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Launch thyself into a new online virtual world adventure on Poptropica! The princess hath been kidnapped and taken to the far reaches of space. Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus in the online virtual world, Astro-Knights Island.

Astro-Knights Island


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  • Astro-Knights Island is Poptropica’s 9th island. An Early Access ticket was available (for the first time ever) in the Poptropica Store for 500 credits on June 3, 2009. It was released to everyone on June 10, 2009.
  • After you finish the island, you can find your custom rocketship waiting for you on top of the Castle of Arturus if you ever want to visit space again.
  • The welcome sign on Main Street has the Latin phrase semper superne nitens, meaning “always strive upwards.”
  • The villain, Mordred, is also called Binary Bard – the name of a Poptropica Creator alias. Binary Bard reappears in Super Villain Island.
  • Binary Bard was originally designed as a good character – his mechanical eye was green instead of red, he was smiling (not in an evil way), and he had an instrument in his hand, just like an actual bard.
  • AstroZone (on Pewter Moon) is a parody of AutoZone.
  • Astro-Knights Island is featured in Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS, along with Super Power and Mythology.
  • Because it’s considered one of the hardest islands in Poptropica, there is a free in-game guide you can pick up from a kiosk on Main Street to help you. It was released on August 10, 2011. You can also check out our Astro-Knights Island Guide.
  • Common room: Crop Circle Inn
  • There are several references to Arthurian legend, such as the villain’s name being Mordred, the mechanical owl’s name being Merlin, knights named Cador, Pelleas, and Gawain, the kingdom called Arturus, Excalibur (the name of King Arthur’s sword) being the name of the UFO, etc.
  • Poptropica has released an official illustrated novel titled Astro-Knights Island.

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Astro-Knights Island, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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  1. Launch thyself into a new adventure on Poptropica! The Princess hath been kidnapped and taken to the far reaches of space. Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue her and save the kingdom of Arturus.

    Discuss Astro-Knights Island here!

  2. bronze crush says:

    thank you so much Scary Tomato and Codien for the guides!!!

    • Jumpy tomato says:

      I have some trivia Slanted Fish,Astro Zone is a parody of Auto Zone.

      Slanted Fish: Thanks, I’ve added it in! :)

  3. Serious Grape says:

    AWESOME! ITs out! OMG first to comment! Swweeet.

  4. I need help and soon I cant do Astro Knights. So far you guys rock!!!

  5. I need help!!!!! All I can do is find the gold coin in the water fountain, and use it in the museum, get an old book slip and look through the telescope in the Planetarium! PLEASE HELP

    • how do u get a book slip

    • Calm Spinner says:

      kalli: Go to the castle, one street down from where you are. Go in. You will see a door on the right, sorta small. Go in. Go down to the non-fiction section, and under McM. You will see a brick slightly lighter than the others. Click on it. You go down the steps, pick up the moldy cheese, and pull a lever (beside the table), and that is how you use the old library pass. Hope this helped! :wink:
      -Calm Spinner

    • cool lightning says:

      Go to the castle,find the library, and get all the books u can. if you find a page that opens a door,go through it and find some cheese.Pull a lever,Go back to the main hall,(the place where you entered)go to the left door and feed a mouse cheese.Click on the female poptropican and she’ll give you a note.Get back to main steet,type in waning cresent,saturn,star and sun (in pictures given)at the rocket statue.Hope this helped kalli!

  6. Hey, but it says no post matched the criteria. Do you know what is the problem, or is it a glitch?

    • clubpenguin4607 says:

      no, it isnt. it means codien or ST is working on the guide and it needs more hours/days to finish

  7. SERIOUS FOX says:

    do you know why i can’t collect the laser lance? REPLY!

    • the laser lance is on the bottom under the really big flowers.

    • Calm Spinner says:

      SERIOUS FOX: It’s probably a glitch. Keep on jumping on it until it goes into your inventory, and check your inventory every so often. If it is still not in there, try clicking on tools then “Delete browsing history” then “delete cookies”. Hope this helps!
      -Calm Spinner

  8. Orange Tummy says:

    I’ve finished and should be able to help.

  9. Incredible Fish says:


  10. Rainbow bird says:

    I think Astro Knights island was pretty hard. And not to brag but I still finished it the second day the early acces pass was released.

  11. Calm Spinner says:

    I am at the puzzle door part. PLEASE help!

  12. Calm Spinner says:

    And I mean real help. Not something like “just click on the things and keep trying”.

  13. UrFellowPoptropican says:

    here’s some coordinates:
    X 15 Y 15 – Jungle Planet
    X 73 Y 83 – Ice Planet

    X 83 Y 20 – Fire Planet

    X 56 Y 52 – The Pewter Moon (orbiting planet Poptropica)

    X 11 Y 84 – Secret Planetoid (in Asteroid Belt)

    *Also : X 85 Y 47 – Black Hole

    (On the map of the solar system, Poptropica is in the center, the jungle planet is at upper left, the ice planet at lower right, the fire planet is at upper right, and the secret planetoid is at lower left.)

    • Very good you helped me a lot! But when I got sucked into the black hole the coordinates are X 84 Y 47. Not X 85 Y 47. But you’ve been really close!

  14. Im stuck on the Ice Planet with the part about the helmet fish that keep jumping and chomping me! I also keep slipping. I need help! Any suggestions?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      shaggy tornado: When the fish jumps at you and it’s too late to jump to the next one, just duck. If you’re lucky, the fish will miss you. But if at the time it’s not jumping, jump the next one, but slowly, yet quick in a way. If you know you will slide, try jumping to the next just when you will fall. Hope I helped! :wink:
      -Calm Spinner

  15. How do you beat Mordred?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      Curious Beetle: You will be using Merlin. Use him by picking up the black bombs as soon as they hit the ground. If one is down the to late to pick it up and fly it to the orb (you’ll know what I mean in a second) ignore it. Once the black bomb explodes on the green orb twice, Mordred will destroy Merlin. Now, jump to the top of the robot and on the bar where the princess is. She will tell you to jump over to the chandelier. Do as she says. On the right you will have to jump on the chandelier. Stay on the chandelier until Mordred tries to zap you with a red laser. Once he succeeds, the chandelier should fall on him. Do this process twice, and Mordred should be defeated. Hope I helped!
      -Calm Spinner

  16. Speedy Wolf says:

    where do i find the missing page in mordred’s journal and how do i find out what the princess was up to?

  17. SERIOUS FOX says:

    now the AstroKnights multiplayer room is now my new home.

  18. Cool Penguin says:

    my new house is the princess room, roomy!

  19. Speedy Wolf says:

    oh i figured out how to get mordred’s missing journal page! you have to go to the giant bow and arrow on top of the castle and use your rope. then fire it roughly to the upper left until it lands in a door. walk across the rope and go in. find the secret message. then go to Mordred’s musuem and look under his bed!

  20. Mkay, I went back to Astro Knights to finish my game. But, when I went back to the mud pond thing where the spaceship was it wasn’t there. What do I do?

    ST: If you’ve gotten at least as far as the part where you create a rocket on Pewter Moon, all you have to do is go back to your rocket. It should be somewhere on the Castle of Arturus.

  21. I Love Astro Knights the only hard thing about was the Binary Bard aka Mordred puzzle

  22. website rocks!

  23. Purple Penguin says:

    I just found mordreds page. what do i do after thAT?

  24. Cheerful Tooth says:

    I was looking through the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, when I found something interesting. For the post “Hot Under the Collar”, I realized it wasn’t part of Astro Knights Island! It might be part of Reality TV Island, or it might be an upcoming Party Room! We can see a wooden sign nailed to the wall of the cavern, and since it has an up arrow painted on, it’s more likely part of an upcoming island.

    Post by Cheerful Tooth.

    • Cheerful Tooth says:

      I forgot to add, Haz Hermits’ post: “Idle Minds”, might be about the interior of Mordreds’Castle where the bombs Mordred drops out of the robot explode.

    • Bronze Glove says:

      That’s AWESOME!!
      Thanks for the update.
      I can’t wait for Reality TV Island!

  25. I’m done with this island! Modred was really hard to defeat though.

  26. Mighty Skull says:

    Hi! I LOVE PHB!! It helps me out alot.

  27. purple paw says:

    I cant WAIT until the next island comes out! :P :D :)

  28. squeezyclawadventures says:

    Best walkthrough around

  29. Astro Knights is the best island in poptropica ever!!!!!

  30. i love astro nights its awesome

  31. CHEAT ALERT!: I made a new account with the time freezer and while i was doing the astro nights mission on the final boss i tried to freeze time but then my poptropican said”I cant freeze time here”. This is amazing it is the first time a store item interacts with missions!

  32. cool cheese says:

    how do you start the broken space ship?

  33. cool cheese says:

    how to start up the broken spacship

  34. clubpenguin4607 says:

    When I saw the trailer for Astro-Knights I was so excited. When it finally came out for everyone I did my best to complete it. Right now im at the Mordred Fight at my new account. My older one has already beaten it.

  35. The notice on the board that says ‘Welcome To Arturus’ has some latin stuff written under it; I think (note that!) it means ‘Always shining from above’ or summat.

    Just so that you know, nothing else.Thanks for the guide, I couldn’t do without it. :D

  36. Rough Icicle says:

    How Astro Knights was formed:In the second most recent year of poptropica a island from a world like poptropica but everything was midevil fell from the sky.The natives of Poptropica thought that the natives of the island would apreciate the technology of Poptropica.Then the natives of the new island accepted it.Then the natives of the new island and Poptropica started calling it Astro-Knights Island.Then a Poptropican named Modred started his work and then he went to space….

  37. AK Island glitch (this may have already been found, I don’t know, but I decided to post it just in case!): When you have the manure, and you’ve spun the windmill spokes and gotten into the windmill attic and powered up the hovercraft,once the hovercraft flies up, go and stand on it. Then, click on the boy standing right next to the windmill door. Your Poptropican should look like it’s pushing on something!

  38. By the way, what a fantastic sight! I love this as pasttime, you know completing islands and all :)! SO AMAZING!!! Thanks, my favorites are SPY and NABOOTI.

  39. Confused Kid says:

    I remembered there was a leak to Astro-Knights Island posted on this blog.
    If you clicked the link, you were at the island but your names was unidentified.
    Can somebody post the link because my unidentified character had the half-robot face and I realy want to put it on my REAL player. (Dizzy Ice)

    Hijuyo: Sorry, that link doesn’t work anymore. Also, if your unidentified character was not saved, you will not be able to access it again. If you do see the mechanical face again in the future, you can Costumize it for your main character.

  40. Shooting star dragon says:

    I made a spaceship. I was on the fire island. I got teleported to wimpy wonderland. please tell me how to get back to my spaceship. Please!! i need help here!!

    Hijuyo: It’s waiting for you on top of the Castle of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island.

  41. Trusty Pelican says:

    After you beat the game how do you get back into space?

    Hijuyo: You can still fly your rocket into space at any time – just find it on top of the Castle of Arturus.

  42. Hii……. I love the Walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:*)

  43. Curious Gamer says:

    Okay, I have a huge problem here and I badly need help.

    I was on jungle planet when I clicked the advert of the chipmunks. Then, as expected, I was sent away. After exiting that place, I took the hot air balloon to travel from Early Poptropica island to Astro Knights Island. However, when I reached there, I was on the mainland. With no spaceship, nothing. There’s nothing there for me to fly into space.

    Please help! Must I restart for this island to complete it? :(.

  44. butterfly says:

    how do u get back on spaceship once u quit?

  45. butterfly says:

    no i mean once u r defeating the bad dude but cant so u press quit and i logged off and now im just stuck in the town and cant go back in to space

    • merlin98 says:

      I had the same problem, but i finally found the spaceship. It should be on top of the castle :)

  46. Quick Hawk. says:

    Ok so im stuck on the ice planet. I had just defeated the boss there and was sent back to my rocket. I clicked launch to head somewhere else and my computer had to refresh the page. When the screen loaded again I was back on the mountain however the knight wasn’t there. A few minutes later i realized there is no passage leading back to the other section of the island with my rocket sooooo….. do i have to restart the whole island??:(

    Hijuyo: If there’s a problem that prevents you from continuing with the island quest, you may need to restart.

  47. I got really annoyed when the creators changed it to where you can’t customize the knights you rescued anymore.

  48. Shifty Walker says:

    Curious Gamer:
    advert of chipmunks? =O what is that?

  49. nice whale says:

    you should really read the astro-knights book. there’s this part where a girl named Alice says “The princess has always been searching the skies, waiting for her true love to return.” Then, one day Mordred swoops from the heavens to take her away. Then, a boy named Simon points out “after blowing up a bunch of stuff.” funny huh?!!!!!

  50. Bronze Sponge says:

    Astro Knights is harder than Super Power Island

  51. Muddy Toes says:

    can’t get the door to open with the lever inside the mill, is this a glitch?

  52. the grim jones says:

    i need help! i’m stuck on the flower part and don’t know were to go

  53. Smart Bones says:

    im strugling on the Fire planet at the last rock jump…its so hard…. >.< sigh

  54. I AM EPIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. One day I asked my mom “I want a Minecraft book! Can we go get one?” And she’s like whatever but then I want a Poptropica book, which has educational stuffz, and she’s like “Ugh a POPTROPICA book?!” …It was the astro Knights…you know the best early island

  56. zany shadow says:

    i clicked the paper to get to the library stairs on astro knights island but it dident work whats wrong

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