Astro-Knights Island Guide

Walkthrough written by Codien
Special ip:hanks to Fierce Moon, Poptropica Buddies, Slanted Fish

Welcome to Astro-Knights Island. This is home to the peaceful town of Arturus – except that the peaceful town is no longer peaceful. After some tragic events with a dark sorcerer, Mordred, the town has fallen to ruins and the princess has been abducted to the far reaches of outer space. Three brave knights were sent out to save her, but they never returned. It is now up to you to rescue her. Good luck.


The star city, always shining from above. After landing in the town of Arturus, make your way right past the first building and to a space craft fountain. Notice on the top water ring there is something gleaming. Jump over to it and you’ll retrieve a Golden Coin.

Now go back to the building you passed and enter it. This building was formerly the house of Mordred – now known as Mordred’s Museum. Unfortunately the manager won’t let you through without paying. Talk to him to obtain a Museum Pamphlet. Go to your items and select Use on the Golden Coin.

Now click on the books to the right of the museum keeper. He doesn’t want you touching them, but he’ll let you have a Library Book Slip instead.

As unexciting as it may seem, the book slip is a clue to a hidden dungeon. Notice the underlined McM.

Castle Library and Dungeon

Go outside and run all the way to the right until you get the option ‘Go Right.’ Go right again until you get to the Castle of Arturus. Move a little right and enter the castle through a large wooden door.

Once inside go right and enter the smaller door. You are now in the castle’s library (a slightly destroyed library). Inside there are two books you can take: The Mystical Weapons of Arturus (far left in the fiction area), and The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale (non-fiction area on a stand). Both these books are great reads; just don’t touch the other books, the librarian doesn’t like it.

books astroknights

Go into the Non-Fiction area. Notice the golden plaques with letters on them. Click on the strangely colored brick behind the one with “McM“. A secret passageway to the castle dungeon will open. Click on this entrance to enter it.


It’s a secret underground dungeon! Walk over the Moldy Cheese to the right on the ground to pick it up.

moldycheese ak

Go right and click on the lever handle on the wall. This will open a small grate to the right, leading to a passageway, which we’ll get to later. There’s also a strange robotic monster inside.

lever hole

Click on him and a bunch of binary numbers will pop up – this can be translated into the word “Bard.” Now head back up the stairs.

Maid’s Room and Royal Chamber

Once back up in the library you will be confronted by a couple of guards and the unhappy librarian, who is now very unhappy.


Escape them and run out the door to the right. You will be back at the main castle.

Head left and enter the door by the stairs. You will enter into a small bedroom with a little mechanical mouse scuttling on the floor. Walk over to the middle of the room and click on your items. Select “Use” on your Moldy Cheese, and the Mechanical Mouse will gobble it up, allowing you to take it.

mouse room

Next, walk over to the chest by the bed and pick up the Secret Message.


Now, exit the room. Head up the stairs and enter the door at the top, which will bring you to the Royal Chamber. The King and Queen promise to knight you if you can find the stolen Princess. Ask the Queen if there’s anything else that might help, and she’ll give you some Coordinates.


This will help you find the missing knights later on.

Ye Olde Rumour Mille

Climb back down the stairs and make your way outside. Once outside go to the very right. Click to “Go right” and then right again until you reach a man with a shovel. Talk to the man with a shovel to receive a Bag of Manure, which will enter your inventory.

manure ak

Next, jump over the two hay bales, walk up the hill, and enter the windmill.

Climb up on the hay bales, jump on the cog wheels, then jump over onto the platform. From here jump onto the rope hanging. Notice this lifts up the rod, stopping the wheels from turning. From where you are, slide down and fall onto the platform where a strange, darkly-dressed girl is standing. She will ask you for a secret in return for hers. She will then hand you a note with 3 symbols on it – a moon, a planet, and a star. These Cosmic Symbols are the new password to the clan’s secret entrance.

Fall down and go outside. Walk to the right until you reach the edge. On top of the turning wheel there is a Coil of Rope. Jump on top of it to take it.

coil of rope

Jump back down and stand under the sign that reads “Ye Olde Rumour Mille.” Jump on top of it and then jump onto one of old mill’s turbines. Notice it will start moving. When this moves around, it opens a secret access point on the roof.

Keep spinning the windmill round and round until the glass cover on the top is open. (Tip: It is a lot easier to stand closer to the center of the turning blades so you can easily jump onto the next one.)

windmill ak

Once the roof is open, enter it. Inside, there is a hovercraft. It’s currently out of power.


Open your items and select “Use” on the Bag of Manure. Once that’s done, the hovercraft will fly out the roof and park itself a little above the mud outside. Climb up the haystacks and exit the mill.

Princess’ Tower

Once outside, head left and go past the man with the shovel and go left and left again until you reach the castle. Go left and stand in front of the massive oak door. From here, jump onto the windowsill, and then onto the platform with a giant bow and arrow on it. Stand in front of it, go into your items, and select “Use” on the Coil of Rope. This will attach a long piece of rope to the arrow.

Point and aim the arrow to the top-left, where the door to the princess’s tower is located. (Tip: Move the arrow so the tip of the point just touches the window’s outside shadow.) Once fired, the arrow should be wedged into the door, and the rope will create a walkway from where you are. If you manage to miss the door, keep lowering or raising the arrow and try again until you hit it. Walk across the rope and enter the doorway at the end.

rope arrow ak

Inside the princess’s room, walk to the far left where a chest filled with parchment sits. Notice the brown paper sticking out. Walk over it to pick it up. It is the Princess’ Note explaining the whereabouts of Mordred’s secrets.

princess-note copy

This is what the Princess’ Note says:

pnote close

Once you’ve read it, make your way back outside.

Secret Sanctum

Go left from the castle until you reach Main Street. Head to the center, where the Space Shuttle Fountain is. Walk into the middle of the fountain and click on the plaque on the wall with space symbols. Remember the Cosmic Symbols the strange girl gave to you? Click the symbols in this order:

  1. Crescent Moon (looks like a banana)
  2. Planet With Rings
  3. 5-Pointed Star
  4. Sun (in the middle of the plaque)

The fountain will then turn off; the water will drain away and the secret entrance to Mordred’s Secret Order will open. Enter and go down.

secret entrance fountain

Down below there are 5 people in purple hoods and cloaks. Talk to the boy with bad acne on the far right. He will give you a Small Key, which will go into your items.

keykid ak

Once you receive the key, make your way back up the rope on the left and out of the secret room.

Mordred’s Hideout and your Fuel Rod

When you’re out on Main Street again, walk left and enter Mordred’s Museum. Go to the top floor and click under the bed. You will find a Missing Page from Mordred’s Journal containing the location of a nearby moon.

mordred page bed

Here’s what the missing journal page says:

mpage close

Head back outside and go right to the area with the windmill, but stop when you see the hay bales. Jump onto the two hay bales there, slowly moving between them, and you’ll fall between them. Next, push the hay out of the way to reveal a locked trapdoor. Use your Small Key to open the trapdoor. Click on it to go down.


Slide down the rope to enter the wonderful hideaway where Mordred made his creations. Notice the strange mechanical owl. Walk up to him and click to make him fly outside. Go back up the rope to exit Mordred’s hideout.

The owl should be hovering just to the right of the hay. Hop onto the ground and go into your items. Select “Release” on the Mechanical Mouse. The owl will swoop down and eat it. It is now your friend and will follow you. Notice that by clicking on the bird, you can control where he’ll fly.


Now head back down into Mordred’s hideaway. Walk left and pick up the book on the chair, which is Mordred’s Journal. If you read it, you’ll find out that the owl’s name is Merlin.

mordred's journal

Walk as far left as possible, until you see a rocky wall block your path. Push against the wall, causing it to bend and shake. Push against the wall for a few seconds to break it. Go along the passageway and crawl through the small hole there.


You will now be behind the bars in the castle dungeon from earlier. The robot monster inside the cell with you will self-destruct, causing his fuel rod to fly up and fall behind the bars. Walk up to the bars, click on the owl (Merlin), and then click on the green rod.

owl fuelrod

The owl will fly down and pick it up for you. You will now have a Fuel Rod.

Excalibur, the UFO

Crawl back through the hole and climb back up outside to where the hay bales are. Jump over them and head right until you get to the edge of the hill. The red hovercraft you found earlier will be waiting for you there. Hop on top of it and steer it with your cursor (mouse). Fly all the way to the right until you find a slightly damaged space craft, or UFO (unidentified flying object). It is called Excalibur. Click on it to access it. This will bring up some controls with dials and a broken fuel rod.

excalibur launch

In the bottom left corner drag the fuel rod to where the broken one is. Because there isn’t much fuel, we have to travel somewhere close. Remember the location of the nearby moon on the lost page? Turn the left dial to 56, and the right dial to 52. Then click on “Launch.”

Pewter Moon

You have just arrived at Pewter Moon, but due to the fact that the fuel rod is now depleted, you crashed Excalibur, now you have to find a new ship. On this planet there is little gravity, so you are able to jump much higher than normal.

Head over to the right and jump up on the moving platform and enter the doors of the AstroZone building. The boss, who looks like a green alien, is inside. Ask him how you can get off this planet, and you will be given permission to create your own ship.

Wait for your character to reply, “Great! Thanks!”, then go back outside and click on the floating holopad console to the left. The console will pop up and you will be able to create your very own custom-designed rocket ship!

You can customize your wings, body, door, window, engine and guns. You can select each part and change their design even their colors! Different combinations of parts will change the Speed and Shield levels.

create r2

When you’re satisfied, click “Done”. You will then be taken back outside with your ship waiting on the pad next to you. Enter it to finally begin your rescue mission.

create rocket

Once inside your spaceship, click on “Launch” to begin flying. The next three planets can be done in any order. You can also click on the screen above the Launch lever to read about each of the planets to help you decide.

Jungle Planet

You are now in control of your spaceship. Let’s first fly in a north-west direction to the Mechanical Jungle Planet. The coordinates are 15, 15. Keep in mind that the area around the planet is inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship so watch out. Try your best to dodge them!

Once you arrive at the planet, click on it to land. When you’ve landed, exit your spaceship. You should be now on a platform with  your ship next to you. Fall off the platform to the right. Keep falling down until you reach the ground. Now make your way to the center of the ground. In the middle will be a small platform with the Laser Lance weapon covered with a beam of light. Walk over it to pick it up.

astroknights1Now go left and jump on a flower. These will spring you up in the air. Jump onto the one on the right, then left, then left again until you reach the platform with you spaceship on it again.

Notice the strange bug on the roof. There are more along the way to the right, and they will zap you if you get too close. Wait for the swinging platform to get near, then jump.

(Tip: When the swinging platform get to the end then starts falling back then jump, this will cause you to land perfectly on the next platform.) Remember to watch out for those zapping bugs, which may knock you off. Once you have reached the end, go right.

Mother Phoenix

In the next room there is a knight dressed in shining green armor. His name is Sir Cador. If you talk to him, he will tell you to save the princess from the cage to the right. To do so you should climb up the rope. You will then have to pass by four mechanical eggs that may knock you back if you do it incorrectly. Directions on passing them so that you can get to the cage:

  1. Wait until the first egg closes, then jump on it.
  2. Now wait on here until the second egg closes, then jump on the that.
  3. As soon as the third egg closes, jump on it immediately because that egg will open fast.
  4. Now quickly jump onto the last one and jump onto the cage with a unicorn in it.
  5. Click on the cage to open it and again. Doing so will cause the Mother Phoenix to come.

Ready to fight?

First off, it’s a lot easier if you keep your lance charged. The bird missiles can only be shot down with a fully charged lance shot. To completely charge up your laser shot, click and hold with the mouse until it is glowing very brightly. Click again to shoot.

Avoid the flying bugs, or you can shoot them with short little shots. Short laser shots can be made simply by clicking over and over again. Watch out for electric clouds. They’re the dark black clouds that will shoot out with lightning every now and then. They can be harmful, so simply move out of their way. After a while the Mother Phoenix will arrive.

When her mouth is open, shoot at her mouth. If you aimed right, her body will start flashing red, indicating that it’s been hit. You’ll have to do this three times to beat it. If you missed, it’s usually a good idea to stay away and wait for her to fire her missiles and leave. Wait for the Mother Phoenix to come back, and she will either charge at you from the left or the right.

If she comes from behind you, quickly avoid her by staying at the very bottom or very top of the screen, opposite of the area she is in. It is impossible to shoot at her when she is behind you. Simply wait for her to pass, and come back facing you. (May take a few tries.)

A good tip is for you to stay at the bottom of the screen. It can’t hit you there often. Once you win, the green knight (Sir Cador) will join you. When you are back inside your rocket ship, click “Launch”. Then press the “Teleport Home” button, which is right above the area it shows what coordinates you are at.

Fire Planet

Fly in a north-east direction to the Fire Planet. Its coordinates are 83, 20. Along the way there is a black hole, which you should avoid by going around it. The area around the planet is also inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship, so be careful. Once you see this dark red planet, click on it to land. Then exit your spaceship.

Below you, you’ll find lava. If you touch it, you will be teleported back to your starting point beside the ship. The hard thing about this part is timing. Make sure that before you jump to the next platform that it is close enough for you to land on. (Tip: When you get to the second last platform, point your cursor to the top-right and wait. Just as your platform starts to go down, quickly jump onto the last one.) After you get to the last platform, jump left and enter the volcano.

The next part requires you to be patient until the moving gas stops and you’re able to move and hide. If you aren’t careful, it will send you all the way to the top of the volcano. Once you reach the end, you don’t have to worry about it.

Keep going, and you’ll encounter a strange creature that whacks and rolls at you. Jump over it when it curls into a ball and rolls. Keep going left until you meet the red knight, Sir Pelleas. Ask him what you should do and he will give you an Ice Arrow to slay the beast in the cave.

Continue forward and get ready to fight the Dragotank: a mechanical dragon!


When you enter the room, jump onto the hanging chains, then jump across them until you reach the other side. Jump down, dodge the spiky tail and then walk under the switch. Jump up and click on it. This will cause him to temporarily shut down.

Jump out to the side where you started and fire an Ice Arrow by clicking the arrow icon in the bottom left corner and aiming at his mouth (he will flash red if he’s been hit). Do this three times to defeat him. (Tip: When he starts to get angry after you shoot him, jump on the chains, dodge the falling spikes and get to the other side to do it again.)

Once you defeat the Dragotank, the red knight (Sir Pelleas) will join you in your mission. Back at your spaceship again, press “Launch“. Then press the “Teleport Home” button.

Ice Planet

Start flying in a south-east direction. The coordinates to the Ice Planet are 73, 83.

The only problem is, the planet is protected by three space sharks! To defeat them, get them to all follow you by shooting at all of them. Do this by getting near them (note: Do NOT touch them!), then click once for each shark to shoot something. This will get their attention. Once they are all following you, lure them into the black hole which is north to the right a bit at the coordinates 84, 47.

If this is too hard, just attract them one by one. (Note: Make sure you keep them in view when you fly to the black hole because they can stop following you.) Be extremely careful not to get sucked into the black hole yourself, because you will just be teleported back near Pewter Moon without having done anything to the sharks.

To get the sharks sucked into the black hole without pulling yourself in instead, simply fly around the hole, avoiding any parts of it at all costs. You will know that a shark gets sucked in when you see the yellow scrolling message at the bottom of the screen telling you that they have been eliminated.

Once you land, exit the ship. You are now standing on a platform of ice. Below you is icy cold water that will freeze you if you land in it, causing you to teleport back next to the ship.

Jump onto the floating platform to the left, and keep moving left until you reach the end. (Tip: Make a giant leap to the center, and watch out for the jumping helmet fish, which can knock you into the cold water.) Once you reach the end, go right.

Quickly climb up the mountain and watch out for the gigantic falling snowballs. At the very top is the blue knight. His name is Sir Gawain. Ask him if you can help, and you will receive a Force Shield necklace.


You will have to defeat a Tigercopter, which is a tiger and helicopter combined into one menacing creature. Use your force field to hit the snowballs back at the Tigercopter. Watch out for when it falls, because it will destroy your force field for a certain time.

After he falls, a large snowball shoots out that will ice you, so avoid it by ducking. Also, if he’s shooting icicles, just avoid them, because you can’t block those.

Keep hitting back at him with the snowballs using your force field (don’t get hit if your force field is still recharging!), and do it three times to defeat him.

Once you have destroyed it, the blue knight will come with you. You will return to your spaceship. Click on “Launch,” then click on the “Teleport Home” button.

Crystal Gate

Once all three knights have been rescued and reunited, you will be able to visit a legendary asteroid known as the Crystal Gate. Start flying west, to the coordinates 1182. Beware: this planet is surrounded by asteroids. Be sure to avoid bumping into the asteroids!

Once you land, exit the space craft. Climb up the crystal mountain to the top where the 3 knights (Sir Cador, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Gawain) are waiting. You are the fourth knight!


Click on the sword. This will cause a small portal to form, which will suck in the sword. Enter it.

You will land on top of a castle. Go down the bottom and talk to the princess. She will ask for your three weapons. Once you have given them to her, the princess will turn into Binary Bard. It turns out that “she” was a fake and that the evil Binary Bard has tricked you! He will disappear.

Click on the strange wall next to you. A puzzle door will appear, which you must solve in order to get through to the other side. The picture below will show you how to solve this puzzling puzzle. They are numbered in the order you must click on each piece. The completed puzzle should show a picture of Mordred, with words at the bottom announcing that he is “ruler of the universe.”

The image below tells you the order of which puzzle piece to click to solve it.

Puzzle door

Defeating Mordred

In the first round, you will be using Merlin, the owl. Fly him over and pick up the explosive bombs Mordred drops. Pick them up and drop them on the green orb on top of Mordred’s robot. Make sure you drop them only while they are flashing red, otherwise it won’t work.

Avoid the flying bombs he throws, which lower Merlin’s health. Do this two times. Once complete, Mordred will destroy Merlin.

Now it’s your turn! Lure Mordred to the center, just underneath the princess. Then jump on him from under him and onto the princess’s platform. From here, jump on the chandeliers on either the left or right. Wait for him to go underneath, and he should fire a red laser beam at it, causing it to fall on him.

Do this for both sides (if you did it on the left the first time, do it on the right, and vice versa). Once this is done, Mordred will be no more.

Back to Arturus

You will then go with the real Princess back to Poptropica be knighted by the King and Queen. The Princess will have gotten Merlin repaired, and you can find the owl flapping around in the Royal Chamber. You’ll receive the Astro-Knights Island Medallion and credits to spend at the Store.

astroknights3To show that you have received your knighthood, the King will call you by your knight name just before you get the Island Medallion. If your character is a boy, it will be “Sir”; for girls, it is “Lady”. This title will then be followed by your Poptropican last name. (For example, if your Poptropican name is Scary Tomato, your last name would be Tomato.) If Scary Tomato’s character is a boy, he would be “Sir Tomato”. Note: This doesn’t affect your name in multiplayer rooms.

Also, if you look back at the Space Shuttle Fountain, you’ll notice that Mordred’s green orb has been placed there. Power has been restored to Arturus, and the town is saved. Congratulations!

Tip: If you would ever like to return to outer space, your space rocket will be waiting for you on top of the castle of Arturus. To infinity and beyond!

rocket on castle

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! :)


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    • It’s actually REALLY hard-It took me a while to be able to do it-even after I figured out how to do it.

      basically use merlin to collect bombs to drop on the robot thing then use your avatar to jump onto the chadaliers (cannot spell) which the robot will shoot down on itself.

      good luck!!!

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    • Crazy Comet says:

      Dear Perfect Dolphin, while you are merlin, dodge his razors, and then pick up a bomb ( try to get a new one). fly up above his green orb and then when the bomb starts flashing red, click on merlin to drop it. do this twice and then he will destroy merlin. then, as your poptropican, lure him (mordred) under the princess. Jump on to his belt and then onto the platform. Try to let him shoot a lazer, and dodge it, but don’t get down. After that, jump to either your left or right and land on the chandelier. If you miss it, just dodge any lasers, and repeat the last step. If you are successful, wait till he is under the chandelier, and let him shoot a laser at you. As soon as it starts coming towards you, jump and let it hit the chandelier. If he is under it like he should be, it will hurt him. If you complete that part do it again using the second chandelier located on the opposite direction. ( if you first jumped to the right, it should be on the left, vice versa) After you complete that he will be defeated.

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        Actually, for the snowball part, just go to the right and then climb the mountain

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    My chandeliers won’t fall on the robot! Why?

  20. Thanks alot this was great help, I use this site for all levels of poptropica. its a perfect guide.

  21. serious spider says:

    How do you crawl through the small hole? My poptropican says “The way is blocked” when I click on it.

    • Blue Dolphin says:

      Have you cleared the way? go up to the guide, part THE CASTLE, and that should help!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      serious spider: First, go to the library. Go to the fiction section under McM. There will be a brick slightly brighter than the others. Click on it. You should see a stairway. Go down it.Pick up the Moldy Cheese and walk a little to the right and you should see a lever.Pull it. The way should now be opened. Hope this helps! :wink:

    • what hole?

  22. Shiny Sneeze says:

    YAY! I finished Astro Knights Island! this was the first time i finished an island without a walkthrough! (oh, wait. I got help on the puzzle part.)

  23. Calm Eagle says:

    i also did it without the guide but i did it with everyones help! :)

  24. SERIOUS FOX says:

    can someone help me with the puzzle?

  25. SERIOUS FOX says:

    i hope every time my comment will not be under moderation like in BendyHero01’s blog.

  26. fibbylay says:


  27. Rough Sun says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i made it past the fire planet!!! 2 planets down 1 to go

    • Magic Dragon says:

      How do you defeat the dragon? It’s super annoying…-_-
      Magic Dragon

      • SERIOUS FOX says:

        why won’t you read the guide and read it well!

      • Calm Spinner says:

        You shoot the ice arrow in it’s mouth after you pull the lever. Hope I helped! :wink:
        Peace Out!,
        Calm Spinner

      • animalian1 says:

        i cant get past it either, and i have read the guide very well. my ice arrow just crumbles when i shoot, o well.

      • Blue Dolphin says:

        animalian1, when it is asleep, go more to the right ( jump off the platform) and then fire

      • Blue Dolphin says:

        Ok not to get worked up here people. Sometimes people don’t get how to doit, and that’s ok. That’s what everyone’s here for, right? Magic Dragon, Jump on the chains, and pass the falling ball and pull the lever. This should make the dragon fall asleep. Then go over to about where the first chain is, and shoot the dragon in the mouth. Repete twice more.

      • Friendly Star says:

        Blue Dolphin, you misspelled


  28. Grey Bones says:

    I know this is not about the guide but when I was in the room with the owl I clicked on the posters and then for some reson I could move but It didn’t show body movments and I couldn’t climb up the rope!Whats up with That?So I had to log out the log back in to get back out.Has this happen to anyone too?

  29. Wow when I went across the asteroid belt I came across a planet that could’ve been Mars… :D

    Sorry, I think this is off topic!

  30. SERIOUS FOX says:

    i will beat AstroKnights again its sooo fun! I like defeating the mother pheonix! Later!

  31. Geez this island is kinda hard.. but i think Nabooti is harder! But really awesome! I mean, the spaceships, the weird planets, Aliens! (the aliens are the coolest!)

  32. Orange Tummy says:

    When you’ve completed AK, it’s funny, the dudes in purple under the fountain start following the princess, not Mordred, and one of them admits that he didn’t believe in the Mordred stuff and he just wanted the outfit

  33. Hey the princess was right!The energy from the crystal gate was gone and the portal was gone because it needed the ball thing so Mordred was never seen.Also you never get to costumize Binary Bard!

  34. Oh,I hate completing Astro-Knights My Spaceship got all really recycled after being thrown to a black hole!!!

  35. That’s why I didn’t got a cool spaceship cause I had to pay my credit’s to the Boss of the spaceship maker on the Pewter Moon.I was so mad and payed him 1 credit instead of 100.

    • SERIOUS FOX says:

      what causes you to pay credits to the boss?

    • Kkfunbun says:

      I got sucked into the black hole like 20 times! (15 of those times I did it for fun!) And Guess what? I just apeared right outside of the black hole!!! I still had my rocket and i didnt have to pay anything! Is that a glitch or something?

      ST: That’s a glitch; if you get sucked into the black hole you should have appeared next to Pewter Moon.

  36. Sorry I’m off topic but I was really paying.

  37. Awesome I payed credits now so I have a big cool red battleship!

  38. Uh,guys I never complete Astro-Knights I completed it on an new game not my massive comet account And I bet I’ll be Sir Comet.Seriously is the girl’s Lady or Sir?

  39. I wonder where all those other sneak peeks are going?

  40. Not seen on Astro-Knights…

  41. neat liwi says:

    This is cool!

  42. şhiny şpõnge says:

    By the way, Thx :):):):):P:P:P:PB-)

  43. elizabethzoom99 says:

    i love astro knights!i am almost done!

  44. this is the best island so far.thx so much for writing the guide!i loved it.

  45. Nice Bubbles☮ says:

    UGH! I need MAJOR help on the dragon part! Ya ive read the guide but still no use!

    • Orange Tummy says:

      Wow, um, don’t jump out, just walk to the right once you’ve pulled the lever, it won’t hurt, plus, once you’ve fired the ice arrow climb the chains again immediately. I really don’t no much more, I was stuck as well, really stuck, until I turned my computer on and tried it one more time and it was easy as, I bet him.

      • Climb onto the chains keep going until you get into the end, pull the lever, and the get back through his neck and shoot the ice arrow inside his mouth.

        Hope this helped! :wink:

  46. postopialucy says:

    That Guide Is Very Well Witten/typed. Good Job.

  47. Serious Tornado says:

    go to youtube and search for poptropica astro knights island part 4 and it will show u how to kill him

  48. Spotted Star says:

    Aaaaghhh! It’s so hard to kill the robot! This is very helpfull though.

  49. Calm Spinner says:

    I’ve been stuck on the puzzle for a LONG time, and I still am! :mad:

  50. katherine says:

    this guide was awesome

  51. animalian1 says:

    GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR i can not get past mother phoenix, i did what the guide said, but she just went behind me! PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      amimalian1: First, hold down your mouse so the Lazer Lance will be fully charged. Then, as the Mother Phoenix comes by, shoot by letting go of the mouse. The Mother Phoenix should be blinking red. When the next Phoenix comes, do the same. The third should fall apart.

      • Blue Dolphin says:

        If she is facing behind you, just go to the top or the bottom so she can’t shoot you, and then when you can shoot her, hold down the mouse for full charge, the shoot. Do this 3 times. ( also read post above!)

      • Shoot in her head.

      • Purple Plug says:

        oooooh! thanks so much calm spinner!!!!! i was like “it’s impossible to keep my gun fully loaded” i got really frustrated and went back to try and figure out the lava rocks!(still haven’t figured it out) thanks so much though!! :D

    • Happy Sword says:

      When she flies behind you, go in front of her so she can see you, then when she’s about to fire her rockets, quickly go to the top or bottom where she can’t hit you.

  52. animalian1 says:


  53. animalian1 says:

    pretty plz. im getting REALLY frusterated!

  54. animalian1 says:

    o plus i cant get past the dragon, ive read the guide a million times and still cant beat him. do i shoot at his mouth 3 times or shoot 3 arrows at his mouth at the same time? plz plz plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz im gunna get angry and who knos wat will happen. so… HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheerful Claw says:

      Calm down, first of all. Here, I’ll help:
      Mother Phoenix: When she opens her mouth to fire at you, blast your lance in it. Do that a couple of times and you’re done.
      Dragon: Go up the and move from chain to chain until you reach the last one. Move to the place with the lever and click on it. While he’s fighting to pull the lever back, shoot an ice arrow into his mouth. Do this two more times until it makes a total of three times. REMEMBER: try to dodge what it throws at you. Remember this whenever you’re fighting a boss.

      • serious spider says:

        I’m always too slow to get it in his mouth (the dragoon). I shoot the arrow and then suddenly he wakes up again.

  55. animalian1 says:

    ok i beat the dragon now for the mother phoenix! o boy…

    • Cheerful Claw says:

      Eh. Personally, I think the dragon’s harder. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Orange Tummy says:

        I agree with you, Cheerful Claw.

      • Blue Dolphin says:

        I think the Phoenix because you have to watch out for bomb thingies and bees and clouds. It took me forever!

      • green berry says:

        in my opionion the ice helicoptor was the easiest and the mother phoenix 1 hardest and then the dragon

      • serious spider says:

        Same. I’m stuck with the dragon now….

      • Cheerful Claw says:

        Yeah…I FINALLY finished Astro-Knights…but on another account. Now I need to finish it on my Cheerful Claw account…and I’m stuck on that stupid Tigercopter.

      • SERIOUS FOX says:

        the hardest is the tigercopter then the dragon. Mother Pheonix is the easiest.

      • serious spider says:

        Really? I reckon the Tigercopter was the easiest!!!
        This is my order form hardest to easiest:

      • Shifty Crush says:

        Cheerful Claw, retreat and see if Sir Gaiwan is there. If not, climb down the mountain and go left. Then, go left, try not to fall into the water. If you fall, Sir Gaiwan might be back at the mountain.
        That’s what I did.


      • i agree with you serious spider

  56. animalian1 says:

    wait a sec. y is M.P. going behind me? is that supposed to happen?
    (by the way, thx for ur help C.C.)

    • Calm Spinner says:

      You have to fully charge it, by holding down the mouse and not letting it go until it’s time to shoot. Hope I helped, Calm Spinner OUT!

  57. animalian1 says:

    I DID IT!

  58. Speedy Ice says:

    Mother Pheonix is hard

  59. i finished the island

  60. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    I cant find the gold coin. is in or on the Plantarium? Cause I cant find it in or out. what is a water wing?

  61. SERIOUS FOX says:

    it is somewhere on the fountain. look for a sparkle.

  62. animalian1 says:

    the most annoying part on AK island for me is when your trying to jump from those moving stones at Fire planet. wat about u guys, wats the most annoying part on AK island?

    • my annoying part is when moredred tryes to hit me lol :D

    • Magic Storm says:

      Hey, Animalian1! I discoved I cool glitch for that part! scroll down to reach it!

    • Kkfunbun says:

      The most annoying part was Mordred a glitch where his laser wasnt charging but out of no where like ten lasers fire at me at once!!!! That glitch happened like 4 times!!!

    • Calm Spinner says:

      The most annoying part for me was the puzzle. I mean it took me, like, FOREVER!

      • Kkfunbun says:

        This may seem weird, but the puzzle was sooooo easy for me to figure out!!! I finished it on the 3rd try!

      • Wow. And that glitch happened to me too! I was standing on the chandelier, and then the chandelier wouldn’t fall on the robot! I was doing everything right! I’m so glad I completed it. But this glitch happened on a different account, not my Calm Spinner one.

  63. SERIOUS FOX says:

    the most annoying part is the puzzle.

  64. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    What happens when I beet mother phenix but she comes back on my left side. how do I soot her then?

    • Calm Spinner says:

      SabrinaStarr52: What do you mean? Do you mean after she falls apart, when the Green Knight comes with you? Or just when it turns red? After it turns red the first time, just hold down your mouse to charge the laser lance. Let go of your mouse when it is time to shoot. I hope this helps!
      -Calm Spinner

      • Calm Spinner says:

        Oh, that? Now I get it! You don’t have to shoot her then, but do your best to avoid her. But when she comes out normal, be sure to shoot, or else you can’t beat her!
        Hope this helps,
        -Calm Spinner

      • FRIEND ME!! i’m analol123

  65. Icy Spider says:

    What do you shoot the arrow thingy at?
    I dont see any door exept the one into the castle.

  66. SabrinaStarr52 says:

    ok. I am at the dragon part and it is really annoying me because I jumpe up to turn on the switch and i jump to high so the stupid spike send me all the way to the front again. I am about ready to throw my computer at a wall!

  67. I saw at the princess room is posters of space and then when I go to the society, they have the same posters as well! :!:

    Yours Truly,

    Angry Leopard

  68. Does anyone have the binary bard or mordred costume? I saw someone in the multiplayer room with the BB eye but he left before i got it.

    • ummmm no my poptropican use to have it but i thought i didnt like it so i jst un-costimized it sorry :(

    • Kkfunbun says:

      I wanted the purple and yellow princess costume that Mordred is wearing when he’s disquised as the princess, so before i talked to him, i costimized the outfit!

    • Kkfunbun says:

      I found someone with the red eye and robot face on, so i costomized it, so now im a princess with an evil red eye!

  69. do you really have to fight the dragon or can you just skip that part

  70. Might Fang says:

    Thank you so much for the guide. This guide always helps me when I’m stuck. THANKS DUDES!!!

  71. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    What does the robot in the dungeon say when he says all those 1’s and 0’s?

  72. Cool Sun says:

    I passed Astroknights island! Thanks for all the tips everyone!

  73. Magic Storm says:

    Hi everybody! Magic Storm, space explora, time traveller, super hero, spy, beater of all other islands(to make this short), and long-lost magical great-great-great-great-grandaughter of the great wizard Merlin, is here! I, Magic Storm or ‘MS’ hav travelled far to Volcanis(I made the name up), planet of volcanos and fire! Wen I arrived I saw the lava sea and activated my eletric-yellow, ‘fire force field’! I jumped from platform to platform, but alas, I got too tried, and plunged into the ocean of lava. But, luckly, I survied, teleporting back to the ship. My force-field was gone, but I was still cackling with eletrisity, although the yellowness was gone! Quite the magical glitch I’d say! Well, if u want to try it, u kno wher to go! Goodday, and remember: only use magic for good!! :grin:

    • Magic Storm says:

      I hope u like this glitch I found! HEY! Just imagine going into a multiplayer room like this! :LOL:
      Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post it, but since it’s an Astro-Knights glitch, I thought I’d better post it here! :Grin:

    • Brave Flame says:

      its kinda supposed to do dat… cuz wat else wouldve happened if u got “plunged into the ocean of lava” so not really a glitch is it?

  74. You know the newest ad, Princess Protection Program? A big connection with Astronights: the princess got took away! Have them keep her safe! :lol: Oh and Magic Storm, when doing things like :LOL: and :Grin: don’t capitalize the G in grin and don’t capitalize LOL.

  75. SERIOUS FOX says:

    whoa really? :lol:

  76. Silver Sponge says:

    I am Sir Sponge of Arturus! xD Heehee.

  77. hurleygirly says:

    wow im almost done with astro knights it is sooooooooooo hard

  78. Angry Seagull says:

    i completed astro knights island under an hour :p and i am not joking because i completed all of the islands in one day except astro knights because it was long. I just wanted to let u know.:mrgreen:

  79. Might Fang says:

    Thanks for the guide to everyone who put it together!
    -Mighty Fang!!!

  80. i kind of wish you could get the owl Merlin back. It was cool having a mechanical bird flying around. I also wish you could keep the hover craft…. Ah well at least i completed the quest :P Sir Wolf lol :mrgreen:

    ST: At least Merlin is still alive; you can find him at the King’s room in the Castle of Arturus. :P

  81. helper11 says:

    Nice guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Kkfunbun says:

    I finished Astro-knights island 1 day after the early access passes came out, but it took at least 2-3 hours because I didnt know what to do, but I finished it!

  83. Can you tell me in more details how to shoot the mother pheonix in the head? I tries excatly what you said, n=but it didn’t work. Pease help me!

    ST: Make sure the Laser Lance is fully charged (press and hold down your mouse, let go to shoot). When the Mother Phoenix opens her mouth, shoot at her wide-open mouth. ;)

  84. I found a typo: You know that place where you receive your Astro-Knights island medallion? Well, if you talk to the blue knight, Sir Gawain, he’ll say this,”You’re name will go down in history!” instaed of this corrected version of the phrase:”Your name will go down in history!” Don’t believe me? Just talk to him again, then prove me right/wrong.

  85. In the Ice Planet section, an easier way to avoid that shooting icicle is ducking.
    And in the Jungle Planet section, an easier way to describe the eggs is that it goes in a pattern See this. 1 3 2 4
    _ _ _ _
    The lines represent the eggs. the #s represent the order in which the egg opens.

  86. Wild Peper says:

    Could you go to space again after you finish Astro Knight?

    ST: Yes, your rocket should be on top of the Castle of Arturus for you to use. :)

  87. serious spider says:

    The tigercopter was easiest out of the three animals in my opinion.

    • Friendly Star says:

      I thought the phoenix was the easiest, although the tiger copter was DEFINETLY easier than the dragon!

    • Shifty Crush says:

      Mine too. I just retreated and found the knight wasn’t there so I went in the spaceship and found him.

  88. That stupid robot… first, those arms were really annoying… then he wouldn’t go under the light, and when I dropped… I landed straight into the arms -.-

    • Calm Spinner says:

      A couple times for me THE CHANDELIER WOULDN’T EVEN FALL! It was SO annoying, but then after a while it worked. It was weird, because on my Calm Spinner account it worked fine.

  89. Strange Joker says:

    Good enough. THANK YOU!!!!!

  90. Strange Joker says:

    Gives PHB a BIIIIIG hug! Gives Merlin the owl a BIIIIIG hug, too!


  91. ak island is soooo hard for me!!

  92. Spotted Leopard says:

    thx 4 the blog! it really helped me a lot!:)

  93. Crazy Lion says:

    did u notice that in Mordered’s hide out hes got fire,ice,jungle,and poptropica planet speres hanging from da wall with da starz????????????

  94. Trusty Bee says:

    What are the coordinates for?

    • Friendly Star says:

      You need the coordinates so that you know where to fly your rocketship on an x-axis and a y-axis (east and west, north and south).

  95. i beat astro nights in 2 days it’s so awsome and i love the new store

  96. The phoenix part is soooo hard. I can’t keep my lance charged for that long, even if i don’t shoot at all- but I’m thankful I at least got to that part at all :D

  97. Sporty Whale says:

    What does the rope near the Rumore Mille do? You can collect it but you don’t use it at all.

    ST: The guide above has information about this. You need the rope to help you get into the Princess’s room. Use it on the arrow at the Castle of Arturus. ;)

  98. Tough Claw says:

    The robot in the dungeon speaks binary code. I decoded it, and I think he is saying “bard”.

  99. Thanks! I’ve been trying to solve the puzzle for hours!

  100. I finished all of the islands! Thanks to you!

  101. Shifty Crush says:

    I finally finished it!!!

    My tip for mordred if you don’t want to drop the bombs at the right instant, you just need to hold them on the green orb and wait. Also, Mordred/Binary Bard won’t move when he is loading his weapon.

    On the turn of defeat, I kept jumping up and down on the princess’ platform when he was loading his weapon.

  102. Cuddly Hammer says:

    When I’m finished I’ll be Sir Hammer!

  103. Shy Fang says:

    Getting past the mother bird is impossible!!!!!!!! I’ve tried like 20 times but i can’t do it. Even my older sister can’t do it!

    • Lucky Flipper says:

      Here’s what I did. Stay at the bottom of the scree. Charge up ur lance to the maxium. When the she comes get up really fast and shoot her. Do it 3 times. When she falls apart, go up fastly because she’s gonna drop some bombs. Hope this helps! :)

    • Great Sir Fire says:

      Here is what I did when I got up to mother phoenix I first loaded up my laser lance and wait until she’s at the front, then keep on dodging her missiles and every time she doesn’t find the time to charge up your laser lance.Do it three times and mother phoenix will break down and you win.The knight will say it’s a trick! Except you need him for the crystal gate.
      Hope that helps!:)

  104. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    Actually ST and C, you don’t have to shoot the Mother Phoenix in the mouth, you can actually shoot her anywhere in her body! I did it that way. :D

  105. Thanks for the guide scary tomato!

  106. bashfulbones says:

    in jungle planet u can jump on 4th egg to reach the cage!hope this work!

    • + bashfulbones i didnt figure that out until i thoroughly read that part of the guide again i just kept waiting on the 3rd egg and waited until it opened and shot me up to the cage but sometimes that didnt work

  107. cool bean says:

    i drew a map of the air vents inside the crater on the fire planet showing you where to hide from the current and i wanted to know if i could put them on the blog, and if i could how would i?

    ST: If you’ve got something you’d like to share with us (that is Poptropica-related), you can send it to Thanks! :)

  108. Orange Axe (alawi's poptropica character) says:


  109. squeezyclawadventures says:

    Yippe, this is a great guide. :D

  110. serious spider says:

    I seem to have trouble jumping up Mordred’s robot to get to the princess. I did it once, but then I “died”.

    Could someone give some advise?

    ST: The guide explained it as much as possible, but if you still need furthur help, try watching some YouTube videos to see how others did it. ;)

  111. Gentle Lion ( Director Lion) says:

    The dragon is actually called the Dragontank, and you accidentally put “the the coordinates are 84, 47”. :mrgreen:

    ST: No, it’s the Dragotank, with only one ‘n’ in it. Thanks for pointing that out. ;)

    • Shifty Crush says:

      :!: No, it’s not you read the black hole one. :!:

      Sorry if I’m wrong…
      Maybe you changed it…


      ST: I changed that ”the the” mistake, thanks goes to Director Lion for pointing it out. ;)

  112. Deafeating “Dragotank” is hard!!!

  113. Crazy Flipper says:

    HI!! thnx a lot 4 dat! ive now completed all of the islands and am awaiting the release Reality tv island! OOH! I am so excited for it

  114. Hi.I just want to say thanks,this poptropica blog help me so much,this guide helped me the most,hope you bolg gets better and better!
    Shaggy bones

  115. Thanks. Quite helpful. I still need to watch videos to find out what you’re talking about. Can you be a bit more precise?

    ST: Thanks, and if you need us to explain anything you don’t understand in the guide, just ask and we’ll try to help. ;)

  116. thanks this guide was SO helpful, especially since this island was the most complicated so far. i owe it all to you♥.

  117. Bronze Glove says:

    I finally got past the Mother Phoenix! Thanks for all your help!

  118. young star--(lady star!) says:

    I love this island!

  119. Trusty Cactus says:

    i couldn’t have done it without the guide! ttyl

  120. zippy flipper says:

    i saved & quit by going back 2 earth but now i cant go bak. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Magic Cloud says:

    Thank You so much! :)

  122. please help me on defeating mordred,my user is General2177 password future.
    Thank You
    Keith Sherwin z. Alonso

  123. Grumpy Octopus says:

    This is my favorite island! My name is Lady Octopus, lol.

  124. wow the crystal gate is nice!!!!!!!!!!

  125. astro nkights rocks after all!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Little Dolphin says:

    Hey peoples, I ‘m just wondering,
    HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DEFEAT THE DRAGOTANK!?!?!?!?!? My account will not let me shoot the ice arrow, I have it in my inventory but it never shows up and it’s driving me crazy! Do you use a different key or something? Please help me. This is my account where I have every other island defeated and it will take forever to do it all again. Thank you for your time!
    Little Dolphin

  127. Oh thank you ST! (or GE) I completed it!

    Before that , I didn’t know I was suppose to jump on the lights, or drop the bomb on the green thingy. THX ST & GE!

  128. White Scorpion says:

    This blog is super cool! Thanks!
    P.S. When you’re trying to defeat the tigercopter, and it aims the ice arrows at you, go to the very left of the screen, because it can’t hit u there

  129. tough leopard says:

    u guyz r so helpful,thx

  130. like poptropica says:

    I HATE Astro Knights! But thanx 4 the guide

  131. Purple Plug says:

    YAY!!!! I BEAT IT!!! thanks so much for the guide!!!

  132. Purple Plug says:

    I beat this island yesterday and I have something that might help. Well, the hardest part for me was jumping on the lava rocks. What I did was I jumped from the second to the last block to the last one using a high jump so it was coming down when I landed on it.

    Hope this helps anyone stick on this part!

    Purple Plug (Lady Plug) :(

    • Lady Dragon says:

      one can also jump to the second last platform, wait for it to go to its lowest and then jump to the last platform. it worked twice [i had 2 accounts] for me.

  133. Thank you for posting a guide, especially on that door! I was stumped! Question: Can you still go back to planets now that you’ve defeated Astro Knights? (for instance, you can still African areas in Nabooti once you’ve conquered it, etc.)

    Hijuyo: Yes, look for your rocketship on top of the Castle of Arturus. You can still use it to fly to the planets! :)

    • Golden Thunder says:

      OMG thanks SSOOOO much for asking that and thanks for replying because I logged out on Jungle Planet and I couldn’t find my ship and i read some random questions and i then found my ship!! I seriously luv luv luv this guide thanks so much!!

  134. thx

  135. Thank you, the Poptropica Help Team! This website-I have been using it for a year and I have never got a chance to say how much I appreciate your group putting in the effort for free! Well, now I am going to say it. Thank you very much. I appreciate all your work and dedication throughout the years.

  136. Did you ever try to translate the robots binary? It says “bard”

  137. thanks for the information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. hi just wanting to say thanks to whoever made this site. it helps me so much!!!:) thanks to this site i’ve mastered almost all the islands. thanks again ;] ~shy wing

  139. HEY DUDES AND DUDETTES!! :) thanx 4 the help. i defeted the planetz by my self (im so proud of myself!) and now im going on 2 my other account 2 do it again. thanx again, Emma. :)

  140. This is so fun!!! unfortunately, I cant beat Modred because he is so hard. :sad:

  141. the guide was awesome and really hlpul. but mordred is too hard.

    Hijuyo: That part is more challenging and requires a lot of concentration, but keep trying! ;)

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    I left astro knight island (I was on the fire planet) to go play the halloween one, and now I can’t figure out how to get back into space!

    Hijuyo: Go back to the Castle of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island, and look for your spaceship on the castle roof so you can fly back into space. ;)

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    PS Thanks for the blog! You guys helped me complete Super Power island! (The rest I had already done)

    Hijuyo: Your space rocket should be on top of the Castle of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island. :roll:

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    When going to the Crystal Gate, if the rocket has enough shield you should be able to bump into the asteroids without the shield running out


  162. Help! I’m trying to get the fuel rod. I have the owl and I’ve fed it the mouse. I go down to Merlin’s lab thingy, and push against the rock wall until it breaks. But the little passageway has metal bars over it, and whenever I click on it my Poptropican just says ‘The way is blocked.’ What do I do?

    Hijuyo: Get your owl to help you pick up the fuel rod on the other side. ;)

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    (purple knuckle).

    1) Use “minimizer” from the store…it’s useful for:Mordred’s lasers, Monster eyeballs in the Dragotank’s cave, Tigercopter’s giant snowball
    2) Hades’ crown…it’s useful for: jumping on the platforms on Fire planet, general climbing

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    Ok, so I was on the Fire Planet, and then I saved and decided to go to a whole different island. I came back to Astro-knights but now the space ship isn’t there. How do I get it back?

    Hijuyo: Your spaceship is on top of the Castle of Arturus on Main Street.

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  176. Point of interest: the Latin on the “Welcome To Arturus”, which reads Semper superne nitens, translates to “Always From Above To Shine”

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    Hijuyo: You first need to get on the chandelier, then wait for Mordred to move over to you – that’s when he’ll zap and the chandelier will fall.

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  185. I am writing a walkthrough as well. I just wanted to tell you that I copied the guide for defeating the Tigerocopter and Mordred/Binary Bard. I though I’d tell you.
    (If it isn’t okay, please tell me. Don’t worry, I said that you wrote those parts)

    Hijuyo: It’s nice of you to provide credit, but we ask that no content on our website is directly copied onto another website. Instead, simply link to us if you would like readers to view our content.

  186. OMG!!! I just realized something about the Dragotank on the fire island part. IT’S almost like the dragon tank monster in the game Chrono Trigger. Including the fact that it needs to be attacked in the mouth,but in Chrono Trigger the dragon tank had wheels as well.
    -Lewis :)

  187. Shaggy Peanut says:

    I kept seeing players in the multiplayer rooms with Mordred’s eye and metal head. How did these players get this stuff. It’s weird.

    Hijuyo: It’s a leaked accessory that was found in multiplayer rooms just before the release of Astro-Knights Island. If you want it, all you have to do is Costumize it – that’s how it spread.

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  190. Barefoot Sun says:

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    Definitely one of my favorite islands so far. I love the whole medieval/science fiction theme with all these names from the story of King Arthur. Mad science! Magical weapons! And a cute cyborg owl!They could’ve just done the island about space, but there’s already a gazillion space-themed games out there. The AK setting feels so fresh and different… I hope I can come up with ideas this creative when I develop my own games some day!

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  206. Never mind I got it. P.S. My poptropica’s real name is Red Wing=D

  207. Also it’s “spiky tail” not “spicky tail” Just to let you know.

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  211. Slanted Fish…How do I defeat Mordred?

    • Please read the section of this guide titled “Defeating Mordred.” It’s located near the bottom of the page, above all the comments. It is there for your reference, so use it if you need help.

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  216. p.s i used mouse still not working

  217. when you fly past the windmill place and you have to use the hoverboard to get across the mud and get to the spaceship thing what do you do with it i dont understand ( the part where you have to launch the spaceship to outer space ) thankx

    • Please refer to the part of the guide titled “Excalibur, the UFO.” Use the hoverboard to get to the UFO (Excalibur). Click on it. Drag your fuel rod to where the broken one is. There’s not much fuel, so you travel to the moon: coordinates are 56, 52. Click Launch. For more details, read the guide.

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    I just finished it today XD

  222. Fishy how do u get past the small hole in Merlin’s Secret Hideout where he makes his plans? It says when I click on the hole it is locked.

    • I’m not sure which hole you mean. The trapdoor to enter Modred’s hideout? (Merlin is the mechanical owl.) You’ll need the Small Key. Check the steps under “Secret Sanctum” and “Mordred’s Hideout and your Fuel Rod.”

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    Slanted Fish: You need to give her the Secret Message from the chest in the Maid’s Room in the castle.

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  236. Crazy Penguin says:

    I’m at the part where i have to get into the cell with the binary robot in it, and whenever i click on the small hole, my Poptropican says “The way is blocked.” Help??????

    Slanted Fish: Check to make sure you’ve done every step prior to that point in the guide above.

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    CORECTION : AT THE LAVA PART wait for the third last platform to get the the very top then jump to the last platform

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    I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there anyy way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

    Slanted Fish: You can unsubscribe from this at the bottom of these emails you’re getting. See this Support article for info.

  247. purple peanut says:

    hey i got to the moon and stuff then i had to sign out
    how do i get back to the moon? cause the destroyed ship is no longer there

    Slanted Fish: If you’ve gotten your rocket ship from the moon, it should be on top of the Castle of Arturus so you can fly back into space.

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    • Sarah Perry says:

      I don’t know how to fix that, but you could try using another computer or another account. The exact same thing happened to me, and I’m not sure why… It isn’t possible to complete the island without that spaceship though. A few years ago, I did the island and I remember that it the windmill worked (That was when I was severely into Poptropica and I played almost 24/7). But now, I try it again and it won’t work. Maybe it’s a glitch in the coding or something?

  254. bubbleseb18 says:

    i did it so now i have to defeat morded. could you give me advice please i keep dying :C

  255. To be honest, that gives me a idea – in Super Villain Island, Mordred (who is also Binary Bard) escape, so he wants to destroy you very badly, but you can stop him with the Laser Sword. The Story Mode Is Coming Soon.

  256. Smart Leopard says:

    I tried jumping on the turbines of the mill but it doesn’t spin! Please someone answer!

  257. PROBALY THE MOST CHALLENGING ISLAND(finished them all and left this one for last) IN LOVE WITH THE SURVIVAL SERIES

  258. Hi, I am your friend popular paw! Thanks for the help Astro Knights was hard but now I have completed it because of your amazing island help!!!!! PS the lava rocks were the hardest!

  259. Sarah Perry says:

    The old windmill thingy never worked for me, and the hatch never opened, so I was stuck and now I don’t even know how to go to another island because of it being the old version of poptropica. D: It’s getting frustrating.

  260. SPIDERMAN says:

    the mordred battle is glitched the bombs are going right through his body :I

  261. -Important!-
    Is there a way to get the binary bard princess cap without solving 3/4 of the island again?

    Slanted Fish: The user “binaryprincess” has the outfit, but if you can’t customize it, you can try using a cloning glitch to get it.

  262. its 2014 july and i literally cant get into the dungon its unfair i used to be good at this

  263. i can’t get merlin past the smoke where the windmill is. i think its a glitch.

  264. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    The windmill won’t move! Now how am I supposed to get to the secret hideout?!! Please help me!!!

  265. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I’m going to try restarting the island, but I’ll ask for help again if I still need help on that part.

  266. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I solved my own problem by restarting it. :D
    I reset this around the time I first started, and since I’m almost finished every island it can’t hurt to come back to this one. Even if it’s difficult!

  267. IcyFoxPoptropica says:

    I completed this almost 2 weeks ago. That last battle took me about 3 hours though.
    The Tigercopter took me 2-4 tries.
    The Dragotank took me 15 tries.
    The Mother Phoenix took me 3 tries.
    Binary Bard’s Robot=40+ tries (I took a few breaks, didn’t keep track)
    Mother Phoenix=Easy
    Dragotank= Medium
    Binary Bard=Hard
    Oh and those Space Sharks weren’t so hard, but I had to lure them in all over again when I pressed a planet by accident.

  268. Rough Ant says:

    Mines is messed up >.< For the windmill, when I enter the top it, I end up in the bottom area! I have refreshed, tried again and again but it won't work. What do I do?

  269. Cresser101 says:

    so i left the island without finishing it like last year and after beating every other island ive decided to come back to it but im on the main island and i dont know how to go back to my spaceship and the planets and stuff any help?

    Slanted Fish: Your spaceship is waiting for you on top of the Castle of Arturus.

  270. I can’t fit through the hole in the tunnel at Mordred’s lair. Help!

  271. can anyone tell me how many platforms are on the fire planet?

  272. it’s tooooo long

  273. Modred was easy! When i got on the chandelier’s i just kept on jumping ;)

  274. wait

    where is this ‘turbine’? (I might sound stupid for this)

    Slanted Fish: They’re the rotating ‘wings’ of the mill. :P

  275. invaderpucca says:

    wait, i just have to restart the island to fix the problem?…

    How do I do that? XD

    It’s not a new island with the restart button soo :(

    Slanted Fish: The restart button on classic islands is on the map (top right corner). :)

  276. invaderpucca says:

    oh… nvm

  277. how many ice blocks are on the ice planet

  278. Yesterday I recently finished this on another account. I beat the Atomic Phoenix,Dragotank and the final boss in 5 minutes. Tigercopter took 10 minutes,mainly because it was more annoying than hard. Get rekt m8! 8/8 i appreci8

  279. Flickyfriend002 says:

    This island is WAY better than skullduggery for me :D

  280. i accidentally clicked on the map during playing this and now i can get back to the place i was at can you help ?

  281. friendly chicken says:

    I cant open the hidden staircase in the library what do i do

    • Crazy Comet says:

      Well, that depends. If you’re saying you don’t know how, then you have to click a colored block. If you’re saying you tried and it didn’t work, that may be a glitch. (It worked for me)

  282. Crazy Comet says:

    I had to restart my computer and when I logged back on, I couldn’t find the ship. Will I HAVE TO RESTART?

  283. I wasnt able to finish.

  284. what if the wind mill wont move

  285. Crazy Comet says:

    You have to go inside and go to the top, then jump on to the rope and make sure it goes all the way down. (I made the mistake of not pulling it all the way the first time) -hope that helps! Crazy Comet P.S I typed this on an iPhone, so I couldn’t use the enter button or anything also friend me I’m parpargirl

  286. u have alot of commets

  287. i hate how in the volcano part when the air comes and you`re in it it seems longer

  288. when ever i try to hit the last space shark and i go to the black hoke when it folowing me it does not go back in i think it is because my space is too big from the black hole not tight enough for me not to get sucked in with the spacehark or tight enough for the space shark to get sucked in

  289. whenever try to shoot the space sharks and i miss something shoots me back. do you know what is this thing

  290. Green Shadow says:

    I logged out of Poptropica after defeating the mother Phoenix, and I was still on the Jungle Planet. But when I logged back on, I was back at Main Street on Astro Knights. It had saved almost everything, but my spaceship and Merlin were nowhere to be found. I tried going back to Mordred’s Hideout to find Merlin, but he wasn’t there, and my map showed that I had been to Jungle Planet. How do I get back on my ship?
    The Guide is great, by the way.

  291. Help. After I got the Coil of Rope, I jumped up on a blade on the Windmill but it didn’t move! HELP!

  292. Zippy Tornado says:

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i that island really hard so that helped me a lot, but once I got the hang of it I could do it!

  293. moody tuna /brian says:

    the binary code translates to ‘bard’! binary bard! lola= laugh out loud alot

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  296. Really really really really needs help says:

    hey there at the windmill part I can open the hatch but when I enter it I end up at the bottom I’ve tried restarting but it still doesn’t work.
    p.s the same thing happened on spy island


  297. the last part is super hard! #ripmerlin

  298. Silver Dragon says:

    I can’t get to main street after i finished the island

  299. Silver Dragon says:

    still can’t go to main street, is this a glitch?

  300. Fake Address says:

    I am already using this guide, and I found this guide really helpful in all the maps but on Astro-Knights island, it’s really difficult. I can’t lure the sharks properly. Everytime they follow me, they just disappear on my screen and when I try to slow down, they would destroy my ship. Can anybody help me please? Thanks in advance! x

  301. Neat Brain says:

    Need help!!! I can’t defeat the Dragotank on Fire Planet! Every time I try to go on the chain after I pull the lever, it just wakes up again and then it gets too warm. NEED SUGGESTIONS!!!!!

    P.S. ur guides r VERYYY GOOD! :) Like them VERY much :P

  302. BendySpider says:

    I can’t get the turbines in the Ye Olde Rumour Mill to move! Gahhhhhhh!

  303. nerdygirl says:

    for about the illionth time i am trying this amazing island again, hopefully i succeed in that quest

  304. i tried it a lot and I will not work im not lying I have played poptropica a lot and I cannot find the princess any where

  305. This is pretty hard .-.

  306. Fierce Heart says:

    It is easier if you just stay on the second egg at the jungle planet and wait for it to pop because then it will land you on the cage perfectly

  307. Doveflight44 says:

    so..the only problem i had was this, is that there was some stupid popup that appeared in my game that sent me back to the map…and when i went back to launch into space again…the spaceship wasn’t there so now i am never going to finish this island… I have no clue what to do..any suggestions? (and i am not restarting because i have way too much progress on my account).

  308. Alex Preston says:

    is there a way i can get back to my balloon once ive gone to the pewter moon?

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    are. Do you need a social media strategy to get your home based business jumping in 2010.
    If you find that one or more of the situations above applies to you, you may find that “Mental Health America” is a helpful Facebook page.

    • Tall Cactus says:

      Well, um, I don’t really understand what you are talking about…something about Facebook. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with Astro-Knights Island or anything about Poptropica. If you want to advertise Facebook pages I would do that on the Off- Topica page.

  310. Crystal gem says:

    I tried to lure a space shark to the black hole and then it chomped me, when i returned to the moon the space shark was next to it, now it keeps chomping me and when i go back to the moon it kills me again, it never left and now im stuck! ive been trying to go away from away from it for an hour… help! :(

  311. i need help whenever i attck drakgon in fire island once my poptropican suddenly dissaperes and i would be in far corner of the room without being able to attck him anymore

  312. I got stuck on the fight mother bird part!!!

  313. because i went on a different island when i was on the moon my space ship is gone please help me

  314. livy88010 says:

    Can someone help me? I left the game and now i can’t find my rocket..

    slantedfish: It’s on top of the castle of Arturus back on Earth.

  315. the brick in the library is not working! what to do

    • You get the library book slip from the guy in Mordred’s Museum(a.k.a the place where you spend your coin) after you click on the books on the table next to him. Then he says, “Nobody can touch the books but then says you could have this old library slip, though.”

  316. <3 MERLIN!

  317. tigerlily16160 says:

    HELP HELP HELP! I was playing Astroknights and just defeated the dragon. I was in my spaceship with the red and green knight, when a Escape from Pelican Rock ad popped up and I clicked it. I was transported there, so I went back to Astroknights. Except now, I don’t have my spaceship, so I can’t get to the planets. Do I have to restart, and if so, how do I restart the island?

    slantedfish: No need to restart! Your spaceship is on top of the castle of Arturus. :)

  318. For some reason when I click on the colored brick, the dungeon won’t open. Has the island changed or something?

  319. Pokemon master says:

    I have a really good tip go to the ground by the fourth egg on jungle island and wait till it is about to pop and jump it will knock you on the 2 egg making it easier to get past (3

  320. better than you says:

    the bubble on the windmill won’t open.. I’ve been spinning and spinning it but the glass won’t budge. how many times should you have to spin it before it opens?

  321. #supforlife says:

    I got to the Ice Planet, because everything before that was so easy, but I could’t get the sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. crazy comet says:

    wth. when i go to get into the tunnel with the owl to destroy the robot and get the fuel for the ship, whenever i click to enter the tunnel to get to the dugeon, it loads me OUTSIDE of the cell instead of inside with the robot. anyone know how to help???

    slantedfish: Sounds like a glitch – contact Poptropica about the problem so they can help!

  323. Popular Peanut says:

    I need help. I clicked on something and it took me to the map. I went back onto Astro Knights and it took me back to Arturus. I don’t know how to get back up in space.

  324. Your princess is in another castle! XD
    That is so what this reminded me of


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  2. […] though, Astro-Knights Island doesn’t have that as well, even though it’s also getting its own […]

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