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The PHB’s 6th birthday party – and you’re invited!

6th phb bday

It’s that time of the year again – the Poptropica Help Blog is celebrating its sixth anniversary this Saturday, July 26th, and we’ll be partying in Poptropica Multiverse rooms, where you can meet and battle other players, as well as the PHC, where you can chat with other PHB readers and staff! (Side note: catch up with the PHB’s story on our History page!)

The details are in the invitation graphic above – it’ll be July 26th at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST; for those who don’t live in America, use a time converter to check when that’ll be in your time zone. Everyone’s welcome to join in the festivities, so bring your birthday balloons! :D

(UPDATE: If you can’t make it at this exact time, don’t be afraid to come a little earlier or later! You can even come a few hours early for a pre-party if you like; there’s sure to be some Poptropicans to celebrate with. We’ll have a recap up on the blog afterwards, so you might be in it if you come!)

For those who are unfamiliar with the PHC, that’s the Poptropica Help Chat, the official PHB hangout. It’s a great place to chat with other Poptropicans anytime, not just when we’ve got a party going on, and sometimes you might even get to meet PHB staff! The chat is moderated for safety and we do have rules to maintain harmony, so be sure to familiarize yourself with our chat policy and ranks on our Chat page, which you can find by clicking “Chat” in the menu above.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you there! :)

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Football fever freebie for everyone this Monday!

Gooooall! Well, er, not quite yet – but the Creators have promised everyone (not just members this time!) a free costume this coming Monday, to celebrate this year’s World Cup champion team. Now the question that remains is which it’ll be: the great Germany or ardent Argentina?

Don’t forget that members can also collect 8 free football costumes in one item card from the Poptropica Store, featuring the teams that made it to the 2014 quarter-finals.

Which team are you cheering on for the big game? Sound off in the comments below! :D

Coming July 17: Survival Ep. 4 & Atlantis Ep. 2!

‘Ello Poptropicans! The Creators have finally confirmed the next episodic release date: next Thursday, July 17, the 4th episode of Survival (Cabin Fever) will be out for members, and the 2nd episode of Mission Atlantis (Fortress of the Deep) comes out for everyone. No one’s left out! :D

The PHB already has a guide for both episodes of Mission Atlantis currently available, and soon we’ll have a walkthrough for the mystery of Myron Van Buren as well. In the meantime, let’s look to the Daily Pop to see what’s up and coming for Survival Island!

Looks like we aren’t out of the woods just yet! :P

Planes: Fire and Rescue & the Land of Stories – ads

Helloooo Poptropicans! There’s a new ad on Main Street of Early Poptropica Island for the upcoming sequel to Disney’s Planes (which of course is a spin-off of Cars); this new movie being Planes: Fire & Rescue, in theaters July 18, 2014. (thanks to CartoonSage for the tip!) Inside the ad, there are two games you can play, each awarding two prizes. Let’s fly in, shall we? :)

fire and rescue

In the first game, Forest Stream Dippers, you have two minutes to put out 6 fires by clicking and holding above them with your plane (you can choose to be either Dusty or Dipper). However, first you’ll need to fill up your water supply by sitting on the river! It takes about 20 seconds to fill it all the way up, which, I should warn you, is valuable time gone in this game. Also, when you’re moving, don’t click and hold – just hovering your cursor is enough – otherwise you’ll waste precious water. For shame.

Anyway, if you’re successful in this Blimp Adventure-like adventure (unlike me, who had to retry this game quite a few times until I made it under the time limit) – you’ll win a Dusty Follower (the plane, not, you know, actual dust) and a Fire Stopper Power (which rains specks of orangey-red halfway down your screen).

forest stream dipper

In the second game, Cliffside Wildfires (is the Wildfire tribe causing trouble now? tsk tsk), you can choose to pilot Dusty, Dipper, Windlifter, or Blade. After dousing each fire (which gets progressively further and further to the right), you have to return to the base all the way on the left to recharge your ‘flame retardant’ before setting out again to put out the next fire.

If you win, you’ll be given a Dusty Cap (which, again, is not made of dust, but rather, features Dusty the plane) and a Hero Badge (which you can wear, plus press space bar to activate a sequence of planes zooming around the screen). Splendidly mediocre. I do have to say the Animacation ad offers better prizes, for those able to access it! :P

cliffside wildfires

Also, Poptropicans who log in may find two new ad items added to their inventories – girls will get an Alex Bailey costume, while boys get a Conner Bailey costume, and everyone gets a Fairy Kingdom follower. These items are for Chris Colfer’s The Land of Stories books. Upon using your two items, however, you’ll have a big advertising thought bubble over you, which kind of ruins it a bit.

land of stories

Anyway, that’s it for these couple of ads! Enjoy the games and prizes! :D

*flies away on a dusty plane named Dusty*


POPCORN, the PHB magazine: issue #17 out now!

Popcorn issue17

Hey Poptropicans! Issue #17 of the PHB magazine, which was renamed The POPCORN as of the previous issue, has just been released, with all sorts of Poptropica fan creations, including two stories about a couple of beloved superheroes/villains by Brave Tomato, a Shattered Island idea by Spotted Dragon, a PewDiePie costume by Mashimai, and more, so…

check out issue #17 of our Poptropica magazine now!

…clicked it yet? If not, you’re missing out on a piece of the PHB legend.  :D

For more information about The POPCORN, check out our Magazines page to find out what kind of entries we’re looking for and how you can submit something in for publication!

They are now being published on the first Sunday of every month, just like the older series of 911s, so you’ve got until August 2nd if you’d like to be a part of our next magazine!

Hope you enjoy our pop-pop-Poptropica Help Blog fan magazine!

MiniQuests, PHB History, & Android app delayed

Hey Poptropicans! Looking to beat the summer boredom? Poptropica may have nearly 40 islands, but if that’s not enough for you, then try the MiniQuests! There’s a variety of these not-fully-island-length adventures to play, and the PHB has guides for all of them – the most recent addition being our Nano-Combat Training Guide for the Virus Hunter promo mini-game – so go check it out! :)

Miniquests banner

For even more ideas on what to do on Poptropica, check out our list of 101 Boredom Busters or play the new Animacation ad on Main Street of Monster Carnival – more details in my previous post!

A couple of other things: video walkthroughs from YouTube have been added to all our island trivia pages, and I’ve finished writing a brand-new History page for the PHB (under the About tab) that highlights some of the exciting things that have transpired since the birth of the blog in 2008! :D

Remember when Poptropica said that their mobile app would be available for Android (Google Play) starting July? Well, it looks like that’s not the case anymore. According to a more recent tweet from Poptropica, it’s taking longer than expected and may be ready in September. Sad face. :(

android september

Anyway, that’s all for now – be sure to check out the posts below for all the latest happenings in Poptropica! There’s the Animacation ad, Mission Atlantis Ep. 2 for members, Survival Ep. 3 for allsome new info on both of those islands, and more. Pop in later, Poptropicans! :D


Animacation ad with 3 games and crazy prizes!

Disney XD Animacation

Hey Poptropicans! Are you ready to get sucked into a swirling colorful portal, search for dwarves, and color the world around you? All that and more awaits within the Disney XD: Animacation ad building (which is also a common room) – but this ad, it seems, is only available for younger players (to see if you’re eligible, check the dropdown menu in your inventory and see whether there’s one for “XD Animacation”, which should be in green). (Update: Poptropica has confirmed it’s only for ages 6-11.)

Anyway, after resigning myself to making a new account just for this purpose, I found the ad on Main Street of Cryptids and Monster Carnival. Upon entering, you’ll get to watch yourself transported in a swirl of cartoon characters… and inside, you’ll get to play 3 games and win some cool prizes!


To the left, you’ll find Mabel’s Water Race. All you have to do is pick a character, then keep your mouse aimed at the center of your character’s the dartboard while the character you picked races some other creatures at the top of the screen. If you win, you’ll get the Animacation Power, which colors other characters in your area either purple, blue, or yellow!

water race

On your right is the Fun House: here, you’ll have a time limit to jump, run, and bounce your way through fun house mirrors, falling watermelons, moving snake platforms, and more. If you make it, you’ll win the Steve the Llama Follower – and he’s half a head taller than your Poptropican!

fun house

Back in the Animacation common room, if you jump up to the “XD” sign, you’ll be able to reach the 7D Mines. Your task here is simply to get through the mines and click on all the dwarves along the way (check the bottom of your screen to see what they look like). Pretty easy to spot – although Bashful was bashfully hiding behind a rock. When you catch ‘em all, you’ll win a Dwarf Costume, which actually comes in 3 variations, and they all have awesome hats!

7dwarves mine

If you win all three games, you’ll be awarded the Ultimate Prize: a Steve the Llama Bling Necklace! When you use this, your game screen will sparkle and be tinted yellow/blue/purple for a moment, then a black wave will wash over the screen and replace it with another one of those three colors, and then again until it’s back to normal. It’s all rather surreal.

bling necklace

Hope you made it through that bizarre world with your vision intact, and enjoy your prizes! :D

*disappears through a swirling portal of greens, blues, purples, and yellows*

1000+ Poptropica stickers in a book: coming soon!

Hey Poptropicans! The Pop Creators have just announced that a new book, the Poptropica Ultimate Sticker Collection, will be coming soon – releasing in the US starting July 21 and currently available for pre-order on Amazon for US$11.69. Here’s a preview of the cover and an inside page:

Though if you’ve been following the PHB, you may remember that HPuterpop discovered the sticker book’s cover back in April – and not only that, he discovered that the graphic was already used somewhere before. (You can read more about it in his post.) Whether it was for the sticker book or not, we don’t know, but half of what’s now the book cover design has been around for quite some time! :P


Anyway, this ultimate sticker book boasts an impressive offer of over 1,000 re-usable full-color stickers, and as we can see from the preview “24 Carrot” page, some info about each sticker graphic as well. There’s even some new information that doesn’t appear in-game: the mayor’s name is McTeague and the waitress is called Flo. I wonder what else will be new in this book?

Also, check out the latest tweet on Poptropica’s official Twitter: it’s an image from this very site, the Poptropica Help Blog, which means they’ve been visiting us! :D And there’s my Poptropican! :) It’s from about five months ago, taken from Blake’s post back in January about Cosmoe from the Funbrain graphic novel Galactic Hot Dogs appearing in a common room.

cosmoe tweet

Cool, eh? Stay popping, Poptropicans. ;)


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