PHB Sunday Special: The Monster Carnival Fanfiction Duology

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and the past few weeks have been busy for me. So, as you guys may or may not know, I am a Poptropica fanfiction writer, and just last Friday I released a story called Forevermore, a sequel to my Monster Carnival fanfiction Nevermore from last year.

For today’s PHB Sunday Special, I’ll be introducing these two works! :)

neverforever cropped

I will proceed to show off both fanfictions now, giving brief synopses and background information, as well as links to where you can read them. Hope you enjoy!


Nevermore Fanfiction cover v2 by 1313cookie

Some of you readers may recognize Nevermore from Issue 15 of the POPCORN magazine, back when it was called the Poptropican’s 911.  I released it April 23, 2014, so it is relatively older. Here is a summary for this one:

Based on the 37th island, Monster Carnival, and the newspapers featured in game, this fanfiction tells the fan-made account of the young and frail Bird Boy, a bird-human hybrid abandoned by a carnival, his short time in town, and the circumstances in town that caused him to become the notorious Ringmaster Raven years later.

So in a nutshell, this is a fan-made prequel to Monster Carnival going into more detail on what was on the newspapers we found in Dr. Dan’s apothecary, from the Bird Boy’s arrival to the town (which I dubbed Sanguenera, as a personal nod to a story I wrote when I was younger also featuring a “Ringleader” Raven)  to his eventual exile.

If you’d like to read it, here are the links to it! I warn you though, it’s somewhat lengthy. ;)



Forevermore, on the other hand, is brand new! I just released it last Friday (the 13th). Unlike Nevermore, Forevermore is an interquel, meaning in this case it takes place during the events of the Monster Carnival quest. Here’s a summary:

An interquel to Monster Carnival and sequel to Nevermore. Ringmaster Raven’s carnival has arrived in town, promising fun for all. However, Dr. Dan isn’t feeling any of the cheer, for he realized that his own fate could be sealed by its coming. From the author of Nevermore, Forevermore focuses on Dr. Dan’s point of view, and what led to his mental breakdown in the Bonus Quest.

This one focuses on Dr. Dan rather than Raven. I worked on this one since May with a long break in the mix. It focused on an internal conflict rather than an external one, that being Dr. Dan’s struggle to identify himself as a monster.

If you want to read it, here are the places you can read it! It’s also somewhat long, but not as long as Nevermore:

So that’s about it! I hope you guys enjoy reading these if you’d like!

BT out!

Escape from Pelican Rock – Poptropica’s next island!

Quick post time! Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and… we apologize. We told you the next island is going to be Prison Break Island but… turns out we got that title wrong. Oops.

Well anyways, just in time for approaching Halloween, the true name of Prison Break Island and its island icon are now revealed on the map: Escape from Pelican Rock! (Thanks Popular Wolf for telling Fishy, and thanks Fishy for letting me know… and allowing me to let out a fangirling squeal.)

prison island

Besides this name and island icon, unfortunately, the island’s official info page has yet to be published and give us the scoop on this perilous pelican prison pandemonium. If anything, I assume it’ll be released tomorrow, and this post will be updated when the info page is released.

While we’re here, since I can’t come up with a full story yet without the main synopsis, I’ll just predict what might happen myself in the meantime.

Remember that one scene from Counterfeit Island where you are asked to protect the Scream painting, and when you do, you end up being assumed to be responsible for the crime?? Luckily there, you just got released after passing a lie detector test. However… this time isn’t going to be so lucky. So… remember these safe Daily Pops?

Behold your one way ticket to jail. You probably try to interfere with a thievery caper only to be assumed by the cops to be the thief itself. This time, though, for reasons unknown, you’re thrown right into the slammer. With the real thief still on the loose and you, a innocent Poptropican, locked up in a place you don’t belong, you have to get out of there and set things right!

As more information is revealed, I can probably expand upon this synopsis, but in the meantime it’s something. Stay tuned to the PHB for more info, and check out our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive for more “Escape from Pelican Rock” sneak peeks!

BT out!

The Poptropica Creators’ Photo Booth Contest!

Note: This is not to be confused with the PHB’s Costume and Photo Booth contest. For details on our version of this contest and how to enter, click here!

Hey guys, BT here to bring you contest news!  The Poptropica Creators are holding their own contest to see who can create an awesome Halloween-themed Photo Booth picture! (Hmm…sound familiar?) Well, the details are given in a nutshell in this image below.

Entries are accepted from now until October 28th, and there will be one main winner and 5 runner-ups per each of these 5 categories:

  • Best Halloween Party
  • Scariest Photo
  • Funniest Photo
  • Most Creative Photo
  • Best Costume

All the winners and runner-ups will be featured on Poptropica’s social media, but the 5 main winners for each category will have their Poptropican added as a Photo Booth character, and their winning picture a pre-made template for all to see for a week!

Sound awesome? When you have your picture all ready and set, click the button that says “Submit Your Photo to the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge” above your template to enter it in!

halloween photo booth

And by the way, after you submit to the Creators your Photo Booth picture, why not also submit it, along with your costume, to the PHB’s contest for a chance to win a membership and/or being featured in the Costumes page?

Remember, you only have until October 28th for the Creator’s contest, and Halloween (October 31st) for the PHB’s contest!

The Halloween spirit is definitely in the air tonight, for Halloween is the week after tomorrow! After all, time flies when you’re getting spooked silly.

All Hallow’s BT out!

Poptropica… cartoons?

Hey guys, BT here to share with you something interesting the Creators have been working on. Based on their blog post, it’s going to be a feature for the app with original videos, called Poptropica TV! According to a tweet by Poptropica, it’s coming out next week to the app.

Earlier today on their YouTube channel, the Creators released two new videos! One is a cartoon animation narrated by Shark Guy (glad to see ya back, buddy!) about what sharks are actually like:

At the end of the shark video, the seal man at the end says “Tuna in next week!” There’s no official word yet, but it sounds like these short silly cartoons may be a weekly thing!

The second video is a Draw My Life of everyone’s favorite Mega Fighting Bots geek and Poptropica intern, Gamer Guy! Check it out:

Poptropica has been dropping hints about cartoon animations for a while now via Twitter, and it looks like they were about webtoons with voice acting such as these. What do you think of this first dose? I’m looking forward to what else this’ll bring!

BT out!

The search for the pants begins! (Timmy Failure for members!)

The PHB’s Total-ly-not-a-Failure Timmy Failure Island Guide is now up!

Hey guys, BT here to let you all know that Timmy Failure Island is now open for members for Early Access! As for you non-members out there, don’t worry, there’s a demo available – plus, the island releases to the public on October 6th (strangely, a Tuesday) according to Poptropica’s Twitter!

release day

The written walkthrough with pictures is now available, written by yours truly, but if you prefer a video walkthrough from everyone’s favorite pirate snack, Captain Crawfish, here it is!

This island was a lot of fun for me. There was one moment that pretty much… stole the show for me; it made the whole island. I give props – I didn’t know much about Timmy Failure, and I was able to learn a bit from this island about who the characters were before I met them. This is my favorite sponsored island with the drawing style of the original source.

Well, in the meantime, here’s my ranking:

Embedded image permalink

Yay me! XD

Okay you guys, have fun with Timmy Failure! And to those having trouble, don’t worry! We have a written walkthrough right here on the Poptropica Help Blog!

BT out!

PHB Sunday Special: Revisiting the Islands

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with this little post to self-advertise tell you guys, in a quick little post, about my YouTube series, Revisiting the Islands.

Revisiting the Islands is about me, guided only by my memory of the island, revisiting past islands for nostalgia’s sake. Add in some occasional voice acting, some instances of snark, a few raging moments, and a few idiot moments, and there you go- Revisiting the Islands in a nutshell.

So far, I have uploaded videos for the first nine islands in the game: Early Poptropica – Astro-Knights, and I have Counterfeit Island and Reality TV Island finished recording and I’m planning to upload soon.

Below is my YouTube playlist of all my RtI series:

Besides RtI, I’ve also recorded my first impressions with new islands as I play through them for the first time. These are usually uploaded the same day that new island is released. So far, I’ve done first impressions of Spoiler Alert, and then Reign of Omegon – Careful What You Wish For.*

*Please note that with Spoiler Alert, I recorded it with my iPad, I forgot to record Galactic Hot Dogs and Lair of Thieves, and up until after Mystery of the Map, I had a really bad microphone from my laptop.

So, here is a link to my Youtube channel, and if you have a YouTube account, subscribe to me if you want! :)

This had been a self-advertisement report on a YouTube series I’ve been working on.

BT out!

Timmy Failure Island is coming this September!

Hey guys, BT here to try and bring in some good news after the downer of the 7 sponsored members-only islands news.

Timmy Failure Island is officially announced, in, I shall say, in a unique way. Instead of the standard YouTube trailer, we’re given a short gif revealing an approximate release month for the island: September 2015.

There is an emphasis on the fact that this island is going to be in full color, similar to how Wimpy Boardwalk was advertised to be (as opposed to Wimpy Wonderland). Captain Crawfish also notes to keep an eye out for more “news, giveaways, and other great stuff” on the Creators’ Blog. I’m particularly curious about the giveaway part.

Although I have never personally read the series, I’m still semi-curious. HPuterpop told me it was about a kid who solves mysteries. I can see that working in a Poptropican environment. Can’t judge a book by its cover, so I’m willing to give this island a chance.

While we wait till September, please enjoy what I assume to be the product a bored Creator who must’ve been playing Silent Hill lately. And then decided to show a Poptropican version of a gore-free Pyramid Head off on the Daily Pop because why not.

pyramid head poptropican

BT out!

Be prepared for a magical finale: tomorrow! 

Hey, guys, BT here with a quick post.

Plot twist! According to a recent Creators’ post, Arabian Nights Island, Episode 3: “Careful What You Wish For” is coming out for members – tomorrow!

You heard me right. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow members experience Poptropica’s last episodic adventure. Tomorrow concludes young Sarah S’s release of her dream island. Tomorrow we find out the truth behind the genie in the bottle. And also, as per usual, there will be a guide worked on for this finale when the time comes. (And I’ll be doing a ‘Let’s Play’ on it on my YouTube page!)

We’ll see you for this wishful finale tomorrow!


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