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Virus Hunter for all & the rise of Poptropolis Games 2013!

Virus Hunter Island is now available for everyone to play! The PHB’s Virus Hunter Island Guide (with pictures) should complement your adventure nicely, so do check it out! It even has a walkthrough for the members’ bonus quest (thanks Strange Cat,Weirdo), which was also just released.

vh here

Also on the rise is Poptropolis Games Island, which was released in 2012 and sank back into the ocean in January of this year. Looks like it’s about to make another big splash on the map, complete with the music and bigger screen we’ve seen on Virus Hunter:

Poptropolis Games 2013 also brings two new events that weren’t around last year: Volcano Race and Octopus Volleyball! There’s also a new desktop wallpaper and printable poster on the island tour page to get you in the spirit of the games – so much for rising “once every 100 years”! Seems like 1 year in our time is 100 in Poptropica. Crazy, isn’t it?

Stay tuned to the Poptropica Help Blog for more news on the next island!

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More for the Poptropica Shop and cave sneak peeks

At the online Poptropica Shop, you can buy personalized clothing with your Poptropican on them (adult sizes were recently added too!) – but there’s potential for even more.

shop poll

From now until the end of next week, you have the chance to vote in a poll on the sidebar of the Creators’ Blog for what you think they should add (vote for as many as you like!). So far, iPhone cases have taken the lead, followed by backpacks, water bottles, birthday party supplies, long sleeve t-shirts, and finally, towels.

Virus Hunter Island should be out in less than a day now! Members will get to play the bonus quest then, and non-members will finally be able to complete the entire island in all its sound and big-screened glory. Check out that salivated space:

While we wait, let’s take a look at some recent Daily Pop sneak peeks! These look like a continuation of the geology-themed, underground cave exploration pics you may remember were posted on the PHB earlier. Maybe rock crushing is the new Candy Crush?

Match 3 – No, this isn’t any kind of Bejeweled Candy Crushery.


Pooled Resources – Hydrothermal energy is the wave of the future.


Outcropping – These formations rock.


Low Tech – We’re talking really, really low.


Shroom Available – Looks like a fungal infection has gotten out of control.


Minerals and mushrooms… hmm. What IS this place?

Ship Follower (for members) and Spirit Animals ad

get shipfollowerHey everyone! The last item prize from the vending machine on Virus Hunter Island during Early Access is now available – unfortunately, this one’s also only for members. If that’s you, be sure to pick up your free Ship Follower so you can take the Panacea with you anywhere you go.

For everyone else, Virus Hunter Island releases this Thursday, September 26! Members will also get to play the long-awaited bonus quest starting then, and the Virtual Virus Costume members’ bonus will be pulled from the Store. Remember, we’ve got a Virus Hunter Island Guide right here on the PHB.

Also, there’s an ad building for Scholastic’s Spirit Animals, the fantasy book series. (I found it on Ghost Story Island.) Inside, it’s a common room where you can see other players, but also be able to customize and interact with various characters from the books and their powers.


On the first floor is Abeke (left) and her Uraza power which temporarily turns everyone into a leopard, Conor (right) and his Briggan Storm which flashes lightning and brings his wolf on the screen, and next to him a green-and-yellow-plated winged helmet you can customize.

On the second floor is Rollan (right) whom you can talk to for the Essix (hawk) Follower, as well as Meilin (left) and her Stealthy Jhi power which temporarily makes the room blink black. On the third floor are links to the Spirit Animals website.

What do you say your spirit animal is? Mine, of course, is the almighty fish. :D

Heartworming bonus quest & X-ray visor for members

Although Virus Hunter Island was initially released without a members’ bonus quest, one is on its way! It will be ready on September 26, when the island is released to the public. This heartworming (not to be confused with heartwarming) sneak peek might whet your appetite:

Members can also collect their free X-ray Visor from the Virus Hunter vending machine this week. Pressing space bar while wearing it lets you see people’s skeletons, quite like the Skeleton Power in the Store. The Scifi Doctor is no longer available.

There’s two new mini-ads on Back Lot Island: (1) a cart advertising Poptropica: Forgotten Islands (the iOS game, which we have a PHB walkthrough for), and (2) a video trailer for Liv and Maddie, premiering Sunday, September 15 at 8p/7c on Disney Channel. Watching the video gets you the Liv and Maddie Twin Power, where a clone of your character follows you around! (Thanks, ayman351!)

fi cart & twin power

Also, remember the personalized Poptropica clothing you can buy online from the Poptropica Shop? It now comes in adult sizes as well, so even in the bigger players can wear them!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to be awesome!

Scifi Doctor costume & Forgotten Islands (iOS) Guide

Hey virus hunters! There’s a new free prize available for everyone on the vending machine on Virus Hunter Island’s Main Street – a Scifi Doctor costume. Last week’s Hazmat Suit is now sold out.

scifi doctor

Next week’s costume, available starting on the 12th, looks like a helmet that will be for members only. The week after that (Sept 19th) will have a final mystery prize for everyone, so be sure to check back! Virus Hunter Island releases to all on September 26, 2013.

As you may have seen, the new iOS game Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now available in the iTunes App Store for US$4.99! The PHB has a full walkthrough complete with pictures available, so if you need help or if you just want to see for yourself what the game is like, please check it out!

Personally, I thought the actions were a bit repetitive, mostly fetch quests with the item you needed lying in plain sight, so the game wasn’t very challenging. The story, which involves finding lost artifacts to uncover Poptropica’s past, wasn’t too bad. No Monster Carnival, sadly (even though this is the one forgotten island we all want to know about!).

forgotten islands

Have you played the game yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

Checking on those Contagious Predictions


I don’t know how many of you remember my earlier post called A Contagious Prediction. But I did make some very observant (if I may say so myself) observations about what Poptropica’s newest island (Virus Hunter) would be like. Let’s take a look at what I thought.

  • There is a man named Joe Stockman
  • Joe lives on Virus Hunter Island (the cards say so)
  • He won a trip abroad (travel rating card) and (You Won! envelope)
  • On his trip abroad, he acquired a foreign disease
  • It is our job to cure that disease
  • The common room could be Bob’s Place Barbeque (coupon)
  • Lastly, maybe the disease isn’t a real disease… what if it’s… nanobots?

I also mentioned that Green Square is a reference to RedBox but that has nothing to do with it. And I said that the Daily Pop sneak peek of a home was Joe’s home, which it could be, but was never incorporated into the island.

Heres where I was right.

  • Joe Stockman is in fact Patient Zero, the man who acquired a disease on his trip abroad.
  • And yes, it is our job to cure the disease (by zooming around his body like we’re Captain Kirk)

Here’s where I was wrong.

  • The common room was not, in fact, Bob’s Place Barbeque. It was a town hall.
  • And the virus was just a deadly plague, not robotic of any kind.


In an even earlier post I mentioned the lockers found in the apartment with the names of the Creators on them.

It turns out that was incorporated into the island.

So that’s it. Remember, this was back in April, so good job, me!

Grooving to Poptropica music – not just on Virus Hunter Island

Need a little help taking down those big bad viruses? The PHB’s Virus Hunter Island Guide, written by Samwow5 and complete with pictures, is available on our site!

vhi login

Virus Hunter Island is the second to be released with music, sound effects, and a bigger screen (after 24 Carrot, which everyone can now play with the new features). While poking around, I found the man behind the music – Jeff Heim, Poptropica’s music composer, has been busy making music for Poptropica and has even posted some samples on Soundcloud (I hope there’s more to come!):

We’ve heard some of these tracks on 24 Carrot Island, but there’s a few in the mix that suggest Twisted Thicket will be the next to get an upgrade. Also, could the “Carnival Ride” track be an indicator for Monster Carnival Island? Either way, this new music sounds pretty awesome!

Lastly, if you’re having trouble getting scenes to load on Virus Hunter Island, the Creators suggest that you use a different web browser. (They also have more tips for using the new navigation on their blog.)

What’s your favorite Poptropica music track so far?

Go for the Pandemic Panic…

…cause Virus Hunter Island is out NOW! That’s right, now!

The PHB’s Virus Hunter Island Guide is now up! If you’re stuck, click here!

However, non-members aren’t missing out entirely- everyone can get this hazmat suit:

There will be a new prize every week during Early Access.  Anyways, I finished Virus Hunter and I saw what was the long wait about. It was very cool! And now, since they have a player map and stuff, I can see my ranking!

(Yay, number 30!) If  you look at the country/state you are from and you earned that medallion, you can see your ranking too!

To those who have finished the island, what is your ranking?

BT out!


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