MotM p. 17-21, book publication plans, & Realms videos!

Hey Poptropicans – pages 17–21 of Mystery of the Map are here, which you can read below. To stay up-to-date with the series, you can read every page on Poptropica’s official graphic novel site area!

Speaking of the graphic novel, Poptropica has big plans for this origin story: they’re looking into publishing it as a 12-book series, with two being published per year. Wow, that’s ambitious!

On a different note, here are a couple of Realms recently tweeted by Poptropica (with this note: “from the curious…to the upside down!”):

But that’s not all! They’ve also added a few new Realms-related videos to the Inside Poptropica playlist on their YouTube channel, which you can view below (Captain Crawfish explores Spotted Beetle’s caravan, Dr. Lange builds Ashworld Tower and also a Pyramid):

For tips on this Minecraft-like feature, check out our Poptropica Realms Guide!

In other news, the Dressgate costume of last weekend has worn out its stay, so to speak, and is no longer available. Hope you had fun with the obviously black-and-blue dress while it was here. ;)

Reign of #Dressgate: black + blue, or white + gold??

The dress is everywhere – and now it’s on Poptropica too. o_O

If you log in now, you’ll automatically get a limited edition Dressgate item – which isn’t actually a dress, but it does reference the striped garment that has recently taken over the internet in a costume that comes in two variants: white + gold, or blue + black. (By the way, it’s the latter!)

Anyway, what color did you see the dress as? Feel free to vehemently defend your position (or question your vision) in the comments section. ;)

In other news, the Poptropica Creators have also released a bunch of freebies over on the PoptropiCon tour page for the upcoming third and final episode: Reign of Omegon.

There’s a henchbot paper craft, screensaver (a Poptropica first!), and also a desktop wallpaper featuring the fearful Omegon himself. You can also find links to these on the PHB’s PoptropiCon trivia page.

Stay awesome, Poptropicans. :D

Graphic novel island, MotM p. 10-13, & TinkerBell NeverBeast ad

What’s popping, Poptropicans? This week’s Daily Pops seem to be strongly hinting at an island (or ad, or adventure of some sort) based on the Poptropica graphic novel (Mystery of the Map) – the origin story we’ve been looking forward to. Check them out:

There’s the crashed hot air balloon, along with other natural scenes that seem to fit in with what we’ve seen so far. Perhaps the three-deckered cave is a multiplayer common room?

Plus, the Vikings and dodo bird sneak peek from last week most likely fits in with this “island” as well: in the most recent Mystery of the Map (MotM) page, the bird makes its first appearance.

Below are the most recent MotM pages (click to enlarge images). To keep up with each day’s new page, bookmark the Poptropica graphic novel site area! We’ll be posting them on the PHB every so often, but not necessarily daily, so check the official site to stay the most up-to-date. ;)

Lastly, there’s an ad (girls only!) for Disney’s TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (I found it on Poptropolis Games). Inside, you can collect a free NeverBeast Follower, feed the NeverBeast by clicking the catapult, customize from the dummies (although other than fairy wings, their costumes don’t seem to be loading), read a synopsis, watch a trailer, and meet other players (it’s a common room).

Have fun, and stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

PHB Sunday Special: Tribute to Biome Hats

Hey Poptropicans! This Sunday, we have a special guest post from Beastking77 giving tribute to the Realms-inspired Biome Hats that recently hit the Store. First published on Super Thunder’s Blog, he has given us permission to re-post his review here on the PHB. Enjoy! :)

Ice Biome Hat

snowhatThe Ice Biome Hat is not only perfect for keeping you warm on those cold nights, it’s also a remarkable fashion statement. I love the way the hat attempts to capture the likeness of a wild Arctic beast, with the whisker furnishing, the white fur and the magnificent pointed ears. I especially love the fang-like protrusions on either side of the hat: they just really capitalize on the wild, untamed look this hat has. It’s that kind of attention to detail we just don’t get in hatters these days. Finally, the stitches on the side give it an appearance of barely being held together, as if it were hand-made by an Arctic explorer from the fur of an Arctic beast. A brilliant work.

Forest Biome Hat

foresthatWe often get so caught up in modern society and its beauties that we often forget about beauty’s roots. The Forest Biome Hat reminds us of the kind of beauty that can only be found in nature. The hatter responsible for this work of art has taken inspiration from a bird’s nest. The crisp green leaves complement the nice shade of purple in the sticks, which are both emphasized by the pale white eggs that sit atop this hat. But all appearances aside, I like to see this hat as a commentary on nature. The eggs in the hat seem to be a metaphor for the fragility and beauty of nature. The wearer of the hat is therefore the protector of nature, emphasizing that we must play a part in protecting and preserving the beauty that is nature. A beautiful hat with a beautiful meaning.

Desert Biome Hat

deserthatThe Desert Biome Hat is admittedly not one of my favourites. First of all it’s not a very attractive hat to look at. I mean, it’s pretty ugly and awkward looking. While the jagged edge is certainly a nice touch, the overall design is pretty underwhelming. Secondly, it has a rather boring colour scheme. Blue and grey aren’t exactly the most eye-catching of colours. But it is functional. In the hot dry heat of the unforgiving Desert Biome, you’re gonna need to keep cool. The Desert Biome hat is perfectly suited for that exact purpose! And the hinge lets you adjust the umbrella to shield you from the harsh sun. So while it’s not fashionable, it is functional.

Swamp Biome Hat

swamphatThe Swamp Biome Hat is a sight to behold. It’s basically a baby crocodile that lives on your head. Not only is it an interesting pet, it’s an attention-grabbing piece of headwear that never fails to impress. Observe the sly look in the crocodile’s eye, complemented by the faint, crafty, toothy smile. It just seems to give off a sort of charm you can’t find anywhere else. The crocodile is an animal renowned for lying in wait and springing to action when it needs to. This hat brings out the scheming, crafty demeanour often associated with crocodiles and adds on a bit of charm. This pays off greatly as the end result is a magnificent hat with the sort of charm that comes with any manipulative creature.

Lunar Biome Hat

lunarhatLooking for a futuristic headwear? Well, with the Lunar Biome Hat, you will never have to look ever again! Wait… no… whatever. This hat is certainly innovative. A clean wraparound blue hat topped off with a futuristic laser antenna. I have to say this has a rather simple design when compared to the others, but that’s really the point I suppose. This hat is meant to appear post-Earth, a time and place more advanced than what we have now, and it does its job well. I really appreciate the decor on this one. The single antenna with the glowy laser-ring things really capitalize on the whole future theme. In short: it’s simple, but effective.

Fire Biome Hat

firehatThe Fire Biome Hat is a tasteful piece of headwear. The geometry (and geography) of the entire thing is just stunning. I love the crater-like design and the pool of magma, but I especially love the winding streams of lava running down the sides. I also love the stark contrast between the dark earthy texture of the hat and the exquisite orange-red glow of the lava. But what I love most about this hat is how it captures the volatile, fiery nature of volcanoes. Volcanoes are essentially nature’s time bombs, they seem calm and then all of a sudden BOOM! You’re neck deep in molten lava. When you look at this hat, it seems serene and calm, but there’s a certain element of suspense in there as well. As if the hat could burst into flames at any moment. THAT is what volcanoes are all about, and this hat does a brilliant job at capturing it.

Crystal Biome Hat

crystalhatFirstly, I have to say the Crystal Biome Hat is beautiful. There’s something about it that just seems to radiate feminine grace. It almost seems like a crown for a royal princess. The slight glow from the crystal even gives it a magic-ish type feel. But unfortunately, while it is beautiful, it seems to lack originality. The other biome hats are all unique, and extremely original. It may be because the other hats set the bar too high, but in comparison, the Crystal Biome Hat seems rather bland and boring. Nonetheless, it does have its merits. The aforementioned feminine aura gives it a somewhat magical element, and the shades of pink and purple complement each other nicely. So all in all, the hat is beautiful, but it fails to measure up to the other hats in terms of originality.

So there you have it: all seven Realms-inspired biome hats reviewed and recognized for the fashion statements they are. Which one’s your favorite? :D

MotM pages 8-9, Vikings, & Realms

Hey Poptropicans – pages 8 and 9 of Mystery of the Map are here, which you can read below. To stay up-to-date with the series, you can read every page on Poptropica’s official graphic novel site area!

Looks like an interesting story so far! :D

Over on the Daily Pop, many of the sneak peeks this month have been for the upcoming final episode of Arabian Nights – but in the mix is this character sheet for a bunch of Vikings (and what appears to be a dodo bird). Could this be for something entirely new? As Tiny Socks points out, this looks like it could be for an adventure (island? ad?) based on the graphic novel, since we’ve previously seen these characters in Mystery of the Map sneak peeks like this one or this one.


Norse Code: You won’t be liking these Vikings.

Just for fun: the PHB’s Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive is a great place to peruse every single Daily Pop image and witty caption from over the years. :)

And finally, here’s the latest selection of featured Realms tweeted by Poptropica: a colosseum and house design by “ST”! They’re also interested in seeing (and sharing) fan videos of Realms like these.

Stay popping, Poptropicans. ^^

A raging cloud of hot dogs, hench-bots, & more

Hey Poptropicans – page 4 of Mystery of the Map is here, and you can read it below! You can always catch up on this exciting new series over on the Poptropica graphic novel page. :)

mystery_of_the_map_4Next in news, a friendly reminder that Galactic Hot Dogs Island comes out this Thursday, February 19 to everyone! If you need help, we’ve got a written walkthrough with pictures right here. :)

ghd4Hm, what’s up with the whole “transported to strange lands” theme going on lately? ;)

Anyway, in all that excitement, the Creators haven’t forgotten about PoptropiCon, with its final episode scheduled for sometime in March. The plot description for Episode 3: Reign of Omegon was recently leaked on its Tour page, although it seems to be gone now – thanks to Brave Tomato for catching it!

pcon3 descSo that’s Omegon’s evil plan… well, at least he’s not trying to turn us into funky-toothed Poptropicans. Like in this Popstorm #15, titled “teeth”. (I know, great segue.)

popstorm15 teethStill saying aaahhh? Hold it; there are a couple more cool creations to behold – another selection of Realms, featuring a ship and a maze. “Interesting stuff going on today,” tweets Poptropica.

Stay popping, Poptropicans. :D

edit: my 500th post! much wow. :)

MotM page 3, angry balloon animals, & more Realms

Hey Poptropicans – the third page of Poptropica’s new graphic novel series, Mystery of the Map, is here, and you can read it below (or on the Creators’ Blog, where they’ll be posting new pages daily).


Wow. The kids are about to enter the whimsical world of Poptropica, but what could the sinister Octavian have dragged them in for?

If you missed the beginning, you can catch up on yesterday’s post, or the new graphic novel page on Poptropica’s website, which also offers this blurb about the series:

Mystery of the Map is the first entry in Poptropica’s epic graphic novel series. A freak thunderstorm during a hot air balloon ride rips brother and sister Oliver and Mya and their companion, Jorge, from the “normal” world to the dangerous, unpredictable, and mystical world of Poptropica. The kids embark on a perilous journey to discover the truth about this mysterious place… and the shocking reason they were brought here.

The first Poptropica graphic novel will be released in daily installments on and social media. Readers will be able to follow Mya, Oliver and Jorge’s adventures, with each entry bringing exciting plot turns and new revelations.

Balloons and balloon animals alike are features of the Poptropica comics, and regarding an earlier sneak peek of the latter, it looks like the Creators are still messing around with balloon animals… but angrier. Not so cute anymore, huh?

And finally, have you noticed the new Realms banner on the Poptropica homepage? Congratulations to Speedy Pelican, Creepy Pear, Bronze Singer, Cuddly Knuckle, Spotted Fox, and Fast Lizard for having their creations featured! :D


In the spirit of Realms, here’s today’s batch of creations tweeted by Poptropica. A treehouse with a basement, a smoky factory with a truck, and a windmill with a dragon… yup, they really are nailing it.

For more about Realms and its many world-building features, check out our Poptropica Realms Guide! Stay popping, Poptropicans. ;)

Mystery of the Map begins, Arab Ep. 2 on iOS, & Realms

Attention Poptropica comic fans – the bad news is, Poptropica’s pausing posting comics for 90 days, according to this tweet. But there’s better news ahead: the first entry in the graphic novel series begins tomorrow now! It’s called Mystery of the Map – keep reading for the first couple of pages!

mystery of the map

And the series has begun over on the Creators’ Blog! Below are the first few pages (click to enlarge images), written by Max Brallier (author of Galactic Hot Dogs) and illustrated by Kory Merritt (Poptropica comic artist). So Mya (Oliver’s sister) and the mysterious Octavian make their debut at last…

Stay tuned to the Poptropica Help Blog (and Twitter) as the story unfolds! :D

Next up – Arabian Nights, Ep. 2: Lair of Thieves is now available on the Poptropica iOS app! It was also made available to Android users about a week ago. Anyway, if you need a walkthrough, check out our Arabian Nights Island Guide!


Lastly, here are a few more Realms that Poptropica featured on Twitter this weekend with the comment, “You’re building beautiful, amazing, and loving.” That last one does give off a Valentine vibe!

That’s all for now – stay popping, Poptropicans. ;)


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