PHB Sunday Special: Revisiting the Islands

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with this little post to self-advertise tell you guys, in a quick little post, about my YouTube series, Revisiting the Islands.

Revisiting the Islands is about me, guided only by my memory of the island, revisiting past islands for nostalgia’s sake. Add in some occasional voice acting, some instances of snark, a few raging moments, and a few idiot moments, and there you go- Revisiting the Islands in a nutshell.

So far, I have uploaded videos for the first nine islands in the game: Early Poptropica – Astro-Knights, and I have Counterfeit Island and Reality TV Island finished recording and I’m planning to upload soon.

Below is my YouTube playlist of all my RtI series:

Besides RtI, I’ve also recorded my first impressions with new islands as I play through them for the first time. These are usually uploaded the same day that new island is released. So far, I’ve done first impressions of Spoiler Alert, and then Reign of Omegon – Careful What You Wish For.*

*Please note that with Spoiler Alert, I recorded it with my iPad, I forgot to record Galactic Hot Dogs and Lair of Thieves, and up until after Mystery of the Map, I had a really bad microphone from my laptop.

So, here is a link to my Youtube channel, and if you have a YouTube account, subscribe to me if you want! :)

This had been a self-advertisement report on a YouTube series I’ve been working on.

BT out!

Timmy Failure Island is coming this September!

Hey guys, BT here to try and bring in some good news after the downer of the 7 sponsored members-only islands news.

Timmy Failure Island is officially announced, in, I shall say, in a unique way. Instead of the standard YouTube trailer, we’re given a short gif revealing an approximate release month for the island: September 2015.

There is an emphasis on the fact that this island is going to be in full color, similar to how Wimpy Boardwalk was advertised to be (as opposed to Wimpy Wonderland). Captain Crawfish also notes to keep an eye out for more “news, giveaways, and other great stuff” on the Creators’ Blog. I’m particularly curious about the giveaway part.

Although I have never personally read the series, I’m still semi-curious. HPuterpop told me it was about a kid who solves mysteries. I can see that working in a Poptropican environment. Can’t judge a book by its cover, so I’m willing to give this island a chance.

While we wait till September, please enjoy what I assume to be the product a bored Creator who must’ve been playing Silent Hill lately. And then decided to show a Poptropican version of a gore-free Pyramid Head off on the Daily Pop because why not.

pyramid head poptropican

BT out!

Be prepared for a magical finale: tomorrow! 

Hey, guys, BT here with a quick post.

Plot twist! According to a recent Creators’ post, Arabian Nights Island, Episode 3: “Careful What You Wish For” is coming out for members – tomorrow!

You heard me right. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow members experience Poptropica’s last episodic adventure. Tomorrow concludes young Sarah S’s release of her dream island. Tomorrow we find out the truth behind the genie in the bottle. And also, as per usual, there will be a guide worked on for this finale when the time comes. (And I’ll be doing a ‘Let’s Play’ on it on my YouTube page!)

We’ll see you for this wishful finale tomorrow!

Mystery of the Map Island guide now available!

Hey guys, BT here with a quick post to let you know that the PHB’s Mystery of the Map Island Guide is now up, written (and with pictures added) by yours truly!

Click here to go see the guide!


If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the page’s comments! Hope this’ll provide help!

BT out! ;)

PopCon 3: Reign of Omegon now available for members!

pcon3 members

There comes a time in every Poptropican’s life that a special kind of challenge faces them. Tyranny may try to rule, but it is our sacred duty to protect the world no matter the cost.

Reign of Omegon, PoptropiCon’s epic final chapter is now available for members! The guide for this episode isn’t avaliable yet, but stay tuned for it coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with the previous two episodes, check out our PopCon guide here! (Reign of Omegon’s guide will be there too when it’s complete!) 

Non-members, the prediction according to Poptropica is that Reign of Omegon will release for all April 19th. Think of it as more time to prepare your battle gear. ;)

As for members, go ahead and join the resistance! A hero is needed! And after your done, don’t forget to see your ranking on the world champion map!

BT out, and have fun! :)

Realms update: pixies, hammer abilities, weather & more!

realms promotional

Hey guys, BT here speaking from the newly updated Poptropica Realms. I make this post for you guys to get the scoop on the new updates and features!

Firstly, you can get a free Realms Builder costume with the promo code GOREALMS. But moving on – as you can see here, I’ve gotten myself into quite a bit of a pickle – in the form of these Twilight Pixies.

freaking fairies

They’re almost like the dryads from Twisted Thicket – except even more freaking annoying! They like to swarm you and take away 10 Poptanium pieces per hit in the night and the first few minutes of sunrise. As a result, you’re forced to either try to combat them with your hammer, or do what I did and make a little hidey-hole to keep away from them if a lot are looking at once. Sometimes, if they do steal your Poptanium, and if you’re quick enough, you can hit them with your hammer while they are fleeing and you can get the stolen Poptanium back!  These new additions can be pretty tricky, so watch out for them!

After being able to dodge the pixies by waiting for day time to come, I decided to go to a land realm to mine to make up for the Poptanium the pixies stole. Luckily, I reached level 5 so I was able to destroy the ground via Ground Pound below me much quicker- and I hope to gain more hammer abilities as I continue to level up – the Hammarang and the Super Jump.

ground pound

However, as I was going through my day pounding the ground and being careful to avoid water and lava, a 10 second rain storm came and went – weather had been added to Realms, and I had the misfortune of forgetting to bring an umbrella.

Thirty seconds passed and another rainstorm hit, this time, with thunder in the background – yet no sign of lightning. Sheesh, we’re in such a rainy place, aren’t we?

Also, the snow realm has well, snow, the sand realm has sandstorms, the swamp biome has acid rain, and the lunar biome has… meteors. So yeah, better have some kind of safe spot for the latter two.

rain weather

After the rain came and went, dusk was beginning to fall, and I knew that the Twilight Pixies would return again and try to take my Poptanium away. As I built my shelter underneath the ground, I leveled up, and I was greeted by this random Viking guy.

random viking guy

He’s been tutoring me on things that I somewhat already knew from my experience with Poptropica Land, along with advice to help with the new updates. I don’t know who this is or where he came from. I believe he was the original master creator but I don’t think I’ve leveled up high enough to confirm it. However, I did see someone wear his cap so I’m guessing he is the master creator, and his costume is the reward for reaching level 15.

After a bit, I did get hungry so I got out my hammer and formed an apple at the price of 1 poptanium piece. I found that I could now eat the apple – and in fact, any food- and it would regenerate my health quicker – perfect for the times I’d accidentally fall into lava! There are also more interactive props to play around with, so explore all the props you can!


So with these new updates to Realms, the worlds has grown more diverse and dangerous, adding on new challenges and objectives as you create and destroy the worlds around you. Have fun, Poptropicans!

BT out. ;)

A look ahead: why is the Princess so sad? (Arab Ep. 3 theory)

Hey guys, BT here. Now, today, the Poptropica Twitter account posted an exclusive sneak peek image of what’s coming our way for the yet-to-be-titled third episode of Arabian Nights.

Embedded image permalink

“Who is this princess? Why so sad? Let us know! Behind-the-Scenes of Arabian Nights 3” – Twitter

Now, to answer this question, I kinda had some thoughts in the back of my head before this picture was released. And of course, it can be traced back to four of the Daily Pops.

All four of these Daily Pops really caught my eye for something. Two of them look like they’re from the princess’s room while the others are, or involve, paintings, including the one that the Twitter posted the concept art of.

So from what we see, the princess doesn’t like the genie, but likes swords and camels.

Now with this, it’s about time I reveal my theory. Alright, gather around folks. It’s story time.

*WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS* (but that’s what you came for, yes?)

[Read more…]

Realms announcement, GHD interactive ad, & more

Hey guys, BT here –

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted since November. Yell at me all you want.

Anyway, remember how the official Poptropica Twitter page teased us with something called Poptropica Realms? Well, the kindly Creators over on the official blog, fresh from their winter hiatus, have just officially announced this updated version of Land – starting with a video trailer:

Although not revealing much new, the trailer looks like it would hype willing players (even non-members!) to take the challenge to see what they can do.

Also, there is an official tour page for Realms, which hasn’t changed much from the Lands page besides the new title and video. This is intriguing – and although it’ll be open to everyone, members do get bonus benefits according to the official description:

Everyone can create and explore Poptropica Realms, but only Poptropica Members can unlock its true power! With Membership, create even more new Realms, and share your creations with the Poptropica Creators. You’ll also get exclusive props and decorations to make your Realms truly unique.

We know we’ll get to create new worlds and planets to share with people, but I wonder what other new things Realms will give to the table that Lands didn’t already…

The Creators have released yet another Galactic Hot Dogs sponsored quest video on their official YouTube account, this one for a new ad that’s on Main Streets.

Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the pics & insight into the ad –

The exterior of the advertisement shows the Neon Wiener with a smoking large hole behind it. When you enter, a short clip will play, showing the Neon Wiener blasting off into space.

Inside, you can talk to Humphree on your right and F.R.E.D on your left. Moving along, there are a couple of dummies (Cosmoe and Humphree for boys; Princess Dagger and Evil Queen Dagger for girls) you can Costumize from. To your right, Princess Dagger and Cosmoe are guarding the Mega Dog. By clicking on the door to the right, you’ll shoot lasers with two Jacks, Cosmoe, and Princess Dagger.

Isn’t GHD Island supposed to come out some time this month? Hmm…

In other news, the first Arabian Nights episode, How Bazaar (“and robbed from afar!” Okay, I need to stop lyrical connections…) is now available for FREE on iOS devices!

(For Android users, “How Bazaar” has already been released.)

One more thing before I go – according to Poptropica’s tweet, this is “Early concept pencil art. For something. Something February-ish.”

Could it be the cover for the Poptropica comic graphic novel? Is that guy in the blimp… cutting the rope from the protagonists? Uh-oh…

On that note, BT out!


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