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Lockwood & Co. ad, more BTS, Props, & P-Con ep. 2

Ready for some spooky action? Halloween is coming at the end of this month, and the new Lockwood & Co. ad on ad streets seems to be in the right spirit (I found it beside the mill in Survival Ep. 5).

Inside the building, once you find the three ghosts (in the rattling teapot to the right, the cracked mirror on the left, and rocking horse at the top) – you’ll win the Skull in a Jar follower, which says “I’m a skull in a jar” in a deep voice when you click on it. Creeeeeepy. :P

Lockwood Co

By the way, you can also play a little interactive game for Lockwood & Co via this Poptropica page.

(UPDATE: The Creators’ Blog mentioned this little thing in their post about Lockwood – “Not a flamin’ skull, unfortunately, but you can’t have everything.” Could they, perhaps, be talking about the greatest Poptropica band of the days of yore? Hmm. ;) We were pretty cool, but our glory days are over.)


More behind-the-scenes from Twitter

Poptropica has been on a roll recently on Twitter, and over the past day they’ve released even more awesome behind-the-scenes (BTS) images! For even more BTS pics, see the PHB posts below.

Among the noteworthy are some early concept art for Arabian Nights characters, the frames of an animated sleeping dog for an “upcoming (and spooky)” ad (though not the Lockwood one above), and costumes for three monkeys and Jorge & Oliver from the official Poptropica comic strip.


Props to you, Land owners

Lastly, Poptropica finally rolled out the anticipated furniture feature to Land earlier this week, and they’re calling it Props. Great for making your Land a little more homey! You can read more about it in our Poptropica Land guide, but we hope to update you guys with more specifics soon, so stay tuned. :)


PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: description & poster

Thanks to Sneaky Panda for the tip that the description for the second episode of PoptropiCon (titled “Spoiler Alert”) is now up on the official Tour page! Here’s what it says:

The winner of the PoptropiCon costume contest will earn a one-of-a-kind prize. See if you can put together the ultimate villain outfit, but beware — the action at this convention is about to get real!

Looks like noon is approaching, and the cosplay contest is about to begin…

They’ve also added a new printable poster to the Tour page, and it looks pretty cool! You can view and click on it below. (thanks to Slippery Raptor for the tip!)



Of course, the big news of this week is that Arabian Nights Island: Ep. 1 is now out for members, and for non-members, everyone can finally play Survival: Ep. 5! More info and helpful links about that in HPuterpop’s post. ;) Have a great weekend, Poptropicans!

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Unused ideas, upcoming islands, last Charlie post, & uncostumizables

Hey Poptropicans! The following is a series of Poptropica news tidbits involving some unused ideas, future islands, the third and final Charlie Island post on the Roald Dahl site, and a look at why some things are uncostumizable. If you’re interested, read on!

Unused ideas: behind the scenes

Poptropica goes through lots of ideas in its planning stages, and recently on Twitter, they’ve posted a couple of these just for fun – check out the awesome rides on WaterThrill Island! (click to enlarge images) However, they’ve made it clear this won’t be an actual island. :(

Or will it? Sometimes Poptropicans wonder if the Creators are running out of ideas, but perhaps this tweet will put your mind at ease – the creative geniuses at Poptropica don’t give up that easily, claiming to have “hundreds of ideas” up their sleeves!

hundreds of ideas

Another behind-the-scenes moment they shared was the development of the Mission Atlantis Island logo, which went through many font style changes – I’d have to say they ended up picking the best of the bunch! What say you? :P By the way, if you’re curious about other island logo designs that didn’t make the final cut, check out the ones for Back Lot Island!

mission atlantis logos

Upcoming islands: GHD and a 3rd Wimpy Kid Island?

Arabian Nights: Ep. 1 will be releasing to members this Thursday, but what other adventures are coming to Poptropica? Without giving an exact order, Poptropica says that more PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights can be expected soon (likely continuing to come out with episodes interchangeably), but after this, we may see a Galactic Hot Dogs Island – and even another Wimpy Kid Island!

future ghd wimpykid

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Poptropica: The Run of the Factory

catcf 50th

For the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Poptropica has been sharing some behind-the-scenes about how they brought the classic story to an interactive online game – and now, their third and final post is up on the Roald Dahl website! Here’s a little excerpt:

Our final challenge in adapting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Poptropica was creating fun gameplay that would move the story forward, and be true to the spirit of the book. It’s here that the differences between a book and a game are the most dramatic. In the story, the children are punished for breaking the rules. On Poptropica, players are supposed to break the rules!

[To read the rest of Poptropica's entry, click here!]

And here are links to the rest of the story on Poptropica’s delightful adaptation:

As I’ve said before, it’s a great story with a great and unique island adventure! :D

Why are some items uncostumizable?

Ever wondered why some costume parts just can’t be Costumized? Poptropica recently tweeted that they do it to keep some things valuable for business – but that doesn’t explain why some wearables can’t be obtained in any way (that doesn’t involve cheats, I mean), even if you’re a member or through buying merchandise.


In particular, Popman564 wanted to know about having a monkey costume – but to that end, it looks like that will remain rare. If you’re interested, you can read the slightly amusing conversation he had with Poptropica here (part one) and here (part two). Poor monkey.


All right, that’s all for now, folks. You can all go home now – unless you’re reading this at home, in which case you should just ignore this sentence because I’ve rambled on long enough.

Stick around for the release of Arabian Nights: Ep. 1, How Bazaar coming later this week: the PHB will have a guide up for that as soon as possible! In the meantime, keep on popping on. :)

Facili-Tee, music previews, Avengers, & more

Hey Poptropicans! A new common room has been added to PoptropiCon Island: Facili-Tee, located right outside the convention center! Funny that they released this after the island came out, but at least we have a new common room… that hasn’t happened for the past two islands. :P

By the way, have you found the special “7” balloon in the common rooms yet? It’s quite rare, so it may take several tries, but you’ll win a snazzy 7th birthday costume if you manage to pop it. Good news: the Creators say they’ll be turning up the frequency of the balloon’s appearance, so there’s now a better chance of finding it. :) Here’s a video from HPuterpop showing what that looks like:

Poptropica’s birthday party only lasts through September, so once the month ends, so will your chances to get the special costume and free balloon in the Store – so pick those up quick! Also, you can click here to check out the recap of the PHB’s celebration of Pop’s 7th birthday. :)


Poptropica Music tour page

Poptropica Music now has its own page, which you can find here. It currently advertises the Volume One music album, and while you can listen to previews of the first two tracks there, you can hear previews for all the tracks on their actual iTunes and Amazon pages.

popmusic headerIf you like listening to Poptropica’s music, check out our Behind the Scenes page, where we’ve listed links to where you can listen to these tracks online through Poptropica’s own files! (Be sure to read the simple instructions on the page to get those links to work.)


Mighty Action Force = Avengers?

Have you noticed that PoptropiCon’s “Mighty Action Force” parodies some of the characters in Marvel’s The Avengers? Gold Face is Iron Man, World Guy is Captain America, and Elf Archer is Hawkeye or Black Widow (not to be confused with the Black Widow of Counterfeit Island!). It checks out:

mighty action force resemblances(You can see the Mighty Action Force on PoptropiCon Island billboards, and members can get the printable poster with their own character from the Store. Avengers image credit to We Live Film.)

Anyway, just a heads-up that you can find cool trivia facts like this and more on all the PHB’s island trivia pages, which are all listed under the Island Help hub page. For more PoptropiCon trivia, click here!


Daily Pop: legendary E. Vile & furniture

Among all the recent Daily Pop sneak peeks, these two in particular may be of interest – first is “Props to You”, which features the Legendary Swords villain E. Vile in his spectacular helmet (and your rocket) as decorations in the PoptropiCon convention hall, and the second is a preview of some furniture, most likely as an upcoming feature for Land (Labs). Here they are:

Will we ever see a return for Legendary Swords? They used to promise a battle arena at the end of the quest, but this message has inconspicuously been removed from the ending for some time now (after they failed to deliver on it for three years, I might add :P ). RIP. :(

ls11As for Land, it’s likely we’ll get to play with furniture sometime soon, to further develop the many cool houses (among other awesome things) people have been making — but for now, maybe the PHB’s Land (Labs) guide will help you members get started with this cool feature if you want some tips.


As is typical in these days, the action in Poptropica doesn’t stop — so be sure to check out the other posts on the PHB home page to catch up with all the news! Stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

Atlantis Ep. 3 in-app purchase, GHD, & more Jeff Heim

Hey Poptropicans! This past weekend, we celebrated Poptropica’s (and Samwow5’s) birthday on the PHC, and the recap post is now up! But a few other things have happened too – so read on for more.

Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3 costs $0.99 on the iOS app

The final episode of the Mission Atlantis trilogy (Ep. 3: Out of the Blue) is now available on Poptropica’s iOS app – but it comes as an in-app purchase costing US$0.99, which is new for this app!


Asked why they put a price on the episode, Poptropica tweeted that it was to pay for all the work and resources that go into keeping the game running. Fair enough – just remember you can still play it for free online! If you need a walkthrough, check out our Mission Atlantis Island Guide. :)

atlantis tweetGalactic Hot Dogs mega-dog game on iOS app

Also on Poptropica’s iOS app is an ad game for Galactic Hot Dogs, which you can find on the map. (It’s been around before, and now it’s back.) To win, just keep running right, jumping over obstacles or blasting objects on the ground (you’ll shoot automatically). Don’t let the robots catch up to you!

When you reach the end, you’ll find that Princess Dagger stole the mega-dog, but she’ll give it back and you’ll get a Jack Transform and Neon Wiener Follower for your app character. Cool! :P

More on Jeff Heim

Recently, PHB reader Captain Spencer sent a little fan email to Jeff Heim (known for making much of Poptropica’s music) and even got a reply (pictured below)! From this, we now know why his Poptropica username is jeffheim88 – it’s his birth year, which means right now he’s around 26! (Btw: if you want to contact him over Gmail, that’s his email name too; just don’t spam him too badly with your love! :P )


Also, we’ve found that he’s not allowed to share what islands will be made into SUIs (sound-updated) next, but we do know that it’ll happen, as the track for Back Lot Island is in the first music album.

And a big thanks to Jeff for reading the Poptropica Help Blog! Thanks for the Facebook mention! :D

jeff phb fbHow many Poptropicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

If you saw the Creators’ Blog post asking this question, well, we can help with that! Blake made a PHB post not too long ago about the BoxTrolls ad currently on Main Streets (such as Mythology or Reality TV), but if you missed it in the onslaught of posts that have hit our blog this week, click here to catch up on how to “balance the BoxTrolls”! The advertised movie comes to theaters this Friday.

Screenshot 2014-09-15 at 5.39.34 PM

Anyway, that’s it for now, but be sure to keep up with all the latest goings-on of the Poptropica world in the posts below! Stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Survival Island vs. The Most Dangerous Game

survival vs dangerous game

In the first three episodes of Poptropica’s Survival Island, you’re trapped in the woods and are trying to survive: first you build a fire, then you catch a fish, then you send a distress signal. The story could have stopped right there, with you being rescued – but instead, it was just the beginning of something a little more sinister… and our quest for survival became a much more dangerous game.

The Most Dangerous Game (TMDG) is a short story published in 1924 by Richard Connell. Since Daily Pops of Survival’s fourth episode and beyond have surfaced, we’ve speculated that the island could take a twisted turn in the direction of this classic literary work — and now that the Survival series has come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two tales.

If you’d like to read TMDG, you can click here for the full story. For our Survival Island Guide, click here. Note that for the remainder of this post, there will be SPOILERS for both Survival and TMDG!

[Read more...]

Charlie post, Pop birthdate, more Land & music from Jeff Heim

Hey Poptropicans! This is going to be another mega-post on the many Poptropica-related things happening recently – but while you’re reading the PHB, don’t miss out on the new BoxTrolls ad, Survival Ep. 5 for members, the upcoming “Home” feature, and more news from the posts below! :D

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Poptropica: A Story You Can Play

catcf 50th

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s beloved story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Poptropica has been revealing some of their creative process in turning the timeless tale into one of its many Islands. The second post of what will be a three-part series is now up on RoaldDahl.com, so click here to check it out the whole thing – and here’s a little excerpt from their post:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a beloved story. No wonder it’s been made into two movies and a stage musical (and even other video games). Because we consider story to be the most important part of a Poptropica Island, this, too, was both a challenge and an opportunity when bringing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Poptropica.

How do we re-tell a familiar tale, full of beloved characters and situations, while adding an unpredictable new character: the player? How do we make the player a part of the story without changing the story, but allowing the player the sense of freedom and control that a video game requires?

[To read the rest of Poptropica's entry, click here!]

If you haven’t seen their first post, you can click here to read it, and check out their gallery of behind-the-scenes images on the Creators’ Blog or right here on the PHB. A great story complemented by a great island adventure with its own unique spin – and if you’re planning on playing it, our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide may come in handy! :)

When exactly is Poptropica’s birthday?

Since its third year, every year, Poptropica has celebrated its birthday in the month of September – but never with an exact birthday date mentioned. This year will be Poptropica’s 7th year, and in response to a question from Slippery Raptor, Poptropica revealed over Twitter that Poptropica’s birth took the entire month of September (2007) — hence the celebrations being not on any one single day.

pop 7th bday date

This year, however, they’re planning to have their festivities on the 18th – which is this Thursday! We can probably expect a birthday costume with a “7” b’day balloon, and maybe some balloons in the common rooms. In the past, they’ve also re-released retired items — we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for this year’s party! :mrgreen:

More featured Land creations

Poptropica Land: alpha version 2 may have been around for a while now, but the Creators are constantly being impressed by all the elaborate creations Poptropica members are making. Here are the latest to be featured on their official Twitter (click to enlarge images):

If you just can’t get enough of looking at other Poptropicans’ Lands, then check out the PHB post featuring the winners of our Land Construction Contest! And for some tips on getting started with Land, check out our Poptropica Labs/Land guide.

More Poptropica music from Jeff Heim

The PHB has previously mentioned Jeff Heim, Poptropica’s resident (and very talented) music composer — and while the recent release of Poptropica’s first ever music album may be unavailable to some due to cost, listening to Jeff’s Soundcloud tracks is totally free!

If you haven’t checked out his Poptropica collection in a while, you may now notice that he’s added several new tracks, mostly owing to the recent Survival and Mission Atlantis episodes.

In the comments of the “Science Fair” track, you may even notice Jeff’s response to HPuterpop saying that he “uploaded this track in part because I noticed you used it at the end of your Survival 3 Walk-through video”! Awesome.

One of my personal favorites, though, is the jaunty little tune that is PoptropiCon’s main theme. It just builds up to sound really epic as you get into it, plus it can get pretty catchy. :D

Don’t miss out on all the other cool things happening in Poptropica lately — you can catch up with all the PHB posts below! Keep on popping on, Poptropicans.

Home, Cosmoe, Shark Boy, Thinknoodles, & more of Nate’s pics!

Hey Poptropicans! Survival Ep. 5 released to members this past Thursday (and to the disappointment and outrage of non-members everywhere, PoptropiCon Ep. 1 has not come out for all) — but epic as MVB’s defeat may be, interesting developments in Poptropica don’t stop there! Read on for more! :D

Home: medallion & sneak peeks

Some Poptropicans have noticed that, in their medallion collections, a new blank medallion has been inserted between those of Survival: Episode 1 and Mythology. If you hover over it, it says “Home not yet completed.” But what exactly is ‘Home‘?

home blank medallion

Well, a few recent Daily Pop sneak peeks might give us a hint — and from the looks of it, it’s a “hub” area that involves character customization!

Over on Poptrickia, Nice Hawk has uncovered that this “Home” world will be for Poptropica’s mobile app (currently available on iOS), and you can see the design still follows the “sky island” theme of the app’s “tutorial” island. Here are some sneak peeks, courtesy of Poptrickia:

In the first scene with the blimp, the blue box is for the logo of the island you last traveled to, and from here, you can enter the two customization buildings: the Bundles Shop and New You.

The Bundles Shop sells gold card costumes and items from the Store, but whether this will cost real money on the app remains to be seen. New You contains a barbershop with a Colorizer, where presumably you can change your hairstyle and colors. There are also three pedestals — perhaps a costume closet of sorts? We’ll have to wait and see!

Cosmoe on Main Street

Remember Cosmoe from the Funbrain graphic novel Galactic Hot Dogs? (By the way, GHD is publishing its first book in May 2015!) Anyway, Cosmoe has appeared a few times on Poptropica before, but now he’s here on Main Streets of islands like Mythology! If you click on him, you can chat with, Costumize (works for boys only), or friend him. (The Princess Dagger prize pack has also returned in places like 24 Carrot!)

If you chat, you can ask him a few pre-scripted questions: who are you? (Cosmoe) what’s in your hand? (my Goober Sword) and why are you standing here? (I’m waiting for Princess Dagger)

cosmoe on main street

Earlier, we found that Cosmoe’s username was npc:cosmoe, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. If you add npc:cosmoe now, you’ll find a random character wearing a birthday cake (was the account hijacked? however, it still shows as Cosmoe on the Avatar Studio).

New PHB page: Mystery of Shark Boy

Remember the PHB posts about the disappearance of Shark Boy? Well, now all the data we’ve collected regarding this strange case has been compiled into a new page, so you can get the whole story all in one place! Click here to check out our new article, also found under the “Cool Stuff” tab!

shark boy mystery

Poptropica vs. Thinknoodles

Recently, Poptropica has decided to create their own video walkthroughs narrated by Captain Crawfish — but what’s interesting is that, despite advertising on the Creators’ Blog and even the Poptropica homepage itself, the “official” walkthroughs are still not as popular as those of Poptropica player Thinknoodles, who also narrates his guides, but has videos for every island on his YouTube channel. Check out the view counts of both their PoptropiCon Ep. 1 walkthroughs — the numbers don’t lie!

think vs crawfish

The Creators only have video guides for PoptropiCon Ep. 1 and Survival Ep. 5 so far, and for both, it looks like Think is still in the lead, despite both being released on the same day! Noodle on, I say! :P (Also, doesn’t anyone else wonder why Crawfishy doesn’t use his own peg-legged avatar in his videos?)

By the way, we here at the PHB have some video walkthroughs too, which you can check out on our Poptropica Help Videos channel or HPuterpop’s channel. :)

More Poptropica pics from Nate Greenwall

You may remember when the PHB posted some highlights from Nate Greenwall’s Poptropica portfolio earlier, but over on his Facebook profile (that is his personal account, so be respectful if you choose to contact him!) are a few interesting glimpses into life at Poptropica HQ! (Click to enlarge pics.)

Isn’t that little doodle of Binary Bard cute? And that’s a lot of Poptropica toys – I don’t think some of it has even been released before, like those badges in the corner or the big print of the pink rocker girl! :o

On a similar note, some other Poptropica Creators are on Facebook too: to name a few, Justin Lacy has Hazmat Hermit as his profile picture (and complains of having his corner of Poptropica’s office replaced with plush toys), and Jon Pitcher‘s icon is, of course, the “Jon” pitcher from Survival Ep. 4. Clever. ;)

That’s all for now — hope you enjoyed this post! Keep on poppin’ on, Poptropicans. :mrgreen:

BTS Overview & Theory: Arabian Nights, Ep. 1

Arab1 BTS

I can show you the world… — “I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT!” Oh, but you’ll want to see this!

Hey Poptropicans! So last week’s buzz was about the release of PoptropiCon Ep. 1 for members, and Mission Atlantis Ep. 3 for everyone — but looking ahead, let’s see what we can find out about the upcoming Arabian Nights Island — in particular, the first episode: “How Bazaar”!

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

:: overview ::

About a month ago, the PHB posted sneak peeks of some backgrounds of places we’d be visiting on the island, which had some rough notes on them. These have since been updated with backdrops, foregrounds, and the like. (Special thanks to Poptrickia for putting these together into corresponding images and allowing them to be used in this post!) First, here’s a look at the Cliff area (click to enlarge):

To the right of the cliff image with the notes, it says “to cave” — that’s because we’ll be venturing into one! Here you can see the updated Cave scene (where the bag of salt lies in a lower corner):

(The corner with the crystals also looks like a Daily Pop sneak peek that we originally thought might mean the return of Legendary Swords. Looks like that theory’s out, sadly! :P )

Anyway, at some point (perhaps the beginning), you’ll speak to the Sultan, who resides in a beautiful palace (with its lovely exterior illustrated by Nate Greenwall):

arabian nights palace

It’s not so pretty on the inside though — that’s because, as per the episode’s plot, it’s been ransacked by the Forty Thieves! The palace is in disarray, but more importantly, the sultan’s precious lamp has gone missing… and as those who are familiar with Arabian legend know, that lamp is supposed to contain a genie that has now disappeared!

palace interior

Among Poptrickia’s uncoverings was this snippet of conversation you have with the Sultan:


image of the Sultan from Nate Greenwall’s portfolio site

You: What happened here?
Sultan: The forty thieves happened! They ransacked my palace and left me with nothing.

You: You mean, you’re broke?
Sultan: Money can be replaced, but the thieves took one precious thing from me: a lamp that is like no other. Find it, and I will grant you a fabulous reward.

You: How can I find the lamp?
Sultan: I don’t know. But perhaps you can start your quest with this. It is my last jewel. Trade it wisely.

So, remember Blake’s post showing the items you’d obtain in Arabian Nights? You’ll be trading some of these in the Bazaar (a Middle Eastern market), and based on the above, it looks like you’ll be starting off with the Sultan’s crown jewel.


Inside these pretty patterned stalls, you’ll get to trade/barter with the store owners, which may or may not involve the items pictured below, placed in the various stall scenes:

And we can’t forget the Daily Pop sneak peeks! These can give some insights to the island as well, like the fact that the oasis may just be a mirage, that the palace is heavily guarded, and that the telescope item can be found atop a palace minaret. The Creators even referenced CliffsNotes! Oh my.

By the way, for more Poptropica behind-the-scenes, particularly files and music, check out the PHB’s Behind the Scenes page, which includes part of the soundtrack for Arabian Nights Island and more!

:: theory ::

Looking back to the original island pitch from Sarah S., the winner of Poptropica’s Create Your Dream Island Contest and brainchild of Arabian Nights Island, here’s what we know:

On Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.

Now, onto the theories! From what’s been gathered here, it looks like the Sultan’s palace has been ransacked by the infamous Forty Thieves, and his most precious belonging — a lamp containing a (wish-granting?) genie — is now missing. Once you get past all the palace guards and manage to talk to the Sultan, he asks you to help him retrieve it. He gives you his last jewel to trade in the bazaar, in the hopes that you’ll eventually win his lamp back. Along the adventure, you’ll venture into a cliff, cave, and desert to look for various items requested by the barterers at the bazaar.

How bizarre, indeed.


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