Penguin Power & Arabian Nights Ep. 3 peeks

Hey Poptropicans! If you head on over to Main Streets right now, there’s a new ad for the new Dreamworks movie Penguins of Madagascar (I found it on Mythology Island). Click on it to receive the Penguin Power! (thanks to ~Anime_Cookie~ for the ad alert!)

penguin power

Pressing the space bar will make your character equip a handheld bag of Cheezy Dibbles (delicious) and a big penguin will pop up on the screen for a moment. You’ll retain the snack bag after the effect.

Next in news, here’s a recap of the Daily Pops for this week, as well as some from the upcoming week that have already been uploaded to Poptropica’s servers. Most seem to be for Episode 3 of Arabian Nights, and the “Dig Deep” one with the miners might be for the hinted-at underground cave island.

For more sneak peeks, check out the PHB’s Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive! :D

Also, for you Twitterers out there, it looks like Poptropica’s account is starting to hit its following limit – so they’ve started unfollowing some accounts (don’t worry, it’s nothing personal!). They suggest following them back to ensure you’re not one of the accounts they stop following.

And feel free to also follow the PHB on Twitter for the latest Pop-happenings! :D

Finally, hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Just recently, the PHB celebrated Valentine’s Day with a pink-ified site layout, which you can see below if you missed it. Plus, PHB author Brave Tomato drew some fanart for one of Poptropica’s best love stories: Fiona and Valiant of Ghost Story Island!

Don’t forget to be awesome, and stay popping, Poptropicans. :mrgreen:

Spreading the Poptropica love with Realms & fan creations

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Poptropica Help Blog! <3 We didn’t have a party, but we hope you’re enjoying the sweetened color scheme and header – don’t worry, it’s just for today. ;)

Anyway, over on Twitter, Poptropica’s been sharing the love with another batch of remarkable Realms creations – check them out below! (click to enlarge pictures)

Some of these kind of resemble Angry Birds levels, somehow. :P For more info on this feature, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Realms Guide!

There’s not much else going on at the moment, but here are some recent fan creations from the Poptropica community on social media! From left to right: PHB author Brave Tomato’s drawing of characters from the Poptropica comics, a villain Valentine from technobunny16, and DJ_kitty_girl’s custom Dr. Hare doll. (For a villain, Dr. Hare sure is lovable…)

Also, apparently, the Popstorm series is drawn by Poptropica artist Jon Pitcher, who has the entire collection thus far on a Pinterest board. Here’s what he has to say about it:

As a Poptropica Creator I created this Popstorm series to inspire kids to use their imagination to be as silly and creatively as possible as they develop their own stories and cast of characters. There are some animation tricks quietly sketched into some of these pages. See if you can find them.

And lastly, here’s an unreleased Poptropica comic strip to wrap up this post (nice touch adding in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, by the way).


That’s all for now, but be sure to catch up on all the latest happenings (and even wild theories) in the posts below. Stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Biome hats, Remarkable Realms, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! Remember the sneak peek of biome hats that was tweeted with the launch of Realms? They’ve just recently hit the Store – for free! Five of these Biome Hats are available to everyone, but just like in Realms itself, the Fire and Crystal ones are for members only.

biome hats

For more information about the features in Realms, such as the biomes that inspired this headwear, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Realms Guide. :)

Speaking of Realms, here are this week’s Remarkable Realms creations featured on the Poptropica Twitter. There were a couple of neat water parks (perhaps inspiration for the abandoned WaterThrill Island?), and Chilly Ring’s ship was also on the Creators’ Blog. As always, click to enlarge pics.

Regarding sharing Realms with friends, Poptropica confirms that they are in fact working on it! They also hope to bring Realms to the app in the next six to ten months.

In other news, Arabian Nights – Episode 2: Lair of Thieves is now available as a mobile app update on Google Play! If you need a guide, we’ve got you covered.


Finally, the Creators tweeted Popstorm (Poptropica brainstorm/doodle) #14 – exaggerated emotion! There does seem to be a lot of feeling behind this one.

popstorm 14

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

Thinknoodles meets Poptropica publisher & behind-the-scenes!

Hey Poptropicans! Many of you in the Poptropica community have probably heard of Thinknoodles, a YouTuber known for (among other things) his Poptropica walkthrough videos. Well, here’s the kicker: he recently had the opportunity to meet up with Poptropica publisher Jess Brallier, and was able to share with us some of the things they discussed. And here’s a selfie to prove it.

thinknoodles and zeus

Okay, so neither of them are really cartoon characters. But they did meet up in a coffee shop in New York City after Think received a direct (private) message from @Poptropica on Twitter (run by Poptropica’s publisher, Jess Brallier) inviting him for a chat in NYC. Pretty cool! :D

Prior to meeting up, Think also contacted us here at the PHB asking if there were any questions we had that he could try to work into the discussion. Although he couldn’t promise we’d get all the answers, and tells us he can’t share every detail, here’s what he is able to tell us:

  • After PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights wrap up, they will no longer be splitting islands into episodes. As previously mentioned, we’ll be having full islands after that!
  • He knows of the next few islands coming up, but isn’t able to divulge more – though he does confirm that Timmy Failure Island is one of them, as Poptropica tweeted earlier.
  • Regarding one of our suggestions for an island explaining Poptropica’s origins, he says “it’s something they have been working on addressing, and they’ve written a full back story detailing the legend of Poptropica, which we should start seeing in story/comic form soon!”
  • It looks like we also have some answers regarding the Poptropica cartoon/show we’ve been hearing about. Think says: “The history of Poptropica should start coming out in the next week or two and is based upon a screenplay that Jeff Kinney wrote around 2 years ago when they were considering an animated television series. I have a copy of it, and it’s really detailed: new characters with illustrations, backstory for each one, history of Poptropica and plot lines for 21 episodes of the series!” However, the screenplay remains confidential.

Wow – that last tidbit about the Poptropica origin story sounds like something to look forward to! :) Thanks for letting us be part of the conversation in this way, Think, and noodle on!

Also, for those wondering about the ownership of Poptropica, they recently explained it with a couple of tweets: “Actually the owner is a company called Pearson. Jeff created Poptropica. He doesn’t own it. Jeff’s the creative genius behind Poptropica. President figures it out as a business, and stays out of Jeff’s way.” The Twitter appears to be run by the Poptropica president/publisher, Jess Brallier.

Speaking of the official Pop Twitter, a couple of new behind-the-scenes pics were recently tweeted! Here’s a not-yet-published comic strip in which Oliver and Jorge steal a witch’s broom:

comic broom

They also asked for some help in voting for which genie design to go for in Arabian Nights: Ep. 3, and responses have mostly been for either Mischief or Macho. Personally, I like Mischief. :P

arab3 genie optionsYou can also see some sneak peeks (some of which were also tweeted earlier) for the final episode of Arabian Nights in the Daily Pop, which is starting to get back on track with their “daily” schedule!

For more, check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive, updated monthly. ;)

However, it looks like we won’t get to play Arab Ep. 3 until May at the earliest. Meanwhile, PoptropiCon Ep. 3 was recently postponed to March, plus there’ll be a surprise at the end of April, and, despite what Think revealed earlier, Poptropica is now claiming that Timmy Failure Island is “just a rumor”:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed all these behind-the-scenes glimpses at what Poptropica’s cooking up! Stay popping, and for all the Thinkers out there, noodle on! :D

Realms guide, P-Con Ep. 3 peeks, & more behind the scenes

Hey Poptropicans! Poptropica Realms has been out for a while now, and the Creators have even posted a few of their favorites – but if you want to learn more about what your magical hammer can do, how to level up, and more, check out the PHB’s Realms Guide!


Ok, shameless guide promotion aside…

Despite the abandonment of the Daily Pop, there have been a lot of juicy sneak peeks over on Twitter this week. In addition to the Omegon poster Blake posted, they’ve also shared a couple of comic pages for the upcoming PoptropiCon finale – Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon.

On the first page, Elf Archer attacks the villain Omegon’s charged crystal, bringing him down from the sky. The second page introduces Alphaon, a character created with the combined powers of the Mighty Action Force and possibly the kryptonite of Omegon.

Also, we finally have some release dates for P-Con! Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon comes out February 5th for members, and Feb 26th (3 weeks later) for all. GHD Island comes out this Thursday for members!

Speaking of GHD Island, the Creators also tweeted this behind-the-scenes early sketch of a flying creature we’ll be encountering, with ‘baby’ and ‘proud mama’ poses added in for good measure. Plus, stay tuned for the PHB’s BTS Overview & Theory post for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, coming very soon!

ghd sketchesLast but not least, Poptropica tweeted this cute little Popstorm sketch (#12) with the caption “Birds of a feather….” Aw, aren’t they pretty. :D

birds popstorm12

That’s all for now, but be sure to catch up on the posts below for the latest Poptropica news! Stay awesome, Poptropicans. ;)

Galactic Hot Dogs Island trailer, paper craft, & new PCB header

Hey Poptropicans! Galactic Hot Dogs Island is well on its way, and to give everyone a dose of amped-up energy, the trailer video has been released – check it out:

Well, Creators, you had me at noodly Poptropica arms. If nothing else, that should get us on board the Neon Wiener! Scheduled release dates could change, but right now, it looks like it’ll be departing January 29 for members and February 19 for non-members.

ghd dates

Plus, you can now print out and assemble your very own Neon Wiener spaceship paper craft from the island extras section of the official Tour page! There’s even an item card in the Store for this.


Also, joining the Poptropica makeover bandwagon, the Creators’ Blog header has been updated with the “poppy” Poptropica logo! RIP palm trees and curly vines, which are once again tossed aside in favor of puffy clouds and the iconic yellow blimp.

PCB header change

Lastly, remember when PHB reader Pixel went on a mission to complete Early Poptropica Island hundreds of times? Well, earlier this month, Pix reached the milestone of 1000 completions - and found that with 4-digit numbers, the last digit gets cut off. Anyway – congrats! :D

1000 earlypop

That’s all for now – stay popping, Poptropicans. :)

Poptropica portfolio: Chris Goodwin

Nate Greenwall isn’t the only one posting his Poptropica illustrations – I recently stumbled upon the site of Chris Goodwin, an illustrator/designer working for Poptropica, whose online portfolio can be found here. This post comes in three parts. As always, click to enlarge the pics!

Perhaps the most interesting section is character design: designs for E. Vile’s robots from Legendary Swords (as well as some props seen in P-Con: Ep. 2), a huge collection of characters (including several unreleased ones – some possibly for Ep. 3 of PoptropiCon!), unused flying ace designs (the corner suggests they were for the Virus Hunter minigame, Nano-Combat Training), ideas for Max McGullicutty’s look in Survival: Ep. 5, and finally, rough drafts of robots for Game Show Island.

The next section is concept art – ideas for various parts of the game. Here we see color plans for areas inside Joe’s body on Virus Hunter Island, shape ideas for “air creatures” in his lungs, a look at an extravagant (though unused) virus bug, several sketches of dark scenes, racer cars we’ve seen before as a scrapped idea, a Legendary Swords doodle, the Monster Carnival common room, and a sketch from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island.

Lastly, there’s a section devoted to scene illustrations – most of these are already in the game, though the one of the cabin is not (but it seems to belong to the unnamed geological park island).

The rest are: the tutorial island in the Poptropica app, Ephraim University (both exterior and interior) from Mocktropica, Soundstage #1 on Back Lot, the Hemlock Herald newspaper room on Ghost Story, a hallway door and post office common room on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and the bonus quest on Twisted Thicket. Seeing them each as one big scene makes it all the more awesome. <3

Poptropica sure is beautiful, and Chris has made some really creative contributions to the game we know and love. Enjoy the Chris Goodwin collection, and stay popping, Poptropicans! :D

PHB Sunday Special: Poptropica vs. the Board of Education

Is your school one that doubts the educational merits of Poptropica? The Twitter-ers among us may have already seen this, but Poptropica recently tweeted a few infographics showing off the scholastic side of their game world in response to all the tweets about schools blocking the site.

If you want Poptropica un-blocked at your school, try showing these to someone in charge, and they might just change their mind. Poptropica may be game, but it’s also a world of learning opportunities! :D


Some of Poptropica’s best stories involve historical figures, real life locations, art history, and more – all with that unique Poptropica twist that makes it engaging, clever, and still accurate.


And with all the branded books and interactive dialogue waiting to be discovered, it’s clear Poptropica encourages reading as well. Still in doubt? Check out the PHB’s Poptropica Game Review!


With all that being said, Poptropica should fit right into any school environment, especially for the target audience of 6- to 15-year-olds – and kids will pick up all sorts of culturally and academically relevant information while being immersed in top-notch storytelling. And that means…

Let kids play Poptropica. :D


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