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Dr Hare ears, a copter, and the return of Poptropolis

hare earsHear ye, hear ye! Free ears for everybody*! (Now you can hear me even better!) Just enter the new promo code DRHARE7500 when you log into Poptropica to receive the Dr. Hare’s Lair – Dr. Hare Ears Power, which allows you to give everybody Dr. Hare ears! (Don’t worry, they’ll be removed once you enter a new room/area.)

*Everybody who has supported the project on LEGO CUUSOO, that is. So if you haven’t done that yet, and you’ve passed your 13th birthday or know someone who already has, Mr. Bucktooth Bunny Dr. Hare would like your support!

There’s a video ad on Main Streets for a book by James Patterson called Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, Snake Hill. After watching the video, you’ll get a Middle School: Rafe Rescue Copter for a prize! The helicopter will just fly by on your screen when you activate it, like so:


…maybe not the best way to carry a sick person. At least it didn’t drop him on my head!

Could this new Daily Pop sneak peek be hinting at the return of Poptropolis Games Island? Samwow5 thinks so. It certainly does have that emerge-from-underwater and giant-statue-block feel to it!

Salvage Operation – There are a lot of treasures at the bottom of the sea.


What’s your take? Return of Poptropolis, maybe with some new additions, or just a decapitated head taking a little bubble bath in the sea? I mean, there are a couple spots on there that could use a bit of cleaning…

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Coming soon to 24 Carrot Island: Beta Carrotene!

Hey, guys, BT here with a special piece of news: I looked on the 24 Carrot Island island page and I found this little thing added:

Beta Carrotene

Turns out the pink jumpsuit from earlier sneak peeks is the Members Only Beta Tester costume:

So… members can be beta testers now?! Holy slice of carrot cake, this sounds exciting! Well, from the sounds of this, it’ll be the original 24 Carrot Island quest except with a soundtrack, a bigger screen, and… “better navigation”. Oh great, don’t tell me the common room cursor is going to be a part of this…

Anyhoo, it looks like for right now, the soundtrack would be exculsively for 24 Carrot Island, but who knows if the Creators would ever make beta versions of other popular islands? Only time will tell, I guess.

BT out!

UPDATE (Fuzzy-B): The Poptropica homepage now has a banner for the upcoming 24 Carrot beta!


Back Lot Island for everyone this Thursday? Me likey!

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that Back Lot Island is coming out for the public this Thursday, April 25th at 2pm EST, so non-members don’t have long to wait!

You may want to keep our Back Lot Island Guide handy, whether you’re going for one of the non-member top-ten spots or just need a bit of help. There’s even pictures!

Our Back Lot Island discussion page is the place to go for Back Lot trivia, album photos like the one on the right, and links to island goodies such as the Map!

Finally, if you’re a member, don’t forget to collect your members-only goods for this island in the Store. There’s the Silent Treatment power and the Clapboard item, but the Director Costume will be gone by Thursday after early access is over.

Flowers for Sale!

Well, maybe not flowers for sale, but the Flower Power certainly is. Again, it’s another attempt at the Creators to get people to buy costumes without them actually making a new one. I actually like the Flower Power, because it doubles as both a costume and a gold card.

Remember, with the flower power, you have a bright costume and the ability to make Poptropica your own personal garden.

Here is a picture from when they first released the item, on May 7, 2010.

So, if you don’t have this item, go out and get it! No pressure. :)


DrHare5000 Promo Code: Dr. Hare’s Deluxe Balloons

Dr. Hare Deluxe BalloonsDr. Hare’s been hyping about this for long enough… and it’s paid off because the halfway goal of 5,000 supporters for Poptropica’s LEGO CUUSOO project has finally been achieved!

As promised, the balloons are here – just enter the promo code DRHARE5000 when you log in or visit the Store to receive the Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloons, featuring Evil Chubby Bunny With Bucktooth and Evil Bunny Drone Face Insignia.

Now now, our favorite evil bunny has made it very clear that it would be extremely shameful if those not worthy of this glorious inflatable prize dared to claim it, so for the sake of good ethics, if you HAVEN’T voted yet and you want these balloons, go support it now. If you’re under 13, get an adult to vote for you. I mean, you COULD just skip this step and get the balloons, but… for shame, for shame. *shakes head slowly*

The LEGO CUUSOO Team also posted this comment on the project idea page:


Hi PopCreators,

Congratulations on passing the halfway point on LEGO CUUSOO with your Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair project! Your project and concept models are focused and well-built. It’s not hard to imagine this as an official LEGO product. All in all, great presentation.

Best wishes as you reach for 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.

Yay! Halfway there!

In other news, Poptropica’s Official Tips & Tricks App now has a walkthrough guide for Night Watch. However, this being a site that is partially based on creating Poptropica walkthroughs, it has to be said that the PHB has a Night Watch Island Guide as well, so… you know where to go!

The (2nd) First 10 to Save the Mall – take 1, take 2, take 3!

(Scroll down the post for news on the members’ Back Lot Island gear pack!)

Something for the Non-Members: For the first time ever, the creators have announced the first 10 Non-Members to complete the latest island. Not only that, it is the first time that the “Top 10 Finishers” has been presented in this new 1-photo format.

Top 10 Night Watch Public Launch

Something for the Members: The new Members Only suit for Back Lot Island has been released! The Director Costume! Looks like it’s time to make this summer’s big hit blockbuster!

I will admit, I love yelling action and cut and pretending I’m J.J. Abrams just as much as the next guy but… I do wonder where in the world are the other two items, the Silent Treatment power, and the Clapperboard item? I guess only time will tell. Let’s hope that we see the next two items and a release date for Back Lot Island some time soon!

Edit: The Clapboard item has now been released! Thanks to Thing 1 for the heads up. When you activate it you yell “Take 1″  “Take 2″  and “Take 3″ and slap the Clapboard together. Now we just need the final power!

Yet another edit: The final power has been released: the Silent Treatment power! You can now turn the world of Poptropica into a black-and-white world of film history with the click of a button!

Aaaand… cut!

Night-Watching the Games Sink

Shaggy Tornado with BREAKING NEWS!

After all the rumors and speculation, it looks like it’s confirmed. Here’s the news we just received:


JANUARY 18, 2013 – Mews Foundation seismologists have confirmed the unthinkable: Poptropolis Games is on the verge of sinking back into the ocean. As the Island’s shaking intensifies, it seems clear that it will slip entirely beneath the surface of the Poptropica Sea by January 24. “We’re doing our best to accommodate as many athletes as possible before we sink,” said the Games’ master of ceremonies. “Be we recommend anyone who wants to compete does so as soon as possible. Who knows if the Games will ever rise again?”


Sounds like Poptropolis Games could be gone in as soon as a week! You may want to take this opportunity to visit Poptropica and play it.

Yikes! Just like the fate of Monster Carnival, Poptropica is taking an Island off the map! When you look a the map, it seems to be sinking and when you put your cursor over it, the outline goes into the water:

Sinking Jan 24!

And then when you land:


Uh oh! There’s water on the island! So let’s follow the Creators’ suggestion! Go play Poptropolis Games NOW before it sinks forever by January 24! Take our handy walkthrough with you! NOW GO!


Actually, don’t. I still have some story to tell.

So you know how the Creators released the trailer for Night Watch Island? Well, they also released the Night Watch Members’ Pack!

So we have the Cat Burglar Costume, a Whoopzie Cusion (parody of Whoopie Cushion), and the Burnt Orange Tan Power. And as usual, the costume is only available during Early Access! Which hasn’t been announced yet. But it will soon! Speaking of Night Watch, the PHB discussion page for it can be found here, and this is the description:

After the stores have closed and the shoppers have all gone home, the mall is your playground. But are you alone on the night watch… or is someone watching you? From escaped animals to creeping cat burglars, get ready to find out what really happens after hours!

Interesting. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date soon! But I think none will top Zomberry Island in my opinion. :P Check out the Island Help page for the Night Watch trailer, discussion, desktop wallpaper, printable poster, and tour for more info.


That’s actually it this week. :D So go finish Poptropolis within a week and check out the Night Watch resources! I wonder what happens if you save on Poptropolis and it sinks. :P Hmm…

Have a great weekend! :) Cheers!


From Santa’s, no, Poptropica’s little help bloggers…


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings and all that good cheer from the PHB! Don’t forget to get the holiday-themed that have been pushed to the front of the Poptropica Store for December! There’s the Elf Costume, Crazy Candy Cane, Snowman, and Tangled in Lights… the first one’s free!

December store costumes

As for the gold cards, get in the Yuletide mood with the Little Candy Cane, Winter Blast Flavor PopGum, Candy Cane-on, and Snow Fall… again, the first one’s free. Enjoy your prezzies! :D

-Poptropica’s little helpers


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