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  1. Neat Whale says:


  2. Incredible Fish says:


    • Neat Beetle (jonjonjon151515) says:

      I like poptropicas MEGA FIGHTING BOTS in mocktropica i think they should make it a game where u can battle your friends and customize your robot plz make it XD

  3. Cool Wing says:

    Does the PHB applicator work on Macs?

    • Cool Wing says:

      Never mind. I just got the Email Subscription because the download doesn’t work on macs. *Starts to Glare at Motionman*

  4. The updater aplication looks ASWOME! :grin:

  5. I think the subscriptions would help me instead of checking myself everyday! I would use the PHB Updater Application except i wouldnt think my mom would let me download it.

    ST: Make sure you get your parents’ permission before downloading anything that you think they might not approve of. Don’t worry, the application is quite safe. ;)

    • Neat Beetle (jonjonjon151515) says:

      Im real excited about the new update to poptropica labs! :) i just do not like the new update to the islands the music is good but i lost all my old awesome stuff :( like my cute cowardly lion follower i like to call him cheesy

  6. Smart Berry says:

    Wow, an application that updates you to the PHB daily must be awesome! I don’t think I’ll get it though.:(
    -Smart Berry

  7. Cheerful Claw says:

    Awesome! I would LIKE to download those applications, but since I’m only 10 and I’m the youngest in my family, they won’t let me download those kind of stuff. :sad: But at least I could subscribe with the e-mail alerts!

  8. yeah this is so cool

  9. Totally awesome! :D

  10. I was bored so i decided to test something
    I tested the toolbar on ubuntu linix
    The toolbar works in firefox on ubuntu linux 9.10 :-)

    • Neat Beetle (jonjonjon151515) says:

      slanted fish if u see this messAGE PLZ ADD ME oops caps plz do it cause i like poptropica a lot!

  11. Great Job! By th way, do you have any other blog article about youtube? thank! TWO THUMBS UP

  12. cool!

  13. i luv this but i don’t hav my own email or twitter if i download the others my mom might worry :(

    Hijuyo: They’re completely harmless to download, but if you are using a shared computer, make sure others who use it are okay with it before downloading anything.

  14. i like poptropica a LOT!!!!!!!!
    oh and why do you need my AWESOME name? (p.s. you pronounce it makayla)

    • You don’t have to use your real name in your comments, but it’s a way of distinguishing between different people who are commenting. You could, for example, use your Poptropica name or another alias you’ve created.

  15. cheriebell1 says:

    Yay I just subscribed! I kinda feel guilty for not subscribing ages ago. :(

  16. Couldn’t you also bookmark?

    • neat beetle (jonjonjon151515 is my user name) says:

      Can any body tell me what happend to my poptropica labs account? wait i saved it on a thumb drive!

  17. I like poptropica!yay!

  18. Neat Beetle (jonjonjon151515) says:

    hi Every one plz friend me on poptropica I am making so much cool costumes!

  19. Neat Beetle (jonjonjon151515) says:

    hi people

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