Poptropica Names


What’s in a Poptropica-generated name? See if you can find yours!

  • *Please note: Due to the large amount of names available on Poptropica, this list is not complete. If something’s missing, let us know in a comment below.
  • Thanks goes to Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23 for compiling this list!
  • The lists are in alphabetical order, but if you’re looking for something specific, it’s best to use the search-and-find feature on your computer and type in what you’re looking for (Ctrl + F on Windows; Command + F on Mac).

Want to have your own custom name? Check out the PHB’s Cheats page and look for the Custom Name Genie form! Use these lists if you want a custom name that shows up in-game.

First names

These are usually adjectives, or words that describe nouns:

  • Adventurous
  • Angry
  • Barefoot
  • Bashful
  • Beefy
  • Bendy
  • Big
  • Blue
  • Bony
  • Brave
  • Bronze
  • Busy
  • Calm
  • Cheerful
  • Chilly
  • Clean
  • Comical
  • Cool
  • Crazy
  • Creepy
  • Cuddly
  • Curious
  • Dangerous
  • Dizzy
  • Fast
  • Fearless
  • Fierce
  • Friendly
  • Funny
  • Gentle
  • Giant
  • Golden
  • Greedy
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Hyper
  • Icy
  • Incredible
  • Invisible
  • Jumpy
  • Lava
  • Lazy
  • Little
  • Lone
  • Loud
  • Lucky
  • Mad
  • Magic
  • Maroon
  • Massive
  • Messy
  • Mighty
  • Moody
  • Muddy
  • Neat
  • Nervous
  • Nice
  • Noisy
  • Obnoxious
  • Orange
  • Perfect
  • Pink
  • Popular
  • Prickly
  • Purple
  • Quick
  • Quiet
  • Red
  • Rough
  • Scary
  • Serious
  • Shaggy
  • Shaky
  • Shifty
  • Shiny
  • Shoeless
  • Short
  • Shy
  • Silly
  • Silver
  • Skinny
  • Sleepy
  • Slippery
  • Small
  • Smart
  • Sneaky
  • Speedy
  • Sporty
  • Spotted
  • Squeezy
  • Sticky
  • Strange
  • Striped
  • Super
  • Tall
  • Thirsty
  • Tiny
  • Tough
  • Trusty
  • Wild
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Young
  • Zippy
  • Zany

Last names

These are almost always nouns, or in the case of Poptropica names, last names are “things”:

  • Ant
  • Axe
  • Bean
  • Bear
  • Bee
  • Beetle
  • Belly
  • Berry
  • Biker
  • Bird
  • Bite
  • Boa
  • Bones
  • Boot
  • Brain
  • Bubbles
  • Bug
  • Burger
  • Cactus
  • Carrot
  • Catfish
  • Cheetah
  • Chick
  • Chicken
  • Claw
  • Cloud
  • Clown
  • Club
  • Comet
  • Coyote
  • Crab
  • Crown
  • Crumb
  • Crush
  • Diamond
  • Diver
  • Dolphin
  • Dragon
  • Drummer
  • Eagle
  • Eel
  • Eye
  • Fang
  • Feather
  • Fire
  • Fish
  • Flame
  • Flipper
  • Fly
  • Flyer
  • Foot
  • Fox
  • Gamer
  • Ghost
  • Glove
  • Goose
  • Grape
  • Hamburger
  • Hammer
  • Hawk
  • Heart
  • Hero
  • Hippo
  • Hook
  • Hopper
  • Horse
  • Ice
  • Icicle
  • Jester
  • Joker
  • Jumper
  • Kid
  • Knuckle
  • Laser
  • Leaf
  • Leopard
  • Lightning
  • Lion
  • Lizard
  • Lobster
  • Melon
  • Monster
  • Moon
  • Mosquito
  • Ninja
  • Noodle
  • Ocean
  • Octopus
  • Onion
  • Owl
  • Panda
  • Paw
  • Peanut
  • Pear
  • Pelican
  • Penguin
  • Plug
  • Popper
  • Raptor
  • Rider
  • Ring
  • Rock
  • Runner
  • Scorpion
  • Seal
  • Seagull
  • Shadow
  • Shark
  • Shell
  • Shield
  • Singer
  • Sinker
  • Skull
  • Skunk
  • Sky
  • Sneeze
  • Snowball
  • Socks
  • Speck
  • Spider
  • Spinner
  • Sponge
  • Star
  • Starfish
  • Stomper
  • Storm
  • Sun
  • Sword
  • Thunder
  • Tiger
  • Toes
  • Tomato
  • Tooth
  • Tornado
  • Tummy
  • Tuna
  • Turkey
  • Turtle
  • Typhoon
  • Walker
  • Whale
  • Wing
  • Wolf


There are some exceptions to Poptropica names that aren’t the normal adjective-noun combination. They are glitches like:

  • Name Unknown
  • Undefined Undefined
  • Poptropican Lizard

These glitch names will show if there has been an error or if an account has a non-standard name not listed on this page. However, a custom name will still show on the Avatar Studio.

Poptropica Creator accounts also have their own names which will show up in-game. If you are looking for a cool custom name, you can mix any of these first/last names with each other or with those above to create a combination that will show up in common rooms and to your friends!

Creator First Names

  • Binary
  • Black
  • Captain
  • Director
  • Dr.
  • Hades
  • Hazmat
  • Medusa
  • Shark
  • Triton
  • Zeus

Creator Last Names

  • Bard
  • Boy
  • Crawfish
  • D
  • Guy
  • Hare
  • Hermit
  • Widow

From the lists above, it is worth noting that the original Creator names are Binary Bard, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Director D, Dr. Hare, Hades, Hazmat Hermit, Medusa, Shark Guy (formerly Shark Boy), Triton, and Zeus. If you come across a modified version of any of these names, the player has probably gotten a custom name through a harmless hack.

Want to have your own custom name? Check out the PHB’s Cheats page and look for the Custom Name Genie form! Use these lists if you want a custom name that shows up in-game.


Anyway, leave a comment with your Poptropica name! :)

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  1. Have you found your Poptropican first and last names listed? :)

    Thanks to Goldenbutterfly/Maroonfire23 for this list!

  2. Orange Tummy says:

    That is awesome, although I can’t find Tummy in the list. :(
    But I can find Orange! :D

    Hijuyo: The list isn’t complete, but thanks for noticing – Tummy is now added to the list. :)

    • Silver Dolphin says:

      PHB I fink it wuld b prtty cool if u did dis fink like u type ur poptropica name in and it will cum up wiv wot ur poptropican is like. here’s one i made earlier –
      Silver Dolphin –
      Your Poptropican: likes water and enjoys Mythology Island (also has a thing for Poisedon’s son cos he’s a surfer [if your a girl] OR has a thing for the beach babes on mythology island cos there @ da beach [if your a boy])
      is elegant and serene.
      Doesn’t like dull or bright clothes, likes atmospheric clothes.
      Likes the environment.
      and heres a nutha 1 i made as an example –
      Orange Tummy –
      Likes animals whether fluffy or slimy. Likes snakes. Bit greedy. Enjoys 24 Carrot because there’s lotsa food and bunnys. Likes bright colours and funny clothes. Favourite time of day evening.

      Hijuyo: That would be a cool idea, but we don’t have the time to write so many descriptions for each word. You can, however, post your name ideas in a comment here.

      • zany bird says:

        But then it would be like our astrological signs.Most of us sometimes don’t have a trait our sign has or is the opisite of some charaistic or we are friends with some one said to be your sign’s foe or wears earth signs when you are a fire sign. But still we don’t HAVE to be what our sign says.=)

      • i found squeezy goose lol

      • Sleepy Club says:

        just telling you Silver Dolphin, you might want to check your grammar before you post a comment-not trying to be harsh or anything. (:

  3. This is cool! :D

  4. Hey, look at that butterfly! *runs away* says:

    Yeah, I found mine. It’s Bronze Heart, by the way :).

  5. Invisible lion says:

    yup mines invisible lion

  6. Happy Horse! This is so cool! :D

  7. I have a poptropican named Antiriku Rocks

  8. anahappysword says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a poptropican named Invisible Ninja? XDDDD

  9. GoLdenButteRfLy ♫ says:

    Sorry, I never got to COMPLETE the list.. >.>
    But if you do see anything missing, just let me know :D

    • My other players name is Maroon Fire too. But I sometimes use it but I often use Cool Bite. (my regular account)

      • Chilly foot says:

        i have to change account once. i was stuck in my chilly foot one becuse i got stuck in mythology island in my new accont it was maroon heart
        then i got back in again never thote of log in and log of. good thing i got forty so i can stay relaxed and wait fo another island me old username is sineth8 . me new one is sineth23 but now im in my old account i can” relax and totally unwind ” i got that line in diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever

  10. To get “Name Unknown” or “Undefined Undefined” you have to keep hitting the back button (this only works with IE 6 or below) and when your character is different then hit the “X” then log back on. Hit save and you change your name.

  11. Awesome list but I found some more words.

    1st list 2nd list
    tiny feather
    slippery berry
    squeezy pelican

    Hijuyo: Thank you, they have been added to the list.

  12. Super skull says:

    I probably have the coolest name, Super Skull. Yeah!!:)

  13. OMG, I found my name in the list! Serious Fang!

  14. scary scorpion says:

    no i think my name s the best EVAH Scary Scorpion
    thanks for having the name on the list! =)

  15. Sona345 says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an actual poptropican with the name, White Fang?
    That would be totally beast!

  16. Happy Fang says:

    found mah name… :P

  17. Whoa , this is new! I found my name! Angry Wing!

  18. I have a few poptropicans, and their names are Icy Flame and Golden Heart. My sister has one named Incredible Singer.

  19. manya145 says:

    I found my name: that is Serious Sneeze.

  20. Creepy Leoperd says:

    found mine Creepy leoperd

  21. shiny dragon says:

    i found my name!!!!!!!

  22. awesome i have a few players and i found 1 of mine:zany gamer

  23. I have an account with the name blue berry!

  24. I found my other poptropica name: Silver Thunder

  25. striped feather says:

    i just found my name: striped feather

  26. I found my name!

  27. Missing:

    First – Clean, Hungry, Lucky, Nervous, Prickly
    Last – Cheetah, Cloud, Clown, Eye, Hammer, Hopper, Spider, Spinner

    Hijuyo: Thanks for your contribution! I’ve added these names on. :)

  28. Curious Paw says:

    i wish i had red ninja :3

  29. I only found part of my name, (kid), and I didnt find Wild in there :P

    Hijuyo: Wild is already in there… :P

  30. awesomecandy says:

    mines is sticky fire and serious singer :D

  31. I have Curious Raptor and Bronze Brain

    • ThePoptropicaFanficStoryteller says:

      hm, what about my sister’s account? it’s Obnoxious Fly but first came across with prickly brain. super ouch!

  32. Prickly Monster says:

    Found mine. :D Prickly Monster and Comical Grape.

  33. Clean Heart says:

    hey my poptropica main character was named Popular Flame! she compete all islands :) and Clean Heart was the new one cuz i lost PF.

  34. Beefy Whale says:

    I am Beefy Whale, Serious Sneeze, Moody Crush, Bendy Crab and Rough Tomato. And, oh, Shiny Brain!

  35. Super Cheeta says:

    yay i found mine XD

  36. Lol I have Happy Fly (first no idea about poptropica) xD, Bashful Tiger (second for ads) and third main is after some searching, an awesome Dangerous Shadow…. sounds sinister xD Lol It is a phantom ninja lol xD It has white coat, ninja outfit and phantom powers :3

  37. ilovecheese says:

    poptropica is like totaly awsom dudes
    a good name would be snowy angel if i had thet i would buy the angel costume and buy the snow gum and the snow fall gold cards.

  38. hyper shadow says:

    mines hyper shadow cool huh ! whats yours?

  39. I’ve got Hi.Juyo’s username! It’s Hi.Juyo. And that Poptropican in the PHB logo? That’s Hi.Juyo! Although what’s strange is I thought Hi.Juyo was a boy.

    Hijuyo: It’s been explained on the About page that Hijuyo is a girl. :)

  40. i just found my poptropican name it is lazy popper

  41. found my shoeless ice(primary) and little typhoon(secondary)!

  42. my name,s bronze first list whale second

  43. Mine is ICY ANT!!!!

  44. Friendly Popper says:

    Friendly Popper is my main character!!! I have beat all islands with Friendly Popper. I know,I know, weird name! But I didnt know you could change it when I first made it. Then I made a second one, and I kept clicking untill I got Tall Crush. I know pretty cool! ~ Friendly Popper and Tall Crush ROCK!!!!!!

    (PS: Tall Crush has beat 8 out of 15 islands!)

  45. SilverSpinner says:

    I am SilverSpinner (main), SportySinger (secondary), and ShiftySky (secondary)

  46. Happy Wing says:

    Hey i found my name is Happy Wing!!!!!!

  47. Fearless Belly says:

    I found my name:Fearless Belly! I like the Fearless part cause it’s the name of an album that was produced by an artist I like. Go Poptropica!

  48. woo hoo mines in there because theres happy then kid so happy-kid i like it because i always have a smile

  49. green65543 says:

    Um, your missing my name: First: Strange, and Second: Beetle

    Hijuyo: Those were already on the list. :|

  50. I found my name: Prickly Flyer!

  51. my 1st name was fearless hero…nice name

  52. Mine’s Beefy Woolf :D

  53. haha i got maroon sky.

    it makes sense, right? i don’t know if skies can turn maroon or not…

  54. Quick Hawk says:

    Quick Hawk, and one of my newer accounts is Super Hero.
    Can’t be more awesome than that.

  55. I have notice some mistakes in the list. Some adjectives have appeared in the 2nd list…
    They should be in the first list…

    1) Laser
    2) Lazy

    Hijuyo: Thanks; ‘lazy’ has been fixed. Laser is supposed to belong in the 2nd list.

  56. Lone Dragon says:

    Found my two: Lone Dragon and Wild Horse!

  57. Poplopokia says:

    I’m Super Star, Tall Crush, Smart Snowball, and Happy Horse

  58. Hey guys! In the ‘Adjectives’ section ‘Giant’ is between ‘Gentle’ and ‘Golden’. In the ‘Things’ section ‘Rock’ is between ‘Ring’ and ‘Runner’, so my name is complete!

  59. Bony Laser says:

    LOL Mighty Bean(z).
    Your a green bean and a mighty fighting machine!

  60. Poplopokia says:

    You need to add Jester to the 2nd list

    Hijuyo: Added; thanks.

  61. Mighty Ice says:

    Yay I found mine Might Ice!

  62. Hi! I am creating my player but the name I want is Icy Thunder.

  63. Mine are Purple Owl, and Quick Penguin. I found both of them!

  64. Hi! I am playing. I have the coolest name on Poptropica. It is White Fire

  65. I can’t find Chick! My Poptropica name is Barefoot Chick! Add Chick!

    Hijuyo: Added. Thanks for the tip.

  66. I found a player who’s name is Invisible Diamond.
    So, Diamond needs to be added to the 2nd list

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the tip.

    • PoptropicaLover says:

      O_O it’s all coincidence!? Mine’s actually Shiny Diamond, i confess… though i’m not that much girly…

  67. Angrywolf says:

    my name is the first of the 1st list and the last of the 2nd list
    it is Angry WOlf
    sick, isn’t it?

  68. When I first made my account on Poptropica, I was horrified at the names ( I was 9) and I kept on changing my character until I got Red Heart, which is a name I love, and it took a really long time. My friends got Purple Wolf and Little Panda, which are nice names! But not as nice as mine, at least, I think so.

  69. Popular Cloud says:

    I found two of mine: Popular Cloud, and Bronze Hero! :D

  70. Lol, I have a LOT, ‘cus I kept forgetting my password, but my current one is Incredible Dragon… I always keep trying for a cool name b4 I choose, I’m a DWEEB :3

  71. found my name scarybear NOTE:did not know you could change name when made account

  72. MaroonHeart♥ says:

    Mine is Maroonheart I love that name!! It took me a longggg agonizing time.

  73. Magic Hero says:


  74. clubpenguin4607 says:

    Spotted Bug. :]

  75. Found mine it’s hyper tummy!

  76. Teh Awesome says:

    I have teh awesomest names on mai accounts ever. Is Perfect Hero and the other be Wild Carrot.

  77. Wow my name is golden sky !!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  78. WHOO HOO!!!! I FOUND ME NAME……………..:)

  79. I found someone called Funny Diver in the Multiplayer rooms. So the second list needs to get the word ‘diver’.

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the update!

  80. Yahoo! I found mine! Silver Sky XD

  81. PopropicaLove says:

    Mine’s Angry Bird! Like the app Angry Birds? How cool is that?!?

    Hijuyo: Wow, that’s a pretty sweet name. :)

  82. Opalrox4eva53 says:

    YAY! Found mine! WOW imagine how much name r possible!!! BTW this website ROCKS!!!

  83. Found mine! Shoeless Ice

    Its a little funny.But nah.Coz I think its the coolest

  84. Dangerous Ghost says:

    yep, my name was on this list. When i first started poptropica, which was like when it first started, i kept going until i got a name i liked. I like the name dangerour ghost and i have a little ghost follower too. I am a big poptropica fan and I have played ever since.

  85. reddragon_19 says:

    found mine,Red Dragon.

  86. Incredible Cheetah says:

    Found my new name!!!

  87. Im bronze sword totally awsome right

    • Mine is young sword……[completed all islands][my main character] but he was hacked [hhuhuhuhuhuhuhu] i had to make a new account called golden heart…

  88. my name is fierce crush

  89. Perfect Dragon says:

    Found mine! Perfect Dragon, White Horse, Super Hero, Magic Singer, and Lucky Starfish (I know it’s a lot of names but Poptropica is so fun!)

  90. I have a few poptropicans named Icy Ice, Spotted Leaf (named after a character in a book series i like) and White Socks

  91. toughcheetah says:

    yup.found mine – Tough cheetah

  92. Cool! I didn’t know there were THAT many name combinations. I found Trusty Panda! I went through lots of names when I was making my Poptropican until I found a name I liked. Pandas are my favorite animal and my friends say that I’m very trusty. ~Trust the Pandas!~

  93. Barefoot Sun says:

    I found my Poptropica name! Barefoot Sun!

  94. whiningwhiledining says:

    lol i found green hamburger

  95. Tough Raptor says:

    Tough Raptor is right there! my poptropican……..

  96. Mine is silver crush

  97. mine is Red Dragon, Creepy Comet, and Yellow Sun (3 acc.)

  98. ferret129 says:

    my poptropica chareacters name is cuddly crush

  99. my poptropicans name is strange boot!

  100. Icy Lightning says:

    Found my name : Icy Lightning

  101. Chilly Flame says:

    I found my name: Chilly Flame

  102. lol mines there cuoris tummy

  103. greedy sponge says:

    i found mine but how do i change my poptropicans name without starting a new account????

    Hijuyo: You can’t.

  104. I found my name!It’s Mighty Drummer!

  105. Perfect Jumper says:

    I found Perfect Jumper! :D By the way, in real life, I am a really good jumper. :)

  106. Lone Bird says:

    Found mine! Lone Bird :D

  107. I found my name

  108. I found my name!It’s cool fish!

  109. PefectFang says:

    I <3 my Name Perfect Fang

  110. sleepy owl says:


  111. I saw someone on here who commented on a post and their poptropica name was Blue Shield. Shield needs to be added to the 2nd list. :)

    Hijuyo: Thanks for the tip. :)

  112. i only saw penguin lol not silver..lol:name silverpenguin:D!

    Hijuyo: Silver is already on the list. Use the ‘Find’ feature (see top of the page for instructions) to locate it if you need to. Also, the list is in alphabetical order.

  113. yay my name! silver penguin!

  114. poptroprulzs!!:P says:

    i found my names!!
    Red Moon & Tall Axe!!!!!!!!!

  115. mokypoky12 says:

    Found it!! Jumpy Bird.

  116. mokypoky12 says:

    Found my other name! Icy Raptor.

  117. I found my poptropican’s name! Cool Heart, how lucky am i ^-^

  118. Tough Wolf says:


  119. Trusty Bones says:

    trusty bones!!! :D

  120. i found mine… small icicle


  122. Perfect Crab says:

    Found my main,and my secondary..

    Perfect Crab

    Scary Lion :3

  123. Um Nice Penguin, its okay. You don’t have to say sorry

  124. What the heck

  125. Hey Nice Penguin, I have a guide. There is a new game on Poptropica called Twisted Wizard. I made a guide for it. Check it out! I posted my first guide.

  126. i found my name shaggy pear

  127. Thats so cool

  128. Calm Dolphin says:

    Hey I found my name, Calm Dolphin! :D

  129. Calm Dolphin says:

    1 of my friends has the name White Grape and another friend and another one of my accounts have the same name Red Lizard. We used to be called Undefined Undefined. Why is that? Is it a glitch?

  130. Nice Dragon says:

    i think u should let people type a name that they want. like : Ʀυιη or FЯED… and u can let them re-do their name once their in the game cuz i dont like my name that much lol ( Nice Dragon )

    Hijuyo: The Poptropica Help Blog has no control over Poptropica.com and how the game is run, so we can’t make any changes like that.

  131. i love poptropica.com

  132. yep mines there shiny foot lol

  133. I FOUND MINE!! ;D Mines Maroon Shadow :3

  134. Fierce Lion/Fierce Dragon says:

    Mine are pretty cool aren’t they: Fierce Dragon, Fierce Lion
    Took me a lot of tries to get those names. I also found out that poptropica names are NOT unique. My sister’s is Clean Penguin, but I also got Clean Penguin while trying to get the name Lone Wolf.

    • gentledragon says:

      i like mine its pretty cool its gentle dragon

    • blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

      I found my name-That’s Massive Fish. Guess what Reality TV Contestant he costomized!
      Username: Raymond’sstory
      I can’t tell you my password.

  135. Fierce Lion/Fierce Dragon says:

    I also Got the name Yellow Belly once, as well as Prickly Cactus.

  136. I kept refreshing and got an awesome name when I first started Poptropica…it’s “Popular Kid”…:D…gotta love em :P

  137. Found my name (Shy Hero)!!!! I like it. On my previous account I was Cheerful Biker but I didn’t like that so much.

  138. Found mine bronze scorpion and Icy ant.

  139. mine are Silver Cloud(primary-awesome name) and Small Heart(secondary-I didn’t know we could change the name but it’s still a decent name. XD

  140. Found mine! It’s White Wolf

  141. woohoo! I found my poptropica name Silver Lightning

  142. Yey Found mine my Name is Popular Sinker ^^

  143. buahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. found mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its freakin noisy crumb!!!!! best name ever for me !! sceince im small and loud in real life and poptopica !!!!!!!!!!!! try to fing me in a game room !!!!! i look like a goth and i have a bat folower!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try to find mez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please if you do find me dont steal my outfit!! i liike being 1 of a kind

  144. Found it!!

  145. Brave Rider says:

    I like my name a lot, and I’m glad I got one that makes sense. I’m brave and I like horses. Lol.

  146. Manda Coolgirl says:

    I saw mine! Tiny Wing!!!!

  147. Hey u need to ad game show island it has the game demo right now but still!

  148. my name is small fire.

  149. Didn’t find mine.

  150. Awesomepeep says:

    I found my name! Sneaky Pelican!

  151. Shaky Grape says:

    My name is Shaky Grape. Quite embarrassing.

  152. My name is Speedy Moon, and I found it. :)

  153. Prickly Dolphin says:

    I found another last name and its Popper (its hard to find but you’ll find it).

  154. i found both of my names! :)

  155. Perfect Icicle says:

    i’m perfect icicle

  156. Perfect Icicle says:


  157. gentledragon says:

    omg i found my name lolzz im so happy

  158. i found mine zippy tornado

  159. You need to put shield on the last list because mine is Blue Shield

  160. I wish i was cuddly panda!

  161. I found my primary account Shy Fire! Once I saw somebody called Icy Ice. I wanted to be Popular Singer or Perfect Diamond maybe even Nice Biker or Friendly Kid.

  162. MillianGuy2 says:

    Haha, I have two accounts. I just realized they’re pretty cool names. Silver Paw and Cheerful Flyer.

  163. hi

  164. ShyFire/BB says:

    I was making a new account and there was red dragon. O_o

  165. ShyFire/BB says:

    Is there gentle?

  166. growlithe99 says:

    my name is red flame

  167. growlithe99 says:

    I made a new account and looking for a cool name and found orange pear, tough hammer and thirsty monster

  168. I got really lucky!! My username is “Incredible Drummer” (as in Justin Bieber :D )

  169. Fearless Tummy says:

    Mine’s Fearless Tummy

  170. Mine is “Magic Ice” :)

    i love that name and i gave myself blue electrify because ice suits it :D

  171. Both of the parts on my name are there!

  172. Blue Bird says:

    hi my poptropica name is Blue Bird :). My cousin really badly wants Poptropica to make some names beginning with “pink” :( Coz there’s blue and purple ect..

  173. YAY, my names are over there! (y) :smile:

  174. Annabelle says:

    My names are:
    Speedy Kid
    Little Ghost
    Friendly Icicle
    Perfect shark

  175. Smelly Poop says:

    mine is Smelly Poop!
    wheres mine?

  176. i am skinny glove

  177. I am Angry Bird.

  178. I found mine!!! It’s Grey Wolf! What a coincidence…………

  179. i didn’t find mine ijust find maroon mine is maroon cheatah

  180. i have quick moon and quick sun and invisible chicken :P!!

  181. yes my new players new name is speedy bee

  182. There’s not any YouTube video…

  183. Smart Carrot says:

    I found my name- Smart Carrot!

  184. Mine is Lava Wolf!!!!! Pretty awesome right!!! Add Lava ppl!!!!

  185. I found my names!
    Yellow Plug
    Sneaky Peanut
    Comical Mosquito
    Silly, aren’t they?

  186. Golden Cloud :P
    Yay!!! I’m lucky!!!

  187. Young Shark. YAY!
    ~* Eli *~

  188. Poptropica Addict says:

    Mine is Magic Feather. I once got Perfect Bird. Cool!

  189. zany bird says:

    Rocky needs to be added to the first list. I was talking to a poptropican named Rocky Melon at the barn on Vampire’s curse.

  190. Super ant says:

    I have 2 #1: Super Ant #2 I forgot.

  191. I think my Poptropica name is the best! :)
    It’s: Incredible Kid :)
    ~ @PPrador

  192. found Young Octopus

  193. Pink Tuna says:

    Mine is Pink Tuna. Neither pink or tuna is on list! please add

    Hijuyo: Thanks; added. :)

  194. Blue Eye says:

    I got blue eye! I’m so happy!

  195. Golden sponge says:

    Yahooo!!! found it u missed one Obnoxious Chicken
    first second
    Hijuyo: Added; thanks.

  196. Yellow octopus POPTROPICA says:

    Yep. Yellow Octopus.

  197. Found Smart Runner that names sure fits me! Im Smart and I’m a runner!


    found mine! HAPPY DRAGON XD

  199. Muddy Shark says:

    Here are 2 Undifined Undifined:
    The user name for the avatar studio is MasterMimeCreator2
    The user name on this one is MasterMimeCreator4

  200. Mine is MH, Mighty Hawk

  201. Irish Lei says:

    I found mine!!!!! Sneaky Fox, AWESOME!!

  202. Irish Lei says:

    Poptropica is so AWESOME and I also draw my own poptropicans and create my own worlds for fun.

    • lucky crown says:

      Did you know they have a contest where you make an island for Poptropica. I do not know if I should give it a try, but if you make adventures up already for you should try it.

  203. tropicpop says:

    Mine is Hyper Storm. I know it sounds cool right?

  204. lol massive comet

    • Invisible comet says:

      Hooray for the Comet Family!We should celebrate our names,not just the popular ones and the eagles!

  205. Muddy Pear says:

    Mine was Muddy Pear

  206. Can u have a name like Silver silver or Leaf leaf? That would b cool. Lol :)
    PS if u want 2 friend me I am silvercat916

    Hijuyo: Not in Poptropica, because the first list corresponds only to the first half of the name and vice versa.

  207. Quiet Eel says:

    I’m Quiet Eel!

  208. Dogs are sooo cute! (expecially mine) says:

    I absolutly love my name! Its Perfect Crown,I think its perfect!

  209. mines dizzy belly i don’t like the belly part

  210. Hanakin says:

    I was really lucky to get Spotted Leaf! (Medicine cat from the old ThunderClan on warrior cats, even though her name is Spottedleaf as one word.) I was so excited to get that name xD

  211. found my name! squeezy wing I past 25 out of 27 islands

  212. brave shadow says:

    Hay I found my name Brave Shadow. Isn’t that an awesome name

  213. Mines incredible speck. I like the Incredible part. Not the Speck.

  214. Tiny panda says:

    I’m tiny panda

  215. I found Massive Singer, and another day I found another Massive Singer. I found two other clones and my friends think I have a savy for finding “clones” :P

  216. TorikaMaree says:

    I found mine !!! Purple Ninja


  218. Slippery Dolphin says:

    i found mine! Slippery Dolphin!!! I love mine. I think it`s perfect and suits me well (my favorite animal is a dolphin and I usually slip easily into anything that I can fix in!). Plus I LOVE water and like to swim. I`m also curious like a dolphin (no matter how hard I try I can`t help that) and a lot of people say I am VERY playful like a dolphin.

  219. cleanshark says:

    How did Codien get a custum name???

    Hijuyo: Probably through some hack, which can’t be explained since most don’t know it, including myself.

    • Can you ask Codien? I kinda expected Codien to answer…

      Hijuyo: Codien hasn’t been on the PHB in a long time, and I don’t think he’ll be able to answer. Sorry.

  220. cleanshark says:

    I have a question, if you’re in China,how are you answering me right now? Cause it’s daytime in Missouri, where I live, so it should be night in China!

    Hijuyo: I answer comments during my waking hours (of course), but perhaps when you commented it wasn’t that late at night where I am. Or I didn’t reply as soon as you wrote, but later.

    • cleanshark says:

      Well, I feel like if it’s like 1 pm in America, it’s 1 am in China.But I would understand cause it’s probably summer or winter where you live and you’re not having school tomorrow, either that, or your parents are crazy to let you go to bed late at night. Oh, and can you tell me if comments are translated in different languages for people who live in different countries?

      Hijuyo: Sometimes I do stay up late at night. Comments on this blog are all written in English. :P

    • blame it on the love of rock and roll says:

      Hiphop: Sorry. *hangs head down and walks away*
      Me: *walks with him, holding his back*

  221. Katniss says:

    I don’t think this is normal: i got “smart” for my name. i thought there is supposed to be a first and last name! maybe it’s a glitch, but it’s definetly rare.

    Hijuyo: If you only got one name instead of two parts, then it’s a glitch. :P

  222. I have two accounts (both girls) Red Fire (my fave) and Silver Fang. ^___^ They’re also both tomboys (like me!) Mah name is on teh list. It wuz hard 2 find, but thnx for posting it!

  223. golden ring says:

    my name is golden ring.i think it is cool.

  224. waz up people of poptropica my name on poptropica is Fierce Thunder

  225. mines Creepy Lizard it used to be Creepy Hook i liked it :( then for some reason my poptropican’s name changed I HATE CREEPY LIZARD i want my name back to Creepy Hook!!! why did they change it???

  226. cleanshark says:

    Hijuyo, I know this is off subject, but I want to know how to get a cool image on the tab that my blog is on so I don’t have to look at that W. Like how you got PHB in a circle on the tab!

    Hijuyo: It’s called a favicon, and on a WordPress blog, you can change this by going to Dashboard > Settings > General. Upload an image file where it says Blog Picture/Icon.

  227. Friendly Dolphin says:

    I found mine!its Blue Octopus and my other one is Friendly Dolphin i like them both because i like blue and octopusses im friendly and i like dolpins :)

  228. Name Unknown With Peanut Butter And Jelly says:

    i didnt find mine its Name Unknown i guess i got a glitch name :/

  229. i found mine!but who is shaggy chicken username:shayan if your the one look me up and be my friend and reply. here is my username:jackie15208 my name is shiny shark.


  231. Mine is like incredible kid and if u type in that you’ll see an incredible kid!

  232. abigail says:

    I’m incredible tiger

  233. Mad scientist, Mad Tornado(costume hunter) says:

    I found mine! Is Mad Tornado!

  234. strange beetle says:

    mine is strange beetle! I liek both :D

  235. Found mine. Hungry fish

  236. Mine user is smart flipper.
    i am smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Stagstar says:

    Please friend me. Username=ipnolin
    I am Smart Flipper.

  238. Cuddly Hammer says:

    Cuddly Hammer is there!

  239. strange beetle says:

    found mine! strange beetle and fast dragon

  240. Prickly Wolf says:

    !Wolf family, comment here!
    I’m Prickly Wolf, one of the first players of poptropica. If anyone happens to have my name or the last name wolf pleaseee let me know! our family should unite!!! :) (and be friends)
    I’ve defeated all islands….. so yeah.
    my player name is pigletoinky1 (weird name, but whateves)

  241. Connor GuineaPigz says:

    My name is Shy Sky! I think it’s the best name in the world!

  242. my name is bronze wolf

  243. Barefoot Thunder says:

    My names are Barefoot Thunder and Fearless Eagle

  244. While I was in was in some of the common rooms the past couple of weeks I have seen either two or three players named “Poptropican Lizard” so I am wondering if the first name Poptropican should go on the list or whether this is just a glitch that is affecting some people’s accounts. What do you think?

  245. Invisible comet says:

    Comet family,respond!I think every family should unite and be friends!

  246. Found Brave Eye

  247. Golden Lightening says:

    One of my friends names is Popular Hook, I know you have popular, but I didn’t see hook.

    Slanted Fish: Added; thanks. :)

  248. lol my account turned from girl to boy is this a glitch

  249. Cuddly Knuckle is a secret agent.

  250. glatino2888 says:

    My previous accounts all had the “surname” Grape. On my newest account (which is the one I’m using now), I’m Golden Fox. Actually, I did try to find a name with the “surname” Grape, but I couldn’t find it. So when I came to this name, I thought it sounded rather nice, so I took it.

  251. strange beetle says:

    hey hijuyo, i saw a poptropican named poptropican. is that a glitch or something? thx write back plz

  252. strange beetle says:

    oh well if i was a hacker i know what my name would be :P

  253. strange beetle says:

    cool name :P

  254. guys add me im fagan12

  255. My name is perfect. I got Hyper Heart on my third click and I instantly took it. XD

  256. strange beetle says:

    idk whats ur user?

  257. Mine is Dangerous Noodle

  258. Speedy Wolf says:

    im speedy wolf i hav a lot of cool names i MIGHT give away… all girls

    Magic Hawk
    Orange Dolphin
    White Panda
    Golden Wing
    Dangerous Fang

    lol it took me awhile to get these
    sorry brand new
    no islands done
    75 credits

  259. I wanted mine to be golden owl… but it is Calm Ice. I dont like it much but it is ok.

  260. Metal Rider says:

    I must have a rare one.

  261. my poptropican name is happy horse and my username is ginger1540. my other poptropicans name is bendy seagull and the username is gingoe.

  262. Maroon is in the list but the other part of my name isn’t, which is Ocean. ;)

    Slanted Fish: Thanks. :)

  263. mine is fearless tiger

  264. golden lightning says:

    i got golden lightning. i must be SOO lucky

  265. I’m Sneaky Spider and my second account is Golden Wing.

  266. well i need help on super villan island!

    Slanted Fish: Then you might want to look at our Super Villain Island Guide.

  267. Magic…. Star!
    Found mine! This list is great. I use it for names in my Poptropica Stories :)

  268. I’m Nice Kid!

    I think it’s true!

  269. Shinykid157 says:

    I found my previous accounts

    Slanted Popper :)
    Little Star
    Hungry Crab
    Zany Socks :o
    Little Speck
    Shaggy Cheetah
    Undefined Undefined
    Super Hero
    Messy Panda
    Little Speck
    Super Wolf
    Smart Tree :o
    Light Ninja
    Crazy Speck
    Golden Bubbles
    Cuddly Snowball
    Silly Snowball

    And now I am at Shinykid :)

  270. I found my name!!

  271. Mr. Awesome says:

    Im angry tornado

  272. im cool hero (my other account) i think my names the best

  273. Invisible Fish says:

    Mine is Invisible Fish!


  275. Hello my username is jedi4588.i am a tough burger

  276. Mine is Incredible Gamer AWESOME

  277. I haven’t seen any Poptropican who’s first name is Lava!

  278. My other players name is Maroon Fire.

  279. but I’m still currently Cool Bite.

  280. Spotted Comet all the way

  281. Massive Ghost I Like It

  282. awesomepoptropica says:

    found mine

  283. Ancient Chicken says:


    Slanted Fish: It’s probably a glitch. Your Poptropica name should have two parts.

    • tikal8d says:

      It happens to a lot of people. Usually once you hop onto an island, it is fixed and the second name appears.

  284. I was messing around and trying to find new names and I got: Moody. Why? I’ll have an avatar studio up soon.

  285. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bd2hnWVBsZEdobGIzSnBaMmx1WVd4bFkyRjBhbTl1WlhNPQ%3D%3D

    Apperently it gave me “Lizard”, which is a glitch name like Red Lizard or Poptropican Lizard.

  286. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bd2hnWVBsZEdobGIzSnBaMmx1WVd4bFkyRjBhbTl1WlhNPQ%3D%3D
    It replaced _______________ as Lizard. Which is a glitch name ex. Red or Poptropican lizard.

  287. Now I have “Raptor”, “Curious”, “Icy Fire (It’s just an oxymoron)”, “Icy Icicle (It’s funny)”,” Drummer”,”Bashful”, “Cheerful”, “Moon”, and “Moody”.

  288. Mine is Sticky Clown,who is married to Red Lizard (me) and they have a son~~~~Bendy Pear(again,me)! ;) :) :D 8)

  289. mines sporty panda. I am a vegatarian so i didn`t pick “Beef”. Beef something is sooo akward. I know,right? Pup just got phsyco. Gotta go! ;)

  290. A Very Merry Wild Berry. says:

    Poptropican Lizard is a glitch name.
    I got the name Red Tomato :-)

  291. Chimcharfan17 says:

    Hey, My name is Poptropican Lizard! Its glitched and it use to be Red Lizard :(

  292. Can you change your players name?

  293. Very cool! I found my first and last name.

  294. Oh yeah, “Magic” and “Star” are both there with “Sporty” and “Sun” :D

    What about “Eggcup” and “Evil”? I had a Poptropican called Evil Eggcup a few years ago, but I forgot the username and password.

    Slanted Fish: I’ve never seen either “Eggcup” or “Evil”… strange names! :P

    • I just checked the Avatar Studio, and there was no one named “Evil Eggcup”… but my friend claims to have a prt sc of us playing poptropica in which my name was clearly “Evil Eggcup”. Spooky!

    • tikal8d says:

      Some names were deleted at one point a few years ago, so names such as those still exist, but are now quite rare.
      Also, Poptropica accounts can be deleted if you don’t log in within a certain time limit, as could be the case with your’s ;) ~Tikal

  295. Wow! Mine is WHITE CLOUD! That’s actually a last name….. O___o

  296. Awesome! im making an third account now and i got strange! (no last name just strange.) its awesome.

  297. Dang its changed to strange lizard -.- i didnt want that :(

  298. I’m Fast Lion and Cheerful Biker.

  299. mine is Smart Boa :) :P :D i love it another one is blue raptor even cooler :D :D :D

  300. friend me!!!! 8)

  301. coolclaw315 says:

    it has cool claw yay!

  302. Fierce Lizard says:

    These would be the best Poptropica names ever:
    Fast Runner
    Golden Eagle
    Creepy Clown
    Super Hero
    Invisible Ninja
    Red Heart
    Wild Fire
    Big Hippo
    Hungry Tummy
    Creepy Clown
    And of course, Fierce Lizard (That’s me :D)

  303. Candycane says:

    Im golden cheatah

  304. Some people get the good names like Super Thunder…I get Sticky Clown. :roll:

  305. Speedy Skunk says:

    I am Speedy Skunk and I approve this name.

  306. Fearless Owl says:

    My name’s Fearless Owl. It’s on the list.
    I’ve seen others with the same name comment on the PHB. If you’re reading this, and your name is Fearless Owl, please respond; I’d love to say hi!

  307. In Poptropica Adventures DS my players name is Angry Storm.

  308. LOL:While randomly searching through names,I got Loud Belly. :lol: :LOL

  309. i created one called short kid. :P

  310. and icy icicle

  311. Somebody living on Earth says:

    I personally think there should be a button for people who WANT to choose their own name. Sometimes names like “Shaky Boot” for example (im looking at that one now) are a little too crazy for some people (including me)

    • tikal8d says:

      If we did that, everyone would go for the good names and there would be lots of Super Stars and Blue Berrys :) ~Tikal

  312. If only they put orange (the fruit) as a last name.Then we could have Orange orange… :lol:

  313. mynameisnotslimshady says:

    my name is perfect lizard so i guess i should be a lizard right about now

  314. my poptropican’s name is orange. literally just “orange”. it fits cuz i’m a ginger. c:

  315. my name is tiny bird dont bother freinding im not
    telling out my user unless you are in the pancakes trade mark
    have over 600 freinds and members in the group ^~^
    i would encourage you to finish the game and see your
    winings(>‿◠)✌ you might not know the game but you know a strategy☭
    planing and viewing are the artifacts of the crown waiting to be put
    in place(◡‿◡✿) good luck ^~^

  316. fearlessnoodle says:

    I’m Fearless noodle! Any other Noodles out there?

  317. Hey everyone,I’m searching through Poptropica Names, and I just got “Popular”. Just Popular.I got a glitch name! :-o

  318. GUYS IF YOU TYPE IN noshirt ON POPTROPICA AVATAR STUDIO A GIRL WITH NO SHIRT COMES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. directioner 4eva says:

    mine is bashful hero… its funny because my personality has nothing to do with bashful…

  320. Mine is Red Lizard. Is that a glitch name?

  321. IM just…… Burger O-o
    Im creating an account and I didn’t get a last name.. I just got a first name
    is that rare or something……?

  322. Guess What My Name Is... says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey! My name is… Wait a minute! Shouldn’t I let you peeps guess? No? Okee.. My name is Gentle Toes. And I’m proud that I have it and found it. :) Add mee! qwertypad2

  323. StardustHero says:

    My name is ‘Beefy Hero’. I think it’s a pretty cool name!

  324. Walter Mellon says:

    I am the amazing Lucky Axe! But I don’t Have an axe to carry around… WHY?!?!?!

  325. i guess i’m realated to Ned Noodlehead. yay.

  326. elizabeth says:

    im shoeless crumb friend me username krabbypatty164 plz

  327. Yellow Comet says:

    My name on Poptropica is Yellow Comet for my primary account (before Wimpy Boardwalk came out I had won all the islands and I’m trying to regain that), and for other accounts I have Yellow Bird, Funny Fox and several others.

  328. Mine is Blue Flame. I’m not sure if it’s cool or not but I’m tempted to get a new character with a cooler name >:/

  329. im white socks

  330. Poptooper says:

    Blue Boa <3

  331. Wouldn’t it be funny if you got a poptropican named “Big foot?”

  332. SweetMotherofMersey says:

    My Poptropican’s name is Pink Floyd. Weird, innit?

  333. BrownEyedBeauty says:

    I’m Little Owl, before I was Spotted Turtle. Cute!

  334. QUIET BERRY that is what the qb stands for :D

  335. Comical Turtle says:

    I am comical turtle. My sister is little whale. Fun, right?

  336. Perfect Fang!

  337. YAY my name is creepy leaf

  338. ritabella says:

    I have two accounts on Poptropica. My names are Lazy Monster & Dangerous Storm. I was really young so I didn’t care about what my name was. Now I do and I wish I could change Lazy Monster!

  339. ritabella says:

    My brother is smart leaf. His is way better than mine.

  340. Thinknoodles says:

    I’m brave leaf and speedy catfish

  341. Friendly Heart! <3

  342. hatersloveme4897 says:

    I’m Little Heart,Orange Hero,Noisy Dragon and Beefy speck…and users are knucklehead5249,davyjones1200,nirvana8524 and Tyresebighead0000 (that was my sister idea)
    BTW-no commas

  343. My character’s name is Golden Rider.

  344. hatersloveme4897 says:

    And the late,Friendly Lion which user is coolperson9045.

  345. Justine says:

    My Name is Cheerful Brain

  346. Add MysteryGirl21324 on Poptropica!! says:

    My name is Friendly Ant.

  347. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Golden Sky.

  348. mine is grey club

  349. nothing add me cordell2233

  350. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Aw man…if there were only Fiery Dragon.

  351. I have a name Nice Shell.

  352. I actually have three poptropica acounts,if you are a member I have 6 costumes.
    Note:I’m not a member.My user name with my costumes is “Zakai’sP”

  353. Grey Wolf says:

    its possible to get just one name…. I was making a new poptropican and it gave me the option for ‘cactus’, ‘dangerous’, or ‘spinner’, ‘hyper’, just by themselves

  354. I found mine it’s shiny knuckle
    can you add the last name “orange”? because i want my new name to be “orange orange”
    lol and yeah i just said that

  355. Some Random Dude says:

    anyone else kept clicking until their name was angry bird?

  356. Some Random Dude says:

    i clicked on change all a few times and it said:
    red crab
    yellow sun
    white cloud
    angry bird

  357. Some Random Dude says:

    is beefy belly embarrassing or what?

  358. ;asldkj says:

    the glitch that only showed half my name happened to me… half of my name had to be “creepy”

  359. for some reason instead of the glitch of the half name, for me it doesn’t give me a name at all i’m so confused?

  360. my name is “red dragon” and i always play on red dragon island

  361. Did you know?one time I kept on pressing change all,The name was only tomato!So cool!

  362. comical biker

  363. hatersloveme4897 says:

    Yes,I got a COOL name and it is Dangerous Skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  364. hatersloveme4897 says:

    The username is hipsterkid454!
    Yeah,I know,it’s not a hipster :)

  365. Grimreaperdeathsensei says:

    I have multiple accounts i didn’t find only 1’s name…….. Shy—Owl

  366. Grimreaperdeathsensei says:

    My Usernames are: ncrebel, hellsskullbookofkarate,grimreaperdeathsensai, chinchou12,cherokeean, and earth’sgaurdian add my accounts no reason not to it is six free friends! GL& HF poptropicans enjoy!

  367. Grimreaperdeathsensei says:

    I have a question———— I am a newer poptropica player and all but i learned how to play at school so i have a promo code and used credits on a cool costume but does poptropica ever end?

  368. world leader says:


  369. BlackSwanFeathers says:

    2 accounts:
    Fearless Fox (!!!)
    Brain (That one is so cool! Glitch!)

  370. ComputerHatesMe012928 says:

    I think my computer hates me…
    (Here are a few I’ve gotten)
    Dead Seagull
    Greedy Kid
    Slimy Panda
    Spotted Zebra (Really?)
    Green Orange
    Sticky Peanut
    Yellow Ice

    Are some of these gross or what?!

  371. MoonShadow101 says:

    i hope i get SilverShadow. Because unfortunately they don’t have BlackShadow or MoonShadow which is what i would hope for but SilverShadow is good enough! :D

  372. binary bards secert agent says:

    mine is strange walker and sliver thunder add me sw is aswome309 and st is alfiebro9

  373. binary bards secert agent says:

    and i am binary bards secret agent

  374. ilove_teentitans says:

    im incredible storm ! I love it ;)

  375. I found mine! it is Fearless Pelican. my username is RaOneStorm.

  376. prickely singer says:

    im prickly singer

  377. My name is, Super Monster, User Name- Ayodejia. Add me!

  378. Young Flame says:

    My names are Young Flame ( <3) and Beefy Owl. :(

    • Young Flame says:

      BTW my Young Flame username is Puppylover50416 and my Beefy Owl one is Hermoine141
      (Beefy Owl isn’t looking her best right now) ;)

  379. Greeny78554 says:

    My name’s Popular Flipper! I Love that name!

  380. my name is speedy sky but they dont have speedy

  381. xXbitterblossomXx says:

    I think that maybe they should change the naming system, like instead of a random name generator. The names should be in 2 categories. One category would have the first names. The other category would have the last name. So the user could just scroll through and select which name they want. Instead of endless clicking hoping to get a decent avatar name. But y’know that’s just my opinion. . .

  382. So..I want my name to be:Pink Heart…Also,here’s some random names I made X3 :
    Purple Pelican
    Crazy Lion
    Shiny Starfish
    Bashful Fish
    Spotted Tiger (XD)
    Wild Diamond
    What name do you guys like XD

  383. Silly Pelican says:

    My name Is Silly Pelican XD

  384. queen of recycling says:

    is anybody invisible ghost ?

  385. skinny onion says:

    when i was making a new account i got sqeezy skunk

  386. Smart Sky says:

    the name to my regular account is Smart Sky. then I have another one named Fierce Wolf (I think that is pretty cool). and then I just made one named Burger. Yep BURGER lol and then I also have names I want (there is a lot): nice dolphin, magic dolphin, cuddly dolphin, golden heart, heart, dolphin, (FYI I really like dolphins), golden star, purple boa, Panda, ninja, invisible ninja, icy ice and im not going to say anymore

  387. I think you should be able to select your combination then more people would be happy with their poptropica names.

  388. I am Icy Storm. That’s what inspired me to make my Club Penguin account, Icystorm 9!

  389. My name is just “Sky”.It is the coolest.

  390. Short sun says:

    Muddy whale is my cousin and he’s got loads of medals

  391. Jennifer says:

    I like Invisible Joker

  392. fluffysam says:

    mine is shaky biker

  393. skinny onion says:

    I’m friends with someone named sqeezy sky

  394. Striped Eel says:

    my poptropica names are Striped Eel and Trusty Penguin.
    Striped Eel has 16 medalions!

  395. happy rider jk that’s my friend mine is orange panda :)

  396. My name is Dizzy Tooth :P

  397. My Name is Perfect Comet (: I love it. One of my friends is named Lone Wolf. HOW LUCKY IS SHE? Ive got a question … Whats the point of having friends on POPTROPICA if you cant talk with them or know when theyre online so you can hang out with them in the common rooms? I made a nice friend and we can never find eachother or communicate.

  398. My Poptropican Name is Happy Gamer. I’m content with it, but I wish I could have a name like Blue Penguin. Oh, well… I don’t have all day clicking on that button…. :(


  400. Jumpy Tomato says:

    I am Jumpy (only j name ) Tomato.

  401. Icy Heart says:

    I was 11 when Poptropica came out, I have completed ALL the islands and I’ve kept the same poptropican the whole time! I have a little brother and sister and LOVE to play on Poptropica! I can barely get a turn on the computer! My poptropican’s name is Icy Heart, I LOVE my name! And I like a lot of your guys’ names too! My little brother’s pop’s name is Greedy Feather, my little sister’s pop’s name is Tall Horse.

  402. Icy Heart says:

    You know when you are creating a poptropican you can click the ‘change all’ button and it will change your poptropican’s name…

  403. Icy Heart says:

    Friend me! Username: alexis1reann ! If you friend me I’ll friend you back! Just tell me your username!

  404. crazy turtle says:

    How common is the name Crab i’ve only seen it once on Red Crab

  405. club penguin says:

    lol i got club penguin…

  406. Hyper Cactus says:

    yuo missed cactus as a last name mine is hyper cactus im glad hyper was there though
    i love your site! it is on my bookmarks bar! but your site slows my pc down i wonder why???

    • Cactus was already on the list, and glad you’re enjoying the PHB! Are you sure it’s this site that’s slowing your computer down? This website is standard WordPress blog. To improve your internet experience, use the latest version of your browser and don’t have too much open on your computer.

  407. Silver Cloud says:

    I had other accounts before I made my current one. In order to find a name I liked, I randomized my character for a while. Once I found a name I liked, which was Silver Cloud, I customized my character. That’s one way you can search for a good name!
    ~ Silver Cloud

  408. purple socks says:

    you guys know if u don’t like the name when you get it, you can just click change all until u find a name u like?

  409. icy skull, i wright about comedic war not tradgedies. says:

    thanks to, I wish you could change you’re name with out starting over ):

  410. icy skull, i wright about comedic war not tradgedies. says:

    I wanted my name to be gray wolf like it really is every were else, but icy skull is killer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  411. My name is Icy Comet

  412. icy skull, i wright about comedic war not tradgedies. says:

    It would be cool if you’re name was ghost rider!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ghost rider is a movie with Nicolas cage)

  413. my name is trusty panda

  414. Mine’s Red Boot! I love it! It only showed up as Boot when I signed up :)

  415. annabednar@shaw.ca says:

    My name is Grey Wolf.

  416. Mine is Hungry Rider

    I have another profile the name is Silver Wolf

  417. LonelyClown says:

    Lonely Clown


  419. cheriebell1 says:

    mine is popular runner. I must say it is a pretty cool one.

  420. Funny Hawk Like a Boss

  421. Speedy Sword and Red Bear

  422. You know they reuse the names? There are multiple people with my Poptropica name…:(

  423. Brianna Mcdaniel says:

    mine is Quiet Heart!!!!!

  424. Shoeless Raptor says:

    Mine is Shoeless Raptor.

  425. Strange Kid says:

    Lol, I actually love my name, when I first saw it generated I was like ”this is perfection”.

  426. Im White Wolf. ’tis a cool name.

  427. lucky crown says:

    P.s. If want a befriend me my username is: luckyesmc. By the way awesome names guys. I do love how Poptropica gives names that has meaning to the person.

  428. Big Kid (that's my name) says:

    My name is big kid
    it did take a looooing time to get it but I am proud of it
    Heres the link you can check

  429. TheDragonMale says:

    My Poptropican name is Red Turtle! :-)

  430. Mine was speedy cheetah, my poptropican has purple-ish hair!

  431. Big Kid (that's my name) says:

    I sawsomebody in th the soda pop sho named cosmoe. Please respond!

    Slanted Fish: Cosmoe is an ad for Galactic Hot Dogs. He’s in all the common rooms.

  432. littlecooki says:

    i made an acc and its id is only 1 word… help?

    Slanted Fish: That’s a glitch, but perhaps you can contact Poptropica about it.

  433. Big Kid (That's My Name) says:

    ok thanks S.L.

    • Big Kid (That's My Name) says:

      When i check off “notify me of follow up comments via email” does than include when somebody responds in bold under my comment such as when slantedfish answered my cosmoe question?
      Big Kid

      Slanted Fish: Nope, it doesn’t. :P

  434. is dangerous hawk a goon name? can u tell me asap plzz

  435. steeeeeeeeeeeeerfff{steve} says:

    dudes i found my name

  436. j.b2014 (chilly comet) says:

    hi… my username is “j.b2014” and i got the avatar name “chilly comet” witch i don’t really like so if there is no other avatar name called “golden owl” could you give it to me? and thanks creators of poptropica.. ur the BEST!

    plz reply..

  437. Llamasssss says:

    I got Red Fox, which is my favourite animal :)

  438. Happy Bee says:

    I know how to change a name, but its not a glitch or hack, when you are making character, click change all button, and it will change everything including the name, so you can change and change until you find a name that you like, besides, you can change all of the rest by just clicking the buttons below it… hope this helps…

  439. daggermoon says:

    what’s silver rock’s username i forgot

    Slanted Fish: My Silver Rock character’s username is hi.Juyo :)

  440. Hyperkooki says:

    i tried for an 15 mins and i fanialy got Hyper Boa

  441. what is brave tomato’s username

    Slanted Fish: There’s a list of PHB authors’ usernames (and more) on our Friend Finder page. :)

  442. my name is Super Sky

  443. plz add me my poptropica name is GYTA

  444. My account: Friendly Lion (Mystery Train?)
    My friend: Smart Horse
    which do you gs think is cooler?

  445. Queen Elsa says:

    Fearless Jumper :) It reminds me of Divergent, if any of you have ever read it.

  446. Yep. You know my name. Right up there in the blue link letters.

  447. My name is Bony Hamburguer……

  448. I got one named Greedy Bear and one that is named Red Sky

  449. I got what is probably the most redundant name in all of Poptropica…. Icy ice. The first time I came up with that name, I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair.

  450. lula4schmidt says:

    Recently I was making a random new account and I got a vary funny name ………Lazy Bones!!!!!

  451. I Once was making a new account and I got the name lazy bones :grin:

  452. nervous hero says:

    I got nervous hero

  453. My name is Massive Lobster

  454. Can two poptropicans have the same name? Just wondering

  455. Little Dragon says:

    Haha, I have 2 poptropicans: Big dragon and Little dragon.

  456. spotted monster says:

    ~formerly known as super mosquito who the only reason i remember her is because she’s still in my sister’s friends…………………………………………

  457. Pop'n'Winx says:

    Tall Berry!!

  458. pily38806 says:

    yay mighty fang im there!-Limbo5832

  459. I’m a Fearless Glove.

  460. John Doe says:

    i got massive dragon…. luckiest name i ever got…

  461. I was creating a random character and I found this name:Tummy. REALLY. Also I found my real name, Curious Hammer.

  462. Dangerous Kid says:

    why not have a name like tropical star?

  463. Lone Horse says:

    mine is Lone Horse

  464. I’m pretty sure that Cat is a possible last name…Lol imagine Grumpy Cat XD

  465. Cuddly Lion-such irony. :P

  466. Mine is Shiny Fox (both names are in there! =D)

    My old account which I can’t use anymore is Blue Star (blue isn’t in the first names, I miss that account SO much! It was my favourite account, but I can’t use it anymore. I think it’s from not logging in for to long. How long is the time period for not logging in before the account disappears?)

    My newest one is Blue Lightning (I LOVE that name, but I don’t use this account because I created it when I thought I also can’t use Shiny Fox anymore, but I still can.)

  467. Omegasonic2000 says:

    My name is Lone Shark. Why do I have the feeling that it’s related to something related neither to loneliness nor to sharks…?

  468. Bronze sky :D

  469. I’ve found two lastnames, “Chief” http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bT0QzTWJCWW5WemVXTm9aV2xt
    “Knight” http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMEF0V1pvVjJsc1pHdHVhV2RvZEE9PQ%3D%3D
    The odd thing is, is that some of these names no longer exist as Poptropican names, They once did.. but now they don’t?
    Names that I’ve found that you never seem to get when creating a Poptropican:
    Laser, Knight, Pink, Chick, Hook, Diver, Diamond, Chief, and a few others. Either they’re rare, or they’re officially gone?
    I’ll compile a list, if you want me to. :3

    • Interesting… I’ve heard of Diamond, but not the others, and as far as I know, they don’t show up in the character creation process – so maybe they were removed for some unknown reason. o: A list would be nice. :3

      • Pixel And Juyo, I’ve been doing some research and looking up some of these names in the avatar studio, and I decided I was going to test out different genders and different ages. I did this today, and I would like to point out that I actually selected a boy, 6 years old, and got the name Yellow Knight. Maybe certain names go to certain ages and/or genders? Pixel, you have a name besides Nice Dragon called Maroon Pomper made by Motion right? It might be rare, or just a really old name! How far does the mystery of these forgotten names go? :P

  470. Brave Octopus says:

    Brave Octopus

  471. neat fire

  472. tikal8d says:

    My name is Quiet Shadow :D

  473. Muddy Fire says:

    my name is the best one :D -MUDDY FIRE!!
    I used to have an account with a better name- HYPER DRAGON!!!!!!!!!
    feel free to add me – elsajasmine
    yes i know its a wierd name XD
    my younger sister made my account so yeah….
    PS- i look like a cat ;) thank you PHB for the glitch!

  474. my poptropicans named redeagle and freind me type redeagle571 and i need a membership to get my most favorite membership item from twisted twiget

  475. The Popular Kid says:

    My name is Popular Kid

  476. sonic72562 says:

    mine is mighty shadow

  477. comical bee

  478. Taylor Branam says:

    my name is Mighty Axe….. if only i got Mighty Dragon

  479. Robiin.BusyBrain says:

    Mine is Busy Brain (Robiin.

  480. NiggylyWiggly says:

    i’ve got normal names on my accounts. one is perfect bird. i also have a glitch one which is Little. yep, just Little. sorry for people who got like beefy sponge or something.

  481. TheTeleporterCow says:

    I have the worst name ever: Friendly Grape

  482. im cheerful flame

  483. My name when I started the game was Spotted Wolf, then it kind of glitched and was changed to Undefined Undefined. It has also been Red Lizard and Poptropican Lizard. Right now it is Poptropican. :P

  484. 10 random names I got:
    Yellow Goose
    Icy Shadow
    Speedy Cloud
    Mighty Foot
    Yellow Fire
    Bronze Bird
    Tall Hawk
    Silver Singer
    Masive Scorpion

    If I could choose a name I would choose Silver Flame!

  485. Some REALLY weird names I got:
    Shifty Bones
    Icy Fire
    Beefy Toes
    Big Mosquito
    Speedy Belly
    Tough Sword
    Grumpy Clown
    Sleepy Kid
    Happy (Lizard) (Happy came up with a frowning face!)
    Bashful Burger
    Fearless Gamer
    Giant Glove
    Angry (Lizard)
    Golden Axe
    Orange Hammer (tools?!)
    Tall (Lizard)
    Scary Crumb
    Masive Bug
    Calm Lightning
    Strange (Lizard)

  486. BDC1127 says:

    The best one I got was Bronze Typhoon
    The weirdest one I got was Serious Toes
    The most ironic was Dizzy Tornado

  487. Happy Penguin says:

    My name is Happy Penguin

  488. Big Kid (that's my name) says:

    Red Lizard is also a glitch name. I copied someones outfit with a trick with loading the avatar studio over and over and i got Red Lizard. I did it again and I got the same name. If I am wrong please tell me. Either a glitch name or a coincidence. (sorry for the typing errors)

  489. Big Kid (that's my name) says:

    I once got the name Bony Bones so I dressed up like a skeleton. :-)

  490. My name was carrot (without anything) but after a few days it turned to red carrot

  491. my name is thirsty crush and super sky

  492. Mine is Fierce Dragon.. no duh it says it up there… oh well i’m proud of my name!

  493. monique says:

    my name is speedy sky

  494. Quick Fang, the black flags leader!(I have finished almost all the islands) says:

    Slanted Fish: You missed a first name on the list. You missed quick, cuz my name is Quick Fang. BTW, I know a glitch. For some reason, one of the people in my friends list is called plain ol’ poptropican. Lol! And when I was in poptropolis and talked to one of the competitors, he said, the [TRIBE] is going to win this time. And they were all boys and wearing white shirts.

    Slanted Fish: ‘Quick’ was already on the list. It’s in alphabetical order. ;)

  495. im Sticky panda

  496. I have Curious Berry, Silver Sky, and Dangerous (Lizard).

  497. Dizzy Chicken says:

    I wish my name was Brave Heart!!!
    However, I got Dizzy Chicken. (I was eight when I made my account, and we had a pet chicken. She’s dead, but now we have a goat).

  498. haha104000 says:

    Im kinda worried. cuz this guy called undefined undefined is a account destroyer. if you lose a game with him you will get your account destroyed. is this something to scare people or is this true. i cant make a question mark there instead this happens: É

    Slanted Fish: Not sure where you got that from, but it’s probably not true.

  499. **Sigh** Neither of the two words that make my name are up there. Lol

  500. I know what you are doing right now so watch out says says:

    Mine is lnvisible Cheetah. It’s so cool. lmagine…… the fastest animal on Earth being INVISIBLE…. whoa…… :D

  501. Shaggy Coyote says:

    When I made my account, Poptropica was fairly new and I didn’t know that I could refresh until I found the perfect name. Luckily I didn’t end up with a name like Beefy Clown, I got Shaggy Coyote, which I’m pretty happy with. I rarely go on either of my two other accounts, but those are Scary Lightning and Wild Wolf.

  502. Shaggy Coyote says:

    Although I do like my Poptropican’s name, Shaggy Coyote, my dream name would probably be Silver Fox.

  503. Mine are White Fire, Golden Dragon and Cheerful Dragon.
    My brother’s are Dangerous Plug (LOL) and Bony Fire.

  504. Add Happyheart129047 and EmisheeJynx, those are my pplz. More in the making!

  505. Poptropican Lizard says:

    Opps, im a glitch :l

  506. I’m Yellow Cheetah. I’m not yellow or a cheetah. I’m like the slowest in my P.E. class. Why did I choose this name? Too late for me to make a new account now, but grr if only I could go back! I do have a Red Lizard and Tough Icicle account though. Hehe…

  507. I “changed all” until I got a name I was satisfied with… Silver Fire.

  508. Oh my gosh~ shaky comet is finally hereon the list! Add me shakycomet44 on Poptropica

  509. I’m fierce owl, I think I got lucky, usally people have to go through like 50 dumb names before they find something suitable!

  510. yay! my name is in there! my name is Incredible Heart!

  511. MY OLD PLAYER WAS HYPER AXE THEN I MADE A NEW PLAYER NAMED POPULAR SCORPION ( Popular Scorpion means im famous for having over 47 medallions)

  512. Spotted ice is my name :) I ❤️ It!!!!

  513. Flickyfriend002 / Fisio14 says:

    I’m Comical Fox aka Cheerful Tomato xD I love the Comical Fox :3

  514. Liliana Orozco says:

    i have two with the same name a girl named Moody Flyer and a boy named Moody Flyer