BoxTrolls, new map icons, and revisiting the Shark Boy mystery!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  :D

Advertisement update: BoxTrolls

Some new ads are finally here, the first promoting the new movie “The BoxTrolls” (which btw looks incredible :P ). You’ll need to watch a lengthy trailer for the film in order to get a cool new “Eggs Costume“.


In other news, you’ll get a card upon signing in entitled “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge“. When used, a bucket of ice will be poured onto your Poptropican’s head. As of late, the Creators seem to be pretty involved with this project, having many of their characters take on the challenge and hints of the game’s founder, Jeff Kinney, taking it on as well. Of course that remains to be seen, but the card is still pretty cool. :P

And have you seen my rendition of the challenge? :D


New map icons: PoptropiCon & Land

If you’ve checked the map recently, you’ll know that the PoptropiCon island microcosm has been added (of course it will be released on Thursday), alongside a Land icon that takes you to the feature (and no, the upcoming update has not been added yet).

They added yet another map page to hold these two, with only 6 islands being displayed. A load was obviously taken off of the previous page, but now that page is just proportionally off and only holds 5.


Revisiting the case of the missing shark

If you’ve been following the PHB for a while, then you’ll know about the Shark Boy mystery that has never really been answered. However, if you think about it, you’ll start to find some similarities between it and other mysteries of Poptropica.


Monster Carnival island was an old island (a classic) that was never released and was mysteriously taken off the map. For 6 years the mystery was left alone, the Creators hinting at it here and there. One time was different, however – they actually acknowledged that it was gone. (If you don’t know already, it was finally released about 8 months ago)

Not since the introduction of the Costumizer or the removal of the Monster Carnival map icon have we made an update this momentous.

If you compare that to what happened to Shark Boy, it’s pretty similar – even about the Creators acknowledging the disappearance –

The second Island we ever released, way back in 2007, was Shark Tooth Island, which featured the massive Booga Shark, a helpful medicine man, and one very special boy whose name we no longer recall.

So what does this mean? Is Shark Boy going to make a miraculous return? Will we ever find out why he mysteriously vanished? And could this all this be a publicity stunt for something bigger – a new island with Shark Boy as the villain (hey, no one said he was a good guy :P )? Tell me what you think in the comments. :D

Eww, spooder! :P



PoptropiCon – start forming a line!

Hey everyone! We all know that PoptropiCon has been an upcoming island for a while, and now… it’s getting even closer!

poptropicon poptropicanEveryone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

The PoptropiCon Tour page is now up, along with goodies for members and non-members. Start setting up your tents now because Episode 1: Line Forms Here is coming soon!

PoptropiCon is the hottest ticket in town. It’ll take all your wits — and more than a few disguises — to crash the party!

poptropicon wallpaper

The desktop wallpaper (click to enlarge) is free for all and can be found on the tour page.

poptropicon costumes

For members, Lunar Colony and Game Show Costumes are in the Poptropica Store for free. Not enough, huh? Well fear not! Members also get a printable poster from the Store! With it, you can print out a magazine (just a poster though) of yourself and other superheroes and hang it high on your wall for all to see.

Looking good. 8-) Sadly, your poptropican doesn’t have a cool pose, like the rest of the heroes.

Well, on that note, this is going to be our 40th Poptropica island! :D Whoop, whoop!

We will keep looking for behind the scenes news on the island to keep you all up to date. ;)


Atlantis Captain, Survival’s Max McGullicutty, & Land

Ahoy, Poptropicans! Members who have played the final chapter of Mission Atlantis may have picked up the Atlantis Captain costume towards the end — but everyone can get it from the Store for free! When you press space bar, the helmet will either reveal or hide your face.

atl capt

In addition to recently being released to everyone online, Survival 4 (Cabin Fever) is also now on the Poptropica iOS app! Click here for the PHB’s Survival walkthrough. Tally ho!


Meanwhile on Poptropica’s Tips & Tricks app, they’ve added guides for Survival 2 through 4, and it’s 99 cents for each episode. If it’s a walkthrough you need, though, I’d advise saving your money and using the PHB’s free Survival Island Guide instead! Sure, we’re not official, but we’re still here to help. :P

Speaking of Survival, there’s just one more episode left, and from what we know, you’re on the run from MVB, but you have a friend waiting for you in the woods. He’s the mysterious character who left you notes on the tapestry in Episode 4 (allowing your escape), and signed it “M.M.” So who is M.M.?

Remember the Manifest from the plane in Episode 3? There was a name for the coin-collecting passenger: Max McGullicutty… M.M.! And this Daily Pop sneak peek might just be giving us a look at him, disheveled from life in the woods, and more importantly, with an “M” on his belt buckle:


If you remember from one of HP’s Survival Files on the PHB, there’s some dialogue with what appears to be a superstitious fisherman… and as we haven’t encountered this character yet, perhaps it’s Max.

Also, we haven’t forgotten about Poptropica Land, now in alpha version 2 and still only available to members (get the Labs card from the Store). It’s a big step up from the first prototype of Poptropica Labs, and new features include: the magical blue hammer of creation and destruction (Svadilfari), “Poptanium” mining instead of coins, the ability to save, and more!

pop land

Stay tuned to the PHB for a more in-depth look as well as a community event coming soon, involving this updated feature! In the meantime, don’t forget to be awesome. :)

Galactic Hot Dogs: Princess Dagger prize pack & new costume closet!

Hey Poptropicans – Galactic Hot Dogs is back on Poptropica with some new goodies! This time I found it on Main Street of Super Power Island. Last time the GHD stand was around, it brought along the Ice Blaster Pistol, and the time before that, the Princess Dagger (girls) and Cosmoe (boys) costumes. Those prizes are now back, along with two new ones: Jack and Princess Follower!

ghd prizepack

When you click on the GHD stand to receive your prizes, you’ll also be brought to the GHD site on Funbrain where you can read the graphic novels for free! By the way, Galactic Hot Dogs uses the font “Luckiest Guy”, which PHB author HP once recommended as a free alternative to Poptropica’s title font, Ghostkid AOE. Cool, eh? :D

Also, here’s a look at part of the prize pack in action: the Princess Follower is as tall as your Poptropican, Jack transforms your head and body into a robot (you can use the Costumizer tool to remove it), and the Ice Blaster Pistol freezes innocent bystanders into a block of ice for a moment.

ghd action

Enjoy your prizes!

Update by Samwow5: Hey everyone! There is a new feature for Poptropica’s costume closet! It’s only accessible on SUIs: you customize a Main Street character and the Costumizer screen pops up.


By clicking the green button with a clothes hanger and a plus, it adds the costume immediately to your closet. When you click the blue button with a hanger, it opens up your closet and lets you scroll through and delete costumes you don’t want.

And in other news, issue #18 of the PHB magazine, The POPCORN, was just released – click here to check out this month’s compilation of Poptropica fanfiction, artwork, fashion trends, and more! Keep on poppin’ on, Poptropicans. :)

Poptropica Lands next week & Atlantis drone for members!

Hey everyone! Are you excited? I am, because two big updates are happening next week! As you may have heard earlierMission Atlantis Ep. 3 will be out for members next Thursday (Aug 7), and you can read my theories about what’s coming here.

The earth-shaking announcement we predicted has now been confirmed, too: the next version of Poptropica Lands will also be coming out for members next week too! Here’s the trailer video:

HP said in a recent post that he thought the blue hammer above was from Poptropica Lands, and boy was he right! With the hammer, we can now destroy and rebuild in Poptropica Lands (formerly known as Poptropica Labs). I can’t wait to start playing it next week! By the way, if you visit the link shown in the trailer (, you’ll just see a static ‘coming soon’ image for now:


In other news, the Creators also released the Atlantis Drone Follower for Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3! This follower is actually pretty cool in my opinion, but it’s only available to members, who can pick it up for free in the Store. The Creators also added in their post that “you can get psyched for the concluding chapter of the Mission Atlantis trilogy” – implying that there will only be 3 episodes in total.


Anyway, that’s it for now! Too bad these updates are only for members – but if you are one, I hope you have a fun time exploring under the sea and building on Poptropica Lands next week! :)


Atlantis Ep. 2 on iOS, costume inflation, & sticker book

Hey Poptropicans! There’s been a lot of speculation flying around the PHB recently, from Thor’s hammer and Norse mythology connections to Legendary Swords crystals and even Poptropolis shaking! But there’s also some concrete stuff happening that’s worth mentioning, so let’s take a look.

Mission Atlantis: Episode 2 now on iOS app

Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep (Episode 2) is now available on Poptropica’s iOS app. If you don’t want to navigate the treacherous waters alone, check out our written walkthrough (with pictures) or use a video from our trivia page to get you past the fearsome goblin shark and more!


Price hike on sausage costumes

Both the Hot Dog and Tofu Dog costumes, released to the Poptropica Store in 2010, are currently 150 credits each. (With a few exceptions, costumes are generally 75 credits each.) I’m not sure when or why exactly their price inflated, as they’re not exactly the most glamorous costumes out there. :P


(Speaking of the Store, the members-only Ringmaster costume which was supposed to be gone after the Early Access period of Monster Carnival Island is still here, several months later. It’s a great costume though, so hopefully it stays!) Well, at least members can get everything in the Store for free.

Sticker book is here

Also, the Poptropica Ultimate Sticker Collection book is now available, with over 1000 re-usable stickers as promised! You can get it for US$11.69 on Amazon or perhaps your local bookstore if they’re awesome enough to stock these.

In other news, don’t forget the PHB’s 6th anniversary party is this Saturday, July 26th, and we hope to see you there! More information can be found in this post. Thanks for popping by! :D


Game-breaking Germany’s football costume

*sitting on couch, watching World Cup* COME ON! COME ON! UGH, NO! *sighs* Timmy, how’re the pizza rolls coming? We need to finish them before the readers co- OH, THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!

Heh, I mean, what’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a little bit of football fever! Or “soccer”, to you Americans. (I’m sorry americans please don’t eat my family) As you may know, Germany won the FIFA World Cup this past weekend, and as promised, the Creators have released their uniform as a free costume for everyone in the Store! But get it quick – it’ll be gone after one week.


So anyway, in addition to that, I have this screencap of me breaking the game. Physics is dead.

Screenshot 2014-07-14 at 1.01.29 PM

Have any of you experienced this glitch as well? Let me know in the comments below before the giant fire-retardant spewing plane eats me! Seriously, this thing won’t stop following me. Make it stop.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans.

Wow, you guys look hungry. Please don’t eat me. Nice readers… TIMMY, HURRY UP WITH THE PIZZA ROLLS!

Football fever freebie for everyone this Monday!

Gooooall! Well, er, not quite yet – but the Creators have promised everyone (not just members this time!) a free costume this coming Monday, to celebrate this year’s World Cup champion team. Now the question that remains is which it’ll be: the great Germany or ardent Argentina?

Don’t forget that members can also collect 8 free football costumes in one item card from the Poptropica Store, featuring the teams that made it to the 2014 quarter-finals.

Which team are you cheering on for the big game? Sound off in the comments below! :D


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