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Ads – Dragons: Defenders of Berk & The Pirate Fairy

Hey Poptropicans, there are a couple of new ads on Poptropica’s Main Streets right now! On Monster Carnival, I found this video ad for Dragons: Defenders of Berk, a TV series now on DVD, based on the film How to Train Your Dragon. Watching the video gives you the Terrible Terror Follower.


Also, on Mocktropica, there’s an ad building with a game for Disney’s The Pirate Fairy, a new Tinker Bell movie coming to Blu-ray and Digital HD April 1. Anyway, head inside and you’ll find out that all the fairies have lost their powers. You’ll be sent to sneak around on a pirate ship, and every time you see a pirate, you’ll need to click on Tinker Bell to blast them away. At the bottom of the ship, you’ll find the thieves who stole the blue fairy dust, and you’ll win two prizes.

From the Pirate Fairy ad, you’ll win an unnamed power (which simply advertises the movie on your screen) and an untitled costume. I think the dragon follower from the other ad was cooler… :P


Anyway, enjoy the prizes! :D

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Get the all-new Poptropica iPad app for free!

Not long after the Creators announced that Poptropica would be coming to iPad, guess what? Poptropica came to iPad! The app is now available on the iTunes Store, and to top off the good news, it’s FREE! So what are you waiting for? (To get your hands on an iPad? Yeah, me too. :P )

That fancy promo animation was created by Tyson Burnham, who, as it turns out, works as a motion graphic designer for Poptropica! He has animated for Poptropica in the past, creating island trailers and other cool stuff, and you can check out a recent highlight reel of his work in another YouTube video. :)

As for the iPad app, it’s got 24 Carrot and Time Tangled so far, with more islands on the way – and yes, it’s just like the online version we know and love. It features the same art, the new soundtracks, up to 3 customizable characters, and more – details are on the app’s official info page. But as you may have noticed in the trailer video (around the 0:26 mark) or in the App Store’s screenshots, the iPad version comes with a new “Tutorial Island” (or “welcome scene”):

Yes, that’s the “Tutorial Island” HPuterpop uncovered in his sneak peek in the latest issue of our PHB magazine, which was just published last week! This little quest covers the basics of the app’s gameplay, and you’ll collect Medallion Shards along the way, right until you’ve got your whole Tutorial Island Medallion all pieced together.

And if you’ve been paying attention to some semi-recent PHB posts, this probably dispels the rumors of a Sky Island or Asgard Island, seeing as the very “island/castle in the sky” imagery we’ve been seeing in the Daily Pop has been implemented here. Thanks for crushing our dreams, Creators. (Just kidding, we still love you guys. But not everyone has an iPad.)

pop on ipad

Anyway, iPad owners, how’s the game been for you? Do share your thoughts in the comments so we can hear about how awesome it is! :D Or, tell us what other devices you’d want to play Poptropica on.

Dr. Hare LEGO project turned down

Remember the big campaign last year for the Dr. Hare’s Lair project on LEGO CUUSOO to reach 10,000 supporters so that it could be considered for production? We haven’t heard from the Creators on this since the goal was reached last August, but this is what shows on the site now:

archived lego

Yup… it looks like we’re not going to have a Poptropica LEGO set anytime soon. :( Apparently, the LEGO CUUSOO team had already reached this decision about a month ago (on Jan 30, 2014). The Creators never mentioned this, so had I not checked, I wonder when we would’ve found out. :P

Here’s an excerpt of what they said about the decision:

LEGO Review Results for Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair


First and foremost, congratulations to PopCreators for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair project! The results of the LEGO Review are in and you can see full details on the LEGO CUUSOO Blog.

Review Results for Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair

Our team has thoroughly considered the possibility of releasing this project as a LEGO set according to the criteria of the LEGO Review. Unfortunately the LEGO Review Board has decided that we will not produce this project as a set.

Thank you to PopCreators for the passion and creativity that went into this project, and to all of you who voted so that we would have the opportunity to consider this as a potential LEGO set. We’re sorry to deliver this disappointing news.

To read more, visit the archived Dr. Hare LEGO project page and scroll down. Personally, I quite like LEGO products, and to combine it with Poptropica would have been really cool, so I’m sad to hear that the final decision was a no. :( Still, at least we got some cool Dr. Hare stuff out of the campaign. :P

A Look at the New SUI Costumizer

As you may have heard, the Costumizer feature is finally fully functional on all the new sound-updated islands (SUIs). Let’s take a closer look, shall we? First, to access it, you’ll need to open the Menu, which should be in the top right corner. Look for the green shirt button:

shirt button

Once you click on that, you can select the character you’d like to customize from!

select character

This will then bring up the new Costumizer window, with a more fanciful background than the plain blue of the old one. You can hover over items the other character is wearing to select what you’d like to put on. So far, so good – it’s a lot like the old Costumizer!

But here’s a new handy feature: click on the green shirt with a magnifying glass on the left side to bring up a panel where you can choose from all the items that are customizable!


If you click on the button above that – the Poptropican with a cursor on it – you can select another character in the area to customize from. (Or, if you’re the only character visible on the screen, the Costumizer will bring up only you and you can un-customize from the right.) And if you need some inspiration for your new wardrobe, check out our Costumes page! Happy Costumizing! :D

Going left of Main Street

Some of you may have seen the Roman soldier on top of the tourist center on Shark Tooth Island, as mentioned in Sam’s post last week - but in case you missed the updates in that post, there’s more to the Shark Tooth shenanigans. If you go left of Main Street, you’ll find yourself on a small island with a wrecked ship in the background that definitely wasn’t there before. And that’s not all! Check out some of these other new places on other islands, also to the left of Main Street:

There’s a floating car on Night Watch, a smoldering crop circle on Astro-Knights, a barbed wire fence and some PASE boxes on Lunar Colony, and a plain wooden fence on Vampire’s Curse. Those seem to be all the ones so far, but do comment if you find another. :P

All of these areas are pretty small, and they seem to serve no purpose as of now – my guess is that they might be used as ad spaces in the future, but who knows? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Glitch alert: blimp not moving

*pokes blimp* hello? are you alive??

Hey Poptropicans! Recently, there’s been an issue where the blimp on the Poptropica map won’t move, no matter where you direct your cursor or what island you click on – meaning not being able to travel to a different island. If you’re currently Blimpstuck, read on for a quick fix to get yourself out!


First of all, this seems to be happening on the SUIs (the colored, updated islands), such as Mocktropica, so avoid those for now until Poptropica fixes the bug. Anyway, to get out, just go to your Store inventory items and travel to the Haunted House. (If you don’t have this gold card item, you can get it for free in the Store.) From there, click on the hole you emerged from to travel to another island, and this time the blimp should be working.

*performs CPR on blimp* stay with me! come on! i’ve still got islands to see, you know!

Again, I’d advise you to stay away from SUIs for now, until the glitch is fixed! In the future, if you run into any bugs, remember to try using a different web browser or computer, and contact Poptropica (via the Contact link on their homepage) about any issues so they can fix them. Happy blimp traveling!


Ancient Artworks of the Counterfeit Island Museum

If you’ve been on Counterfeit Island, you’ve probably noticed the Museum Fantastique – the huge, beige-colored building on Main Street with the statues and angel gargoyles. And you would probably recognize The Scream, seeing as it’s the star of the show. But there’s more to this museum than the painting you’re framed for stealing! In this guided tour, we’ll delve into a bit of art history as we uncover the names of all those unlabeled paintings within those whitish walls…

the scream banner

Inside the main hall of the museum, once you step left past the uniformed guard, you’ll find a lovely garden scene by impressionist Claude Monet, called Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. To your right, not far from the first painting, is Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (expressionism).

If you climb up the stairs with me and walk just a little, you’ll find Edvard Munch’s The Scream (also expressionism) right up top in the center. And stop trying to climb the hanging lamp, that’s dangerous!

Now let’s head back downstairs to the bottom left wing, which houses the museum’s realism paintings. As the name of the style suggests, realism tries to depict scenes accurately. Here the walls are blue and the paintings are (from left to right) Artists Sketching in the White Mountains by Winslow Homer, Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet by Gustave Courbet & The Salmon Fisher by Eilif Peterssen.

Alright, follow me upstairs now, we’re going to see the cubism paintings in the top left wing! Okay, I know these look a little funny, but that’s the point – cubism tries to show a subject from multiple viewpoints, so it looks broken up into geometric shapes and abstracted. Check it out (left to right): Portrait of Picasso by Juan Gris, Cassie Thinking About Cubism by Philip Absolon, & Still Life with Fruit Dish and Mandolin by Juan Gris.

Now run all the way across the hall with me – we’re going to see the impressionism wing in the top right next! With impressionism, it’s all about color and capturing the exact moment through light and atmosphere. From left to right we’ve got Girl with a Hoop by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Cliffs at Etretat by Claude Monet, & Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet – impressive, aren’t they?

Ok, we’re heading down to the bottom right wing now. Don’t forget to say hello to the museum curators along the way! This section is where they display the expressionism paintings, which seek to express emotional intensity. Take a look at Sokea soittoniekka (Blind Musician) by Alvar Cawen, Fighting Forms by Franz Marc, & The Fiddler by Marc Chagall – what do you think they’re trying to express?

Oh, you thought we were done, did you? Well, for those who’ve finished Counterfeit Island, there’s a red button surreptitiously hidden behind the far wall of the expressionism wing (bottom right). If you click on that, the walls will turn a fancy red and the displays in the museum’s wings will change! Unlike with the regular exhibit, clicking on these paintings will actually give you the name, artist, and year, which is great. But… they don’t change the era (style) labels, so that becomes misleading. :P

red button

Still, let’s take a look! Right here in the bottom right wing we’ve got The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1503), Landscape with an Obelisk by Rembrandt (1650) & A Lady and Gentleman in Black by Rembrandt (1633). Unlike the version in Leo’s workshop on Time Tangled Island, this Mona Lisa isn’t covered by a Poptropican head.

Over in the bottom left wing are three more fancy framed artworks on crimson walls: The Duchess of Devonshire by Thomas Gainsborough, Chez Tortoni by Edouard Manet (1878-1880), & The Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt van Rijn (1633).

Jump up to the top left wing and you’ll see two more paintings: Portrait of the Duke of Wellington by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1812) & The Concert by Johannes Vermeer (1664). If you run along to the right you’ll see The Scream again in the top center spot.

Finally, in the top right wing, there’s Madonna of the Yarnwinder by Leonardo da Vinci (1501) & T Jefferson by Charles Willson Peale (1791). (and I included The Scream again just to keep up the pattern of 3 circles, heheh…)

Well, that about concludes our tour of Counterfeit Island’s Museum Fantastique! Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even learned a thing or two. As a side note, you can go back and click on the images above to enlarge them for a better view. Which painting do you like best?

Carnival Crazy and more Daily Poppin’

With Monster Carnival Island set to be released sometime this month (can you believe it?!), the Creators wanted to remind us that the MCI wallpaper & poster are available on the Tour page – but of course you already knew that, right? What we really want are more sneak peeks

These are from the Daily Pop, and they look like they might belong in the carnival. But there are also some sneak peeks with not-so-certain origins… such as this snowy landscape* that looks like it’s part of the winter wonderland mentioned in Fuzzy-B’s post. One of the winter pics in his post contains a bird – perhaps related to these bird character sketches (pictured below)? And what of this wilderness survival book* – will we be going on another forest adventure anytime soon?

*a couple of these Daily Pops haven’t been released yet, but they will be – if you’re interested in how to discover Daily Pops a day or so early, check out our Behind the Scenes page! :)

Finally, here’s another reminder that we are looking to publish your Poptropica stories, island ideas, fan art, and more for the next issue of The Poptropican’s 911, coming out in March! Please email your entries to poptropican911(at)gmail.com (replace at with @), and refer to our Magazines page for more details. For inspiration, check out our most recent Pop magazine issue!


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