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Poptropolis Games 2013 – members play now!

The Games are alive with the roar of competition among Poptropica members, who can start playing the 2013 edition of the island RIGHT NOW! Everyone else can play starting December 5, 2013.

Be sure to check out the PHB’s Poptropolis Games Island Guide if you need help! It has now been updated with walkthroughs for the two new events, Octopus Volleyball & Skiing (volcano race).

Also, congratulations to the Wildfire tribe for helping out the most in the quest to dig up the Games! As a token of recognition, a glorious Wildfire statue has been set up on Main Street. (Next time, Flying Squid… next time…) As Poptropica is trying to roll out ‘improved’ navigation for all the islands, you’ll be able to play Poptropolis Games Island with music, sound effects, a unified menu, and bigger screen.

Members, don’t forget to collect your bonus gear from the Store! It’s the same as the 2012 pack, with the Discus item and Plant-a-Statue power. The Wrestling Gear will only be available until the end of Early Access (Dec 5).

If you’d like to see who’s finished the island already, you can do so with the World Champions Player Map! Have you completed the island yet? Where do you rank and which tribe did you join?

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Ship Follower (for members) and Spirit Animals ad

get shipfollowerHey everyone! The last item prize from the vending machine on Virus Hunter Island during Early Access is now available – unfortunately, this one’s also only for members. If that’s you, be sure to pick up your free Ship Follower so you can take the Panacea with you anywhere you go.

For everyone else, Virus Hunter Island releases this Thursday, September 26! Members will also get to play the long-awaited bonus quest starting then, and the Virtual Virus Costume members’ bonus will be pulled from the Store. Remember, we’ve got a Virus Hunter Island Guide right here on the PHB.

Also, there’s an ad building for Scholastic’s Spirit Animals, the fantasy book series. (I found it on Ghost Story Island.) Inside, it’s a common room where you can see other players, but also be able to customize and interact with various characters from the books and their powers.


On the first floor is Abeke (left) and her Uraza power which temporarily turns everyone into a leopard, Conor (right) and his Briggan Storm which flashes lightning and brings his wolf on the screen, and next to him a green-and-yellow-plated winged helmet you can customize.

On the second floor is Rollan (right) whom you can talk to for the Essix (hawk) Follower, as well as Meilin (left) and her Stealthy Jhi power which temporarily makes the room blink black. On the third floor are links to the Spirit Animals website.

What do you say your spirit animal is? Mine, of course, is the almighty fish. :D

Wander and hunt for Poptropica’s 6th birthday treasures!

Poptropica celebrates its sixth birthday this month, and as the Creators pointed out, that means it’s old enough to sign up for a Poptropica account! Except it’s Poptropica, so that would be silly.

Anyway, you can pick up a free color-changing 6th b’day balloon in the Store, find balloons floating in the common rooms, and if you pop the occasionally-appearing “6” balloon, you’ll get the 6th Birthday Costume* with a snazzy spinning hat! (Press spacebar and the 6 will pop out and spin.)

*also available in the Store for members (limited edition)

Also, there are a couple new mini-ads on Main Streets. A Wander Over Yonder (Fridays at 9p/8c on Disney) video ad can be found on Early Poptropica – watch the video for a Wander Over Yonder Hat!

Back Lot Island has a building for Treasure Hunters, an illustrated novel by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein (you can read ten chapters for free!). You can claim two free prizes in the middle of the second floor – a Pirate Attack Power and Undersea Diving Power.

yonder and treasure ads

By the way, if you haven’t already redeemed it, you can enter the promo code POP6BIRTHDAY for a free Applebee’s Apple Pie Costume. Happy birthday, Poptropica!

Heartworming bonus quest & X-ray visor for members

Although Virus Hunter Island was initially released without a members’ bonus quest, one is on its way! It will be ready on September 26, when the island is released to the public. This heartworming (not to be confused with heartwarming) sneak peek might whet your appetite:

Members can also collect their free X-ray Visor from the Virus Hunter vending machine this week. Pressing space bar while wearing it lets you see people’s skeletons, quite like the Skeleton Power in the Store. The Scifi Doctor is no longer available.

There’s two new mini-ads on Back Lot Island: (1) a cart advertising Poptropica: Forgotten Islands (the iOS game, which we have a PHB walkthrough for), and (2) a video trailer for Liv and Maddie, premiering Sunday, September 15 at 8p/7c on Disney Channel. Watching the video gets you the Liv and Maddie Twin Power, where a clone of your character follows you around! (Thanks, ayman351!)

fi cart & twin power

Also, remember the personalized Poptropica clothing you can buy online from the Poptropica Shop? It now comes in adult sizes as well, so even in the bigger players can wear them!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to be awesome!

Cloudy with a chance of apple pie

There’s a new promo code floating around – enter POP6BIRTHDAY for a cool new Applebee’s Apple Pie Costume! (Thanks, TheCloneDrone.) This month marks Poptropica’s 6th birthday!


Also, there’s a new ad on Main Streets (such as on Back Lot Island) for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, in theaters September 27. (Thanks, jpf0904 & ayman351.) What you’ll need to do is cross the Breakfast Bog by jumping on platforms. Watch out for obstacles, and every time you land in the honey, keep clicking until you pull yourself out.

cloudy ad

At the end, you’ll receive two prizes – a Piece of Cake! power that gives you a cake costume until you turn it off, and a costume (Sam Sparks for girls; Flint for boys). Enjoy!

The pandemic panic is coming….

…this week! Hey guys, BT here with a piece of breaking news! In a rare weekend post from Creator Captain Crawfish, he announces the following:

We know it’s been a long time coming. We know you’ve been patient. We know we’ve promised a lot. And we’ve been working around the clock to make sure we can deliver on those promises. Now, we’re very happy to say that Early Access to Virus Hunter Island will be available this week!

It’s the biggest, wildest Poptropica adventure we’ve ever made. It’s got a bigger screen, music and sound effects, and an epic storyline. We’re very proud of Virus Hunter Island, and we can’t wait until you can play it.

We’ll let you know exactly when Virus Hunter Island is available. Keep checking back!

A lot of Poptropicans are probably sighing in relief right now. We waited four months for Virus Hunter Island, and it’s finally coming out this week! Although he doesn’t say exactly when next week, it is likely that it’ll release on Thursday, August 29, considering Poptropica tends to release their islands on a Thursday.

Anyways, the map has changed up a bit, with two of the island icons colored: Virus Hunter and 24 Carrot Island. This indicates that these islands have been affected by Poptropica’s new larger screen and soundtrack format… which means 24 Carrot Island’s new format is now available for the public! Members can now play as their own Poptropicans with the new format!

(UPDATE: The improved 24 Carrot Island is now open to everyone!)

Do you think Virus Hunter Island will be worth the wait? I hope so.

BT out!

Nano-Combat Training now available!

Hey guys, BT here. Now, when I went on Poptropica at about 1:50ish EST, I discovered this new card in the Poptropica Store:

nano-combat training

Now, before you go into the store to see for yourself, let me tell you: it isn’t there anymore. Before this card was pulled off the Poptropica Store shelf, there was an ad for it on the home page (I didn’t take a screenshot of it), and I was curious enough to check it out.

However, when I tried to access this minigame, all it did was bring me into BETA Carrotene. This is really odd.

UPDATE 1 : Fuzzy-B mentions that this “Training Sim” Daily Pop could be a sneak peek for this nanobot-battling simulation game, brought to you by the Poptropica Disease Center (PDC):

UPDATE 2: This quest is now available for real for members. It actually involves the sound and larger screen. And just to warn you in advance- it is like Thunder Volt. Here’s a video from the Creators:

UPDATE 3: The PHB now has a guide for this mini-game, which you can check out here! :D

BT out!

Virus Hunter member bonuses incoming!

You know Virus Hunter is really coming soon when you see the members-only free bonuses start to come into the Store. The first of these is the Virtual Virus Costume, available only during the Early Access period. Because you’ve always wanted to look just like a virus… right?

The costume comes in two parts. When you Costumize the lower half with the body and legs, your own Poptropican’s legs will be replaced by this set of limbs which will have you skittering about like a spider.

[UPDATE 1 - July 9] The Inside-Out Power is here to give you deep insight on the insides (literally) of your Poptropican’s very being (or the very beings of others).

[UPDATE 2 - July 16] The last one is the Sneezing Powder – use it by pressing the space bar and you can give someone a sneezing fit! Aaa… aaahhh-choo!

By the way, remember the PHB’s Ongoing Story Creation? It’s still going (because it’s ongoing), so if you’d like to contribute to or even just read a Poptropica fan-fic created by fellow Poptropicans, you’re welcome to join in!


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