Cheats, Codes, & Glitches


Poptropica is filled with plenty of secrets and surprises, and this page is here to show you some of the cool things you can do or get in the game, including “glitching” for rare items! Some are just for fun, and some may even get you ahead. Plus, check the comments below for even more tricks.

Promo Codes

To enter these promotional codes, go to the Poptropica Store section of Poptropica, and where it says “Promo Code” in the top right corner, type in the code and enter for your cool new freebie.

  • GHDBOOK: Galactic Hot Dogs Mega Dog costume
  • GOREALMS: Realms Builder costume
  • POPANYWHERE: Poptropica App – Tablet & Phone
  • SKULLBOOK: Skull Pirate costume

Hotkeys & Special Effects

Note: Mac users will need to replace “Ctrl” with the “Command” key for these cheats to take effect.

  • Ctrl + Shift + R: Completely randomizes your Poptropica character (may or may not acquire a handheld item, such as a basketball or cell phone) – you will lose your current outfit!
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Changes your character’s skin color
  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Changes your character’s hair color (at first it may just show some computer history, but click on the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it’ll change hair color)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P: Character wears a pumpkin mask
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1: Character does the laughing emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2: Character does the crying emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3: Character does the angry emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4: Character does the jumping emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6: Randomizes character (same as Ctrl + Shift + R, above)
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10: Pauses game (or press the pause button in the upper-left corner)
  • S: Press “S” to skip a character’s dialogue when he or she is talking. You may have to click on the screen to get it to work. (note: does not work on SUIs – sound-updated islands)

combining emotes

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are secret surprises often found in many games, including Poptropica. Listed below are just a few of the many secrets of Poptropica.

Nabooti Phone Codes

The cell phone can be found at Mountains of the MoonNabooti Island, inside the cave lying on the bottom left corner of the scene. Enter certain number codes into the phone to get a cool new costume. Note that this can get rid of something you’re wearing.

  • 1225: Santa Hat and Sack
  • 911: Police Outfit
  • 411: Brain Helmet
  • 1337: Nerdy Outfit (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead)


Skull Mask

There’s a free “Skull Mask” wearable item hidden in a cave in Legendary Swords. To get it, enter the cave from the beginning and pass by the first cave area. In the second cave area, near the place where you find your first Legendary Sword (Rusty Relic), go left and jump up until you reach a brown space filled with strange fossils. Keep going left until you see the Skull Mask, then click to receive it!

skull mask

Viking Suit

  1. On Time Tangled Island, use your time device and click on 831 AD, the Viking time period.
  2. Walk over to the cave area but don’t go inside.
  3. Put on your glider from Leonardo’s workshop.
  4. Jump on the right side of the cave to get the bonus Viking Suit. Glide from the Viking mountain until you land on the ledge with the suit tucked away in the upper righthand corner of the Viking time period.


Hypnotic Costume

Here’s how even non-members can get an otherwise members-only costume! The prize is hidden at the Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island. Go left until you stop at a green tower, jump up four stories high, and find the window pane in the middle with the orange flower pot. Click on the top-left corner of that window, and you will receive the “Hypnotic” costume!



A glitch is not intentionally placed into the game like the Easter eggs, but you can still have some fun with it on Poptropica and use it to impress your friends! (Special thanks to Fuzzy-B, SL, Elphangor, Mashimai, and others.) (Note: May not work on SUIs – sound-updated islands.)

Avatar Studio Glitch (also known as ASG or cloning)

  1. Log into the Poptropica account you want to change the costume of.
  2. Open the Poptropica Avatar Studio in another tab.
  3. Type a rare username* (see list below) in the username box. (*account must be wearing the jetpack from Early Poptropica for this to work)
  4. Refresh Poptropica. If a message appears, do not hit retry, hit cancel. Press ‘Load’ a bunch of times on the Avatar Studio tab, then go back to the Poptropica tab and you’ll be prompted to save a new account with the cloned costume. Note that this will replace your current costume with that of the user you typed in. This could change your character’s gender if your gender is not the same as the account.
  5. No Eyes, No Mouth: Use the username “KeithSammut19” for step 3.
  6. Angry Eyes: Use the username “jcwarw49” for step 3.
  7. Gender Swap: Do the above with the username “KeithSammut19” if you want to change your girl account to a boy. If your account is a boy and you wish to change it to a girl, try it with the username “tentacle”.

*A large bundle of ASG usernames can be found on the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift page. Check it out!

ASG gift

Costumize Everything (SUI only)

Note: This glitch may not always work, and can only be done on SUIs (sound-updated islands).

  1. Find the character you want to customize from on an SUI (island with color on the map).
  2. Click on the Menu in the top-right corner and access your inventory (brown bag icon).
  3. Click on the green coin icon (Store items).
  4. Pick a costume card and click “Costumize”.
  5. In the Costumizer window, click the character icon (under the green shirt button).
  6. Select the character you want to customize from. You’ll be able to customize all their items!

Floating in Air

  1. Beat Nabooti Island (walkthrough here).
  2. Go to the Nabooti Museum.
  3. Go to where the totem pole was.
  4. Jump into the open air and you will float on where the pole used to be!

Minotaur Ears

  1. You must have finished Mythology Island first.
  2. Buy Medusa Hair from the Poptropica Store.
  3. Go to Mythology Island and enter the Minotaur’s place.
  4. Go to your Store items and use the Medusa hair on the Minotaur.
  5. He will now have unusual ears that you can customize!

One-Legged Race

  1. Get a peg leg from the Store’s pirate costume or multiplayer rooms.
  2. Go to Spy Island and on Main Street, you will find a woman in a jumpsuit that covers your whole body.
  3. Customize the jumpsuit and now will you have only one leg.

Non-costumizable Character (dogs, cats, robots)

  1. Locate a dog, cat, or robot that you can’t normally customize.
  2. Click on it.
  3. Immediately, go to your Friends tab.
  4. Click on your first friend.
  5. Scroll to the right right for 20 seconds.
  6. Click the Costumize button to the right (tiny blue shirt).
  7. There should be the dog, cat, or robot you clicked on in the Costumizer window, and if not, try again.

Standing on Rope

  1. Climb onto any rope, such as the one hanging from the blimp.
  2. Perform any emote (Ctrl + Shift + 1/2/3/4) or use a handheld item with a special effect (space bar).
  3. When your character is done with the action, you’ll be standing on rope!


  1. Walk over to the cord on Main Street, Spy Island.
  2. Put on the grappling bow-tie.
  3. Jump on the cord/telephone wire, aim the bow-tie down, and it’ll stick there.
  4. You’ll be in the parkway with the cord under your feet!

Custom Name Genie


Using a secret method, here at the PHB we are able to bring custom names to Poptropicans. Please read and understand the following before sending a request:

  1. We will need to make a new account in order to apply custom names (as in, not existing accounts), so you will need to specify the username, password, and gender you want for the account we will make.
  2. Names that are not a standard Poptropica name (see list here) will appear in-game (in common rooms and the friends list) as Poptropican Lizard, but will retain their custom appearance on the Avatar Studio. You may request up to four parts to the name (three spaces maximum) or else there will be an error. We recommend one or two parts. Be creative!
  3. We reserve the right not to fulfill requests at our discretion (for example, we will not do names that may be offensive).
  4. This service is done manually by a person, so please allow some time for processing the request. If you do not receive your account after one week, contact Please don’t spam with the same request, and don’t send in more than one request form a week.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, you can make your request with the form below!

Thanks goes to Keith Sammut for contributing to this service. He also runs his own Name Genie here.

Handheld Items

Want something to hold in your Poptropican’s hands? Try these glitches for a fun new handheld item. Thanks to Fuzzy-B, Samwow5, SL, Elphangor, & Mashimai for their help with these cheats.

ScissorsBig Sword, Scissors, Apple, Spears, Hades’ staff, Bongo, Club, Dynamite

  1. Add the username 55990022567 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

HandcuffsBig Spoon, Book, Swords, Feather, Paddle, Handcuffs

  1. Add the username everything173 to your Poptropica friends list.
  2. Go to his costume closet and look for those rare handheld items to customize.

Cup of colored juice

  1. Enter the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island.
  2. Go to the drink-filling area on the left and get any color of juice you want.
  3. Log out and log back into Poptropica.
  4. You’ll be carrying a cup of juice of the color you chose!

Candle & Fire iron

  1. Go to Great Hall in Bram’s Castle on Vampire’s Curse Island.
  2. Click on a Candle or Fire Iron so that you are holding it.
  3. Turn on a Store item card like Torch or Electrifier (you may also be able to use Ctrl + Shift + S).
  4. Turn off the Store item card’s effects.
  5. Exit the Great Hall and you should now be able to hold the candle or fire iron anywhere until it is customized away!


  1. Go to Game Show Island.
  2. Go to your items and turn on the Fan.
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Walk into a room and you should now be able to hold the fan anywhere!


  1. Travel to Early Poptropica Island.
  2. Get your Jetpack and then go to the left to the Poptropica Towers.
  3. Go down the underground area (Dark Room on your Map) where the boy is holding the skateboard.
  4. Climb down the rope. You’ll be holding a glow stick.
  5. Take off your Jetpack, and climb back up to the rope.
  6. When you exit the Dark Room, you’ll be holding the glow stick!


  1. Go to Cryptids Island and go to New Jersey.
  2. Ride on the Motorcycle and stop at the first pace you can.
  3. When you get off the Motorcycle and are holding the Lantern, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  4. Ride back to the start, you should now be able to hold the Lantern anywhere until it is customized away.

Ninja items: Bo staff, throwing stars, smoke bomb

  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and do your Ninja Training.
  2. While holding any of the Ninja items, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. When you are done, you should now be able to hold the ninja item anywhere until it is customized away.


  1. Go into Dr. Hare’s dream on Super Villain Island.
  2. Once in and holding the Pickax, press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Press “Wake Up” and you are done. You should now be able to hold the pickax until it is customized away.


  1. Go to the Vikings time period on Time Tangled Island.
  2. Wear the glider and enter the cave.
  3. Inside the cave, take off the glider.
  4. Exit the cave, and you’ll be holding the torch.

Beards & Facial hair

If your prepubescent face is feeling a little bare, put on a beard to tell the world what a man you are! Or, reduce your status to Baby with one of Mr. Yoshi’s costumes… it’s up to you. Thanks to Nice Dragon, SLPoptropicaaGCHelpFuzzy-B, Elphangor, and anyone else who helped in discovering these cheats.

Short Beard

  1. beardGo to Wild West Island and use the Beard Brew.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Go into a new room and you should now be able to keep the beard anywhere until customized away!

Pointy Beard for Boys

  1. Get Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab from the Poptropica Store and go there.
  2. Enter the orange door to start the mini-quest.
  3. Walk right and jump on the platform there.
  4. Jump off to the left and hide behind the crate of carrots.
  5. Wait for one of Dr. Hare’s minions to walk by on the platform above you.
  6. Click on the Costumizer and then on the Dr. Hare minion above.
  7. Customize his pointy beard!

“Dog” Beard

  1. Go to Lunar Colony Island and click on the guard dog outside Mission Control.
  2. Click on your “Friends” button immediately after clicking on the dog.
  3. Immediately click on your first friend and scroll to the right until you can not see them anymore.
  4. Click on the “customize” button inside the “Friends” feature and customize your “Dog Beard.”


Still looking for some rare costumes that will dazzle the commoners? Check out these cheats.

Ad Transporter

  1. Visit the Poptrogiverse Ad Transporter website made by KeithSammut and Zerror.
  2. Click on an ad listed and you will be able to play the ad on Poptropica. These are ads that have appeared in the game before but have been removed because their time was up. However, you can use this method to play the ad and receive the “limited edition” prizes, which you will be able to keep in your inventory.

For more Poptropica cheats and glitches, check out KeithSammut’s website.

Mr. Yoshi’s Game Show Costumes

  1. Go to Game Show Island and go on the “Mr. Yoshi” game show in Tokyo.
  2. While wearing whichever costume you want (Baby, Chicken, or Bowling Ball) press Ctrl+Shift+S so that your skin changes color.
  3. Continue on through the game show. Once you leave, you should be able to keep whatever costume you wanted until you customize it away!

Poptropica SWF

There are links to Poptropica SWF (Shockwave Flash) files, eg., where you can see various Poptropica item cards. Replace “13” in the URL mentioned with different numbers for more item cards! Items in the 1000s = island medallions, 2000s = advertisement items, 3000s = Poptropica Store items.

Find more back door Poptropica files on the Behind the Scenes page!

explore, collect, compete

If you know of any other working cheats, glitches, and codes that you’d like to share, you can comment about it here on this page! Check out all the comments below for even more cheats!


  1. Also if you have 411 you have a brain hat

    • I have it to

      • Lone Sneeze says:

        It was soooo funny when i went into the multiplayer room and everyone crowded round me, trying to custimize it.
        Then, i quickly exited the room so they couldn’t get it haha

      • I changed the cat colors

        1.get the cat to drink milk

        2. while he drinks the milk,press: Ctrl+shift+S or the cat can turn into a person,While
        it’s drinking milk, press ctrl+ shift+ R. It turns into a person. For the Ctrl+ shift+s it changs colors. But it only works when you have not completed the quest. (when you get out of the place, it turs back to normal) :) It’s funny. LOL.

      • Green Seal says:

        Erlinda10, you don’t need to get the cat to drink milk to be able to change it into a person, changes its color, etc. ; once the cat comes out of the shower, you can change it! I did it too, it was really funny… :)

      • serious spider says:

        That’s a really funny glitch!!!

      • Calm Spinner says:

        The cat thing changed me too!

      • Messy Tornado says:

        Congrats Ocean Clover for winning the contest!

      • @Lone Sneeze I thought you couldnt customize stuff like that… :S

      • Purple Thunder says:

        I have a glitch!

        1. Go to Spy Island HQ next to the screen

        2. Purchase Balloons, any Followers pack, Smiley Potion, and the Shrink Ray Gun in the Poptropica Store for 650 credits

        Your follower will be on the screen, and your balloon will be too! If you shrink someone on that floor, then your follower will disappear! :-D

      • matthewergc2014 says:

        If you press s while people are talking, you can skip what they say! Sometimes you have to click on the poptropica screen first.

      • Smart Flipper says:

        I costumized.
        Everyone copied me so i also exited… HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • worked

      • Happy Beetle says:

        I found another glitch. When you go into the bathroom on mystery train open the doors jump on the toilet then close the doors. You will come down from the roof!!!!!!!

      • in red dragon island if your trying to get to the door, after you use the grappling hook you go forward, ( don’t use the ninja stars,) keep jumping towords it and eventully you’ll get to the other side. it’s cool you go through it.

      • i like the bathroom in mystery train island, it is so cool!

      • guys this is weird: I went into a common room and then 2 mes appeared one was behind and the other I controlled. wherever I went the one in the back followed :O
        Fishy plz tell me what happenned

        Slanted Fish: Sounds like it was just a glitch. :P

      • black juice wont work for me! help?

      • i found a new glitch . go to virus hunter island and enter the jim pick up the wieght, at the same time (the freeze ray is required) shoot the person runing on the tredmill. and there you have it, you are holding the wieght.

      • guys friend my username is mah19tre! my name is barefoot flyer go in my closet u will awesome stuff!!!

      • Young Singer :) says:

        Doing the codes made me just look like a newbie. So I had to get my costume back. I didn’t even press the randomize buttons. Kinda looks like my first costume. What do you think happened:?

        Slanted Fish: Depending on what codes you entered, they may have had an effect on your character.

      • I know an another cheat,get the cinderella transformation power so go to game show island ,use the abiltiy and then the robots are now headless

      • Everyone tried to copy me, but i escaped in time

      • HI
        I have completed REALITY TV ISLAND on 26-09-2015

      • Fearless Hippo says:

        If you go into the dark tunnel maze in early poptropica, if you have the human torch on, you can see yourself! SO weird, but cool!

      • In rare cases on Early Pop Island in Pop Towers, there will be a flower pot on every window of every building and if you knock all the flower pots down you get a free membership but it’s super super super rare

      • On Early Pop Island at Pop Towers in rare cases, there will be a flower pot on every window of every building and if you knock all the flower pots down you will get a free membership but it’s super super super rare

    • I have 2 questions:
      Off topic:r u slavic?
      On topic:Everyone know this!

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        Holy cow!! It does work!! AND it is funny!! :grin: U guyz should add that!!!

      • nice bubbles was in the blog. :) :D nice job. you got in the blog! And the bloggers were right, you do rock nice bubbles!

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        Oh thank u!! I didn’t know this was updated!! Nice job, PHB!!
        These r what make Poptropica another cool site!! :D

      • Another glitch.

        switch heads:

        1. In astro knights, go to that fountain and enter.

        2.then jump up to the table at the end of the room.

        3.wait until two poptropicans put heads together.

        4.then jump into the ground and the boy puts his head on top of old granny!Jump up into the table again and old granny put her head on top of the youngster!

        (this glitch may be hard. Just keep trying. And wait patiently.)

        Tip: Talk to the youngster (little boy)and the granny might come over to his head and do the 4 steps above. (this may take a few tries.) :wink:

      • Calm Spinner says:

        Okay, I don’t know a thing u said.

      • Purple Thunder says:

        The PHB is awesome!! :D

      • this cheats are awesome

      • im awesome

      • my name is Bluemel14

      • how do you get a outfit in your closet

      • add me my name is klkl405 fyi i didnt know what to put lol

      • Easy. All you do is go on a colored Island on Poptropica Press the green button when your customisng and then press the blue button. You’ll see that your Outfit is saved. :) Hope that helped you.

      • i found a glitch go to virus island go to the video store and go in the back room pres the buton and stay on the first flor and jump wear the shelf was and u will flowt.

      • Futbol Chica says:

        Can anyone please help me? I am trying to change my avatar back to a girl, but the username “tentacle” does not work anymore. If anyone knows anything about how to change it back, please tell me a username that will work, because I really like that account.

        slantedfish: “tentacle” should be working now. :)

      • all of the glitches work

      • Orange Hammer says:

        Wished that fish was here. I know a new glitch.
        Head to a random place. Log off. Then log in another account. When its on his/her home screen, go back two spaces. The second account will be on where the first one is. If you complete Mysterious Train Island you can go back on the train with this glitch.

      • Pranav Guptta.V says:

        Guys i have a glitch as well.
        1. Go to Mythology Island ( You should complete it)
        2.Equip Hades’s helm and Poseidon’s trident
        3.Go to any other island(other than SUIs)
        4.While wearing those, click space.
        you can now be big and electric. but if you click space twice very fast you can be only big. if you click space once more, you will be electric!

      • Oops! Accidently posted twice!

    • Hi help blog…………..
      My name is Quick Storm
      And i found something that might interest all the PHB staff……………….
      I saw a creator (I think) online in MY multiuniverse room!!
      Check out this link to see what I mean it’s kind of funny.

      I don’t know how he got the beard (don’t ask)

      Hijuyo: Some people are able to get beards through hacks, even if they’re not Creators.

      • Orange Tummy says:

        It’s extremely unlikely that is a creator. I have an account with a beard.

      • Messy Tornado says:

        I know that it is not a creator because creators have custom names eg:Hazmat Hermit, Master Hare.

      • Nope. Sorry to dissapoint you, Quick Storm, but it’s not. Check out the creator database under “Cool stuff”. You’ll see that their peoples have custom names like Messy Tornado said. :(

      • Purple Thunder says:

        I have a beard and I’m not a Creator and I don’t hack! Here’s how you get a beard!

        1. Purchase Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab in the Poptropica Store for 250 Poptropica credits

        2. Fall through the bottom of the area without getting caught

        3. You’ll see a person that has a beard that resembles Sir Reberal’s beard

        4. Costumize his beard and press the Accept button

        Your Poptropican has a beard!

        Hijuyo: This is, of course, after Creators released beards available to everyone.

      • Are You Sure???? Its very unlikely and how can you be sure? It could be some random guy!!!

      • THOGH EGALE says:

        it so easy to get a beard just read the top so


      • supercaed says:

        the kitty one turned me into a creep!:P

      • I found a new glitch. Glitch ; Flying Poptropican. 1.Go to Criptids Island. 2.Go to Kities Kites. 3.Go to any Rope(Example Your Blimp.) 4.Press Ctrl+Shift+1/2/3/Space. 5.Walk on a rope(Without going up down.) And that’s My glitch

      • Fearlesspopper. Skycloak22358 says:

        I know you I’m friends with you

    • I like the spin glitch. If you have something like a guitar you will play that wile spinning instead of yawning. :mrgreen:

      • I like the laughing with the red face one. :D Lol, I do that in the chat rooms all the time! Anyways, I’m making a site called the Poptropica Directory Supreme. It’s just a list of cool pop-related stuff for people to explore, and I want to provide a link to this page on my site. It’ll look like this:
        Funny glitches: Poptropica Help Blog

        Is that okay?

        Hijuyo: Yes, of course. If you want people to see content from the PHB, providing a link would be great. Just don’t copy and paste from any site that isn’t your own without permission. :)

      • Okay, thanks! ;)

      • Purple Thunder says:

        Jack The Sumo Wrestler

        1. Go to Red Dragon Island

        2. Buy the Shrink Ray Gun

        3. Shrink Jack

        4. Travel to Japan or Frog Creek

        While you are traveling, Jack wil become fat! :-D

        Note: You don’t have to have completed the island for this glitch to work.

      • Fierra xD says:

        i have the thing that makes you small and most of the times i become fat! lol

      • guys want more cheats i dicovored? buy the ball!! costume and press spacebar and it start doing undiscovored emotions!!
        well if you buy any costume just press spacebar and it will do new
        emotions i hope you like my cheats very well!!

      • I love making myself into hunger games characters its so awesome!!!!!!
        and cool I have made katniss and peeta!

      • When i want on galacte hotdogs island i went through a wall easyily

    • If you go on a rope you can hit Ctrl + Shift + S and you stand in mid air then you hit Ctrl + Shift + 3 and then you hit Ctrl + Shift + 4 and you have a red face for climbing up the rope.And you do the same thing but as soon you touch the ground run and you will have a red face for a couple of seconds.

    • Purple Thunder says:


      1. If you have a Mac and Firefox, then you can do this glitch!

      2. Load Poptropica

      3. Click on “View”

      4. Click on “Zoom In (command plus +)” repeatedly

      5. Go to Shrink Ray

      6. Go to the edge of Avenue A

      7. Jump

      You should see two people underground, and you can keep on walking until you are floating! On Shark Tooth Island, go to the edge of Shark Tooth Island and you should see (The edge if you haven’t completed it) the graphic designing that the Creators did, for example Booga the shark’s fin! On Cryptids Island when you are riding the motorcycle, you can drive off the normal screen! When you are on Early Poptropica, you can see yourself climbing the rope or vine down! Also, when you are getting the Golden Egg, everything can be lit up if you go the far left! You can also see green squares with an “x” through them! This shouldn’t do any damage to your poptropican.

    • AthenaBird says:

      I really wish I could get all the items on the list… what happened?

      • lol what happend !!! oh ive got a secret for you go to nabooti and
        and find the aeroplane untill you find it go to the museum
        and go down the rope and theres the woman chat with the woman talk about the totem and she says you need too find them
        if you want to help say *yes or no* and but go to the aeroplane
        click fly and there it goes and first the jewel will be the purple jewel oh and the yellow and orange is permanent!!
        the purple jewel will be at blue nile falls go to other cheats and
        see i forgotten everything about it!!

      • Me too

    • hey if you want bubble gum free buy the elf costume and press spacebar you can do this forever !! not to buy the free bubble gum!!
      you need to wait untill it grows or if you want a bubble gum cheat but your using the free one go to any lake and go outside and there you have it just press spacebar and go inside the lake and wait 3 seconds
      and go outside press spacebar the bubble comes out!!!

    • added! my username:sporty_shark

    • Get The afro guy as a friend:
      add evilafroguy.
      I think I made that account but I’m not sure.

      • Orange Hammer says:

        Friend Emblem3 and Emblem5. There will be two Afro Guys (although there girls) and watch how they blink when you costumize them.

    • i dont get how to recieve a brain hat

      Slanted Fish: Type 411 into your Nabooti cell phone.

    • jathin123 says:

      I found an epic glitch – “underground”
      1. go2 superpower island
      2.stand on the phone booth
      3. click on the booth
      4. while u r going down, hold down
      u will be underground !!!!
      ( it may take a few tries )

    • THOGH EGALE says:

      I found a glitch well more cool thing 1st beat shrink ray island then
      buy a shrink ray and shoot the professor he’ll grow yeah

    • Brave Eagle says:

      You can custamize the trash can spy on spy island.

    • If You Do The Standing On A Rope Glitch And Then With A Kite From Crytids Island On The Blimp And Jump To The Side Without Going Up Or Down The Rope You Will Fly Into The Air Out Of The Screen And Fall Back Down.

    • Brave Eagle says:

      I hope you guys refigure out the custamize anything cheat. There so many things i want like the the virus creature custume or the 24 carrot bata custume. One of my freinds has membership but i dont have the heart to change his password and steal it for myself.

    • Brave Eagle says:

      Discovered by, member, Shy (Sky) Dragon, Tested and confirmed by Brave Eagle
      My Friend Sky told Me that he had discovered this at lunch one day. His poptropican is a member so I wondered if It was only for Members but then I confirmed it.
      On Twisted Thicket In the chase scene near the end activate the Forest Amulet then go to the Map icon and Restart the Island. You will then Have the amulet custamized and useable only on that island until the forest Queen takes it away.

    • this could be a glitch to change your gender
      1.type metalgirl or metalgirl1 (shes wearing a medallion for early poptropica)
      2 Refresh poptropica and your now a girl
      3 i did that so i could get all thee girl stuff for free because i am a member
      you should try it again if it doesn’t work
      should add this to phb

    • its funny that your name is freindly fish and my name is friendly snowball (nickmaes)

    • princesslollys04 says:

      im princesslollys04 who are you

    • lolmaster says:

      >:( i cant change my outfit to robot although i can get it up. help please

    • Click on the customize button, then the security dog in lunar c, the go to friends, then click your first friend, scroll through all of your friends click the blue shirt, then click on the pants, you will have shorts!!!

    • i just found out that if you got the poptropica birthday balloon and put it on in a beta island i goes all crazy and it stays sometimes so theres a glitch for you


    • cknight says:

      I did that on accident once trying 2 get pink lips was so confused! couldn’t make it stop Lol :P

      username: itishardtofindone

      friend me *0*

    • Strange Speck says:

      Can I also use the animal customizing trick on the giant spider in the hole on early poptropica island?

      Slanted Fish: It probably won’t work, as I’ve never seen customized parts of the spider, but you can try. :P

    • Strange Speck says:

      I figured out a way to get a new shirt, pants,skirt,hairstyle, ect. go to shrink ray island you walk to the left with out leaving main street. you should see someone standing out side of the sweet dreams common room. go inside the common room then exit. the person you saw probably changed clothes and maybe gender. now you can cosumize their outfit.

      Slanted Fish: There’s more of these random NPCs on Early Poptropica. :)

    • white flame says:

      if you hold ctrl,shift and t you go to the poptropica avatar studio

    • Jinx I got a Pick Axe

    • If you go to the exhibit hall on poptropicon episode 2, you can coustumize the wax figures

    • I cant find the phone on nabooti island all i see is 2 places and 3 stools and 1 crashed space ship

    • lol

      • Anime.Neko.Girl says:

        How is that funny? kinda sad… actually. *cries* *sniffs* well… i gtg to gymnastics. bye!

    • i found a new glitch go to 24carrot island go on top of the old hous and u can walk through the chimney.

    • gjsdritjhsrhwe48ryh6sr8dfgfighixdfhg8sd9

    • Orange Hammer says:

      First thing, my account, Russia392. Second thing, there are two MORE glitches about the SGD (the Sleeping Guard Dog in Lunar Colony). Glitch 1: activate Medusa on him and he should stand up like he’s sleepwalking or something. Glitch 2: activate Zombie on him and he should reveal baldness with no ears!

    • Orange Hammer says:

      For a Dr. Hare costume with ipad handheld, type the username TheDoctorHare. For Asgard, the guy who gave you the whatever hammer in the Realms, type Costume:PoptropicaRealms. For the old man in the DC station, type RutherfordBHayes1. For a cop dog with a rocket handheld, type in Costume:CopDog. For an Abraham Lincoln costume with his actual beard, a hair-colour top hat and a paper roll handheld, type in RareLincoln. By the way, there my accounts, all of them.

    • Orange Hammer says:

      Then there’s RareLincoln for an Abraham Lincoln costume with a hair-coloured top hat and an actual Lincoln beard.

    • Orange Hammer says:

      New dummy account:

    • This acount has glowing sword and angel wings too! okay1909

    • how do you get expired stuff

    • Fearless Hippo says:

      Hi! My name is fearless hippo and Im a flaming person. Do you guys know how to get free member ship?

    • everyone how do you turn to a girl more clearly explain instructions

    • purple beauty says:

      dorkdiaries89 is not working boohoohoo

      • Fearless Fox says:

        Purple beauty you read dork diaries too like me 😱
        Theres a grl in mi class she is like mackencie her name is oceanne. I used to borrow dork diaries from her . But one day she acussed me of not taking care of her book wich i did nt do 😡

  2. serious spider says:

    And if you type 166 you can get a chinese styled fan.

      (it doesn’t matter if you beated spy island or not.) on any tool above your room.
      (you should be in the glasses store)

      2.the doctor should be chasing you.

      3.Finally…….DOWN DOCTOR!!!

      He is big-boned. so watch out.

      just kidding. :D

      • AAAhhh!!! the cable is follwing me!!!

        (this glitch will work if you have the bowtie)

        1.go to main street

        2.go up to the building that has the black man.

        3.jump in the wire

        4.when you’re in the air aim to the ground(this will be easy without an advirtis

      • This following glitch some times can take you to the road

        or the cable might follow you.

        If it doesn’t work…keep trying.

      • Fearless Paw says:

        Many people have ALREADY mentioned that gltich…

      • Shifty Crush says:

        Up, poptropican!!!

        You must have the bowtie.

        1. Go in to the spyglasses building in the BOTTOM FLOOR.

        2. Jump and grapple on to the ceiling.

        3. Take off the bowtie when the bowtie is going to the ceiling.

        4. You should have gone up to the top floor.

        Tip: You can keep jumping from “Down Doctor” from Bernabe12. (It may take a few tries.)

      • Speedy Wolf says:

        yes! it works! then me and the doctor started jumping around like crazy….glitch, probably. Maybe we drank too much black juice……. :-D

      • wanna be a rock star girls?

        1. go to that chat room in spy island.

        2. then climb up to that chair in the stage at the top floor.

        3. then you should have the pop star outfit.

        4. then press spacebar.

        5.enjoy your time girls!!

      • Neat Turtle says:

        I tried it!lOl, its so funny cuz if I jump, so does he!Its like a bounce off!Boing boing boing…

      • Purple Thunder says:

        Underground miners

        1. Go to Time Tangled Island

        2. While your Poptropican is falling, open up any new page while Time Tangled Island is loading (this may take a few tries)

        3. Your Poptropican will seem to bounce up and down!

        Note: You don’t have to have completed the island for this glitch to work, and if you want your Poptropican to walk on the road again, then jump to the sea and walk back onto land and your Poptropican will be walking on land again! (This does not do any damage to your Poptropican at all).

      • Purple Thunder says:

        Talking to ghosts

        1. Do the glitch “Zoom” by Purple Thunder, above

        2. You should see game options on the left

        3. Go into a chat room and click on an option

        Your Poptropican, without asking anybody will say, for example, “Do you want to play head-to-head Star Link?”

      • Orange Hammer says:

        He’ll fall down if you are in the actual store and click on a gadget.

    • Fearless Paw says:

      Which one? And, if you know a glitch, send it to them at

    • Purple Thunder says:

      Elastic Fire

      1. Go to Counterfeit Island

      2. Go to Bobo’s Clown Shop and pick any color balloon

      3. Go to Mainstreet and climb up the rope
      in about the middle of the rope

      4. Purchase “Torch” from the Poptropica Store for 250 credits if you’re a non-member, for free if you’re a member

      5. Turn on “Torch”

      The fire will be streching slowly down towards the ground!

      • wow it worked!
        my balloon is flying up in the air
        while the fire is stretching!
        HEY: if you want to fly, first use Purple Thunder’s glitch cheat.
        then go left or right
        your poptropican will bounce into the air
        try it!!

    • didnt worked for me, maybe it doesnt work anymore (the chinese fan)

    • reallu?

    • where?

  3. there is a mistake ex:you sad fan 67 accutually it is 66 you made the number i more than it should be. Pretty cool, huh? All these cool thngs now at pop?

  4. This is interesting, I did wonder how come I see many characters holding items in their hands, now I know how to get them. Thanks!!!

    • thanks

      • Purple Thunder says:

        Up through the manhole

        1. Do the glitch “Zoom” by Purple Thunder

        2. Go to the manhole on Early Poptropica

        3. Go down through it

        4. Press the back arrow on the upper-left hand corner of the window

        Your Poptropican will be under the manhole, and you can jump out ofit!

      • Purple Thunder says:

        Up through the manhole

        1. Do the glitch “Zoom” by Purple Thunder

        2. Go to the manhole on Early Poptropica

        3. Go down through it

        4. Press the back arrow on the upper-left hand corner of the window

        Your Poptropican will be under the manhole, and you can jump out of it!

    • sleepy bubbles says:

      ok so i have a code … go to the chat room on spy island and press F8 then when your mouse is a swirl thing refresh the page and you will be surrounded by sparkles i think its cool :)

    • StanleyIsManly says:

      How do you customize them though?

  5. Clean Crush says:


  6. same here funny penguin :( The codes won’t work! It worked this morning but now it doesn’t work! The only code that work are the police hat, the brain helmet, the Santa outfit, and the geek outfit! :( :(

    • google plex says:

      Do you have a Mac? Because if you do then press and hold down apple+shift and watever the cheat code is

    • Purple Thunder says:

      My hat is too big! (Only works for girls)

      1. Costumize the cap that the spies have on Spy Island

      2. Purchase the Pop Star costume from the Poptropica Store for 75 credits if you’re a non-member, for free if you’re a member

      3. Costumize the cap and press accept

      Your cap is too big!

  7. serious spider says:

    Every-one who needs the cellphone:
    You play Mancala with the man and if you win he will let you in the cave at the bottom of the cave you will find the cellphone.

  8. serious spider says:

    Comment 9: Red Lizard, you don’t trade for a phone. You actually get a camera if you trade gold. The Gold is on top of a tree in the Kaya Forests. You have to beat the guy in Mancala to get in the cave to find the phone.

    • Purple Thunder says:


      1. Go to Shrink Ray Island

      2. While you are sliding down the slide, right when you are about to bounce on the red swing, point your arrow up like you would jump, and you will rocket all the way to Sweet Dreams Candy Shop! (depending on how well you do it)

    • i have some thing for you guys go to early poptropica and go to the towers you will see a balloon guy click on a balloon and you will be the color of the balloon


  10. Spotty Pikachu says:

    I got the phone…

    • Purple Thunder says:


      Get ready to get a new player, then hold down command+R+3+shift+control, then when your player is popping out of the box, your player will fall down a lot, then to see your player (you might get cool names when you do this, I got Speedy Dragon)
      do this:

      (If you have a Mac/PC and Firefox, then you can see your player)

      Load Poptropica
      Click on “View”
      Click on “Zoom In (command plus +)” repeatedly

      Note: Your player probably won’t be able to get out (unless I find one :wink:)

  11. so… do you have ANY idea why the codes aren’t working? have they been deleted or something?

    Codien: My guess is there redoing something. I’d hate it if they removed the feature of getting items from it. That was so cool.

  12. Yahoo!! I finished Nabooti island and I only started this afternoon!!

  13. my brain hat will never delete

    Scary Tomato: Use the Costumizer tool with another person and click on the brain hat from your character. Click ‘Accept’ at the bottom and it’ll be removed. ;)

  14. Everestrocks says:

    I think they got rid of it for Christmas since the santa hat and bag are still working

    • Lone Sneeze says:

      In one of the blog entries there is a picture of someone carring that same hat and bag. And it is the same hat from the christmas thing.
      The sack is the same one in tiem tangled island the one for salt.

    • 4 the Christmas thing its 1225 4 December=12 day=25 the 25 of December is the code! I think the poptropica creators wanted it that way right?

  15. Greedy Lion says:

    Hang in there everybody! Hopefully the codes might be running again.

    • Lone Sneeze says:

      Hey i think i know how to get them back! maybe they do work but they just changed the codes!!! YAYA

      ST: I don’t think so; I haven’t heard of any new phone codes. :(

    • Obiwan2324 says:

      You know, I just realized the puns/messages in the Phone Codes… XD

    • AHH! I just got turned into a nerd outfit ! :(

    • Purple Thunder says:

      I found a glitch that could revolutionize Poptropica!

      1. Get the 4th birthday costume three times (Note: All you have to do is go inside a selected multiplayer room and exit it and a bunch of times until you’ve popped the balloon three times), and you’ll have double of all your costumes and powers!

      • Red face
        1. climb up any rope you can find
        2. do ctrl+ shift +f3
        3. while you are getting mad quickly climb down the rope and start running and your face will be red for a while

  16. invisible storm says:

    plz help when i log-in it says i did nothing but i did a lot. it does not work on my mac and my pc
    also it says i have no items but i do
    plz plz plz plz help i want to be able to play poptropica again plz help invisible storm

    Codien: First try doing this and tell me if it works. Click [Tools] – [Delete Browsing History…] then Delete Cookies and Temporary internet files.

    • ejb121099 says:

      You need a java update. at my grand parents’ house they have the same problem. if you go to a public computer, it will be back to normal.

    • Purple Thunder says:

      How do you get the guy with white skin and weird eyes? I was him last time I played Skydive.

      • It's a bird! It's a plane! No...It's a bird-plane! Hehe just messin' with ya! It's really me,Incredible Flyer! says:

        I think that it was just a glitch on your computer, cause once I was doing reality TV and i did hanglider, everybody but me was that guy!!!

      • Purple Thunder says:


      • Angry Bird says:

        once, i was on spy island, & when u hav 2 walk between streets, i looked like george washington w/ a helmet & rainbow shirt!!! lol

      • That guy is aka Evil Afro Guy :P

  17. Quick Monster says:

    Yeh the phone codes need to come on, they make it more fun and interesting to be holding a Big Sword(102)!

  18. Perfect Lion says:

    I think the brain cap is cool

  19. Can enyone help me get rid of the geek guy costume, I dont want pimples anymore! Please help!-sigh-!

    Scary Tomato: Use the Costumizer tool on someone and click on the parts you don’t want to remove them. Then click ‘Accept’ at the bottom. ;)

    • Step 1. Click on the customize button (the green shirt in the bar on the top right side of your screen)
      Step 2. Click on a person.(It doesn’t matter who)
      Step 3. there will be two people on the screen, you, and the person you clicked on in step two. don’t click the other person, click the freckles on YOUR face, which should be highlighted by a thin white line.

  20. how do u get of the freckles for the nerd outfit? i tried everything i could think of :( !

    Scary Tomato: Type in 1337 in your cellphone and you’ll get the nerd outfit, and that should include the freckles. ;)

  21. I really do hope they do not delete that function since it is awesome but wonder how long will it take to fix that problem??

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know, but we hope it isn’t permanent!

  22. Iforgotmyscreename says:

    THis is such an awesome blog!! THanks for the cheats!!!

  23. oops i meant how do you get RID of them?

    Scary Tomato: Use the Costumizer on someone else and click on the things you want to take off. Or click on the stuff you want to add, so that it replaces your phone code items. ;)

  24. 911 rules

    the cell phone is very cool

    • Purple Thunder says:


      1. Start running

      2. Press Control+Shift+2

      3. Point your arrow down

      You will flip!

      Note: This may take a few tries.

  25. Yellow Hopper says:

    It’s a bit annoying on how I pressed on the cellphone codes without warning because I already tried to visit every single place to create a good look for my character now I have to do it again. Also I am disapointed that the codes aren’t working anymore some of the objects might have looked good with my outfit.

  26. after getting the phone i typed 911 and saw that i was the police without the cheats!!!!

  27. how do i get the brain hat off?

  28. The way you get the brain cap off is go to a person and use the costumiser thing and click on the brain cap.

  29. i beat every island it really boring now but its still fun
    this web site is #1 website

  30. i really want a gun cellphone code

    • guns involve vilonce. why did they ever put those guns on?!

      • Rough Sun says:

        i agree with hapykidi1 thats not very safe. there are lil’ kids on poptropica u know…

      • Green Boa says:

        Yeah, not everyone is old enough for that kind of stuff. Of course as long as it just had that “BANG” sign (like on the cowboy outfit in the store) it probably would be OK. ;)

      • awesomecandy says:

        they do have a gun in time tangled in the Lewis and Clark expedition time Lewis has one on his hips and u can customize it. i was like wow :o

      • It's a bird! It's a plane! No...It's a bird-plane! Hehe just messin' with ya! It's really me,Incredible Flyer! says:

        Pea shooter and spud gun. U need ’em 4 Wild West!

    • Duh its a kids game. so instead theres pea guns potato guns and guns that shoot out a piece of paper saying BANG!

  31. yep i have beaten all of the islands

  32. i couldn’t beat all of the islands with out this website thank you

  33. It was one of the cell phone codes, but Poptropica got rid of the ability to get hand items, like Codien said. How come you can’t get hand items from other players :'(

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know why, but Poptropica just doesn’t let you Costumize hand items. :(

    • Rough Sun says:

      is there anyway to make sure people CANT copy ur outfits? i WAS wearing a rlly cute outfit and then someone took it and i dont want ppl to think i have a twin even thought that would be cool in real life not in a game

      ST: Yep, don’t let yourself be seen by other players. :P

      • Neat turtle says:

        Like Scary Tomato (Hijuyo) said “Don’t be seen by other players”.Or, wear a costume. You can’t costumize a costume,the only way too get it is if they have all the stuff too your outfit!Hope I helped, and if I did, your welcome!
        ;) Neat turtle ;)

      • Wild Kid says:

        Well I wouldn’t mind other people customizing urself, usually they find some other outfit to customize :P

      • Copying is, in some cases such as this, the highest form of flattery, so I wouldn’t mind if somebody copied my outfit.

      • Purple Thunder says:
      • lol honestly. me too once i wore a cryptids hunter outfit i worked so hard to make and someone copyed EVERYTHING i want a twin in realife but on a game.. its just Plain crepy

      • PenguinsRock!!! says:

        There is a way. Here is the way.

        1. Go to the store.
        2. Buy the three mirrors gold card.
        3. Save your cool outfit.
        4. Put on another costume.
        5. Go into chat room.
        6. Leave chat room.
        7.Go to backpack,store items, and click on the three mirrors card.
        8. Push Costumize under ur cool costume.
        9. Costumize you to the cool costume.
        10. Push accept and there you go!
        I hope I helped a lot!!!! :)

      • i like it when everyone copy`s my costume i know it`s cause i have one of the most rare costume parts in the history of poptropica a…wait i`m going to the bathroom okay i`m back anyways a…cybernetic eye

      • fearless ghost says:

        i always put on a terrible outfit b4 entering a common room cuz ppl are always copying my cat costume :(

  34. shaggy tornado says:

    No, no and maybe you can enter it on the cellphone but its not working but maybe try pressing ctrl, shift, and r. This changes your character entirely and you will get to hold handheld items. But if u dont want to do that, no.

  35. Are they adding more codes?

    Scary Tomato: For now, not that we know of, no… :(

    • what

    • Cool Wing says:

      I don’t know if this is a cheat but it’s helped me in the past which was about 5 minutes ago! :lol: If you make a new character and you don’t get beaten at any games for a while you will get five stars in no time! results may vary if you lose at a game!

  36. Why are some of the codes crossed out?

    Scary Tomato: It means they don’t work. ;)

  37. These were gr8 codes, the only thing is that i didn’t even get to try the new codes.And anyway,why are they cancled?is there another bug?If there is,call Dr.Hare and his giant Rabbot to fix it!!!

  38. These were great codes, the only thing is that i didn’t even get to try the new codes.And anyway,why are they cancled?is there another bug?If there is,call Dr.Hare and his giant Rabbot to fix it!!!

  39. man! I realy wanted to have the leis gun and the zulu sourd

  40. invisible storm says:

    Codien thanks but it still does not work any other tips

  41. Why won’t the cell phone codes work anymore?

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know why… Poptropica just decided not to let us use them anymore. :(

  42. i am giving away a girl to somebody only if they are a girl so you boys want to boy s on poptropica
    only for the boys the user is mick2 the password is mathias
    the athere one is gage56 the password is mathias

  43. What happened to all those codes crossed out?

    Scary Tomato: They worked on the first day of Nabooti, but they aren’t available anymore. ;)

  44. serious spider says:

    Zippy Fish, read Scary tomato’s reply on Comment 42

  45. Lone Shadow says:

    aww, i wanted a sword

  46. Lone Shadow says:

    are there any working codes besides the 4 above?

    Scary Tomato: As far as we know, it’s just the top 4 codes. ;)

  47. well, they may have lost the phone codes, but that doesn’t stop you from holding stuff. there is this cheat that will randomize your character and change the hair and skin color and stuff, and maybe even change your gender, but it is possible to hold items, but you have a limited selection. as far as my tests have shown, you can only get four items. the cell phone, the basketball, the football, and the tennis racket.

    Scary Tomato: Yep – it’s Ctrl + Shift + R. ;)

  48. there is another code that enables you to fly on any island, not just super power.

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think so… if you know it, why don’t you tell us what it is? ;)

  49. little melon says:

    I think that they removed the hand codes because code 100 got you a glow stick. it would light up, so it would be cheating on Early Poptropica and Time tangled. So then they removed all the codes. (I’m just guessing!)

    • Neat turtle says:

      You have a very good point of veiw…Any of the hand held items that were avalible couldve helped cheat through an island…Thats a very good theorie…

    • PenguinsRock!!! says:

      Good thinking Little Melon. Well use of your brain. :) <(")

  50. Massive Spinner says:

    You can use that ctrl shift r code to change your gender and I figured out a cheat. Go to Super Power Island to the place where Sir Rebral was and go into your gender’s bathroom. Now you can change your gender so you can have a boy in the girl bathroom and vice versa. Try it!

  51. the code you use to fly is ctrl shift F5. try it! it works! sometimes you have to press it a couple times, though.

  52. little melon says:

    Thank you for giving me the credit Scary Tomato!

  53. friece dragon A.K.A. funny pear jovahn says:

    yes you can FLYYYYY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  54. How can you fly?

    Scary Tomato: Press “Ctrl + Shift + F5” on your keyboard. ;)

  55. serious spider says:

    LOL looks like every-one forgot about Comment 51 on The costume Database page.

  56. serious spider says:

    WAIT you forgot “Ctrl-shift-0” Shark Costume

    Scary Tomato: It doesn’t work on my computer… :?

  57. serious spider says:

    The ctrl-shift-f5 cheat is so cool you can beat betty jetty first on super power island without the phone! And you can beat all the other villains with your flying power first easily.

  58. serious spider says:

    Well it works on mine.

    Scary Tomato: I might put it up…

  59. PoptropiCat says:

    The flying cheat really works anywhere! It is sooo awesome! You can fly on any island you want (ctrl+shift+F5).
    And would the pumpkin mask take away the cat whiskers I have??
    Love this website! =)

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know about the cat whiskers, but it is possible that wearing a pumpkin mask will remove it. If you don’t really want the pumpkin, don’t risk it. ;)

  60. When you randomize your character you lose all of your possesions

    Scary Tomato: When you randomize your character, everything you’re wearing changes. However, nothing in your Inventory should. ;)

  61. Speedy dolphin says:

    ctrl+shift+1 makes your character laugh

  62. wait is the flying on supper power

    Scary Tomato: It should work on all the islands. ;)

  63. little melon says:

    Thirsty Eel, it’s for any island. Not just Super Power.

  64. The flying power makes it easier to get up to the cave in Mountains of the Moon. Too bad i finished it already.

    #64 If u do the glitch. But if u travel to someplace new, u have to press it all over again.

  65. Cool Penguin says:

    These codes are so cool! I only wish the shark worked on my computer. If you can do the shark, do you get the dead fish?? :?:

    Scary Tomato: I think you do. ;)

  66. Cool Penguin says:

    If you go to Early pop, wear the jet pack, go into hole by sk8 board dude, take jet pack off inside, get out of the hole, and you have the glow stick. Same thing for Time tangled, you go to vikings, wear glider, and go in, take glider off, leave, you have torch. Hope this helps!!!

  67. nice cheat i knew the torch

    • Mad Walker says:

      There is a way to get a viking axe in your hand! (which is already deleted from the phone codes) Go to time tangled island , then go to where you get the hidden viking suit. Now put it on. Now that you have it on, go to your costume collector(if you don’t have it, just get it from the store) save it and then take the suit off… and now go to the costume collector, select the viking suit you saved and only customize the axe. and there you have it!!

  68. Nice cheat, Cool Penguin! Thanks for telling us! :grin:

  69. serious spider says:

    scary Tomato, you didn’t have to put it up if you didn’t want to.
    Anyway, Cool Penguin, you get the dead fish too if the shark one works for you. coz it works on mine. And that’s funny, it might only work on mine. And it’s disgusting coz if you’re a girl it makes you a boy and it makes you shirtless. And when I mean shirtless, as in the whole shirt is off!

    Scary Tomato: No, it’s okay – just in case it does work on other computers, or for some reason mine went crazy. :P

    • PenguinsRock!!! says:

      There are two other ways to get the shark costume.

      1. Go to the store and buy the Tiger Shark costume, or
      2.Go to a real store in real life and buy a shark guy toy and then type in the code from the toy in on Poptropica and u get an exclusive costume.
      :) >:) lol!!

    • what there saying is u buy the toy or the costume

  70. serious spider says:

    I think I’ve solved why it doesn’t work!!!
    If you d shift on the zero it will turn into a bracket ()!!! Anyway, it doens’t work anymore on mine. :( I just tested it out… (sigh)

    Scary Tomato: Oh.

  71. i tried the ramdimized character cheat and everyone started to stare at me :-)
    also it will change your characters name. CAUTION: Use at your own risk.

    Scary Tomato: It doesn’t change your character’s name, unless Name Unknown counts. Besides, it’ll change back the next time you log in. ;)

  72. Neat Whale says:

    what does ‘ramdimize’ mean? :?

    Scary Tomato: It means change, but randomly. Try the code out and you’ll understand. ;)

  73. Neat Whale says:

    ctrl+shift+2 your charecter cries.

  74. serious spider says:

    Shifty Stomper, does tht mean people in multiplayer rooms can see you while you’re randomizing?? :) It will change your characters name to name Unknown but after you login in again it will be back to normal but you will resume to what clothing you wore before logging out.

    Neat Whale, well you may as well try “Ctrl+Shift+R” if you want to know what randomizing is. :razz:

    Scary Tomato: I’m not sure if they can see you randomize yourself, but you could try. ;)

  75. Thanks for giving me credit on the ctrl+shift+r cheat code! :grin:

    • Purple Thunder says:

      Grow! (You have to have finished Shrink Ray Island for this)

      1. Go to the Science Fair on Shrink Ray Island

      2. Buy the Shrink Ray Gun in the Poptropica store for 150 credits

      3. Shrink Mr. Silva with the Shrink Ray Gun

      He will grow, but C.J and her parents will shrink! :-D

  76. I know how to get a cell phone!
    You just press Ctrl+Shift+R until you have a cell phone on your hand and try to search for the outfit you were wearing before (this might take a while)

  77. PoptropiCat says:

    How coome when I randomize my character (press ctrl+shft+r) her name doesn’t change? I really want it to- how can I change it?

    By the way awesome torch code!!

    Scary Tomato: Your name isn’t supposed to change – the only way to do that is make a new account. ;)

  78. PoptropiCat says:

    And what do you mean by “the dead fish” ?

    Scary Tomato: The person wearing the shark costume at Shark Museum is holding a dead fish. ;)

    • Rough Sun says:

      how do i get the fish? i think it would b kwl if i was walking around w/ a dead fish even though i dont eat sushi :happy

      ST: You can’t get it. :(

      • Actually, Tomato, if you have bought the Tiger Shark costume from the store, you can get a teal fish. It is a little different, but it is as close to Shark Boy as I think you can get.

  79. The shark person on Shark Tooth in the museum holds a dead fish as part of his costume. :wink:

  80. i love these codes there awesome

  81. serious spider says:

    I think the Poptropica Creator’s MIGHT have fixed up the Shark one. :( It used to work for me. I hope they don’t fix up the other codes. They’re cool. :)

    • Scary Tomato says:

      Serious Spider- I think they did fix up the Shark Code :( And yes, they are cool, aren’t they?

  82. smiles, that worked really well, accually,
    I got to beat spy island in less than 10 min.
    that is so cool cause all u do is go to the roof-top, get the lady out and beat director d.

  83. !!:-) I can’t belive it, smiles that fly thing works with betty jetty too!!This thing is working awsomely!! i already beat that island too in just 3 min.!!!!

  84. maybe that is four
    my computer is really fast…
    by the way if you have a cellphone or something in your hand,you can become really popular on poptropica!

  85. has everybody tken all the codes????:(

    Scary Tomato: Anybody can use these codes. There’s no limit to how many times it can be used. ;)

  86. this is my last comment for the day and it is….
    u know that skateboard that the boy has in Early Poptropica??
    well that skateboard is so cool, is there a code for that??
    If not is there a code that we donnot know yet??

    Scary Tomato: I don’t think there’s a code for the skateboard. :(

  87. I meant when they said,has everybody taken all the codes?,I meant if they had taken all thecodes as in if they had taken them like…
    gotten all of them like if they had found them all out kind of thing.
    have they?
    Or have they not?

    Scary Tomato: I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, Adriana. :?

  88. I think they fixed up the flying power too.
    yesterday i used it and the next day gone!

    P.S. I tried both of my computers.:(

  89. Grumpy Wolf says:

    I believe they deleted the Crtl-Shift-F5 feature. :cry:

  90. serious spider says:

    And they have deleted the shark costume too! it used to work for me!!! :cry:

  91. serious spider says:

    Adriana – what do you mean by ” you can become really popular?”

    Scary Tomato: It probably means everyone swarms around you, asks you to play a game with them, Costumizes what you’re wearing, that sort of thing. ;)

  92. davjones4 says:

    The flying cheat doesn’t work!

    Scary Tomato: It doesn’t now, but it used to. I think the Poptropica Creators fixed it. :(

  93. on the pumkin you can get rid of it by doing it agin

  94. PoptropiCat says:

    Hey, Scary Tomato, do you know if Tinkerbell will ever be out again? If so, when?

    And you know what’s really wierd? The flying code (ctrl+shft+F5) still works for me on Nabooti, but not on any others. Why do you think?

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know whether Tinkerbell will come back to Poptropica or not. I’m glad the code at least works on one island for you. ;)

    • coolswimmer468 (Mississippi Pepper) says:

      PoptropiCat, I believe Tinkerbell may never come back but I have parts of her costume in my closet, if that helps. My username is coolswimmer468 ;)

  95. PoptropiCat says:

    thanks Scary Tomato!

  96. Um…, Scary Tomato, I was just wondering becuse this is bit uncomfterbal when I don’t know y this happens. Y r there a bunch of people now that have a ” Name Unknown “??
    It freaks me out a bit when I don’t know things and I keep on seeing it. So, do u know??

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know why. However, some people say that if you use the randomizing codes (Ctrl + Shift + R / F6), you will become Name Unknown but it gets fixed when you log out. I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not, though. ;)

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Actually, you log out, click back, and it will be a new account with your character Name Unknown! :wink:

  97. :cry: I can not belive that the flying cheat doesn’t work anymore! :cry: :(

  98. Grumpy Wolf says:

    People get the name “Name Unknown” because they press the Back Button on the computer. And because they didn’t save,Poptropica can’t remember the name: so they put “Name Unknown”. Well Adriana, it’s all there. ;)Oh, and ST, randomizing your charcter doesn’t change your name. ;)

    Scary Tomato: Thanks. :)

  99. Speedy Crush says:

    I know a cheat on spy island where you stand on nothing!
    First, you go to spy island docks. Then, jump onto the main street sign. Finally, walk left and you’ll be standing on thin air! :)

  100. Speedy Crush says:

    It looks funny when you hold ctrl shift r down. And speaking of that, you can teleport from restroom to restroom on super power if you go down the hole and randomize to the other gender and come out of the hole.

  101. Speedy Crush says:

    Comment #99, yes it does! :lol:

  102. Speedy Crush says:

    For me ctrl+shift+h checks website history (ones visited)? Is there a bug in my computer, or does the cheat just not work for me, PHB?

    Scary Tomato: “Ctrl + Shift + H” isn’t a code listed here. There’s nothing wrong.

    • uhh yeah there is look:
      Ctrl + Shift + H | Change your character’s hair color. (At first it may just show some computer history, but click on the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it’ll change hair color.) (Credit to Lyon, comment #111 on Cheat Codes)

      • Fearless Paw says:

        That’s kind I like posting about a new post on the Creator’s blog when someone has done it already. That’s only my opinion though-Scary Tomato will tell you if it’s okay or not.

        P.S. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be bossy.

    • I think you’ll need to press Ctrl+Shift+H then close the website history. After you’ve done that press Ctrl+Alt+H.

    • Angry Bird says:

      u just click the poptropica screen once & then just click h

  103. Why is it some of theme have lines ,Are they being deleted?

    Scary Tomato: The ones that have lines through them are codes that used to work, but have been deleted now. ;)

  104. Grey Lizard says:

    Ctrl-shift-f4 doesn’t work.

    Scary Tomato: It should… I’ll check on that. ;)

  105. cool penguin says:

    I’m sad that they don’t work anymore. :sad: Is there any chance they will come back?

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know yet… ;)

  106. Cheerful Claw says:

    You know what’s weird? I found out something else. If you go to Spy Island and you go on that cord that connects HQ and that place on top of Spyglass Eyewear while wearing the grappling bow-tie, you can do something cool. While you’re jumping, aim the bow-tie down and it’ll stick there. You’ll be in the parkway with the cord under you’re feet. :grin:

  107. i thought that you could costimize the shark costeume? by the way can you?

    Scary Tomato: Yes, there’s a shark costume on the person at the bottom of Shark Museum. Just Costumize that guy. ;)

  108. serious spider says:

    jj – You used to be able to costumize it. It was a glitch. But the Poptropica Creator’s removed it. I wish they haden’t. :(

  109. Lucky Flipper says:

    Cheat code “Shift-Ctrl-R” doesn’t work for me!! :(

    Scary Tomato: It’s “Ctrl + Shift + R.” You mixed them up. ;)

  110. I found a hair color cheat “Ctrl+Shift+H”

    Scary Tomato: Thank you! I’ve added it. Great discovery, Lyon! ;)

  111. serious spider says:

    Lyon – It does? I don’t think so. For me it just checks the Browsing history.

    • Rough Sun says:

      after it goes to Browsing history click back on the poptropica screen then press H

      hope that helps :))))

      • Calm Spinner says:

        Actually, if you go in a multiplayer room while doing it, it won’t check history.

  112. Yep, Ctrl+Shift+H It works, and I love the hair colors!

  113. nervous lizard says:

    No, the Ctrl+Shift+H doesnt work :?

  114. Grumpy Wolf says:

    It works for me, all you have to do is press h. Same thing for p,s, and r.

  115. hay um…how do you get a cell phone on poptropica? I mean the ones you hold in your hand and can see. And also the other stuff like footballs and skateboards.

    Scary Tomato: Use the randomizing code (Ctrl + Shift + R) until you get one. It will change your entire character, though. ;)

  116. funny penguin says:

    scary tomato, the fly code does not work on mine, why wont it work on mine? :sad:

    Scary Tomato: Because Poptropica removed it. As you can see above, it is crossed out. ;)

  117. xcreepykidx says:

    Its a tragidy that most of the codes don’t work,but comment #67 (Cool Penguin) really helps with some “hand-items”.



  118. I wish all the cheats worked :[ Man

  119. Magic Storm says:

    I can’t beleve that got rid of the flying cheat! I was having a lot of fun with it!!!
    if any1 dicovers another flying cheat, PLEASE let Scary Tomato know!

  120. Magic Storm says:

    I just discovered 2 new cheats! no, it doesn’t giv u the ablity 2 fly or walk on water. If u press ctrl,shift and the button with – and _ on it the page gets smaller and if u press shift, ctrl and the button with + and = on it, the page gets bigger!

  121. Giant Berry says:

    oh ya. and you can smash the bugs in super power island go down to the subway station there are bugs on the wall click one to squish it

  122. Giant Berry says:

    new glitch!!!!! go to super power island. on the right you find a comic shop. get on one of the windows on the left or right. then click enter when you jump off click and hold the duck button and your underground!!!!(may take a few tries)

  123. Grey Star says:

    GO! It helped me so much. A month ago I didn’t know what the heck poptropica was,and now I’ve finished every mission and have 5 stars on the minigames. Thanks!!!!!!!:):):):):)

  124. poptropica player says:

    thank you so much! i would never would have finished the islands without this AWSOME website. thanks so much you guys rock!

  125. Penguin Girl says:

    Ctrl+Shift+H does work! At first,it may check History,but if you just close History and press H,it changes hair THEN! Well,it works for me!

  126. I had two tabs, and when i put in ctrl, shift, F4 it closed out poptropica!
    (i was on here and poptropica)

    Scary Tomato: You might have accidentally pressed the Alt and F4 keys, which probably caused Poptropica to close. ;)

  127. serious spider says:

    Popfan, no it wont. You probably pressed Alt F4. Alt F4 is the closing windows key so try not to press that. ;)

  128. serious spider says:

    You are right Lyon!!!
    You should add “Ctrl+Shift+H” and it will show history but then click the Poptropica screen once and press “H” only and it will change your hair clolour. Give credit to Lyon, #111.

    Scary Tomato: Thank you for these extra tips! I’ve added part of it up there. ;)

  129. i love poptropica. i wish they still hand the fairy wand for a cheat code!

  130. Mighty Dragon says:

    woah giant berry it works its an awsome glitch (comment 123)

  131. This glitch is simular to comment 123.
    go to spy island and get the bowtie grapple. Go on the wire once up in the air push your bowtie all the way to the ground and your on the sidewalk/onthe road don`t forget to look both ways

  132. Eliza joe says:

    On time travel island the crab on the beach will explode if you click on him fast enough. Then he puts himself back together.

  133. love your site

  134. Lone Sneeze says:

    I just lovvee all these cheats especially the glowstick,torch and the brain hat.
    but when I randomize my character it deletes E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!
    PS: the hair cheat doesnt work

    Scary Tomato: Thanks, and about the hair cheat – it doesn’t work at first but read the rest of the instructions and it should. ;)

  135. The hair cheat will work, scary tomato, and all the others who say it wont, if u do Ctrl-Shift-h it WILL pop up history but then click on poptropica then press H by itself no combination of keys and u can keep pressing H to change your hair color. Even if u exit browsing history…

  136. Fearless Paw says:

    Here are seperated steps to the hair color cheat for anyone that has confusion:

    1. Click Ctrl+Shift+H once.
    2. Click the Poptropica screen once.
    3. Click “H”. ONLY H, not Ctrl+Shift+H, only H.
    4. Keep clicking H (only H) until you reach a desired hair color.

    Hope this clears any confusion on the matter.:wink:

  137. does any of the 100-167 cell phone codes work Scary tomato?

    Scary Tomato: They used to, but not any more. ;)

  138. how to get flame on stick- go to time tangled and go to vikings area. then go in the cave with the glider take it off in the cave then exit and you have the torch.

    how not to have torch in cave- go to time tangled and go to vikings area. then go in the cave with the viking suit take it off in the cave and you will have no torch.

    how to get the glowstick- go to early poptropica and put on your jet pack. go in the dark manhole then take off the jetpack then exit the manhole and you will have the glowstick.

    please put these in the cheats.

  139. Flying Raptor says:

    Umm… How do you change back to your original self after you’ve done Ctrl+Shift+R? I AM TOTALLY STUCK AS SOME WIERDO!

    Scary Tomato: Find your original costume around Poptropica, and get them back via the Costumizer. ;)

  140. but first u have to use the hair one cuase then u can just press the nuber or leter p.s it might not work on all coputers and u can use it with any cheat code I just checked tell me if it work on your coputer it might just be mine and sory i could not fit it in one box i was eperamenting

  141. i wish we could access all the handheld thingies with the phone, that was awesome!

  142. Weird Glitch: when someone asks you to play Hoops, their character changes into this random afro guy with an undershirt-type thing. Really weird. Did anyone else notice something like that or is it just me? As fara as I know it only happens if someone asks you.

  143. Grey Flame,that happened to me too. You also see that weird afro guy when you play sky dive

  144. Who is that weird afro guy?

  145. Weird afro guy is a glitch. When ever you play sky dive and you keep clicking in the game when it’s loading the weird guy will replace your character.

    • I know, if u keep pressing ctrl shift 3 and click your mouse right after every turn, you will dissapear and poptropica window will go down a bit and say “It’s a draw!”.

  146. Scary Tomato. I did the random character code And now I am stuck as a girl (which i am a boy) Can you get a code t to get back to what your supposed to be like. :(

    Scary Tomato: Just do the code again until you change back to a boy. It will change your outfit again, so you will also have to hunt for it around Poptropica. ;)

  147. comment #123 is so cool you rock! it works !!

  148. scary tomato lets meet! my poptropica charactors name is muddy flame lets meet tommorow morning

  149. what the avril lavinge is callin????????

  150. Quick Flame says:

    I found a glitch, on Early Poptropica when you first get out of the baloon, go inside the manhole and when you jump in quickly click the jump one and youll be inside it but wontgo into the cave. You can just jump to get back out. This might take a few tries.

  151. if you put 911 you will get a police costeum

  152. cooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllll

  153. scarry tomato why did the santa hat not worck!

  154. thanks now i have a cellphone

  155. Lone Sneeze says:

    there’s somefin really cool
    press Ctrl Shift F4 THEN type a code that appears on the corner of the poptropica screen in the address bar ( where you type a website) and it will direct you to a page on the internet with a poptropican item then, right click the item and click the option “forward” and it will show another item, but only some are items. another is what you can put on your back.

    It’s really cool

  156. cthrl shift f4 works

  157. fun codes

  158. i wish they wouldnt have tooked away the phone codes. But of course i still love the sight!:mrgreen:

    • You made that mistake too? I do that too. it is :-m-r-.-g-r-e-e-n-:


      Ontopic:poptropica is awesome!!!!!

      I hold a wand and I go into poptropica
      Every weekend and my name in poptropica is cheerful goose! I go there beetween 7:00-9:00a.m.

      So you can meet me in big nate!! ;) :) :D :lol:

      • crazy flyer says:

        ive seen you!!

      • Rough Sun says:

        MY persons name is Zany Dolphin and im either in the 24 carrot chat room or astro knight chat room. im wearing a complete pink outfit (or maybe green, depends on if some1 takes my outfit >:[) and i have the fairy queen LIGHT BLONDE hair look for me their!! ps im lvl 3 1/4

    • SCREAMER! says:

      Annoy Comic Kid in the comic shop with the bell. *poof*
      Hey, Comic Kid! *rings the bell*
      Comic Kid: Oh, I’m right here.
      Me: *keeps ringing*
      Comic Kid: What do you want?
      Me: *keeps ringing until he gets annoyed*
      Comic Kid: *waves a comic book at my face* I really need to get rid of that thing.
      Me: What thing?
      Comic Kid: The bell! You kept ringing it!

  159. I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!! i think it’s really cool how you can change your outfit and hair color and randomize yourself and everything. i go online EVERY day! poptropica rocks!

  160. Yeah and for the afro guy i was saw a WHILE ago in a M. room and his name was Name Unknown and he was just standing there! Oh and if u customize someone leaving HE pops up! It is CREEPY! I wonder who is playing as him! And he PITCH black skin which u can’t get on Poptropica!

    • Fearless Paw says:

      It’s a glitch. Simply challenge any player to a game (Currently, we know that you can only play Hoops or Sky Dive for this to work) and click as much as you can while loading. He will replace your character. When the game is done, you’ll return to normal.

      With all these new cases of this guy, I thing the Creators use him for things like this-don’t ask why.

      • Oh and have u noticed in the Sky dive afro guy he has no ARMS or LEGS!

      • Fearless Paw says:


      • Rough Sun says:

        omg he looks evil >:} nvm my other comment that IS picth blck skin

      • Calm Spinner says:

        If you sit there and do nothing, in costumizer he does weird stuff with his eyes! He freaks me out! His eyes get x’s and lines in them, and it is totally weird! Try it and you’ll know what I mean, and he only does the eye thing through costumizer I think.

      • I think this guy has a brother! because one guy has: a black afro, black skin. tanktop,and pants! and his “brother” has white skin,black afro,no shirt(tanktop),and pants. Oh and they both have those creepy sausage shaped smiles!

    • spitsy spider says:

      I agree with Fearless Paw. It’s a glitch. :D

    • you can get black skin by going to early poptropica and go left to the balloon guy click on black balloon. if theres no black balloon exit and come back again

    • Purple Thunder says:

      How do you get the Afro guy????????????????????

  161. Do the jumping emote but have your cursor on the side of the screne and they go flying

  162. Great comments. I have already done all the cheat codes and all of the islands!

  163. Sammisdr (Friendly Popper) says:

    Here’s some cheats:

    1. Make your face red:
    First, do the mad emote(ctrl+shift+3).
    Right when your face turns red, do any other emote(ctrl+shift+1,ctrl+shift+2,ctrl+shift+4).
    Then, your face will turn permently red! To take off the red, do the mad emote again.

    2.Get a hand item:
    First, randomize your charater(ctrl+shift+R).
    When you get the hand item you want, stop. Then, change your charater back to what you want him/her to look like.

    Hope it helped! ;)

  164. Brave Kid says:

    Hey. You wanna know how to look like anyone? Well first use
    ctrl-shift-P to get the pumpkin head. Once u have the pumpkin head, select the customizer and click the person u wish to copy. When u go to the customizer screen, clic cancel. Then get out of the pumpkin and get it again. Then get the customizer and click the person u wish to copy again. You will look exactly lie them! Try it!

  165. spitsy spider says:

    They are removing cheat codes fast. 3 down 9 to go. :(

  166. yo look at a new site just click on my name

  167. okay, so this isnt a code, but its really cool. go to spy island and go into spyglass eyewear(after you have gotten into the upper room) and then go into the lower floor. jump onto the desk then jump up high and click on one of the items. Dr. Spyglass will come down to the bottom floor and tell you that those are juts prototypes. But when you click on him, nothing happens… its really weird. if you run away from him and dont let him get close enough to talk to you he just follows you around!

  168. user:rayray11111 pas:byray do eny thing you want

  169. There shall be Glitch! Found a Glitch! YAY! :-D Go on 24 carrot island and change your hair color into anyone there. Once you click “Drink”, While Your drinking/gulping it down click, Ctrl, Shift & Skin. The Click back! Yay :-) You should have a black drink in a crystal clear drinking bottle/cup! SO AWESOME! PLEASE ADD HERE AND PLEASE GIVE ME SOME CREDIT! THANK YOU! :-)

    • Whoo Hoo! YAY! Found another Glitch! Well it’s not EXACTLY a Glitch But Poptropica Changed Something. Ignore this Or Don’t Read this If You already Know But On Poptropica In Super Power Island in The Masks and Capes Store, The Barber guy / Costume maker Guy Lost His “Curly, Manly, Black Chest Hair” has Disapeared! It Is Gone! Now GIRLS can wear it too!

    • spitsy spider says:

      Thanks for sharing. But I don’t think “PLEASE ADD HERE AND PLEASE GIVE ME SOME CREDIT!” was necessary The PHB will decide whether they will give you credit or not! :D

  170. messybrain says:

    I think I now what the gun looks like. In Time Tangled, go to 1805 A.D. It’s held by the first guy. :)

  171. messybrain says:

    I really like this site. :)

  172. i do the randomizer thing alot so if you see purple joker i will probably be randomizing :)

  173. Smart Crab says:

    Hey, I was on Poptropica yesterday and found out that the Ctrl+Shift+F4 code still works. It’s a pretty useless code though. If that code works now, will the other codes like the flying and phone work soon?

    Scary Tomato: Hopefully, but we don’t know yet.

  174. Yellow Typhoon says:

    :mrgreen: Thanks

  175. Neat Whale says:

    uh, how about ctrl+shift+F?

    • Fearless Paw says:

      It dosen’t work.

      • Neat Whale says:

        yeah it does. it has this little thing at the bottom and it lets u serch stuff or something. maybe it just works on laptops, because that is what i was using! ;)

      • Fearless Paw says:

        I have a laptop too, but that dosen’t really count as a Poptropica cheat. It counts more like a shortcut.

    • Neat Whale – It’s a search shortcut. It can be used almost anywhere on the Internet, not just Poptropica. Besides, since you can’t use Ctrl + F (there is actually no Shift for this) on Poptropica, it’s not really a Poptropica code. ;)

  176. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    I found another cheat! Press Ctrl, Shift, 1 while jumping in the air and you will jump in mid air! Try it! It really works! The more you press it in the air, the higher you get! ( It might help you in early Poptropica by getting you the signal flag.)

  177. What does “voodoo’ look like? :?:

  178. Bone3694 says:

    thanks for all the cool cheats and help.

  179. Orange Whale says:

    I got the black cup! :cool:

  180. Cheerful Tooth says:

    Hey! you can do the same jump glitch with Ctrl-Shift-S! You need to hold the mouse down though. Plus it changes your skin color.

  181. great poptropica page!!!

  182. messybrain says:

    You can also jump high while pressing Ctrl+Shift+2 and 3. I don’t really know about key #4. B-) :D

    • Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

      Good find! I knew it could do that, but I like to jump with a happy face! :D

      • moody penut (sam) says:

        well i found the cheat first :( and i easyer way to do the cheat is press ctrl+shift+h then you history will pop up then you exit out of your history then you can type in your adress bar so then press h 3 times then jump up so then you can just press r without the ctrl shift and the other ones like h s and so on

  183. The black juice cheat didn’t work for me! My character just got white hair! :( Does anyone know why it didn’t work?

    Scary Tomato: Make sure you follow all the instructions! While your character is drinking the white juice, hold down Ctrl + Shift + S. ;)

  184. The two new cheat codes are so cool :!: Thank You :!:

  185. theyve removed the jumping cheat
    I cant do the jumping cheat

  186. im sad that they removed the jumping cheat. :(

  187. my brother is obbsesed with poptropica…but it’s not bad cause i am too! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  188. Great job with the cheats… Big Nate rocks!

  189. stellana says:

    Here is a cheat that you can use,
    1. Go to any place on that you can chat with people.
    2.if you see an outfit that you like,(I have not tried this on people with devil horns and wings yet but you can try.)just put your mouse over the person and do Ctrl+Shift+S(Do not click the person just put your mouse over the person.)
    3.get out of the place and enjoy your new outfit!:)

    P.S. Do not try this anywhere else other than places where you can chat with people.

  190. Shiny Bean says:

    When i got the cell phone, every1 tried to costumize it but they couldn’t! MAybe they should visit this awsome site!

  191. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    Sorry PHB, but my cheat however doesn’t work anymore. :( I think the Poptropica Creators took out the effect. You can delete my cheat from this page.

  192. nokrepkie says:

    You know those horns? It might of been a poptropica creator who was wearing them. That might be how it all spreaded around. LEGOLESS still has the horns and the brain and all that. Maybe the horns will be on Astro Knights!

    Scary Tomato: I hope so! ;)

  193. Shiny Bean says:

    I heard that if you push one color of flowers off the ledges on early poptropica, you will, like, get a flower hat. (I don’t know if it’s true or not) ;)

    Scary Tomato: It’s not true. :roll:

    • Calm Spinner says:

      But I think I found something with the flowers. If you push the flowers on the ground somewhere BESIDES the skateboard boy it will break. But if you put it with the skateboard guy or the manhole it will stay the same. Weird… :shocked:

  194. ST, can the black liquid inside the glass handheld thing be another color? why is it that if you drink white black will appear in the cup? btw, that was a really cool cheat code! :grin:

    Scary Tomato: Unfortunately, it can only be black. I don’t know why, but that’s just how the Creators made the cheat. ;)

    • when i did it it was green but then i closed and it became black! That so cheats!!!

    • Hey! I drank white and got white juice!

    • grumpy snowball says:

      acctualy it can be a different color 1
      1 get any color drink
      2 hold down ctrl shift s while drinking
      3 and wella you get whatevere color drink you want
      ps not sure if it goes away if you leave room

      please give me a round of appluase
      also look for poptropicain named grumpy snowball that is me

  195. Rainbow bird says:

    I know how to get the glass in your hand on Spy island. First get the chef hat. Then get the glass from the guy at the table and make it to the door. Next take off your chef hat and go outside. And you will have the glass to keep in your hand.

  196. skinny snowball says:

    yeah it would be

  197. Rough Panda says:

    GLITCH FOR ALL GIRLS! When you are tapping your foot in the multiplayer room, asking to chat or battle, use the crying emote on the side of the screen a few times till your Poptropican does the emote with tears coming out of their eyes. Stop crying then look at your eyelashes on the screen, they are permenently turned down! :lol:

    • Rough Panda says:

      Forgot to mention, permently down UNTIL you move! It would be great if you could add this as a glitch in the cheat page! :lol:

  198. It’s cool how you can get the black cup…I noticed that while I held down Crtl+Shift+S my character rapidly changed colors.

  199. About holding the black juice, i did it, but my character became blue!
    So this is making me sick

    Scary Tomato: Keep doing Ctrl + Shift + S to change skin color to the one you want. You can also visit the Pigments balloons in Early Poptropica to change your skin back. ;)

  200. Hey, to get the black drink, you don’t have to fill your cup with white. I tried it with black and I got a black drink too. Also, crtl+shift+F4 still works, at least for me, and I think I found a new cheat: Pressing crtl+shift+F10 once pauses the game.

  201. Fearless Paw says:

    Oh, and, that cheat I found, it’s listed with the EXACT directions I gave in the email!

  202. Popular Leaf says:

    Thx for the codes, guys!

    I’m so excited to beat the 9th and 10th island!!


    Thx for the help, really!

  203. serious spider says:

    Do you think, eventually all the Cheat Codes will be repaired? unless we all go hunting for more…

  204. mighty penguin says:

    did you know that the dr.hare glich
    works on other caricters? just go
    in a mutiplayer room and roll over
    a caricter and do ctrl+ shift+ s
    and walk out and you are that caricer

  205. easter eggs, eh? i thought those were those things u found on easter day, from the easter bunny.
    not computer cheats.

    Scary Tomato: There’s more than one definition.

  206. I figured out that these cheats don’t work on Apple Macs. I tried on mine and it doesn’t work at all. I have tried looking for other cheats for Mac but no luck.

  207. ctrl shift F4 still works for me. maybe sum people can still do it.

  208. Grumpy Wolf, Scary Tomato, Codien, and Smockers, here’s an AWESOME glitch I found:
    (WARNING! You will be [b] JUST [b/]like the character, so if you have an awesome outfit,
    [b] DO NOT USE. [b/]
    1. Go to any CHAT room on PopTropica.
    2. Roll over, with your mouse, a character that you like.
    3. Press Ctrl+Shift+S at the same time.
    4. Your skin color will be a different color.
    BUT WAIT!!!!]
    5. Get out of the chat room.
    6. You will be exactly like the peep you rolled over with your mouse!

  209. i love these cheats hope you find more

  210. Fierce Panda says:

    I know an easier and quicker way to do cheat 211:
    1. hold down ctrl + shft
    2. click on the costumizer icon
    3. click on the character and at the same time hold down ctrl + shft + s and hold your mouse and ctrlshfts
    4. yyour skin color will change but you will look just like them and change your skin color to look exactically like them.
    NOTE: You will change gender, your eyes will change (can go from half-closed to open), and you will look totally like them. This only works in mulitplayer rooms. you cannot do it anywhere else.

    Cheat 2:
    when you are costumizing, push ctrl shft 4 and move your mouse ofer to the side. your character will jump where your mouse is. and can jump aroundd the costumizer screen.

    Cheat 3:
    1. Try to play baloons wih someone.
    2. when the game comes up, try to let them win.
    3. when their fourth balloon goes up and stops, click close.
    4. something will pop up on your computer. Click yes/ok
    5. everyone in the room will start dancing on ground or in midair and you cannot stop unless you go to poptropica and log in again.

    Easter Egg:
    Also, if you haven’t noticed, the toilets in super power restrooms flush and make bubbles. it is funny cause if you flush it and then go down hole it looks like you got flushed down the toilet!

  211. Fierce Panda says:

    I sent an email to Jeff Kinney and got a reply (WOW 8O ) he said they DO view your blog, ST, and they use some of the cheat code pages to fix glitches, while others they put in there for us to discover and have fun with. He didnt answer me about which creator avatar he is and wouldn’t reveal other identities. He said he is also making another diary of a wimpy kid book and movie.

    • Fierce Panda – WOW! Really? If they do, that’s fantastic! If you can, could you forward Jeff’s reply to so that we can read it too? :D

    • Fierce Panda says:

      Sorry…my mom thought it was spam and deleted it.. :(
      Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it WAS him…I used the right email address but he didn’t sign his name or anything and just kinda seemed to talk quickly. Maybe it was an editor or secetary?

      Scary Tomato: Is it still in the trash folder of your e-mail system?

      • Fearless Paw says:

        Probably. The author himself dosen’t really have time, but he probably won’t personally answer unless someone like a President Obama sent the email.

        I sent an email to Lemony Snicket in 2007, and I still don’t have a reply!

      • Fierce Panda says:

        No. I looked in INBOX, SPAM, TRASH, and SENT and nothing…darn :( :( :( :( :( :( I sent a reply but never got anything back. I also tried Vlad on his Youtube channel but he didn’t respond.

        Scary Tomato: Aww… I hope we do get e-mail replies from the Creators more often, though. :(

    • Fierce Panda says:

      I know….I wish they would hurry up and release AstroKnights and the Store! It is o hard to wait :cry: :sob: It almost makes me angry >:( :twisted:

    • Could you get credits back and return the outfit and switch purchased outfits?

      ST: Currently, you can’t, sorry.

  212. ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

    I LUV these codes!!

  213. Fearless Paw says:

    Cool udpates!

  214. Magic Monster says:

    hey- on the new SWF cheat- go to object 67- is it just me, or did we never use the satelite fuse???? :-o

    • I think its for ASTRO KNIGHTS ISLAND!!!!! That means we can get a sneak peak of some of the items used in the new island!

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        The SWF codes don’t work 4 me but, that was a good find Magic Monster!
        Theres also that “JamesTown” code, but i can’t try it,u have 2 go 2 Early Poptropica where u get the medallion… :???: I’ve also noticed that the SWF codes change where ever ,u go…

      • Nvm, i was wrong. I noticed the items are in category by islands. It was mixed in with Spy Island stuff. I think they edited it out of the game.

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        OMG!! I just tried and it worked me, and is an interesting item…

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        Yeah Shaggy Tornado, ur right. If u look at the background it shows those glasses… o well.

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        I’m not sure but if u go 2 Early Poptropica in the
        Early place and click crtl+shift+f4 it says JamesTown and all that Static.poptropica stuff…. :???:

    • Orange Tummy says:

      It’s cool! And we didn’t use it, which is weird.

    • AWESOME discovery, Magic Monster! I almost thought it was for Astro-Knights until Shaggy Tornado and Nice Bubbles pointed out the glasses in the background. It was probably going to be for Spy Island, but never got released. :P

    • bonyraptor says:

      it has the spy island background. i tink the creators edited it out :(

    • Looks like when the creators were making Spy Island at first they wanted to add a teleporter fuse but then later on they decided not to.

  215. little melon says:

    um… the cards in the swfs show up huuuuuuuuuge.

  216. Friendly Bird says:

    It’s not fair. Whenever it get this awesome outfit that I’ve always wanted some copycat does like the EXACT same thing except for hair colour!

    Scary Tomato: LOL, they probably think your outfit is cool. :mrgreen:

  217. Orange Tummy says:

    Hey, with the SWFs, the advertisement links work, which is weird.

  218. fierce panda’s cheats WORK!! i tried them! they totally ROCK! ADD THEM!

  219. I noticed the jumping and mad works on any emtoe!!

  220. Fearless Paw says:

    Click this link (IT”S NOT AN AD)

    I suspect that it was about to be released into Big Nate like the satelite fuse (see Comment#218)

  221. Purple Sword says:

    Try 38! It’s an unreleased game!

    • Fearless Paw says:

      Yeah…I wish we could see the name, that would be cool.

      I think SWF’s are the latest Poptropican technology.

  222. Fearless Paw says:

    The Creators will fix this soon…

  223. Purple Sword says:

    2000- What is it? Type 2000 in for the SWF number- you’ll see!

  224. Purple Sword says:

    Here’s a complete list of item SWF numbers. Go to this link-

  225. Purple Sword says:

    For the Ctrl-Shift-f4 thing, is there anything else it can be used for besides item links? I have a Mac so I can’t find out, but I’m just wondering.

    Scary Tomato: So far, only the item links seem to work. ;)

  226. Bronze Wing says:

    If you do 411 on the cellphone, you get the Brain Hat… but how do you change your hair back to the way it was? Please answer Scary Tomato, Codien, Smockers, or Grumpy Wolf! I really want my old hair style back. If I get the Brain Helmet how do I get my orginal hair back?

    Scary Tomato: Find your original hair from someone else in Poptropica, then Costumize it to get it back. ;)

  227. Savannah says:

    Scary tomato I try to chat whith other people on poptropica with the white bar and I don`t know how to make my person say it. Please reply!

    Scary Tomato: Simple reason? Because you can’t chat with other people using the white bar.

  228. Ive had that happen to me before too. Only the eyes, legs, and arms would show. After a while of not going on, I think it eventually fixed itself. It may just be a glitch..

  229. SERIOUS FOX says:

    yay! New chaets!

  230. Rough Sun says:

    awesome! im wearing what i want and ihave the CELL PHONE! :) :) :)

  231. I saw someone called “Name Unknown” and he was wearing an item that I’ve never seen before, and I copied it, all because of the Dr Hare glitch!
    PS: My Dr. Hare character is called Shy Crush. =P

  232. Hahaha… grrr!
    I did that on my side account, shy Crush!!!

  233. I have another glitch. After you get the cat downstairs at 24 Carrot Island, right as it’s drinking the milk, hold ctrl and shift and then press “s” numerous times. After that, the cat is in your power, now hold ctrl and shift and then press “r”. The cat is now a miniperson!

    • Green Seal says:

      I’ve heard that before, but you don’t need to get it to drink milk! Once it comes out of the shower, you can still turn it into a mini-person!

  234. parker6600 says:

    I Made A Free Account For Anybody!
    Username – superidiot5
    Password – 55555

  235. Giant Berry says:

    DUDE!!!!!!!! there is a jumping cheat!!!! first u jump then you hold ctrl and shift and keep pressing r at the same time. while doing this, you need to hold the jump button/mouse (click and hold)

  236. Cool Wing says:

    If you costimize the afro dude’s mouth your mouth will freeze in the spot like if you ask someone something your character keeps on talking but with no words! Try it and you’ll see what i mean!

    • Green Seal says:

      What ‘Afro Dude’?

    • Cool Wing says:

      the guy with the white skin and like if someone leaves as you are custimizing them. if you click on his eyes they are really creepy.

      • ♪Nice Bubbles♫ says:

        Oh yeah, defentely creepy. :eek: I haven’t done that glitch in a while though. :)

      • Calm Spinner says:

        He had black skin when I did it and did creepy things with his eyes when I tried to customize someone when they are leaving. Try it and you will see what I mean!

  237. I know how to do the “walking inside the customizer” glitch! Check it out!

    • Trusty Hawk says:

      Thanks for posting this video. I’d seen a glitch earlier that involves this technique, but I didn’t understand it until now. :)

  238. O_o whoa I didn’t know you could post videos directly into your comments! :O

  239. I love Poptropica!

    Poptropica has so much cool adventures and islands!

  240. And one more question. Is this website PST cuz im going crazy with the time. Where i am its 8:05 pm. idk anything anymore.

    Scary Tomato: No, it’s GMT +8, which is the time in Hong Kong. ;)

  241. Speedy Rider says:

    i’m sure this has been discovered, but on super power island, once you have the flying ability you can go to the fourth floor of the Daily Paper building and reach the ceiling.

    also, you can float around on any floor. it’s pretty amusing.

  242. Purple Sword says:

    For the item SWF#s, #3023 is a ticket that lets you access an island a week early, #3024 is a party room, #3001-#3019 are the costumes, #3020 is the Colorizer, #3021 is the printer, and # 3022 is the electrifier!

  243. Get the chef hat.Get the cup.Take off the hat.Go out of the resturaunt.Your holding a cup.

  244. if you are a girl and read the clique series, then you might like this outfit

    Warning: To get the outfit, you may have to reset your character’s looks
    P.S. You have to buy a couple costumes for this outfit.
    Outfits Used: For the cell phone and wide eyes: press Ctrl+Shift+R (warning: your character’s clothes will randomise)until you get that girl. Don’t worry about the skin color and the hair. For skin, just press Ctrl+Shift+S. Then go to 24 Carrot Island and change your color of your hair. Hair – Fairy Queen Bun + Pop Star hair exten. w/earrings, Lips: Popstar, Shirt:Southern Belle, Pants: Just costumeise a person’s pants. If you prefer skirts, then use white or black skirts.
    And voila, you have massie block.

  245. neat kiwi says:

    Hey guys I know a slow motion cheat.
    1. Go to a person and talk to them or jump off a high building
    2. While your talking or still in the air click and hold the address bar
    Your falling of talking in slow motion!

  246. I was trying out the swf codes and founds some new stuff that is coming out in the shop soon. Go to:
    It shows a ticket where you can go to a island for a week before it comes out.
    Shows you can make your own party room!

  247. x aka moodyscull says:

    swf3023 and 3023 has star backgrounds we coul buy them with credits!

  248. muddydragon says:

    Seizure Cheat: Attach Samurai Sword to your poptropican. While standing still or walking, hold down spacebar. Congratulations, You are now having a seizure. Not really a cheat, but just fun to do.

  249. muddydragon says:

    On astro knights island, after you’ve gotten the secret password into the fountain, this is another fun cheat you can use. Press the half moon, then Jupiter, than the small star, and then the sun in the middle. While the plaque is going down, click on it again. Then hit the black hole and then hit “close” in the upper right corner. Voila! The water in the fountain is gone and you are mysteriously underground. Isn’t that awesome?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      That’s supposed to happen, but it is cool! Poptropica rules!
      Peace Out,
      Calm spinner :smile:

  250. Hyper Star says:

    Here’s a two-player game easter egg/cheat for Hoops. Whatever side you are on, line up your cursor’s finger with the top- corner closest to the hoop. you’ll get it in almost every time! positive ’bout this! Forgot if i found this out myself or read it somewhere… :-)

  251. Hey Scary Tomato! Awesome blog!

  252. Magic Monster says:

    For the SWF thing, typing in #’s in the 3000 will show stuff from the poptropica store!!! :-D what is # 3024 tho????

  253. Savannah says:

    When you go to early poptropica and go to the place with the water. Push one block in the water. push the other block on the place with the rope up to it in the water. Then go back to the to and you will have 2 blocks up there.

  254. x aka moody skull says:

    new glitch electricity with out color
    1.use electrify
    2.go to astro knights
    3.go to the ice planet the water
    now you sould a have sparks without color

  255. Calm Spinner says:

    I also have proof that the creater’s are reading this. I once read the creater’s blog (on poptropica there is a link to it) and on one of there posts they were talking about the help blog! :shock:

  256. Rough Sun says:

    what about astro knights island hints? im stuck on the last 2 planets! ps it opend to the public 2 DAYS AGO

  257. Um i’m not so sure if anybody already asked this or not but um…. what if u have a MacBook or iMac … Ctrl+Shift+whatever doesnt work on the Mac …. :(
    u know u guys should make a separate list for ppl who have a Mac or for ppl who have any other type of computer. :)
    That would be great! :D

    • Green Seal says:

      If you have a Mac (like me) you do Command or Apple instead of Ctrl.

      • thank 4 the info, it helped alot :D
        but unfortunately some of the cheat codes wont work instead another command happens on the Mac like it adds bookmarks or it opens another window or something like that :(

      • Cool Wing says:

        I know it’s so unfair! I have one of the older versions of the MacBookPro so I have to use command

      • Where’s is Command on the keyboard Green Seal? :|

        Hijuyo: They’re only on some Apple Mac computers. :neutral:

  258. Rough Sun says: is a cool one even though you cant take it it makes you feel rich lol

  259. SERIOUS FOX says:

    you get credits for buying cool stuff from the poptropica store and satisfaction.

  260. Beefy Hero says:

    Check this item out. I don’t know what it is.

    ST: The Creators are planning to make party rooms for Poptropica, which you’ll be able to buy with credits.

  261. Noisy Hopper says:
  262. Noisy Hopper says:

    look at this! The party room thing!

  263. john7890 says:

    i know a glitch! in the daily paper make sure you are flying go to the third floor and then fly almost to the siling and then wait and then go to the siling and then you’ll be bouncing in the air!

    • john7890 says:

      i know a glitch!in crop circle inn go to the third floor and then bump to the siling 5 times then stop if you don’t bump by your self then do it 6 or 7 times!

  264. Rough Sun says:

    OMG OMG OMG i think im dreaming! i just saw a person dressed as an ice cream cone and a soda!! where can i get 1 of those outfits?

  265. Rough Sun says:

    NEW GLITCH! i call it the fan fever attack :lol: first buy the royal ball outfit in the shop and the go to “purchased items” click on the southern bell outfit and customize the fan. next exit out and hold down space bar and the top half of the fan should look like its trying to cool you down when you have a fever!

  266. Rough Sun says:

    new glitch!! (i think) in 24 carrot AFTER he drinks the milk and meows if you press ctr shift s the cat changes color!

  267. Rough Sun says:

    NEW GLITCH :lol: (only works once you have the key to the well thing
    1) go 2 astro-knights island and go to the fouantin
    2)put in the password: moon planet star sun
    3) while the place where you put your password is going down, click it again and YOU will dissapear!

  268. Skinny EEl says:

    You can press the ctrl shift 1, 2, 3, 4, and hold to make pretty weird stuff. Also, you can press ctrl shift 3 and press ctrl shift 1,2,4 and they will have red faces.


  269. This “Vanish” thing looks so cool. Check it out!

  270. Calm Spinner says:

    OMG! I was looking through the SWF, and I found a high tech suit, and I think it makes you fly! I think the item number was 3001. Check it out! And I found a suit that gives you super speed from an apple jacks ad, and an unreleased game!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      My mistake, 2001. And was that released already?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      And I found a Crissed Crossed trophy from an advertisement, and a whole lot more!

      • The high tech suit was a prize for a Yogos
        Space Billiards game, Which SWF is 2000.

        The unreleased game u found was probably a Froot Loops ad, SWF 2002.

        The Crissed Crossed Trophy was from the same Apple Jacks ad that gave u the super speed suit. That ad also gave u shirts for team Apple and team Cinnamon.

      • And another point for the reply above. Items that are from future islands and future ads are probably not going to be shown in SWF links. {I said probably because Vanish[SWF 3034(this might have been possibly edited out but its cool!)] and the Party Room[SWF 3024(but this possibly might have been edited out too because it says with ur friends and i remember there was a friend button earlier in the game but was never released and replaced with the costumizer which is even better! :grin: )] were posted in the Poptropica Store category but were not released yet! So idk wat will happen… :???: }

        ST: Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the “friends” button too… it was never released. :(

      • Calm Spinner says:


  271. Phantom says:

    Walking on Water
    I found this on Shark Island (I don’t know if this has been posted)
    Right after you have Professor Hammerhead and the boy following you; go past the cannon and jump onto the far left side of a crate. Then click on the Professor to talk to him; you should fall off and then the boy and the Professor should be standing on the water!

  272. Nice Turtle says:

    Are there any cheats that get you extra credits for the store?

    ST: Sorry, no. :(

  273. Wild Peper says:

    What kind of credit well you get if you got a new cheat

    • Purple Thunder says:

      I have a glitch!

      1. Buy Medusa in the Poptropica store

      2. Use it on Professor Hammerhead.

      3. He won’t have stubble and his skin will be a different color!

  274. Wild Peper says:

    What kind of credit will you get if you got a new cheat?

  275. I have a glitch!
    1: Defeat an island and buy the Medusa Hair
    2: Go to Spy Island
    3: Wait until one of the poptropica people get hit by a laser and they become bald
    4: Go to your purchased items and click on the Medusa Hair
    5: After you click on ‘Select Charecter’ click on the person who just lost their hair
    6: They should have snakes on their head, and something else
    7: Repeat step 5
    8: The person should have their hair back
    9: Click on him/her
    10: The person should think they’re still bald :D

    • 1.) right before a person losses his/her hair press the t-shirt.
      2.)right when the laser hits them press them
      3.)then when your at the costumize place press cancle then the person will have there hair back!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Shy Fang says:

    This stuff is so awesome…

  277. Moody Sword says:

    lol it says on the cell phone cheats that if you type “128” (before all those other cell phone codes got deleted) you would get a “Lewis RIFLE” A Rifle? not kid-safe.

    ST: I think that was the rifle Lewis on Time Tangled Island is holding. Maybe they didn’t want kids to have rifles on Poptropica. ;)

  278. Purple Sword says:

    I figured out how to make the cheat codes work on Macs! Before you press the last button of the code, hold down fn, and substitute command for Ctrl. Example: Ctrl-Shift-f4 becomes Command-shift-fn-f4.

    • Purple Sword says:

      Also, for some to work, you must go to System Preferences, go to Keyboard and Mouse, and disable certain keyboard shortcuts.

  279. I love the black juice Easter Egg,I did it the moment I found it!

  280. awesome cheat codes :) :D 8) :twisted:

  281. Calm Spinner says:

    Thanks for the codes everyone! I really wish I could have had the Big Sword.

  282. Short Bear says:

    If anybody likes skinny jeans especially the colored ones, i found a place that is loaded with them. I know there’s no such thing as skinny jeans on pop. but they look like them. I went to the moonish place on astro knights, and just costumise the alien’s pants. they have yellow, red, black, greenish bluish, and pink.

    <|| Crayola ||] Color it your way….

  283. Orange Tummy says:

    I found a glitch! If you have the Renegade Robot outfit, costumize the gun/weapon. Then hold space down. Keep holding it, and when your standing still, smiling, start walking (keep holding space). You should be floating, hands un attached with your eyes closed.Stop walking and holding space, you shoot.
    Sorry if someone else said it, this is really funny!

  284. Chatty Parrot says:

    Guys… I just found something cool

    you know if you want to costumise someone but they move too much just roll your mouse over them so their name and star rating is on the top of the screen in a bar. Then just press the costumise button and click on the little picture of them.

    ALSO….something even better, you can use that method to costumise yourself and a weird man all dressed in black with a white vest appears.


  285. Bendy Bug says:

    Here is a cheat to get unlimited credits! (as long as there is a island left unfinished)
    1. Finish the island until up to the point where you have to talk to someone or do something before you get a medallion
    2. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IN THE SAME ROOM REQUIRED TO FINISH THE ISLAND, enter a new tab, and log in. You should log in at the same room as the other tab. If you want more credits, enter lots of tabs.

  286. awesome cheats and glitches =)

  287. I kinda know a glitch.
    If you go to Early Poptropica right by the Soda Pop Shop there is a sewer-like hole which leads to the big spider or Goth Girl poptropican. Well this is how I got this glitch. You click to go down there, but really fast click up obove the hole. Then you find yourself in the hole. To get up, you just click up. For me i find it kinda cool. Try it! Make sure your not in the part where the rope is to go down.

  288. Shifty Crush says:

    I know how to get the cat ears, whiskers, dog ears, and fangs!!! [will only work on
    spy island (+)]

    1. put on the Chameleon Suit
    2. Go to the docks
    3. go into the warehouse(and I mean at the top.)
    4. Click a dog
    5. click the costumizer then click the poptropica store icon
    6. select a costume; and the customizer should pop up. customize whatever you want to, and click ok. Then click close.

    1. Click the cat
    2. repeat steps 5-6 above.



  289. serious spider says:

    I have a glitch.
    I only works when you have the mechanical mouse on Astro-Knights Island.
    Go outside the queen and kings room on the stairs and release the mouse.
    Jump down the stairs. The mouse will be crawling in mid air.
    You can retrieve it by jumping up to catch it.

  290. Grumpy Octopus says:


    In Spy Island’s Spyglass Eyewear, say something to the man in the lab coat, for example, “I’d like an eye exam.” WHILE you are talking (not after you finish!) click the green t-shirt that helps you customize people. Now click on the manequin on the right. Customize something from it, such as its glasses. Now click ‘Accept’. The manequin will say, “undefined” and start breathing! Enjoy!

  291. Cuddly Crush says:

    The “laughing with an angry face” glitch can work with any emote.

  292. zippy hippo says:

    hey glitch! get flower power and put it on.
    now stand anywhere on the rope.
    press space bar and youll be standing in midair
    and flowers will be growing in the air!

  293. coooooooool

  294. Calm Spinner says:

    I know an Easter Egg!
    Planting Flowers on air (You must have the Flower Power from the Poptropica Store:
    Go to Time Tangled Island in the Mount Everest. Go to the place with the icicles falling, and stand somewhere on the edge, then press spacebar to plant. You should be panting the flowers like normal, except one thing- They’re on air! It may take a few tries, but it works! I found it out myself. Sorry if someone already posted this.

  295. Magic Storm says:

    HEY! I just thought of a really good cheat! I don’t know if this works or not, because I don’t have any credits or the phantom thingy, but if someone could try it out for me I would be really glad! Ok, buy phantom(if u havn’t already)then put on the spy island cameleon suit. If this cheat works, u might be super invisable!!!
    Also I have a cheat for multicoloured cats and one for slowing down time on Poptropica. Here they are:
    RAINBOW FELINES!: okay, go to 24 carrot then go to the cat in the old, abandoned farm house. Then, before you leave to get the milk, get the cat out of the bath by turning on the taps. then u simply click on the costumiser and click on the cat. at the same time, use the skin colour cheat (ctrl+shift+s) and watch the cat change colours! (note that it also changes ur skin colour 2!)

  296. zippy hippo says:

    Hey guys I have a Cheat!Go to the Store.Before Buying a Costume,press spacebar.You will see what the costumes special Move!

    • thats not a cheat. That is what is saposed to happen. the creators did that so you did not buy something with a special action you didn,t like. but it is still cool. ;)

    • šмιℓєš115 says:

      Yeah, please make sure your glitch is actually a glitch, and not what is supposed to happen when you do it.

  297. Sweetie Pie says:


    Go to either the Fire Planet or Ice Planet (Fire Planet’s funnier because plants would shrivel up in lava). Then, as your person is saying “AHHHHHHHH!!! HOT HOT HOT!!/COLD COLD COLD!!”, use the Flower Power and plant a flower or two in the given liquid. It’s very funny.

  298. Prickly Monster says:

    I found a glitch thing: walking without clicking.

    1. Hold down the mouse (like you would to move normaly)
    2. Right-click while still holding the left mouse button.
    3. Click the mouse outside the poptropica screen.
    4. Move the mouse around the pop screen without clicking. There you go! It only lasts until you click.

  299. hey with the standing on rope glitch, if you push to the side you will be pushing agianst nothing! :)

  300. GLITCH: standing on street
    (you have to have the grapling bow tie to do it)
    1. bounce on wire at spy island
    2. shoot bow downwerd
    3. youre going down…
    4. you should be standing on the wire past the sidewalk and in the road
    5. click to jump and you will go up with the wire
    6. your bouncing on the wire again! :)

      1.go to Big Nate island
      2.jump on the wire next to the blimp
      3.jump above above the chimdey of the pop-in shoppe will stand on the chimdey to the side and you will get flung in the air!


        1.go on any roof, with a point
        2.jump on the exact spot the point is where both sides meet (this may take a few tries)
        3.your bouncing up and down cuntinually without clicking
        4.log out
        5.log in again. you should still be bouncing! :P

        1.go to astoknights island
        2.go to astrozone (the building)
        3.o up to the corner with the girl that sais “we havent seen one of your kind in twenty years!”
        4. go next to the wall
        5. jump up
        you should go through the celing! :P

      • Another glitch: Talking to strangers! (this one is the best) :P
        1. go to Spy Island
        2. get on top of the tall building (above the eye shop)
        3. go up to the random person standing on top of there that says “Careful, its a long way down!”
        4. click ‘customize’ then click on that person
        5. do the ‘walking in customizer cheat’ (if you dont know what that is, it is when you customize someone and while its loading, click continuasly to the left and you start walking in the customizer)
        6. close out
        7. to the right, in the air, you will see the battle and chat thing pop up (the battle one dosent work :( ) and you can chat with them! :)

  301. purple heart says:

    I don’t know if it’s been metioned but I know how to be name unknow
    (only works on some computers)
    1.log on to your poptropica account.
    2.enter a room the “back” button on your screen
    4.a radom poptropican is there does not replace your poptropican, it is a new one.
    and now it’s name unknow!

  302. purple heart says:

    I found out that if you plant a flower on the blimp it comes out side like a decoration!

    • mighty ice says:

      i found a similar one. if you plant those flowers on the elivator on the the daily paper building in super power island the flowers will float in the air!

    • hatersloveme4897 says:

      And you can do it with the Wimpy Boardwalk Beach Umbrella :)

  303. Pancake ninja says:

    A cool way to get the cloudy with a chance of meatballs gear. Go to superhero, activate your flying ability*. Go inside the cloudy with a chance of metaballs building, then play the minigame. You will still have the ability to fly!

    *You need to have beaten the island.

  304. If you have Internet Explorer 8, you can’t do the pumpkin mask.. Instead it pulls up the InPrivate page thing… (Just pointing it out!) :D

  305. this is so cool i used one of the cheats LOL!

  306. Cool Tornado says:

    I noticed a funny glitch in early poptropica :P!

    I was in the “Early” part of it, and I went down into the wishing well, and I jumped into the water for fun, and I jumped up while I was in the water, and I bounced on water, it was pretty beast.

  307. For the new Astro Boy ad (guys only ages 6-11):
    If your Poptropican character is a guy aged 6 to 11, you’ll notice that in the costumes for the Astro Boy ad there is one for a girl.
    [for GIRLS who want Cora’s (Astro Boy’s friend) costume from the ad]:
    1. create a guy account (aged 6-11 only)
    2. go to Spy island (the 1st island that I noticed the ad)
    3. when you see the ad, use this code: Ctrl + Shift + R until the character is a girl.
    4. Costumize Cora’s outfit & voila!
    Hope this glitch helped!

  308. solomon23 says:

    cool,u rock st

  309. Magic Storm says:

    hey i just discovered this hilirsly funny easter egg cheat!
    Okay, if you beat the fuel up and go ad than go to spy island(if your not there already), go up to the bouncey rope thing next to the spy at the top of HQ and jump on it. When your really high up go to your inventory(bag) and find the treadmill. Then press ‘use’.
    You should find yourself on a treadmill in mid-air!

  310. Fast Lightning says:

    I found a new glitch.Go anywhere in Spy Island and use the grapple bowtie and then make sure your hanging somewhere and then go to you inventory and then take the bowtie off then you will be hanging from a line!

  311. Happy snowball says:

    My character is holding a cup with a black drink. :D

  312. OMG!!!!!!!!! THEY REALLY WORKKKK!

  313. Giant Crown says:

    Did you know that if you push the spacebar while looking at a costume in the Poptropica Store you can see it’s special action?

  314. Giant Crown says:

    If I randomize, does it take everything in my inventory?

    Hijuyo: Nope, it only affects your character’s appearance. ;)

  315. Hey!I found a really cool cheat.Go to Super Power island first.Once you have defeated one vilian,you go to the prison and stand on a window next to the vilian.Click on the vilian and your guy will start tap dancing.

  316. rapidfire28 says:

    Hey everyone, I found something pretty cool. its not a cheat or anything though :( . go to early poptropica island and put on the jet pack. then, do a somersault on the ground. in the middle of the somersault, click and hold in the air so that you fly. you should be flipping in the air if you do it correctly.

  317. Another glitch says:

    1.Go to a place where you can fly like Super Power Island after you get the flying power.
    2.Climb halfway up a rope
    3.Press Ctrl+Shift+3.
    4.Just as the animation of the emote reaches to the part where the face gets red, hit Ctrl + Shift + 4.
    5.Your character will be on the rope with an angry red face.
    6.Turn on your flying power and fly of the rope.Your character will be flying around with a red face
    When your character rests on the ground,he/she will return to normal.

  318. I can’t get on to the SWF sites! Whenever I try to get on them, it says: “File not found. Better luck next time!”

    Hijuyo: It could be a problem with Poptropica, because that’s where the SWFs are coming from.

  319. here is a glitch to shark tooth island…….

    1: go to shark tooth island and then go right and then go to ancient ruins and go in that place that showing eyes blinking..
    2: don’t go down once your in that place then you need to buy a time freezer at the store..
    (if you don’t have it or you don’t have enough money, too bad!)put the time freezer on then jump and then press space bar rapidly and then move and your character is not moving steps to walk! it’s only sliding!! try this glitch and REPLY!!!!!!!!!

    Hijuyo: Interesting glitch, Dangerous Penguin! ;)

    • šмιℓєš115 says:

      Also, if you do a somersault in the air over the fire on Early Poptropica and click on the fire the SAME SECOND you land on the ground, then your character will say something like “That’s hot!” and land. If you try to walk left or right, your character will slide.It will stop when you move the pointer down and click or go somewhere else. Hope it works for everyone! ;)

  320. Yellow Wolf says:

    Rascal in the store(You have to have the grappling bow to do this)

    Here’s a really funny cheat:

    1: Go to Spy Iland and enter the Spyglass shop.

    2: Put on the bow

    3:Click on the bow and target it on the ceiing.

    4: Then,go to the shelf on the top left.

    5: You should see inventions.Click on one of them.

    6: The doctor comes down.You start running and make sure he doens’t catch up to you.

    And that’s it!You should have a doctor and yourself running like coyotes!Have fun!

  321. Shaky Shadow says:


  322. Hey! I just started. And i know ALL the islands, ’cause i had LOTS of finished accounts. When i got bored because they weren’t any other islands i made new accounts! This is a great blog! How did you find about ALL these things? These glitches? These Walkthroughs? They are FANTASTIC! I LOOVE this website!

    Hijuyo: As a Poptropica community, different people have joined us to share their Poptropica experiences and discoveries, all to help fellow friends! :)

  323. Something strange happened on Astro-Knights Island! You know the Planetarium on main street? You must have the mechanical mouse to do this. First, jump to the top of the door (of the Planetarium). Then go to your backpack and release the mouse. Now before the mouse comes back to you quickly jump down to the ground. Now the mouse should stay on the Planetarium. Move around a bit and it will be walking in mid-air! It will follow you around but if you jumped and touched it it will go back into your backpack.

  324. Jumpy Cat

    If you have the cat following you go in front of the Dinner and then close the tab. After that log back on to poptropica and go to 24 carrot and walk back & forth and the cat will be jumping over and under the ground.

    Its coool!!!

    • grumpy snowball says:

      another trick get on the roof of the diner if you have cat walk to the left and line the cat up with the rope and jump up and the cat will be hamging on the rope if you want cat to climb jump up and down

  325. silly bird says:

    OMG!!!!!! i did the mouse cheat and it was so funny!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  326. I’m really intrested in the Item SWF links. I tried from number 1 to 142 and it’s really cool watching items I haven’t got yet!

  327. That was strange…I was in the B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island and I have the chef hat. I went inside without the hat and the B.A.D. agent said, “You’re not the chef. Don’t bother me.” So I put on my chef hat and he said, “I’m fine. Go away.” I take the hat off but he still say “I’m fine. Go away.”! I had to go out to stop that.

  328. poptropicaluver says:

    how and when are you going to fix the phone codes?

  329. Hey I found another glitch (I think it was). First complete Nabooti Island. Then go inside the Museum at Main Street and go near the Nabooti Totem used to be. Jump onto the word ‘Nabooti’ then jump onto the wooden platforms at the left or right (it doesn’t matter which one) and climb as high as you can. When you’re on the highest platform jump towards the beam of light, but aim in the middle. If you set it up right you’ll be standing in MID-AIR as if the Totem is still there!

  330. This has probably been mentioned b4, but if you crouch near the beach of Time Tangled into the water, you will be down deeper

  331. i am icy sword from poptropica……! i found this mega cool glitch! if u go on spy, and got the laser pen and bow tie, and are on to get the invisable laser seeing googles….And while u go u need to jump and the B.A.D guy is around….try and click on him….and 2 coloums come up the same u might see in the multiplayers room when u click on someone. Well those two come up on him….i pressed chat (not battle) and asked him do u like my hair..he actually replied and said No! i found it seriously cool…don’t know about u..! i hope u try it!

  332. a new glitch says:

    We found a new glitch in spy. While in the chameleon suit while standing still (you need to be next to the guard)and then you can talk to him. we had this happen on the rooftops above balding avenue.

  333. shiny raptor says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! i did the jump-with-red-happy-face and…(drumroll,please) it worked!!!!

  334. poptropicaluver says:

    heres a glich
    go to time tangled
    go to the time where the great wall is built
    find the warrior {the one with the bowl]
    click but dont let go
    move your mose to the side
    let go. itll stop the fire inside!! try it.

  335. Golden Dragon says:

    new glitch i found on counterfeit island.
    First get a balloon from the clown shop
    Then after you have one go to a rope and hang on it.
    As you stay on you will notice the balloon rises slowly.
    When the balloon is really high go off the rope you will go flying.

  336. Little Cloud says:

    I’ll never have to go to the weird balloon guy or the carrot king diner again!Whoo Hoo!
    -lady boa who now has blue skin.

  337. I found a really cool glitch. go to spy island and (this is only if you have got the bow tie. Go up to the rope that you can jump on that is near the spy. make sure your bowtie is off. start jumping. once you get really really high in the air (not touching the cord) press on items. put the bowtie on. the minute your feet hit the cord. shoot the bowtie strait down. you should go all the way to the street with the cord still on you. I am a big fan of this site.

    Hijuyo: Cool cheat! ;)

  338. blue carrot says:

    I went in to the comic shop and used the custimizer cheat on comic kid and i saw the chat or battle sighs in the corner i pressed chat and he answered my qwestion no lie

  339. Little Cloud says:

    I found a glitch in the Naboti muesum,if you climb up to the highest ledges and jump,landing in the middle,where the naboti statue was…you will be floating on nothing!and if you jump high enough,you will land on another invisible ledge.have fun floating/standing!

  340. I found this really weird thing. There’s this customizable TALKING CONSTANTLY MOVING MOUTH. I’ve customized it; my user is PokeberryDP. You can find it on the avatar studio… I just copied it off of someone. Don’t know where they got it though.

    • Cuddly Crush says:

      I have that mouth too. It’s pretty cool, huh?

    • šмιℓєš115 says:

      I think I know where they got it! If you have the mouth from that weird black and white guy and keep it on long enough in the same position, then it will turn into that mouth….