Shaun the Sheep ad, Pelican Rock, & Jeff Heim’s Poppie

Hey Poptropicans! SFish here with the latest Poptropica happenings.

There’s currently an advertisement building for the Shaun the Sheep movie (in theaters August 5) on Main Streets. Inside, you can customize two fluffy sheep costumes, interact with other players like in common rooms, and grab two prizes: the Woolly Blow, a gun that adds a poof of sheep hair to the heads of characters you point at, and the Sheep Belch, which makes you belch comically.

(Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the ad pics!)

The Shaun the Sheep ad is on the Poptropica mobile app as well, but the prizes are a Timmy Follower (Timmy being a sheep character) and a sheep piggyback item. (Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!)

Meanwhile, the Creators haven’t posted many Daily Pop sneak peeks this month (slackers :P just kidding), but a more recent one gives us a peek at the name of the prison facility in the unnamed prison island: Pelican Rock – possibly modeled after the Pelican Bay State Prison in California.

Well, we’ve seen seaside jails on Ghost Story and Super Villain Island, and they haven’t worked out too well… wonder how this one will hold up. ;)

Finally, a bit of post-Poppies news: check out the Poppie trophy Spotted Dragon sent to Jeff Heim, which he constructed (with a few scissor mishaps) and posted on social media! :D

(Plus, you can get your own Poppies Participant paper craft like this one on our event recap post!)


Congratulations to the Monster Carnival Island Main Theme for winning Best Soundtrack among the PHB readership. If you haven’t already, check out the list of all Poppies winners here, plus click here for a recap of the event with pictures – and Captain Crawfish’s reaction! :)

– 🐟 SFish 🐠 –

Recap: the Poppies Awards Show & PHC Parties!


Hey Poptropicans! Didn’t we look snazzy on that header? Well, the first ever Poptropica awards show, the Poppies, is now over, but we hope you had a blast at the red carpet! Thank you to everyone who made nominations and voted – you guys made an impact in the results for the event, and for that, you can enjoy this Poppies Participant paper-craft trophy created by Spotted Dragon! Here’s the link.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Blake’s PHB post for the announcing of the winners, which includes HPuterpop’s livestream with several others on the PHB staff. During the party, we also had several Multiverse rooms filled with impeccably dressed Poptropicans, and the PHC (our chat) was pretty lively in anticipation of the winner announcements. Check out the recap montage! :D

poppies 2015 recap

To give everyone a better chance at being able to make it to the celebrations, we hosted an after-party as well, about half a day after the first one. In addition to the Poppies, we also celebrated the PHB’s 7th anniversary. Happy birthday to the Poptropica Help Blog! The Multiverse rooms were filled with balloons, soda pop, and lots of lag. But at least we were having fun! :mrgreen:

Poppies 2015 afterparty

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for me as Best Author; I’m deeply honored. :’) Spotted Dragon even sent me a foldable Poppie for my award, and it looks pretty Oscar-esque! <3

poppies trophy

Again, don’t forget to check out your Poppies Participant award at this link. If you print it out and make it, do send us a photo by email, blog, and/or leaving a comment on this post to let us know! (Also, if you can prove your Poptropican name is Golden Dragon, the winner of the Best Poptropican Name category, SD will personally send you your own Poppie.) ;)

If you enjoyed chatting on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat; our official PHB chat hangout), remember that you can always come back to it any time (not just during official parties!) to hang out with other Poptropicans and have fun (within the boundaries of the chat rules listed on the page, of course). The link is, or you can access it by going to the “Chat” page from the navigation bar up top.

And no awards show would be complete without a few shout-outs: here’s to Jeff Heim, possibly the first Poptropica Creator to ever comment on the PHB – and it was in the spirit of the Poppies!

jeff heim comment

A shout-out also to Captain Crawfish, or shall I say The Award-Winning Captain Crawfish? Not only did he win the Best Creator category, he made a subtle reference to it in today’s Creators’ Blog post about the Daily Pop-In! We may like to nom crawfish here, but we love you too, Captain.

the award winning cc

It’s been a great event, and we here at the PHB hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks especially to Slippery Raptor for the initial idea, for turning the annual PHB birthday celebrations into something more. Again, check out Blake’s post and HP’s livestream for a list of all the winners.

:star: Thanks for popping in, and have a stellar day! :star:

App-date with chat, Balloons, MotM Island & costumes!

Hey Poptropicans, SFish here with news on the Poptropica app (P-App-tropica? I’m crediting fellow PHB authors Slippery Raptor & Spotted Dragon for the puns and pics in this post ;) ).

App-arently, the Poptropica mobile app for iOS and Android has just gotten another app-date. The first thing you’ll notice is Dr. Hare’s app-solutely wacky Mystery of the Map assemblage on the icon. That’s because Mystery of the Map (MotM) Island was just added, for free – and if you need a walkthrough with pictures, check out our Mystery of the Map Island Guide!

In addition, two new costume packs were added, both for MotM Island. There’s the Mystery of the Map Bundle Pack, which is $0.99 like most costume packs on the app, and a second Viking Feast Pack which is free – and contains some new costumes that don’t exist in the online version: Gravy Gnasher, Bruised Basher, and Sausage Smasher!

Also, the Multiplayer Arcade (App-cade? Should I stop with the puns?) has been updated to include chat, which works slightly different from the online version. In the picture below from the Creators, you can see that when people ask you a pre-scripted question, you can choose to reply, give a greeting, compliment, or ask them a question.


And as you can see from the picture, the multiplayer game Balloons can now be played in the Arcade. (Hey, it’s Balloon Boy! He must be app-alled to find himself still in the sky after all this time…) For our walkthrough with tips, check out our Balloons Guide.

That’s a pretty big app-date for the app, but it’s not the only update going on in the Poptropica universe! In case you missed them, check out the PHB posts below for the latest happenings:

Stay popping, Poptropicans, and see you on the red carpet for the Poppies awards show coming up! :)

–SFish 🐟

All you’ve got to do is rub that lamp (Arabian Nights Ep. 3 for all!)

Oh Mr. Sultan, sir, what will your pleasure be?
Don’t mind your daughter, Scheherazade – you ain’t never had a friend like me.

Well, except that scoundrel of a genie is more of a mischief-maker than a friend. But you’ll find out… three weeks after releasing to membersArabian Nights Island, Episode 3: Careful What You Wish For can now be played by everyone! Have your divination dust at hand!


If you need a bit of help capturing that tricky genie, check out our Arabian Nights Island Guide for a written walkthrough with pictures! Plus, when you’ve completed the island, you can check your finish rank on the Arabian Nights World Champions Map.

Oh, yes, that genie really is a piece of work. ;)


Well, episode two had them forty thieves,
and Scheherazade had a stolen youth.
But fear not, for though she grieves,
you’ll make the Sultan see the truth…

UPDATE: The upcoming Timmy Failure Island is now on the Map as coming soon!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.15.16 PM

It’s anticipated to release in September, plus you can find sneak peeks and more on our Timmy Failure Island page. Stay tuned for more news, and let us know in the comments what you thought of the final episode of Arabian Nights!

–SFish 🐟

The Poppies: it’s time to vote!

poppies vote

Hey Poptropicans, and welcome back to The Poppies Awards Show with the Poptropica Help Network! A week has passed since we last met on the red carpet, and you guys have brought up some phe-nom-inal nominations. (That’s a double use of “nom” right there. Hey, could we have some snacks to nom for this next part? It’s no secret they serve some pretty good crawfish in the Poptropica blogosphere…)

Anyway, the nomination round of the Poppies is now over, and we here at the PHN have taken a look and narrowed each award category to five of the most popular options suggested by all you readers (with some exceptions). Now the next round is upon us: without further ado, you can now cast your votes in the survey below! This survey will be open all throughout the week.

The survey is now closed. Tune in to our Poppies livestream to hear the winners announced, and celebrate with us at our PHC parties in Poptropica Multiverse rooms – all details in this PHB post!

(In case the survey isn’t showing up, you may also use this link to vote.)

Thanks for voting (assuming you do, of course!), and we’ll see you back on the red carpet for the final unveiling of winners next week, on the PHB’s 7th birthday: July 26th!

Plus, check the details for our awards show parties here, and be ready to come dressed to impress in your Poptropican best – it’s an awards show, after all! ;) Now pass the crawfish, the show hosts have to eat too, you know. :P

Don’t forget to vote in the survey above!

Plus, pop in for the final Poppies celebration and results next week. :D

Arabian Nights Ep. 3 for all on July 23rd, & P-Con Ep. 3 on app

Hey Poptropicans, it’s SFish. :D

While members may always be One Jump Ahead of everyone else, non-members may soon find themselves in A Whole New World when Arabian NightsEpisode 3: Careful What You Wish For releases to all next Thursday, July 23rd!

Check out our Behind the Scenes Overview & Theory post for a compilation of sneak peeks and more, or our handy Arabian Nights Island Guide if you need a walkthrough.

arab nights genie and sultan

Meanwhile, PoptropiCon Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon is now available for download as a free update to the mobile Poptropica app for both iOS and Android. Over on iOS, the app icon has also changed from the yellow blimp to a picture of Dr. Hare holding a carrot in both hands!

For a walkthrough with pictures, check out our complete PoptropiCon Island Guide.


In other news, don’t forget to make your nominations for The Poppies awards event over on this post, as nominations are about to be closed off for the upcoming voting round!

Also, we’re always looking for entries for our Poptropica fan magazineThe POPCORN (click here to read the latest issue!). If you have any stories, fan art, island or costume ideas, and so on that you would like to send in, please email!

Stay popping, Poptropicans. ;)

Welcome to the Poppies!

poppies nominations

UPDATE: Hey guys, thanks for nominating your favorites! The nomination round is now officially closed. The voting round has begun, so cast your votes now! :)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to The Poppies. That’s the Poptropica Community Awards, hosted by the Poptropica Help Network (PHN), which includes this blog (the PHB).

This popping, stellar event is the first of its kind, and will include a week for nominations (starting now!), followed by a week for voting (check back next week for the polls!), and finally, we’ll be announcing the winners as we celebrate the PHB’s upcoming 7th birthday on July 26th, 2015.

First up is the nomination round. How this works is we’ll announce each award category, followed by a brief description (see below). Then, in the comments section, you let us know who or what you feel is worth that award! You can nominate for as many or as little awards as you like.

Without further ado, the awards up for grabs are:

  1. Best Creator: Who’s your favorite Poptropica Creator? Is it the nommable Captain Crawfish, or perhaps the lost-to-time Shark Boy? Check the PHB’s Creators Database for a list.
  2. Best Dialogue: What is the all-time best, wittiest line of dialogue ever spoken by any Poptropica character?
  3. Best Dressed NPC (male): Who’s the handsomest of Poptropican characters? This category is for the guys. (NPC stands for non-player character, so please do not nominate your friends.)
  4. Best Dressed NPC (female): Who’s the prettiest of Poptropican characters? This category is for the girls. (Again, this category is not for players!)
  5. Best Island (overall): What’s the greatest island of all time, from plot to characters, artwork to soundtrack (if applicable), and everything in between?
  6. Best Poptropican Name: What Poptropican name combination sounds the best? For a list of possible Poptropica names, click here.
  7. Best Soundtrack: Which music soundtrack from any of the SUIs (sound-updated islands) tickles your fancy? For some possible nominations, you can listen to and get the names of soundtracks on composer Jeff Heim’s soundcloud.
  8. Best Storyline in an Island: Of all the islands, which one has the greatest plot? Which storyline did you most enjoy?
  9. Best Villain: Who’s your favorite Poptropica villain?

In addition to Poptropica-specific awards, there are also categories for those in the Poptropica community/fandom that you know and love!

  1. Best Current PHB Author: We’ve got a host of staff members here who regularly deliver news and other improvements to the PHB, but everyone’s different, even down to their senses of humor. The current staff are Brave Tomato, Blake, HPuterpop, Samwow5, Spotted Dragon, Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, and Ultimate iPad Expert – and all of us are automatically nominated!
  2. Best Fan Art: Poptropican artists the world over have created many pieces of fan art, but which pieces have you seen that might deserve the title of ‘best’? The PHB magazines are a good place to start scouting for fan art!
  3. Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): The Poptropica Help Network includes this blog, the PHC (chat), our Twitter, videos, and wiki, but outside of our network lies a realm of other Poptropica fan sites as well. Nominate your favorites – just to be clear, this is for sites that aren’t included in the list mentioned in the previous sentence.
  4. Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: We’ve done a lot of April fools’ pranks over the years, but which one got you good? Was it the ‘Club Penguin Help Blog’ of 2009? Sending in Agent Chicken Wing in 2010? Reverting to Scary Tomato’s old header in 2011? Gamer Guy’s Mega Fighting Bots, Poptropica-bashing fan site in 2014? Or perhaps this year’s Omegon takeover?
  5. Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: Which PHB magazine issue had all the best stories, fan art, and so on? Read them on our Magazines page and nominate your faves.
  6. Best Wiki Article: Over on the Poptropica Wiki (part of the PHN), we’ve got over 800 articles for islands, scenes, items, characters, and so on. But which article is the best?

Now for some undesirable awards! We’re not that mean, though, so we’ll only be giving a few, and it’s just for fun – no offence intended. ;)

  1. Worst Island: Poptropica is full of great islands, but not every island was a winner. Which, in your opinion, was the worst of them all (and why)?
  2. Worst Poptropican Name: There are plenty of decent Poptropica names out there, but not every name is created equal and there’s potentially some pretty disastrous combinations as well. Nominate as you see fit!
  3. Worst Poptropica Moment: What’s the worst thing that has happened in your Poptropica experience? Anything unfortunate is fair game, from glitches that made you restart an island to the time the Jersey Devil on Cryptids Island made you cower under your chair in fear.

And that brings us to 18 awards, in celebration of our recent milestone of 18 million hits (well, 18.4m now) – and also, of course, the upcoming 7th birthday of the PHB.

Nominations will take place starting now, so sound off in the comments who you think deserves the awards! Please limit your nominations to a maximum of three per award. To strengthen your nomination, you can also include a quick reason why you think they (or it) deserve(s) the award.

If no nominations for a certain award are made, the PHB authors will use their own judgment to come up with some options. Next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations, so check back then for the next round and cast your votes then! Plus, stay tuned for the PHB for details on birthday parties and winner announcements. ;) But for now…

Start nominating in the comments below!

Stay popping, Poptropicans, and pop in for the Poppies. :D

Pop App Tablet/Phone promo code, Wings of Fire ad, & more!

Hey Poptropicans! Here’s the latest on what’s up in the Poptropica community –

First, there’s a new promo code for a not-so-new item: enter POPANYWHERE in the Store online to get a free Poptropica App Tablet/Phone!


Meanwhile, PoptropiCon Ep. 3 has been released to the Android app.

If you log into Poptropica, you’ll automatically receive two new ad prizes for Wings of Fire: a set of light blue Dragon Wings (press spacebar to fly), and Fire and Ice Breath (press spacebar to breathe fire)!

wings of fire ad

Poptropica also tweeted a couple of remarkable Realms you can visit with the Realms sharing feature: Fast Catfish’s Arabian palace (code: 9wqm9) and Serious Bird’s rendition of New York City, ‘New Pop City’ (code: 47z7x). Check out our Poptropica Realms Guide for tips on playing with Realms!

The final episode of Arabian Nights Island (Ep. 3: Careful What You Wish For) released to members last week, and it’s expected to release to everyone mid-July. Our written walkthrough is up on our Arabian Nights Island Guide, so if you need help, check that out! :)

arab3 members

Poptropica has also posted another Popstorm: #32, titled “Land of Mullets”.


The PHB’s unofficial Poptropica Creators Database was recently updated to re-organize the information we had, making it more readable and adding new relevant information. While there is some speculation in there, Poptropica has commented that telling us what’s right and what’s not would take the fun out of it, and that we should “embrace the mystery”! :P Check out the updated database!


Finally, if you haven’t already, go check out the latest issue of The POPCORN, our pop-pop-Poptropica fan magazine made by fans, for fans! For the first time ever, it’s available in PDF format, which means a better viewing experience. We would love to have your entries for the magazine (stories! fan art! and more!). If you’re interested, you’ll find instructions on how to send things in on our Magazines page – where you can also enjoy past issues of The POPCORN.

popcornLogoSmallStay popping, Poptropicans. ;)


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