Tired of having to type in our website URL every day? It doesn’t have to be that way.

With our Poptropica Help Toolbar you can…

  • Visit the Poptropica Help Network simply by clicking on the logo on the left side of the toolbar.
  • Search with Google, the Poptropica Help Blog or Poptropica Creators’ Blog for help, information and tips.
  • Use the handy Highlighter tool to highlight the term you’re searching for on the page.
  • Visit pages of our site within just a few clicks without having to type anything.
  • Have a database of all your Poptropica-related links.
  • Access the Poptropica Help Blog’s and Creators’ Blog’s 10 latest posts with an RSS feed to keep track of all of Poptropica’s recent news and events.
  • Get all the latest updates about the Poptropica community with our Twitter feed.

The toolbar is updated regularly and will update automatically. Just one quick simple download and you can have the latest Poptropica news whenever you need it, right on your internet browser. So what are you waiting for? Get it now! :arrow:

Having trouble? If you need help, you can read this guide or ask your question below.
For more information and options visit:

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  1. Hey! Thanks Hijuyo, Codien, And Smockers for every thing! B)

  2. (Love the Toolbar)

  3. Thanks, its awesome. :mrgreen: :D

  4. nervous lizard says:

    Will the toolbars show up on all my computers users or just mine? :?

    Hijuyo: It depends on whether you set it so that they’re for all users or just your own.

  5. you are the best website

  6. Speedy dolphin says:

    This is a great site! I would love to have the tool bar!

  7. Speedy Dolphin: when you said that you would love to have the toolbar, does that mean that you don’t have it? If so, then follow the instructions above. :)

  8. i just got the poptropica help blog toolbar its so cool

  9. Hijuyo this site is so cool I come on it every day.your site helped me on poptropica:!:

  10. Grey Flame says:

    Great job! :mrgreen:

  11. Fearless Paw says:

    I got the toolbar, but how do I uninstall it? I can’t figure it out.

  12. LOVE the toolbar!! :smile: Thanks!

  13. Fearless Paw says:

    Hey, I’d like to thank every person that comments on this blog, and I’d like to give special thanks to the PHB Staff.

  14. thar Poptropica help blog is so cool

  15. Awesome! How did you make this toolbar? Is there some sort of program used? Or are you just an insane genius that snaps his fingers and says presto? I would like to know, please, if that isn’t too much trouble.

    Hijuyo: You can make your own toolbar easily (and for free) at ;)

  16. Yea I wish I could download that, but the problem is my parents don’t like downloads and stuff. I’ll be on here again now ;)


  17. Hey I downloaded it! Does it work for Google Chrome?

  18. A Very neat simple blog you have here… Thanks buddy!

  19. I was bored so i decided to test something
    I tested the toolbar on ubuntu linix
    The toolbar works in firefox on ubuntu linux 9.10 :-)

  20. fearlesshero says:

    Is it possible to get it on google chrome?

    Hijuyo: At the time Conduit toolbars only work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.


  22. Shaggy peanut says:

    Great toolbar! Love it! :D

  23. We cannot download the toolbar because I am not an administrator!

    Hijuyo: That just means you aren’t an administrator on your computer. You should either log in to a user that is an admin on your computer, or get your computer’s settings changed so that you don’t have to be an admin to do downloads.

  24. nice, just got it, but id like it if there was a facebook link too or just a few things: umm maybe time and then a facebook or youtube link since I normally use facebook. thanks!

    Hijuyo: Sorry, this toolbar is only focused on Poptropica-related links. Poptropica closed their Facebook page, but we have their YouTube page linked in the toolbar.

  25. I got it!!!
    Woot Woot!

  26. luvit :D

  27. greatest toolbar eva

  28. luvit!:)

  29. I have a question. I’m also making my own toolbar, and when I try to download it, it won’t install. Help, please?

  30. Big Kid (That's My Name) says:

    it wont delete

  31. livdove2 says:

    This toolbar got virus ?

    Slanted Fish: It shouldn’t have any, no.

  32. ilovecreampuffs says:

    what if i want to put away the toolbar hi.Juyo i need instructions!!!!!

    Slanted Fish: Click here and click on the questions about uninstalling the toolbar.


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