuck character Dirk Strider. A kirk can mean the Church of Scotland while a dirk is a type of Scottish blade; a strayer walks away while a strider walks forward.
  • Queequeg’s is the name of a coffee chain in the video game universe of Deus Ex: Invisible War. Queequeg is a fictional character in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick. Queequeg’s Coffeehouse on Poptropica may be a reference to Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse company, which also happens to have a round green logo.
  • The lady at one of the Queequeg’s asks if you’d be interested in fair trade organic coffee.
  • In June of 2014, there was an ad for the 7th Dork Diaries book which gave away a costume that included members-only Back Lot bonus handheld items (Movie Camera & Clapperboard).
  • Bonus quest: The back lot’s owners have returned — and they want you off their property! Can you outrun studio security and get away with a valuable souvenir? The prize is a handheld Movie Camera.
  • Members’ only items: Members get an additional Back Lot Island gear pack, which includes Film Director costume, Silent Treatment power, and Clapperboard item.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

lights, camera, action

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  1. The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

    Discuss Back Lot Island here! :)

  2. I wonder how many different movies will be shown in the island.

  3. Why isn’t this added on the Island Help bar?

    Slanted Fish: It is now! :)

  4. I am Cool movie director Bite in this new island and check out the new back lot island gear. What is your favorite back lot island gear?

    1. Film director costume
    2. Silent treatment power
    3. movie clapperboard

  5. Yellow Comet says:

    There’s a photoshooting booth on many islands that looks like it might be from Back Lot Island…has anyone else noticed?

  6. Disappointed with the member only stuff :/

  7. Clean Shark says:

    In the Island, if you go to Stage 2 of the Backlot, you’ll notice the Lunar Colony Rover “For Sale” when you’re driving!

  8. Clean Shark says:

    I completed the Island the day it came out, AND the Bonus Quest! Who else has?

    • hatersloveme4897 says:

      I solved it the night after it came out to members and the Bonus Quest a couple of days later.

  9. Incredible Bubbles says:

    I nearly finished the island.
    I am stuck on just 1 thing!

  10. fearlessnoodle says:

    i liked the “i don’t think we’re in poptropica anymore!” part. there’s even a little gray dog! Wizard of Oz reference?

  11. fearlessnoodle says:

    wow, there are a ton of movie references… i guess it makes sense, with a movie theme. i loved the movie poster for the movie “the hobo” instead of ‘the Hobbit”!

  12. Shaggy Tornado says:

    There’s so much cultural references that I saw already! Glad the Creators have a nice sense of culture! :P

  13. Trivia:After you finish the island,on Main Street,near the Movie Agency,the same people from the start who thought you were a celebrity follow you. One of them even says,”Look,it’s the famous movie producer,(insert name here)!”

  14. Brave Tomato ★ says:

    The woman in the purple dress in the wax museum looks more to me like Audrey Hepburn in her dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

    Slanted Fish: Thanks BT! I’ve updated the trivia. :)

  15. i rocked the golf cart driving! (translation: i ran into everything) XD

  16. I might be the only one to notice this, but the movie depicted on the island, “George Washington vs. the Space Aliens” is a reference to “Abraham Lincoln, Zombie Killer,” and “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.”

  17. Magic Panda says:

    The movie critic in the middle balcony is Gene Shalit. Does anybody know who the other two are?

  18. Guys,after Kirk has left,you can enter his trailer! He has 2 DUMMIES! thankyou thank yousoooooomuch kirky :D

  19. Brave Tomato ★ says:

    Oh, and one of the critics at the movie reminded me of the famous movie critic Gene Shalit:
    I’m not sure if the other two movie critics are supposed to be other famous movie critics, I don’t really know that many well-known movie critics. I only know about Gene because of a Spongebob Squarepants episode from when I was younger -_- .

    Slanted Fish: Added it in; thanks! Go SpongeBob. :P

  20. Obiwan2324 says:

    Out of pure boredom (and procrastination) I ended up playing this island. To contribute to your trivia, I noticed that at Sound Lot 2, outside of the recording studio, there’s a stage prop of a moon with a rocket in its eye. This is a reference to French director Georges Méliès movie “A Trip to the Moon” which is one of the earliest movies ever created.

    Slanted Fish: Nice. Thanks, Obiwan. :D

  21. when you get into the studio you say ”i don’t think were in poptropica anymore” witch is from the wizard of of when Dorthy lands in oz she says ”Toto i don’t think were in Kansas anymore

  22. Comical Turtle says:

    My favorite island EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    =] =] =] =] =]

  23. I loved this island!
    However, problem with the trivia…it isn’t Charlie Chaplin, it’s Groucho Marx:

    Slanted Fish: Thanks for the tip!

  24. In the One of a Kind Talent Agency, on the wall behind Ms. Williams, you can see pictures of several famous silent movie stars, such as Mary Pickford, Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.

    Slanted Fish: Thanks for the tip. :)

  25. Kirk Strayer could be kind of based on Kirk Douglas, who was rather difficult to work with and only felt happy if he was in the centre of every shot.

  26. I really love pretending that my Poptropica lives on Backlot Island, because it’s my favourite island so far.

  27. cloe ann says:

    i like the one on the common room in back lot island the violet one i wish poptropicans can customize those….

  28. how do you find Goldie

  29. hatersloveme4897 says:

    My membership expired the very day before it came out to members but the day after it,I got it back and solved it :) .

  30. Renaldi Infernus says:

    Is there a way (hacked or legit, i dont care) to get the king kong costume on potropica permanently? Cuz im in LOVE with it.

  31. Quiet Hamburger says:


  32. how do i complete back lot island after i get into the studio thingy?

    Slanted Fish: Click on the word “Guide” at the top of the page for our full walkthrough.

  33. Has the PHB stopped giving credit to people who gave trivia tips? just wondering.

    Slanted Fish: For the most part, yes, since there’s quite a long list of trivia here, most of which I wrote in.

  34. ok thanks!

  35. omg!
    nothing happened!

  36. hey this one’s quite easy but whats your username shy wolf ????
    please add me my username is rozzat

  37. guys u know what i have completed all the islands accept poptropolis games how can i complete it !! it’s sink oh man !! i have 33 medals

  38. icy skull /wolf says:

    hay, guys I just completed black lot !!!!!!! if anyone wants a pumpkin head: CTRL SHIFT and P. my username is worldoabby , another fun fact… CTRL SHIFT and numbers 1,2,3,4 give you chat room emotions ANYWERE IN POPTROPICA!!!!!

  39. the magic snowball (from poptropica) says:

    this is not really about this island but its a problem.. you know how you watch the maddy and liv video and i watched it and got the prize, i turned it on and i was happy. a while later i wanted to turn it of, but it would not work! after trying, i finally got it. next day i went to a common room and my twin was following me. i left and it was gone….so every time i go in a common room my twin follows me and when i leave it vanishes…please help!

  40. where is the video for this island?????

    Slanted Fish: Click on Videos at the top to see the trailer or video walkthrough.

  41. can someone tell me how to win this game

  42. Back Lot is coming soon with a bigger screen in early 2015 maybe

  43. lorsieab2 says:

    Can you still get the first photo? I want to complete my photo album but there aren’t any booths anywhere :(

    • I’m sorry but the Kirk Strayer photo booth was only open before Back Lot Island was released and is now gone. :(

      • lorsieab2 says:

        >____< That sucks! Now I can't complete my photo album. They should really re add the booth somewhere in the island so that the people who didn't log in during early access can get it (like me) :P

  44. Super Comet says:

    One thing to add to the trivia: Sunrise Street is a play on Sunset Boulevard.

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