24 Carrot Island

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Island Extras: Dr. Hare’s Lair on LEGO CUUSOODr. Hare Paper Craft / Rabbot Paper Craft / Desktop Wallpapers / Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab MiniQuest

Something strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island. People are going missing, and the virtual world’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the Island back to its former splendor!

24 Carrot Island


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  • 24 Carrot Island is Poptropica’s 4th island, released on June 6, 2008.
  • Before 24 Carrot was released, Monster Carnival Island appeared on the map as “coming soon”. However, it was replaced by 24 Carrot Island with no explanation. You can read more about this in the PHB article entitled Mystery of Monster Carnival.
  • The name “24 Carrot” is a play on the phrase 24 karat, meaning gold in its purest form.
  • Common room: Cinema – showing Night of the Living Carrots and Carrots of Fire, which parodies the names of the films Night of the Living Dead and Chariots of Fire.
  • You can change your hair color using the drink stand in the Carrot King Diner.
  • The villain, Dr. Hare, reappears in Super Villain Island. He is also a Poptropica Creator.
  • Charlie refers to her cat Whiskers as a “she” before you return it, and “he” after you’ve returned it. However, according to the Poptropica Ultimate Sticker Collection book, Whiskers is a “he”.
  • On the factory, there is a sign that says Est. 1830, though Early Poptropica claims to have been established in 1982. Poptropica was released in 2007.
  • There is a MiniQuest in the Store called Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab which used to cost 250 credits but is now free. Dr. Hare himself is not present, but you’ll encounter some of his slaves in his lair.
  • The description on the item card for the crowbar says, “If at first you don’t succeed, pry, pry again.” (The crowbar is used to pry open the factory entrance.) This is a pun on the English proverb “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
  • According to the Poptropica teaching guide for 24 Carrot, the owner of the Carrot King Diner is named Tony.
  • According to the Poptropica Ultimate Sticker Collection book, the mayor’s name is McTeague and the waitress is called Flo.
  • 24 Carrot is the first island to feature a full-length soundtrack with ‘better navigation’ (the common room cursor, but easier to use) and a bigger screen, released as the 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene Island (a pun on the chemical compound beta-carotene as well as beta testing) on June 20, 2013. Only members were able to test out the beta, and they received a free Beta Tester Costume to keep forever (this costume was also what they had to wear while playing the beta). There is also a 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene medallion (which is silver and gold, unlike the others which are plain gold) in the Friends profile section.

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for 24 Carrot Island, click on Guide at the top of this page.

discuss 24 carrot island below~


  1. Something strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island… people are going missing, and the island’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the island back to its former splendor!

    Discuss 24 Carrot Island here!

    • hi Hijuyo,i have the biggest problem in history i saved the cat for the seller,went to get the crowbar and i saved.Next day i log in on poptropica and i see that i dont have the crowbar anymore, i’ve serched everywere i even went dr. Hares secret lab to see if i could find it but it is nowere.
      So please help me

      Hijuyo: Maybe you could try using the 24 Carrot PopTransport tool to teleport inside the factory.

      • but i saved it right after getting it so i dont have it

        Hijuyo: That response doesn’t make any sense. What I’m saying is to use the PopTransport tool (CLICK HERE) to teleport INSIDE the factory instead of using the crowbar.

    • why!!!!????is it gonna come back?????

    • Purple Feather says:

      At the Carrot Diner, how do you get REALLY light blue hair???????

      HELP ME!!!

      Hijuyo: Have you tried white with blue?

  2. Why did this happend instead of Monster Carnival??????

    Hijuyo: We don’t know. :(

  3. Rainbow bird says:

    24 carrot island was hard but is fun!

  4. it kinda a rusty old town..

  5. Curious Crab says:


    seriously what is that?
    am i missing something?

    love curious crab

    ps sorry if i sound angry :(

  6. nervous lizard says:

    Around the beginning of 2008 Poptropica said:
    ‘Coming Soon Monster Carnival’
    But a month later they changed it to
    ‘Coming Soon 24 Carrot Island’
    This mysteriously happened and Poptropica never mentioned it. It was even coming soon on the map! Oh Well, Sigh.

  7. Scary Tomato says:

    Nervous Lizard – Thanks for helping out. :D

    Curious Crab – Yes, as Nervous Lizard said, Monster Carnival was coming soon but then suddenly changed to 24 Carrot Island! The reason is unknown. :P

  8. That probally taught us a lesson. If it does not say coming soon on poptropica base it can get cancled because.Shark,Time,24 Carrot,Super Power and spy were on the base and they were released.

    PS I think they were going to release both but they were probally to similar missing carrots so they liked 24 Carrot better and decided to release that one instead of the monster carnival.

    • Icy Lightning says:

      But how the heck is missing carrots / missing people related to Monsters ? Or Carnivals ? They probably hurried and made a whole ‘nother island because of the leak of the costumes for Monster Carnival Island .

    • In any case, Monster Carnival is able to be played now!

  9. Bronze Comet says:

    I wish i could’ve play that game but i still like 24 carrot a lil bit ( but i really really love the hair coloring) I wish it was just a plain movie at Tv island but i like 24 carrot though it’s kinda fun but its just that i was scared to go in the factory first.

  10. When I first saw 24 Carrot Island on the map I was like, “Whoa, I don’t want this, I want Monster Carnival! Who came up with this weird thing?” But I actually really liked this island. I also really like the hair-coloring, B. Comet. :) :) :) :)

  11. Director Comet (Bronze Comet) says:

    YAY!!! i finished it! Carrot juices to all :lol: and ody i am celebrating at the Carrot King :grin:

  12. Magic Storm says:

    I reckin they canceled MONSTER ISLAND(whatever it is) because of the ITEM LEAK thing. The POPTROPICA CREATORS probibly wanted it 2 b a surpise and they didn’t like the fact that som1 had somhow got10 monster clothing so they canceled it and replaced it with 24 CARROT ISLAND. It was fun and easy anyway and I loved the fact that u could colour ur hair. My person’s hair colour is purple which matches my aqua-coloured skin. Mayb they’ll remake MONSTER ISLAND. I doubt it though. But then it is possible…………..

  13. Rainbow bird says:

    I know where you can find a picture of monster carnival on the map. Codien found it. Its the post next to the UFO meets castle post on the homepage of this blog.

  14. oh ok rainbow bird!

  15. Why did they replace this with monster carnival? A carnival full of monsters sounds better than a island made out of carrots! But this island is still fun though.

    • Maroon Hamburger says:

      i agree to both things. Also i think u can customize dr. hare, u just have to be quick!

      Scary Tomato: Actually, you can’t Costumize his pink body even with the Costumizer. It just won’t work. ;)

      • Maroon Hamburger says:

        Wow, I didn’t know that, thanks Scary Tomato

        Signed, Maroon Hamburger

      • SERIOUS FOX says:

        maybye dr. hare is a fake, because when i custimized him all i could get was black pants!!! and maybye the goggles. p.s. DO NOT blame me for saying that.

      • I could only costumize his mouth. Anyway, I don’t really think his outfit is good.

  16. Fun island, but not my fave.

  17. 24 carrots is the only island i finsihed i like the island because i am a girl and i love the medal its pink!

    • Maroon Hamburger says:

      no, it’s gold, just as always. Also i am patient for astroknights because i leared a lesson from the “big nabooti wait”

      Scary Tomato: I think Fiorella meant that the neck strap on the medallion was pink. (I can’t remember what color it was, though.)

  18. Fearless Paw says:

    On 24 Carrot, Do the buildings ever get fixed? If they do, then I’ll make up my residence there. Currently, I’m stuck on a vacation island.(Give a guess)

    • Maroon Hamburger says:

      No, but my estate is on 24 Carrot island. I came up with a long story: Maroon Hamburger just woke up. He lives in the house in Funny Bunny Farms(his parents sleep in the barn). His dad is the Farmer you see there, and his mom is the girl reparing the building. He lives close to a lake. I know it looks like a toxic waste dump, but the water is really fresh, it is just naturally green. Everyday at 4:30 a.m. to 6:00a.m. , he helps his dad pull weeds, grow carrots, and water all of the seeds. After that, Maroon goes into his house in through the chimney and his replica of a ship, past the couch, past the table were he eats, up the attic, to his room and to the wordrobe and finds his shoes. Then he goes to his bed puts his shoes on the floor takes off his clothes and gets in the shower. After 5 minutes, he drys his hair, cleans himself with a towel and puts on his clothes and goes to the shelf above his bed and takes the 5 books and puts them in his backpack.

      Today, as he was walking jollyly to the gas station to say bye to the worker he spotted an advertisment about goosebumps, he carefully went in and found a scarecrow costume. He immmeadiettly costumized it(I did in real life) and went out. he sid bye to the worker and went on the airship. He made it to bignates school, still with his backpack. He made it through s.s, math,geography,recess,lunch, and p.e., so he finally went and finished science class. He went to the airship, to 24carrot island, and he made it home.”dad, I have no homework”said Maroon. His dad looked over to him and asked”why are u dreesed like a scarecrow?””There is a new ad”Answered maroon”oh,wwell if you have no home work u can go and play, its only 3:00″ I will continue my story later.

      • Maroon Hamburger says:

        Maroon went to the hair club and found someone with a big backpack(I did and I costumized it). so he played some games until 6:45 and he went home

        THE END

    • Magic Storm says:

      I’m guessing that your vaction island is shark tooth, because of all the tropical beaches,etc…….

  19. Rough Panda says:

    On 24 Carrot, are there some kind of rabbit teeth that are costumizable? I saw someone wearing them and they were buck teeth. Thanks! :grin:

  20. Tiny Popper says:

    I like this poptropica cheat. It’s pretty cool! :)

  21. Thanxx a lot that helped a lot thanx thanx thanx thanx (how many times was that)?But think you should make the directions less detailed so the users will have to think more,therefore making the game a LOT more fun.At least think about it.If you don’t like the idea just tell me.Bye:P

    Scary Tomato: Maybe I’ll try that, thanks!

    • DizzyDerpy says:

      I understand what you say about it being more fun the more they think about the situation that they may or may not be in. For example, in the 24 carrot BETA, they automatically make the cat in the abandoned house go and drink the milk you gave it once you turn the water on. Also, they automatically make you give the cat to her owner after you enter the store. So when I first tried the “BETA” version ( har dee harr harr…) I was so disappointed that they didn’t allow you use your brain to find out how to get the cat downstairs, or let you really explore that much to find out where the cat belonged. Therefore, in my opinion, making is a bit less fun. But then again, they might have made it easier to do those things because people were having trouble figuring them out on their own. But, you never know what was going on in the creators heads. (unless of course, they tell you, you’re a mind reader, you’re a time lord, or if you are just awesome like that. :P )

  22. Ok then ya bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANX AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.i love poptropica

  23. poptropfan says:

    I think 24 carrot kina fun a bit creepy to
    preety easy

  24. zippy hippo says:

    thanx scary tomato could you think about adding a printable version of the guide? if you dont like the idea just tell me. thanx for the guid anyway!

    ST: If you want to print the guide, just press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. :)

  25. zippy hippo says:

    i didnt really like the island because i dont like carrots.

  26. READ THIS purple paw says:

    … He woke up in the morning and had breckfast. That afternoon the telephone rang. He answered. “Hello?” said Jeff. “Yes,” said a man “I just wanted to tell you we spotted another island.” “Oh, realy?” said Jeff “I was just about to set off look for more. Where is it? Ill come take a look.” When he told him where it was, Jeff started up his boat and set off he came to the island. The man was there with his boat. “This is the island” said the man “It sure has alot of plant life on it” replyed Jeff. The island was COVERED with trees and vines and all kinds of plants. They went exploring the island. They finaly came to an open feild and it was full of tiny green plants on the ground. “What are those?” asked the man. “Im not sure” replyed Jeff “lets pull one up.” “OK” said the man. Jeff tugged on the plant and it finaly came out. “Carrots.” said Jeff. “huh?” said the man. “Carrots,” Jeff said agian “their carrots.” “Wow, there are like, MILES of these.” said the man. “hey, do you have a knife?” asked Jeff. The man handed him a knife. He pealed the carrot and took a bite “Mmmmmmm…”
    said Jeff. “Thats the best carrot i’ve ever HAD.” “I could have them in my restaurant.” said the man. “You run a resturant?” asked Jeff. “yes, I do. Its called the soda pop shop” replyed the man. “Oh, the one on early poptropica!” said Jeff. “yes that” said the man. “Why dont you open a restuarant here?” asked Jeff. “Good idea!” said the man. The construction started. Soon everything was finished. A week past and everything was going fine. But the next day the man called and said “Come quick, all the carrots are gone!!”


    • When Jeff arrived, the shop was surrounded by police cars. He walked up to the shop. “your here! Someone stole all the carrots and capptured five people!” said the man “there was a trail leading to the factory, but they went in the water. And the person who did it is nowhere to be seen.” Then a lady came out of a shop whisteling and yelling “Whiskers!” She came up to them and asked “what happend here?” “all of our carrots were stolen.” said the man “Oh, thats horrible! But I think all of this comotion scared my cat whiskers away!” then she continued down the sidewalk whisteling and calling the cats name. The town was becoming less popular because it was famous for its carrots. The movie theaer, gas station and factory closed down, and people were moving away. It went from a highly populated island to a empty deserted dump. Then one day a poptropican saved the island and brought the carrots and the people back. After that, people moved back and everything went smoothly. THE END look for the next one under Time Tangled. ALREADY OUT: EARLY POPTROPICA- the first island and SHARK TOOTH- beware of sharks (made up and in order by when they came out) Enjoy :)

  27. poptropica player says:

    when you have the cat and you are in the “Extra Ad” area, JUMP!
    the cat will be under ground trying to catch up.

  28. Blue Ninja says:

    I think they calceled monster carnival because they thought it would be too scary for younger players. If monster carnival ever did come out i’d love that! It be my fave island!

    • Icy Lightning says:

      Good hypothesis , never even thought about that …

    • Incredible Bubbles says:

      Yes, as Icy Lightning said, good hypothesis, but, if they thought Monster Carnival was too scary for the younger players, why did they create Vampire’s Curse??? It could be scary for younger players also!!!!! ‘Cause some kids under the age of six play Poptropica, I know I did when I was 5! Anyway, six year olds might get scared of Vampire’s Curse!

  29. clubpenguin4607 says:

    How 24 carrot island was formed:

    The poptropicans started being in high numbers. More people defeated the 3 islands and more fun was encountered with joy. When a surprising island came down from the sky. “What? I thought island only form from underwater volcanoes!” a poptropican from a hotel in Time Tangled Island said. Everybody went to see this mysterious island. When they got there they said “Well we have to build more…ugh” said a poptropican. They built more and they made a farm and a factory. Later, they saw 24 carrots grew at the farms fields without even planting seeds. So they named the island 24 carrot island. So they made the factory turn into a carrot factory. But what they didnt know that a mastermind, the evil Dr. Hare smelled the making of carrots and came to 24 carrot island. He attacked all the villagers and made the island very gloomy…

  30. it was so easy but the first couple of times in the factory it was hard but Dr.Hare’s bunny robot thingy whatever the heck that is was sooooooo easy!!!!!!!! anyway the carrot dinner with the drinks are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Popular Cloud says:

    I wish Monster Carnival had came out, too! But, I like this island! :D I LOVE changing my hair in the Carrot King Diner! I wish there really was a Carrot King Diner. :D

  32. stormpegasus says:

    Cool Island well i beat it

  33. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Speaking of Monster Carnival Island, does anyone know how I can contact the Poptropica Creators?
    Because if I can contact them, I might be able to ask them why Monster Carnival never came out!
    Because I think it would’ve been an awesome island! And, if their reason was an ok one, I could ask if they could just try to stop the thing that stopped them, (and I would help them too!) and then make Monster Carnival a REAL island!!!!

  34. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished on my dads computer.

  35. What in the hay ended up to be Monster carnival now its twenty-four carrot island now. What a joke. :shock:

  36. lol

  37. cleanshark says:

    I hope the LEGO Dr.Hare becomes a reality! Also, I would prefer to live on Early Poptropica (Poptropica Towers)

  38. I couldn’t get to the cat!!!! i also dont have the milk after she poured it, but when i asked, my only response is thanks for the milk.

  39. Shifty Walker says:

    You do not need another bowl of milk 4 any reason!

  40. Uh, I don’t get the 4th picture. Just when did Dr. Hare crash into a gumball machine?

  41. FORESHADOWING-If you look at the Funny Bunny sign at Carrot Farm, it shows a PINK bunny eating CARROTS. This foreshadows Dr. Hare’s appearance later on as the Big Bad of the island.

  42. invisible bubbles says:

    I like the rabbot. Kinda cool.

  43. You know, that guy says:

    In the new version of this island, I can’t help but notice that the walking script is very glitchy. I thought they would have fixed this in beta.

  44. Yeah I was playing 24 carrot island and I’ve beat it before and when I was about to enter where dr. Hare was and stop him, it wouldn’t let me put on the bunny drone ears. And its making me mad. I tried reloading it and I tried restarting the whole island and I still couldn’t put them on. Whats going on with it.

  45. After the island had a bigger screen, sound, etc, I restarted 24 Carrot Island. It was fun playing with cool new features until the part where you have to wear the drone hat. I don’t know why, but I can’t wear it! :( Every time I clicked on PUT ON, nothing happens! Please help me! :(

  46. Hey hi.Juyo! About this island…
    I know this isn’t a huge problem, but I’ve completed the island twice and my island medallion refuses to appear in the “Island Medallions” tab of the Friends Screen. Is this a bug that’s caused by the new and improved larger screen or have I missed something?

  47. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues.

    It was really informative. Your site is very useful.
    Thank you for sharing!

  48. In the updated version, it wont let me jump on the red thingy.

  49. Me: *looks at my poptropican* ice: eats all the corrats and walks away* GTFO CAROT STEALA!

  50. captenphineas says:

    I’m just now realizing that this island was released on my birthday in 2008!

  51. Just finished this island for the fifth time on my fifth account. Luv this game! :D

  52. Plz help whenever i try to use the crowbar many times it doesn’t work when i am trying to open the lid plz help me so i can get a medal and i have tried to reload it as well

  53. Guys I hav e brown hair but now its orange, do any of you know the combination for brown again

  54. Everytime I go i 24 Carrot island ,the screen goes black,is it a bug?

    slantedfish: Yup – try playing on a different browser or contact Poptropica for support.

  55. i like the site!! Thanks!!


  1. […] as “Coming soon” many years ago, but mysteriously disappeared just to be replaced with 24 Carrot Island. This may be the first time the Creators have actually acknowledged […]

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