Big Nate Island

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Get ready for a whole new type of online virtual world adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at this school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your online virtual world quest!

Big Nate Island


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  • Big Nate Island is Poptropica’s 8th island, released on February 12, 2009.
  • As of July 10, 2015, the island became locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
  • Big Nate is a comic strip by cartoonist Lincoln Peirce. You can check out more about it in the Klassic Komix building on Main Street. The characters on this island and the style of drawing are consistent with the comic. Also, that means none of the characters are customizable.
  • Common room: Cap’n Salty’s
  • In the school basement, Artur can be seen by the heater. However, when the lights are turned off, he is not there.
  • Cap’n Salty was created just for this Poptropica island; his character does not appear in the Big Nate comics.
  • Artur never gets detention in the comics, so it’s strange that he’s in the secret room within the detention room.
  • Geography errors: In the detention room, the world map is missing Australia, Indonesia, the Caribbean islands, Greenland, and Siberia. Also, the continent of South America and Africa is shaped differently and Antarctica is smaller.

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Big Nate Island, click on the word Guide at the top of this page.

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  1. Get ready for a whole new type of adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at his school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your quest!

    Discuss Big Nate Island here! :)

  2. This site really helped me. Thanks sooo much!

  3. Magic Storm says:

    I FINSHED BIG NATE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Big Nate is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    I finished I luv Poptropica!!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand the guide quite much, how do you get the stink bomb? :cry:

    • Cool Bean says:

      You have to go to the science lab, and make one with the test tube-thingy. If you do yellow, blue,yellow.. it works really well.

  6. Fearless Paw says:

    Angry Leopard: You have to go to the science lab. Click on the test tube or boiler. On the right, there will be test tube colors of blue, red, and yellow. Here are the steps to making the stink bomb:

    1. Turn the boiler heat number to 4.
    2. Fill the bottle halfway with blue liquid.
    3. Pick up the yellow liquid and keep filling the bottle until your mouse becomes a swirl. The test-tube screen should disappear.
    4. Nate should say ” A stink bomb! That’s real science!”, and you should recieve an item-Stink Bomb!

    You have it!

  7. Fearless Paw says:

    I realized that many people didn’t really understand the guide. I’m not going to post one, but I made a short Q and A on it.

    Q: Where are the comic peices located?

    1. On the far right telephone pole;
    2. In Pop-In-Shoppe, Green Couch, Upper Floor;
    3. In the Science Lab, on the globe;
    4. At the playground climbing wall, or floating around it;
    5. On top of the lighthouse, on Puffin Point;
    6.In ‘Say Cheese’, on top of the light;
    7.Outside the school, near the wooden scffolding;
    8.On a speaker inside th school.

    Q: How do I get the stink bomb?

    Go to the science lab. On the table, you will find a boiler and test tube rack. Click on either, and a screen will open up.
    On the left of the screen, there will be three test tubes with blue,red, and yellow liquid. On the right, there will be a boiler. Here are the steps to making a stink bomb:

    1.Turn the boiler heat to 4.
    2.Fill the bottle halfway with blue liquid.
    3.Pick up the yellow liquid and keep filling the bottle until your mouse becomes a swirl. The test tube screen should disappear.
    4. Nate should say ” A stink bomb! That’s real science!”, and you should recieve an item-Stink Bomb!

    Q: How do I get rid of the seagull above the school?

    Climb up to where Mr. Rosa is standing. If you look to the left, you’ll notice a paper fluttering in the wind. This is not a comic; once you aquire it, it will be labeled “Old Photogragh”.

    Go to Main St. and enter ‘Say Cheese’ ans speak wit the photgrapher. He will trade you the photograph for diving suit.

    Return to Puffin Point, to where the jet-skis are. Click “Dive” and you’ll be underwater.

    Swim to the far right and then swin to the ocean bottom. Beware of the the bubbles, they’ll raise you to the surface, making you lose oxygen!

    On the bottom, grab the lobster trap. then wait ’till you’re oxygen is out:it will teleport you to the exit, and you won’t lose the trap. Get out and speak with Cap’n Salty, and he will give you jet-ski keys and a lobster.

    Go up to the top of the lighthouse (Where Mr. Rosa is,) and click “use” on the lobster inventory card. He will make the light turn, scaring away the seagull!

    Q: After I find the bell clapper and the girls leave, what do I do?

    A: Go in to the tree house and play “Go To Jail” or “Hangman” and win. Nate will give you expired peanut butter crackers. Go to where the girls were standing and click “use” on the inventory card. Spitsy will come and dig, and your screen should be replaced with a hole and a box in it- the time capsule! Pull it out with your mouse, and it will open.

    This completes my Q and A. If you have any more questions, post them below, and I’ll answer them!

    Codien: This will be quite useful for people who can’t read guides. :P

  8. Fearless Paw says:

    I thought up a few more questions that people might have. Here they are:

    Q: How do I obtain a diving suit?

    A: Go to Puffin Point. Once there, climb up to the platform where Mr. Rosa is painting. If you go to the far left of the platform, you’ll see a paper that looks like a comic piece. Jump out to grab it. It should be labeled “Old Photogragh”.

    Go to Main St. and enter “Say Cheese”. Speak with the photograher and he will trade you the picture for a diving suit.

    Q: I click “Ride” on the jet-skis but my character says “I don’t have the keys”. How do i get the keys?

    A: Get the diving suit (If you don’t know how, see the above question.) and click “Dive” at Puffin Point. You go underwater. Swim to the far right and down. Beware of the bubbles;they will take you to the surface, making you lose oxygen!

    At the bottom, you will see an item-lobster trap. jump on it. Then you wait ’till you’re out of oxygen-it will teleport you to the top, but you won’t lose the trap.

    Once outside, speak with Cap’n Salty, and he’ll give you two items-one of which is the keys.

  9. hannah23991 says:

    Q: How do you use the stale gum?

    A: You chew it in the school by the detention room. then You use the stink bomb to make the teacher leave the room and go down the serect pasage way inthe file drawer. Then get the get the bell clapper located on a hook in the secret room on the cealing.

  10. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    Thanks a lot Fearless Paw!

  11. I finished big nate island!

  12. energy field says:

    I created a stink bomb but didn’t save my game and now I need to create a stink bomb again but the game will not let me. How can I create a stink bomb again?

    Scary Tomato: Try re-doing that part of the quest. See if you can make another stink bomb at the science lab. ;)

  13. Fearless Paw says:

    Director Lion (Gentle Lion): My Pleasure!:wink:

    • Well, it is like this: :-w-i-n-k-:

      then :wink:

      anyway, BIG NATE is SO easy! PHB also rocks!! I LOVE THIS BLOG!! I am sorry I am posting all capitals but you guys are SO helpful!!

  14. Fearless Paw says:


    Thanks for providing the question and answer for one I didn’t write!

    I’m going to write a new Q and A, for anyone that has questions!:grin:

  15. Fearless Paw says:

    As I promised,
    Another Q and A!

    Q: How do I get the gum/How do I use the gum?

    A: First, you have to get the comic pieces from various locations on Big Nate island. If you don’t know these loctions, read the first question and answer on Comment # 6.

    When you have all the comic pieces, go to Main St. and enter Klassic Comix. Speak with the bookseller, and he will give you a reward. This reward is “Bubble Gum”.

    Go back to the school. Make sure you have a stink bomb. If you don’t know how to get a stink bomb, read Q and A #2 on Comment 6.

    After you have a stink bomb, click “USE” anywhere inside the school. Mrs. Godfrey should make you come over, and you will enter the detention room.

    Q: I’m in the detention room, but whenever I go to open the cabinet, I can’t pass Mrs. Godfrey. What do I do?

    A: Make sure you’ve done everything in the last question and answer, including having a stink bomb. Once you’ve done all that, open your inventory and click “USE”. Mrs. Godfrey should run away from the smell, and you should be able to pass.

    If I think up more questions, but for now, I have to go. Hope this helps!

  16. Thanks Fearless Paw!

    Thanking you so much,

    Angry Leopard

  17. Fearless Paw says:

    Once again, Angry Leopard,

    My Pleaseure!:wink:

  18. Thank you so much:)!This website is great!

  19. Please explain what the planet mobile is!

    Scary Tomato: It’s the decoration in the science lab on Big Nate Island with planets on it. ;)

  20. Thanks a lot, Scary Tomato!

  21. Q: Why does my poptropican says, “I have no reason to go out to the open seas right now” when I have the keys?

    A: Go up to the light house and you will see Mr Rosa and a telescope.Click it, move right and you will see a map under a flat rock. I am sure you can get into the jetski now! :lol: :mrgreen: ;)

    • small crush says:

      Q:what is the combination for nate’s locker?

      Slanted Fish: It’s 9305. If you need a walkthrough, click on Guide at the top of this page.

  22. I just noticed 2day that the creators updated stuff on Big Nate. This is what they did:

    They cleared a space between Say Cheese and the way to the school. Probably its for ads!

    When u open Big Nates locker, u stand in front of it when it opens. Then all the stuff shoots out and knocks u 2 the ground!

  23. I did not hit the “Quit and Save” button after I had made the stink bomb. Then when I logged back on the stink bomb was gone.What should I do?

    Scary Tomato: Go back to the science lab and make it again, and remember to press “Save and Quit” when you’re done. ;)

  24. Fried Donuts says:

    I went into the detention room and got the teacher out, but whenever I go to the filing cabinet it doesn’t do anything. Any possible reason as to why this is happening?

    Scary Tomato: You need to unlock Nate’s locker first, and take the school blueprints so your character knows why you are trying to go down the filing cabinet. ;)

  25. i cant wait 2 find out what kind of dog spitsy is!
    *cricket chirps*
    um… im talking about the newest big nate comic.
    Anyway, do u think that because this island is out, the creators will stop posting comics? if they do stop, AG! :|

  26. fearless paw you rock! your q and a realy helped me! you rock by the way!

  27. You can write on the chalkboard in Klassic Komix! I just discovered it!

    • I also discovered a typo. in the secret room in detention, when u clik on Artur and the first choice, he says “I was looking for time capsule” instead of “I was looking for THE time capsule”

  28. poptropfan says:

    I love big nate its so fun!!!!! :)

  29. Silver Cloud says:

    This website is so helpful! Thanks you guys!

  30. this site really helped me thanks!!!!!



  32. I love this website and it reaally helped me out.

  33. I LOVE this island! I was stuck on it for a while, then thought, maybe you need to use the lobster as a wrench? It was crazy, but it worked! LOL ;)

  34. thanks

  35. Popular Mosquito says:

    This website is SO HELPFUL! I would have never completed some of the islands without this website.

  36. This is so cool thnx so much you have made my life and 100 credits thnx I owe you big time!!


  37. Fearless star says:

    thanx u helped me big time!!!!!!

  38. I accidentaly went out of the detention room. How do I get back in??D:

    Hijuyo: Go inside the school and re-enter the room through the door on the left.

  39. UGH ! ! !
    I got past the cranky old teacher at detention and went down in the Filing cabinet and got the bell clapper but I don’t know how to get the crazy seagull to leave me alone! What do I do?
    Please Help!!!!
    Thank You,
    The Definition of Awesome

    Hijuyo: If you scroll up to the top of this page you will notice it is a hub for Big Nate help guides – a written walkthrough, videos, even a map. Choose one (I recommend the written one), read/watch it, and it should explain it.

    • Wow Thanks Jerk !!!!
      That just means you don’t know the Answer :p
      Lol . . .
      Just Kidding
      Thanks for the advice though

      Hijuyo: Um, hello, I helped write that guide so I would know the answer. All I’m saying is, USE THE GUIDE. That’s what it’s there for. It’s just surprising how people can find the comment box yet not be able to see that the guide is just a click away. With that said, best of luck on completing Big Nate Island.

  40. mallory says:

    how do you get the capsul out of the ground

    Hijuyo: Click and drag with the mouse to the capsule.

  41. Brave Owl says:

    I really don’t get what the inventory is or what it is….

    Slanted Fish: Your inventory is the collection of items you have, which can be accessed by clicking the backpack icon.

  42. yeah so i did everything right.. but now it won’t let me choose the file cabinet to get down into the school’s basement… any help? I am kinda stuck.

  43. umm… i used the stink bomb, and the teacher left just like it was supposed to be.. but it won’t let me go into the schools basement no matter how many times i try. I am stuck. Help?

  44. bashful tornado says:

    big nate is awsome im just stuck on the dog part its the only hard bit

  45. I read all the big nate books, and yet there is no character named “Cap’n Salty”. Could it be from a newspaper comic?????

  46. Sticky Horse "Rules" says:

    I know a game like Go to Jail and it is similar to hangman!

  47. I found out a long time ago that the comic you find on this island is based on a real strip. Can’t remember which one though. I do know it was a Sunday strip and was released around the time of the island’s release.

  48. clean shell or CS says:

    hey trivia!
    -cap’n salty only appeared in this island, he did not appear in comic strips,
    -its strange how artur gets to the cabinet of detention room, since he doesnt get detention on comic strips

    Slanted Fish: Thanks Clean Shell; I’ve added them in. :)

  49. awesome person says:

    How do u get the combination for nates locker?? Because i watched the full video again and i still didnt get it!! Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Slanted Fish: To get the locker combo, you need to put the comic together. Click Guide at the top for more details.

  50. what if it says buti do not know the combination

    Slanted Fish: You need to put the comic together – see the guide for more details. ;)

  51. jockawhedon says:

    Does Big Nate Island have an island hopper ticket?

    • Yes, but if you’re a non-member who has finished the island, you may need to restart the island (via the map in the menu) to see the Island Hopper ticket in the common room.

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