CYDI runner-up (Fashion Crisis), more music men, and possible Night Watch book!

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  :D

Runner-up #2 in the CYDI contest

The next runner-up of the Create Your Dream Island contest, without further ado, is…

Fashion Crisis Island!

Now, even though I’m not that big on fashion :lol: , I still am pretty impressed and pleased that this girl won. I’ve never heard of the idea being used, and the prospect of an island based on the costumizing feature is pretty smart —

When you’re on Fashion Crisis Island, you must recover a stolen line of clothes for a very famous designer right before an important show.

Is it just me, or is it strange that all the winners up until now have been girls? I’m excited to see a boy’s idea, but in the meantime, I’d like to congratulate Elsa W. of Illinois — or Bronze Fox — for the awesome idea and the impressive ranking. :D Here’s why the Creators liked the idea:

Costumizing is one of the most popular things to do on Poptropica, and yet we’ve never made an Island based entirely around using the Costumizer. Elsa’s idea presented a lot of opportunities to let players create new costumes. It was also set in the the 1940s, which we haven’t done before, and featured some famous fashion icons as characters.

More music men

Kyle Fox now has a Soundcloud, and he’s uploaded his few but wholesome tracks that he’s made for Poptropica. I want to give him a shout out for all the music work that slips by as Jeff Heim’s — I personally love the MFB theme. :D

Another unknown composer for the theme and sound effects of the Forgotten Islands app has now been uncovered: Bob Baffy! The theme sounds great as do the sound effects, and I hope he might do more soundtracks for Poptropica in the future. ;)

Jeff Heim recently posted a Demo Reel for his work on Poptropica, including a new Villain theme for the island Super Power. Sounds awesome!

Mythology SUI offers easier River Styx

As mentioned the recent PCB post, the upcoming Mythology Island SUI is going to have an easier River Styx scene (check it out here), and I immediately had to check and see what it was like. Well, they weren’t lying — all you do is jump over an alligator and you’re home free!

easyriverstyxI wonder if they’ve made any of the other hard parts of the island easier — maybe the red eyed snake game and the Aphrodite test. Either way, I’m happy! :P

Who is Catie?

There’s a question that remains a mystery, and that question is “Who is Catie?”. Written on a wall on Virus Hunter Island, we see “Catie was here” scribbled onto it. Designers often do this sort of thing in Poptropica – for example, in Mocktropica, written on the wall in the Poptropica Headquarters is “Nasan was here”. Nasan Hardcastle is a designer for Poptropica, and he wrote it there. So who is Catie? An unknown designer? There are multiple possible answers.

Catherine Prentice is a writer for Pearson, but it seems unlikely that she would be designing anything. There’s also Catherine Gilliland, a person who strangely liked a Poptropica tour on YouTube, and that was pretty much it. Who do you think Catie is? We may never know…

And did you notice the view count on the tour? Over 5 million hits!

Night Watch book may be coming soon

Here’s some forewarning — a written book for Night Watch Island may be coming soon. Why? First, I don’t think that they will be releasing books for all of the islands — just a select few that have a strong enough story and cast of characters to work with. For sure, Night Watch Island has a pretty good story to begin with, but I’m not just going out on a limb like that. You guys know I wouldn’t do that. ;p

Around mid-2012, around the time that Night Watch Island was being made, multiple preliminary sketches for the illustrations for the book pertaining to Cryptids Island were posted to the Daily Pop. Around the same time, a sketch looking very similar to the drawings for Cryptids Island was posted — showing the rare Cat Burglar costume being worn and the Poptropican posing in multiple positions. I have a hunch that the picture was actually some preliminary sketches for a new book pertaining to Night Watch, where a Cat Burglar contributes to the plot. What do you think?



 How many theories did I fit into this post? XD Quite a few… :P


Items gone? Is it a myth?

Hey everyone! Remember my post about the two new Mythology Island costumes (Icarus and Cyclops) in the Store and updated Tour page? Well, now they only have the Cyclops (for girls and boys) listed on the Tour page!


The Creators even changed the text underneath to “Members get an additional Mythology Cyclops Costume”, whereas before it said “Members get two additional Mythology Costumes”… which leads me to believe that perhaps the Icarus costume is for Episode 2!

The Icarus costume for Mythology Island is still in the Store though! I have a hunch it will go away very soon after this post – so members, go get it quick before it disappears for a while!



New Mythology members-only costumes in the Store!

Hey everyone! Something unexpected happened today – when I went to the Store, I saw two new members-only costumes for Mythology Island! They are the Cyclops and Icarus:

Mythology2 Mythology1

This is really interesting – Mythology Island has never had a members’ gear pack in the Store! We know there were plans for Mythology to be the next SUI (sound-updated island), although it’s been about 3 months since the Creators announced that. This might be the beginning of it!

Also, look forward to Mission Atlantis Island on Thursday – I’ll be contributing to the guide! :P

To dive, you need a Diving Suit…

Hey everyone! This is quick post notifying you that the members only Diving Suit for Mission Atlantis Island is now available in the Store!


When you press the spacebar while wearing the costume, the headlamp will light up.

If you didn’t know, Mission Atlantis Island: Episode 1 (“Into the Deep”) is coming out on Thursday, April 17, 2014 for members. I will try to get a guide out quick for everyone, so don’t worry! Also, Survival Island: Episode 1 (guide here) is coming out to non-members on April 17 as well! Feel free to use our guide for help! Anyway, that’s it! Cya later!


Username finding, iPad handheld available, and more on upcoming Islands!

Such update, very compiled! Be prepared to have your mind overloaded with new things happening on Poptropica.

Username Finding

Have you ever wanted to know some of the usernames from your Friends list that you befriended in common rooms? Now you can! Use the video walkthrough below! :D

To clarify, the “pass hash” that I blurred in the video was not Samwow5’s. It was mine. This is not a way to hack into accounts. Yes, the hash can be unhashed, but it shows your password. Right under the “pass hash”, your username shows up. Try it for yourself. This is not a way to hack accounts. Keep on finding usernames! :D

Find the iPad Handheld!

For some users, you can find the rumored iPad handheld on the Main Street of multiple islands including Early Poptropica. When spacebar is pressed, the iPad/tablet tosses a Disney Infinity ball into the air that then bursts into a Disney Infinity character. Such strange. :mrgreen: (credit: Shaggy Dragon)

ipadappcartreal copy

More on Upcoming Islands

We now know what the third episode of Survival will be about — a radio Distress Signal! In fact, that’s the title of the episode. The main theme for Survival Island: Episode 2 has been uncovered, along with many other new tracks for upcoming islands, which are now listed on our Behind the Scenes page! The episode seems to be coming very soon — most of the island has been uploaded in the files.

But wait, there’s more! Turns out deep diving isn’t the only thing we’re going to be doing on the next island after Survival… get ready for Mission Atlantis! I’ll go into the details soon, but for now, Mission Atlantis is all we know about this new island! :D


Upcoming Poptropican Portraits Livestream April 2014

This Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM EST, I will be hosting the April 2014 livestream for Poptropican Portraits, where you get to watch me draw live, and chat with special guests! The livestream will be hosted on Google+ and the PHC; you can use either one. Guess who you think are going to be the guests in the comments! :D (Note: the picture below doesn’t show all the guests that will be on the upcoming livestream; they are guests from other past livestreams. ;) )

You can enter your username via the contact form below to be drawn from a hat. If you win, you get to be drawn live! May the odds be ever in your favor. ^-^

hall of guests

Who else agrees that this is the only page on the internet that contains the real way to win a free iPad? Tell me in the comments. :P And I know, I’ve been slacking on my posting as of late — but not to worry! You’ll be getting more material very soon. :D


Ghillie Suit for Survival & Ringmaster still in Store

Hey Poptropicans! If you’re a member, you can now collect item #2 of the Survival Island gear pack from the Store: a leafy, twiggy, muddy Ghillie Suit! Would you wear it? Well, when it comes to survival, maybe it’s not a bad idea to want to look like a tree. ;) Behold, the camouflage costume:

(Fun fact: This item was accidentally leaked onto the Store early for a while before being taken down!)

Speaking of costumes, Monster Carnival’s Ringmaster costume for members is still in the Store, despite the Tour page saying it’d be up for Early Access only. If you’re a member and you still haven’t gotten it even after it was supposed to be taken down about 3 weeks ago, there’s your chance! Though now that it’s mentioned here, they may finally get around to fixing it. :P

ringmaster still here

And if you’re a non-member who’s feeling left out after all the talk of members’ costumes in this post (or if you’re a member who can’t get enough of costumes), there’s something for you too: a chance to win one of 11 rare Monster Carnival costumes we’re giving away!

All you have to do is comment on the PHB’s 11 Million: Monster Raffle post, so it’s easy! It’s been great reading all the comments so far about what the PHB means to you guys, but there’s not much time left – you have until just before midnight of Friday, April 4 to enter, so don’t wait! :P


By the way, did you enjoy the PHB’s April Fool’s prank earlier? (Not to worry, Gamer Guy’s brief reign of robot-crushing terror is over.) Did we trick you? :mrgreen: Well, we certainly tried – this year, surprisingly, Poptropica didn’t have an April Fool’s joke anywhere up their sleeve! What’s up with that? :P

The elusive iPad handheld: how it came to be, and how I’m going to put the rumors to rest (UPDATED)

Blake tab

What’s popping, Poptropicans? I just wanted to pop in to say, there is no promo code for the iPad handheld – because it comes from an ad.

Those who have been lucky to get it (including myself & Poptropica blogger Nameless UnDEFiNed) have reported that it was obtained from watching a video ad on a non-SUI (islands without sound), such as Skullduggery. You can friend me (Blake) at mickety2 to see proof, or check out the picture to the right. (update: it’s no longer in my hand, but the picture should be proof enough!)

But now the plot thickens — another Poptropican, H.C.M, reports that he emailed Poptropica asking about the tablet handheld and was told it didn’t exist, completely contradicting the evidence above. Here’s the reply he got (but was it faked? the link to the Creators’ Blog is wrong):

doesn't exist

(Hey, at least the PHB was referenced – kind of!) In addition to the above proof, Nameless notes that the SWF for the tablet handheld is uploaded on Poptropica’s servers, meaning the item has definitely been created. The item has since disappeared from my inventory, although I still retain the tablet in my Poptropican’s hand. (update: it’s gone; see above)


Remember what happened with the Virus Hunter Island promo game, Nano-Combat Training? Brave Tomato discovered it in the Store early, and there was even an ad for it on the homepage, but it was pulled down for a while before it came back for real again. If this situation is anything like that, then maybe the Creators are just denying their mistake of accidentally releasing it early and are possibly planning to bring it back at a later date. I certainly hope so, at least! :P

Also, HP has found the video stand for the card in Poptropica’s files! Here’s what it looks like:


However, the comments have told me that this ad is no longer available, and has been replaced by the Dragons: Defenders of Berk ad. Hopefully we’ll see it return soon…

Ringmaster Costume & Poptropica Labs fan video!

ringmasterHey everyone! I went on Poptropica and I saw, in the Store, that the Ringmaster Costume for Monster Carnival Island is already out! It hasn’t even been posted on the Creators’ Blog yet! The costume has three colors: Red, White, and Purple. (I like the red one the most. xD)

This costume is for members only and it is one of three items coming out for Monster Carnival Island. Also, it’s for a limited time only; it’s available until the end of early access for the island and then it’ll be gone! So go get it today!

The Creators recently posted about a fan called Perfect Sky making a video about Poptropica Labs, and whoever she is, she’s very lucky, seeing as it’s the first time the Creators have posted a fan video on their blog! I like some of her builds, they are really detailed! Check it out:

That’s it everyone, I just wanted to inform you about these two things, and look forward to a special post tomorrow from me!



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